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What are the Safest Shock Collars for Dogs? – Safety First

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 26, 2024 by Linda Michaels

Training small dogs and puppies taught me a valuable lesson – using those electric shock collars on them is a big no-no. These little furballs just can’t handle the intensity.

Even the lowest setting on some of those collars, which are meant for really stubborn dogs, would make the Terrier and Minnie cry out in pain.

Minnie was a good pup overall, except for her occasional emotional breakdowns. During those times, she would sink her teeth into anything and anyone.

Instead of fixing her behavior, that collar ended up shattering her trust in her owner. We had to switch to a different collar, and that’s when it hit me that there were safer options out there.

From that moment on, every time I was training a small dog or a puppy, I scoured the internet for the most humane and secure shock collars.

Here are some of the safest shock collars for dogs that I’ve used, and I’m pretty confident they’ll be a big help to you too.

Do Professional Dog Trainers Use the Training Collars?

Well, some pros like me do employ training collars for a few good reasons.

  • We turn to these collars when dealing with rescue dogs that are a bit of a handful and require immediate training to keep them, and those around them, safe.
  • Training collars also come in handy when dog owners can’t commit to lengthy training sessions using positive reinforcement.
  • They’re a last resort when nothing else seems to work. Stubborn dogs with a lousy recall can make positive reinforcement methods ineffective.
  • We use them alongside non-harmful techniques to speed up the process, always with the dog’s well-being in mind.
  • In some cases, we use special collars, like the ones that deter excessive barking. These gadgets use advanced technology to kick in when needed.

Are these Training Collars Worth Your Investment?

When you’re thinking about getting the safest shock collars, you might wonder if they really get the job done. Well, let me assure you, they’re worth it in their own special way.

But here’s the deal, they’re not a one-size-fits-all solution. The safest collars don’t pack a super high static shock, and that’s just one part of the story. There’s more to it!

1. They Won’t Crush Your Dog’s Confidence

The mild static stimulations on a safe collar are enough for a well-behaved pup. I’m talking about the good-natured dogs that aren’t too stubborn and just need a nudge in the right direction.

But if you slap a heavy-duty collar on them, you might see a drastic change in their behavior. They could become aggressive or lose faith in you as you shock them with a powerful device that wasn’t meant for their gentle souls.

2. They Won’t Inflict Pain on Your Pooch

People often ask me if shock collars can harm a dog, and my answer is, yes, they could, but only if you use them the wrong way. Think of it as a tool or gadget that should be used responsibly, following the guidelines.

Let’s be real, sometimes owners can get a little too worked up and lose control of their temper. As trainers, we never suggest shocking dogs beyond their limits or using it as a form of punishment.

We also advise against keeping the collar on for extended periods. Even though they’re safe, they can still irritate the skin where the contact points touch the dog. After each training session, I make sure to check the dog’s neck.

3. They Still Get the Job Done While Keeping It Safe

When used with the right dog breed, a safe shock collar can be a game-changer. I recommend them for small breeds or dogs that don’t require too many corrections.

4. You Can Dial It Up Without the Worry

Last but not least, the safest shock collars are a good investment because they let you dial up the intensity without fretting. Their settings increase gradually, unlike some products that are designed for larger or more stubborn breeds.

However, even with a safe collar, I’d caution against cranking up the levels beyond your dog’s capacity. It’s all about keeping things in balance and treating your furry friend right.

A Closer Look At The Collars You Read About

Collar NameReceiver SizeNeck SizeDog SizeCharging HoursStimulation Levels
Educator E-Collar2.7″ x 1.7″ x 1.2″12″ to 23″15 lbs to 20 lbs60 to 721 to 100
Dogtra iQ Plus2.2″ x 1.6″ x 1.1″10″ to 26″10 lbs to 120 lbs20 to 481 to 100
PetSpy M686 Premium2.9″ x 1.6″ x 1.6″8″ to 27″10 lbs to 140 lbs48 to 1001 to 8
SportDOG Brand SportTrainer2.6″ x 1.2″ x 1.3″5″ to 22″8 lbs to 120 lbs45 to 701 to 10
Bousnic 2″ x 1.3″ x 1″6″ to 30″5 lbs to 120 lbs50 to 100+1 to 99
ABBIDOT2.3″ x 1.3″ x 1″7″ to 27″8 lbs to 100 lbs50 to 100+1 to 16
Dogtra 1902S Ergonomic2.8″ x 1.8″ x 1.210″ to 26″10 lbs to 35 lbs60 to 721 to 127
Pet Resolve2.9″ x 1.6″ x 1.6″10″ to 27.5″15 lbs to 27 lbs70 to 961 to 10
HKZOOI 2.8″ x 1.3″ x 1″8″ to 25″10 lbs to 100 lbs60 to 100+1 to 5

Dog Safety First – Choosing the Top Shock Collars for Dogs That are Super Safe

Let’s discuss them one by one in detail.

1. Educator Collar for Dogs

Effective Training with Adjustable Levels

The Educator E-Collar’s adjustable stimulation levels ranging from 0 to 100 are invaluable, especially for small and sensitive dogs. It allows me to provide just the right amount of stimulus to get their attention without causing harm.

I’ve tested the collar on myself, and even at level 15, it’s more of a tingling sensation than actual pain. It’s a humane and effective way to train.

Enhanced Recall and Safety

Living near a beach, I often let my dogs roam off-leash. The E-Collar’s ability to provide reliable recall over long distances is a game-changer.

The collar’s red emergency button is an excellent feature for ensuring their safety. It helps redirect them in case they engage in risky behavior.

This tool has significantly increased their attentiveness and safety during off-leash adventures.

The Pavlovian tone had been enough with several dogs. I remember a very hyper-bulldog mix who had a knack for jumping on the family members whenever she’d get too excited.

Quality Construction and Waterproof Design

The collar is well-constructed and designed to be waterproof, making it suitable for various environments. While I haven’t submerged it in the water yet, it’s reassuring to know that it’s durable and warranted in case of any issues.

The long collar can be trimmed to size, and it’s easy to maintain.

User-Friendly Handset

The remote handset is comfortable to hold, even for extended training sessions. It’s user-friendly and allows for one-handed operation, thanks to the easy-to-reach buttons and adjustable stimulation levels.

The magnetic on/off switch prevents accidental deactivation, a significant improvement over other collars.

LED Lights for Visibility

Initially, I thought the LED lights on the collar were a bit gimmicky, but they’ve proven to be incredibly useful, especially during nighttime training sessions.

They make it easier to keep an eye on my dogs in low-light conditions, ensuring their safety and visibility.

The Educator E-Collar has been a valuable addition to my dog training toolkit. It’s safe, effective, and versatile, providing precise control over training and enhancing the safety and behavior of my small and sensitive dogs.


  • The small increase in stimulation levels 
  • Made for dogs big and small 
  • Pavlovian tone and tapping sensation are good substitutes for shock levels
  • Stopwatch-designed remote control encourages blind usage 


  • Learning to use it could be a little hard for new users

2. Dogtra IQ Plus

What sets the Dogtra iQ Plus apart is its P button, which emits a vibration without a shock. This feature is ideal for dogs that are highly responsive to even the slightest stimuli. It’s essential for my stubborn little pup, who needed a bit more to learn.

I initially used it to curb her whining in the kennel. With the command “QUIET,” she quickly understood that silence meant no shock. However, if she persisted, I gave her gentle nicks until she obeyed. This gradual approach worked wonders, and she no longer whines in her kennel. 

I’ve since used the collar to address various issues like digging, jumping on people, and staying off the couch, using the command “OFF” as a universal signal for undesirable behavior.

With consistent usage, my dog now associates the command with bad behavior, minimizing the need for shocks.

Versatile and Convenient

What surprised me was the versatility of this collar. I recently purchased a second one with the 2-dog setting, allowing me to control both dogs with a single remote.

An unexpected bonus was that it worked seamlessly with my older Dogtra collar. This convenience makes it easy to switch between the two collars without shocking both dogs simultaneously.

It’s proven invaluable for off-leash hikes, as my dogs tend to chase squirrels and get overly excited. The “COME” command now works effectively, even without the need for shocks, and my dogs stay safe during our outdoor adventures.

Control and Humane Training

Initially, I had reservations about shock collars, but this system puts you in control. Unlike collars without remotes, where accidental shocks can happen during play, the Dogtra iQ Plus lets you correct specific behaviors.

You can adjust the shock level, opt for just vibration, or use the P button for a non-invasive reminder. I even tested the highest shock setting on myself – it’s uncomfortable but not painful, ensuring that I wouldn’t use anything on my dogs that I wouldn’t try myself.

I wholeheartedly recommend the Dogtra iQ Plus for small and sensitive dogs. It’s an effective, safe, and humane training tool that has made a significant difference in my dog’s behavior.

While my dogs seldom need a shock now, the collars are a reassuring presence, ensuring their safety and reinforcing good behavior. Don’t let the stigma of shock collars deter you; this one is different and highly effective.

Be kind to your dog and invest in their training and safety with this quality unit. It works without causing unnecessary pain or distress, which is a win-win for both you and your furry friend.


  • Compact receiver fit for small dogs 
  • 1 to 100 shock levels make it safer for sensitive dogs 
  • 400 yards range is decent for walking, netting, and obedience training 
  • The pager works well enough to improve the dog’s recall
  • Dog switch has been designed nicely


  • Expensive 
  • Cannot set individual shock levels for two dogs

3. PetSpy M686 Dog Training Collar

PetSpy is yet another trustworthy brand. Its shock collars offer great variety for dogs of any sort. I’ve used a PetSpy P620 and it was one of the most convenient collars for the German Shepherds I have trained. 

Life Saver for My Mountain Dog

I reside in the serene beauty of the mountains, and my dog loves the freedom of running around. However, the constant worry of her running too far has always haunted me. The PetSpy M686 collar has been a life-saver.

It keeps my adventurous pup in check, ensuring she enjoys her freedom without venturing too far. Built for double-coated dogs, the prongs penetrate the second coat just enough to reach the neck. 

Safe Behavior Reinforcement for My Basset Hound

My Basset Hound had to adapt to a new life in a wooded area, and ensuring her safety became paramount. With the PetSpy M686, it was a breeze. I rarely have to use anything other than the beep, which works like a charm.

It helps maintain the boundaries and reinforces safe behavior, allowing my Basset to enjoy her new surroundings without getting into trouble.

Saved My Dog from Chasing Cars

The PetSpy M686 has worked wonders for my other 9-month-old dog, helping to break his habit of chasing cars. I used the shock feature just once, and now a simple beep is all it takes to keep him safe and well-behaved. Vibration and tone are the alternatives to shock.

I never thought I would resort to a training collar, but it likely saved my dog’s life from being run over. The only downside is that the remote sometimes indicates being “on” when it’s in the “off” position.

A User-Friendly and Effective Solution

The PetSpy M686 is a fantastic product, offering multiple customization options to suit your training needs. The remote is user-friendly, allowing easy access to each button, and the lanyard prevents you from misplacing it.

I finally feel like I can control my dogs effectively and keep them safe with this collar. It’s been a game-changer in reinforcing positive behavior in my furry companions.


  • Well built for its price 
  • Easy channel switch with numbers for the channel selected 
  • The brightly colored strap makes finding a dog easier 
  • Long prongs suitable for tough coats 
  • Comes with a free e-book guide


  • The shocks aren’t too strong for stubborn dogs

4. SportDOG Shock Collar for Dogs

I found that this collar has been invaluable in situations where my dogs would become overstimulated and stop responding to our commands.

The brief shock is like a reset button for them, interrupting the overstimulation and bringing their focus back to us.

Learning to use the collar effectively and humanely was a learning curve, but the investment has significantly improved my dogs’ quality of life.

Tips for a Furry Friend with Medium to Long Fur

One piece of advice: if your dog has medium to long fur, opt for the longer nodes on the collar, and ensure the collar is snug enough. Striking the right balance is crucial; you don’t want to choke your dog, but you also don’t want the correction to be missed due to poor node contact.

Taming the Wild Lab

One of my dogs, a Labrador, was a handful when it came to staying within the yard. With 8 acres of space, I wanted him to stretch his legs without causing trouble with the neighbors. We initially tried a cheaper brand, but it proved ineffective.

However, the SportDOG Brand SportTrainer was a game-changer. After a couple of attempts, he now responds to the audible beep alone, keeping him from wandering.

It only took two or three shocks to teach him the necessary discipline. Now, the simple beep brings him back home without delay. This collar was a game-changer for a headstrong pup.

Sport Dog, a Brand with Integrity

SportDOG stands firmly by its collars. I had the previous iteration of the upland hunter, and it withstood six to seven years of daily use before showing signs of wear. I never used the locating on-point beeper because I preferred the nostalgic sound of a bell.

My dogs learned to respond to the tone on the collar for recall, making the shock feature rarely necessary. I’ve been pleased with SportDOG products, and this newer version is even better, boasting improved battery life and durability.

Invaluable for Training an Energetic Spaniel

My spaniel, despite her energy, had a challenging time learning recall and impulse control. However, the SportDOG Brand SportTrainer was the game-changer we needed.

The beep, vibration, and shock functions helped us instill the necessary discipline in her. The battery life was impressive, and the device held up even in challenging terrain.

For anyone seeking an e-collar with plenty of range, I wholeheartedly recommend this one.


  • Highly customizable remote control 
  • Bright colors suitable for dull hunting areas 
  • 6 dogs expendable 
  • Individual settings for each dog 
  • The OLED screen is the cherry on the top 


  • Not easy to understand

Here’s a video showing how you can train your dog with the collar:

5. Bousnic Dog Collar

The previous three shock collars have 100 levels of shock, save for the SportTrainer which has 8 levels but they equate to 100 levels as shown by the indications on the remote control.

Beagle Training Success

Beagles are natural hunters, and my pup’s chasing of rabbits and reluctance to return was a safety concern. After using the Bousnic Dog Shock Collar for over a month, I can confidently say it’s made a significant difference.

I initially introduced her to the collar with the sound option, followed by the vibration. When she ignored it and darted toward the door, I employed the shock setting at level 6.

It was a learning curve for all of us, but it worked. I repeated this process three times when needed.

Now, she responds to the tone promptly, returning to her designated area. It’s been a game-changer for us, and I can rest easy knowing she won’t get worried or run away. I highly recommend this collar for pups that take off on you.

Mini Schnauzer Barking Under Control

With two active Mini Schnauzers, excessive barking became an issue. However, within two weeks of using these collars, the annoying barking ceased.

What’s impressive is that I haven’t even had to use the vibrate or shock features. The tone sound is sufficient to get their attention. These collars have improved our hiking experiences and put an end to the barking.

A Pleasant Surprise

The three features – beep, vibrate, and shock – made it easy to use and didn’t worry my dogs. The beep alone stopped their barking almost immediately.

They are durable as well; our pups even chewed on the control, and it still functions fine. I can confidently say these collars are safe and effective for training.

I’ll go on to take the liberty of calling the shocks as strong as vibrations on a collar for stubborn dogs. Again, I’m saying this because the Doberman I was trying to train it with didn’t budge even on the highest setting. 

Not Strong Enough for German Shepherds

While this collar worked well for other dogs, it wasn’t strong enough for my double-coated German Shepherds. This emphasizes the importance of considering your dog’s breed and coat when choosing a shock collar.


  • Different settings for each dog 
  • The stylish design takes its aesthetics to next level 
  • A huge LCD screen makes readability easier even during the day
  • Shock levels are not too hot 


  • The remote is still bulky 

6. ABBIDOT Training Collar

Most of the products of ABBIDOT that I’ve used were for small or medium dogs. This one, however, could be used to train bigger breeds as well. As to what makes it “safe”, the separation between shock levels from 1 to 15 and from 15 to 36. 

An Effective and Surprisingly Gentle Training Tool

As a dog trainer, I was initially skeptical about using e-collars, but the ABBIDOT Dog Shock Collar proved me wrong. This collar offers three functions – sound, vibration, and shock.

Surprisingly, I’ve only needed to use the sound and vibration functions, and I’ve chosen not to attach the prods on the collar, which can be uncomfortable. The first time I used it, I combined the vibrate function with a firm “no,” which immediately corrected my dog’s behavior.

From then on, a simple beep was all it took for her to respond. This collar transformed her from a door-dashing escape artist into a well-behaved dog. The battery life is impressive, lasting weeks before needing a recharge.

I haven’t encountered any issues with water exposure, making it quite waterproof or at least water-resistant.

I’m thrilled that I gave this collar a chance; it significantly improved my dog’s behavior, and I rarely need to use it. It’s an easy tool to get her attention and help her understand commands.

Effective on Thick-Coated Breeds

For those with dogs that have thick fur, finding a collar that penetrates through the coat can be challenging. The ABBIDOT Dog Shock Collar, with its metal extension, is the solution.

This extension enhances its effectiveness, ensuring it works even on dogs with dense fur. If you’ve struggled to find a collar for a thick-coated dog, this one is worth trying.

Suitable for High-Impulse Dogs

The ABBIDOT Dog Shock Collar, equipped with three functions – sound, vibration, and shock – proved highly effective for a 90-pound golden retriever with impulse control issues.

The shock function, when used at a low setting, effectively got the dog’s attention without causing pain. The key to success with this collar is not to use the shock function punitively.

In most cases, the sound or vibration is sufficient. With the added advantage of extended battery life, this collar significantly improves control and training. 

Effective but Lacks Some Features

While the collar works well overall, it does have some limitations. It’s challenging to determine the connection status from the screen and when it’s turned on. However, the collar’s effectiveness in training overshadows these minor drawbacks.

As for puppies, they needed general obedience training because they had received their second dose of vaccination. The owner wanted to walk it down the street. 


  • Sleek design 
  • Press-down knob discourages accidental changes in shock levels 
  • Separate buttons for separate functions 
  • General and Boosted shock levels 
  • Readable LCD


  • Beep isn’t promising 

7. Dogtra 1902S Dog E Collar 

Dogtra 1900 series are highly reliable not only for the way they work but also for the promise that the company gives its customers. I’ve used Dogtra 1900S and Dogtra iQ Plus. Both of these devices have never failed to amaze me.

The former has been my priority when training stubborn breeds like Rottweilers, while the latter has helped me tame the unruly behaviors of pups. 

This one, the Dogtra 1902S is similar in every aspect to the 1900S, only that it comes with an additional collar for two dog owners. Since we trainers keep this company on the top tier of the best and safest shock collars, there’s little to worry about it hurting your pooch. 

But like many collars, it can hurt only when you use it excessively. I’ve seen owners wrap it around their dog’s neck for more than 6 hours, sometimes even overnight. That’s a surefire recipe for bruises and burns

At the same time, the 127 levels provide a wide range of shock spectrum. Each level is a gradual increase from the previous one and possibly that’s what makes the collar suitable for sensitive dogs.

Also, it increases the precision of correcting behavior. I call that fine-tuning. 

That helped me a few months ago to train two pretty Brittanys off-leash. They were from the same litter but their personalities couldn’t have been more different.

One was prone to dashing after a bird and the other had an occasional liking for trying to run away. They had to be trained with different intensities and that’s where 1902S helped me. 

I had to program the remote for each dog with separate shock levels and that was it. The separate buttons for each dog on the remote help a lot since you don’t need to change any sort of dial or switch to get to the desired dog. 

There’s no sound on this one, so beeping is amiss. To make up for that, the pagers for both dogs triggered by separate buttons are a major update. It’s a slight vibration cum tapping. I’d use it with the less active dog from the twins and it would work like a charm. 

The collars are comfortable. I cannot emphasize more how ergonomic they are. My only complaint is the weight of the remote and the bulkiness of the receiver. 


  • High-quality and output receivers 
  • Each dog has separate buttons 
  • Pager works for most corrections
  • Easy to learn and use 
  • 127 levels offer flexibility for choosing the right level of shock


  • Bulky remote 

8. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar

As a trainer of a spirited 14-month-old Doberman, I was faced with two significant training challenges: incessant barking and ensuring flawless recall. The Pet Resolve Collar, while not perfect in terms of battery life, has truly made a difference in managing these issues effectively.

Effective Barking Solution

The collar’s beep function became my secret weapon. It’s almost like a remote control for my dog; one push of the button, and she responds instantly, helping me maintain professionalism during phone conversations.

Enhancing Recall

Recall is crucial when you have a Doberman. They can be intimidating to others, so her response to commands must be impeccable. I only used the shock button once, but it was a bit too intense at level 4.

Since then, a couple of beeps and vibrations have worked wonders, considerably improving her recall. Taking her hiking off-leash, knowing she’ll respond promptly to my command.

A Waterproof Friend

One of the most valuable features is its waterproof design. The Doberman is a passionate swimmer, spending hours in the river against the current.

When it’s time to head home, one beep is all it takes for her to return, sit, and wait patiently for her leash.

This collar has significantly improved her life, allowing us to confidently let her play and enjoy herself while ensuring she returns to our command.

The Promise of Freedom

The Doberman loved the collar because she associated it with off-leash work and play. After a few months of continued use, the training collar served its purpose, ensuring she remained well-behaved.

The vibration, however, is strong enough to stop the dog in its stride and listen to you. 

There’s even a barking mode but I don’t understand why they’ve included it in the features when it seldom works. With the Bulldog mix, I trained it with, the bark mode worked 3 times out of 5. So, most of the time, I had to manually do the honors. 


  • Comes with multiple accessories 
  • Plastic prongs remove the shock feature 
  • Separate function keys for each function 
  • Continuous and momentary shocks
  • Sturdy 
  • LED lights in the collar


  • Uncomfortable strap 


The Eufy Pet Training Collar offers many advantages. However, one aspect where it falls short is the range. Let’s dive into my experience with this collar.

Effective Training Tool

We decided to try the Eufy collar for our dog, who had a tendency to bark at other dogs without apparent reason. While I won’t delve into speculations about her behavior, I can attest that this collar made a noticeable difference.

We’ve primarily used the sound and vibration features, reserving the shock function for extreme cases. In fact, we’ve used the shock only once or twice since we’ve had this collar, and we’ve had it for a while.

Effective but Uncomfortable Shock

Before using the collar on our dog, I tested it on myself to understand its impact. I could feel the shock quite uncomfortably at level 8, with 5 being the mildest setting for my bare skin.

However, one concern is the slight lag between pressing the button and receiving the shock, which can lead to uncertainty while your dog is already experiencing the effect. It’s crucial to be mindful of this timing.

User-Friendly Design

The collar’s design includes separate and color-coded buttons, offering protection for the shock button. Moreover, it requires arming by toggling a switch before activation. These features enhance safety and reduce the chances of accidental shocks.

A Learning Curve

The Eufy Pet Training Collar is a valuable tool for training dogs. However, it might require a learning curve, especially concerning the timing of the shock.

If you’re committed to your pet’s well-being and success, you’ll invest the time and effort to understand and use it effectively.


  • Comfortable and ergonomic collars 
  • Easy channel switch 
  • Buttons on the front side only 
  • Good battery life 


  • Small intensity changing buttons 
  • No keypad lock


First off, the flashy orange color of HKZOOI is going to catch your eye. I prefer this color during hunting but it works in a simple setting such as that of your backyard as well.

So far, the HKZOOI Dog Training Collar has shown promise, with a few notable highlights.

Effective Training and Minimal Shock Usage

This training collar allows us to guide Rocky and Apollo, making them responsive to our verbal commands. To ensure their comfort and safety, we tested the vibrations on ourselves, affirming they wouldn’t harm our pets but would effectively grab their attention.

The results were outstanding. Most of the time, the pups respond well without requiring shock. The remote is lightweight, making it easy to handle while walking two dogs on leashes. It facilitates seamless transitions between dogs, and modes, and doesn’t require frequent battery recharging.

We began with sound/tone, followed by vibrations when needed, reserving the shock as the last resort. The key is to use these features sparingly, emphasizing obedience to commands rather than reliance on the collar.

Versatility and Bang for Your Buck

We appreciate the range of functions this training collar offers.

It’s proven to be an effective tool, and I encourage fellow dog owners to experiment with the vibrations and shocks at different levels themselves, ensuring they understand what their pets will experience.

It’s crucial to use this tool judiciously, focusing on command responsiveness. The HKZOOI Dog Training Collar is a worthy investment that delivers great value.


  • Bigger and more readable LCD 
  • Easy to use and understand 
  • Tweakable vibrations 
  • Silicone prongs feels comfortable 


  • Only one button for both channels 

Wrapping Up

The safest dog collar would have gradually increasing shock levels, not to mention three correction modes. It will also have harmless prongs and features that inhibit accidental shocks.

I’ve listed 10 of the safest ones that I’ve used. They have provided good feedback. I think you’ll like them.

Before choosing, however, make sure that you know what you’re going for because a shock collar should only serve to help your dog recall well. They shouldn’t be used for punishment at all. 

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