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7 (Premium) Best Dog Harnesses for A-to-Z Breeds in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 10, 2024 by Linda Michaels

Harnesses are control devices like collars, but we trainers rely on the former more than the latter when it comes to safeguarding a dog from some conditions such as tracheal collapse. 

You know how much dogs pull when you take them out on a walk. Harnesses with their front D-rings can help mitigate that. Besides that, other features such as a control handle can help stop a dog in the midst of an attack on, let’s say, a dashing cat. 

But one size doesn’t fit all. There are myriads of harnesses and therefore, it takes some effort to get the best one for your purpose and the dog.

I’ve listed the 7 best dog harnesses dear to me in terms of the singular thing they do better than the rest. Read about them and I hope you find your next one.

List of Best Dog Harnesses

Let’s begin the list!

1. Ruffwear, Front Range Dog Harness – Best Overall

Ruffwear offers commendable adjustability with a unique design that holds the neck of the dog securely, so it is discouraged from backing out of it. The comfortable fabric lined with soft padded material speaks volumes of its sturdy construction. Both of my cuties, an adult Husky, and a young French Bulldog, were very satisfied with the comfort of this harness.

However, it still requires some improvements in finding the buckles and pinching them for removal.


The harness offers four-point adjustability for a proper fit. I found the torso portion easy to adjust. However, the neck area could have been more elastic to ensure a further snug fit. Both of my cuties an adult Husky and young French Bulldog was very satisfied with it.

Although the buckles are hidden in the fabric to keep them secure from coming undone by the meddling of the dog, they’re sometimes challenging to handle.


The harness offers all-around comfort for your furry friend with the help of its soft comfortable fabric that’s padded to an appreciable degree.

Particularly, the padding around the neck region impressed me and my Golden Retriever more than anything. Loose or snug fit, the comfort around that place remains intact.

Most of it is nylon but the construction is sturdy enough to last for years. At the same time, it may be too sturdy for small dogs.

Ease of use

Much like a tactical harness, this one also requires a bit of practice to learn how to easily put it. The unique design is popular to discourage the dog from backing out of it, but at the same time, it’s because of the constricted neck region that putting it on becomes a little cumbersome.

For someone looking for an overall best product, it’s not a deal breaker. Still, the harness could benefit from improvements in the ease of use. 

Why Do I Recommend Ruffwear?

I recommend the harness for its durability, escape-proof design, high adjustability, and nice little pocket for ID storage.

What Makes It Different from its Competitors like Voyager and PetSafe Harnesses?

I found this harness as the single product that offers comfort with commendable adjustability and at the same time it caters to the problems of escaping dogs or the ones facing hair loss.


  • Great for growing up dogs
  • Added comfort improves the experience for a dog
  • Unique no escape design
  • Double D rings for teaching leash manners


  • User experience could be further improved

2. Rabbitgoo – Best Harness for Stubborn Dogs

Rabbitgoo is a military-grade tactical harness for stubborn dogs that lunge at things suddenly. The control handle wins over everything else besides its durable and tough buckles. 


The fact that the harness has four adjustability points makes it highly adjustable for a strong dog. I tested it on a deep chested Greyhound, and it slipped in quite nicely. 

The shoulder buckles are quite easy to adjust as compared to the chest. My dog was well-behaved, so it was less effort in making him stand while I did the adjustments. It will take a few trial-and-error sessions before you are fully confident about how snugly the harness fits your dog. 


The 1050D nylon is sturdy and therefore apt for a large stubborn dog. However, it’s not the most comfortable material you could find. Still, the harness design makes up for that.

The sides are folded well so they don’t dig into the dog’s fur. I only have complaints about the neck part where the handle is located. In fierce moments, it does restrict neck movements, which has good and bad in it.

When you use the harness for a long time you may notice that a dog gets uncomfortable with it.

Ease of use

Once you adjust the product to your dog’s size, it becomes pretty easy to put it on. I used to only undo the chest buckle and one of the shoulder buckles to remove the harness sideways. When need be, I would reverse this process to put on the harness easily.

Why Do I Recommend Rabbitgoo?

I recommend rabbitgoo because of its overall utility for a stubborn dog that you can control with the help of a sturdy handle right behind its neck. We, trainers, prefer to control the dog from that area because therein lies the dog’s strength.

What Makes It Different from its Competitors Like Gooby?

It has tits and bits that one can expect from a tactile harness.

For example, you get velcro for tags, you get military-grade buckles to secure the dog, and the handle is quite impressive.


  • Strong and long-lasting
  • Provides great control over a stubborn dog
  • Highly adjustable
  • Breathable mesh
  • Does not give away easily to chewing


  • No place to hold the extra strap after adjusting the harness

3. Kurgo Dog Harness – Best for Car Travel


The harness has five adjustability points that make it possible for you to perfectly achieve a snug fit on the dog.

At the same time, having so many points to take care of in the first use will definitely pose some problems. Once you get a hang of it, you would love how easily you can achieve a perfect fit for your dog no matter its proportions.

Since I’m recommending the harness for car travel, I can safely say that it can withstand the test of time. The buckles do not come undone easily as my tests during a fast drive confirmed.


The harness is mostly nylon with a little padding on the chest plate. It was a welcomed feature for my Golden Retriever because it didn’t pluck any hair out, but I did see a few stray hairs on the neck strap. 

The dog seemed comfortable and eager to finally sit still in the car. 

Ease of use

Just like the rabbitgoo harness, you’ll only have to put in some effort the first time you’re using this. Wrapping my head around the five adjustability points required some thought because when I adjusted one point more than the other and the harness would go sideways.

After a few trials, I was able to get the size right and there was no looking back after it.

Why Do I Recommend Kurgo?

I recommend it for small walks but long car rides. You get the lead with which you secure the harness to the car seat belt. It also doubles down as a short lead to get control of your dog when you’re helping it climb the car or get out of it.

What Makes It Different from its Competitors?

The harness has a padded chest that makes car rides comfortable. The material used lasts for a long time. Besides being a brilliant car harness, it can also be your go-to grow-up product for a growing dog.


  • Comfortable for long rides
  • Highly adjustable
  • Doubles down as a casual walk harness
  • Comes with a carabiner lead
  • Equally valuable for small, medium, or large dogs


  • Getting the size right takes some time
  • Not for pullers when you take them on a casual walk

4. Gooby Comfort X Head – Best Harness for Small Dogs

The Goofy Comfort X is quite a unique harness in terms of design. It doesn’t have a chest plate that you see in a traditional product. Instead, two straps make an X on the chest that reduces the chances of choking for small dogs.


Compared to the previous two harnesses, this one does not go overboard with the adjustment points. There’s only one buckle to snap shut when you’re using it.

The lesser number of buckles and adjustability points makes it all the while important that you order the right size for your dog. For my 5.5 lb Chihuahua, I ordered the small size and it fit her like a glove.

However, I didn’t have the same experience with a medium dog for whom I ordered the large size. It was a little big and the X design showed its limitations there because the dog was able to get out of it quite easily as the shoulder straps fell down.


There’s no denying that the mesh is quite lightweight and comfortable. This alone makes the product suitable for a long-haired small dog if you’re looking for one. The straps are wide enough to have practically no impact on the hair. 

Besides the material, it’s the very design that makes the product comfortable for little pups as the X does not choke them.

There’s only one leash attachment point at the back and you know how it encourages the dog to pull and thus, comes the utility of the very design. 

Ease of use

It’s extremely easy to use even for a skittish dog like the Chihuahua I tried it on. I didn’t have to care about a plethora of adjustment points or buckles with a dog that had small dog syndrome.

After the first few uses, when I was able to get the right size, putting the harness on was akin to wearing clothes on it.

Why Do I Recommend Gooby?

I recommend it for its genius design that lets a small dog walk comfortably even if it pulls.

What Makes It Different from Others?

Besides the design, it’s the ease of use for me that makes the harness different from others for small dogs with long hair.


  • Does not pull hair
  • Breathable mesh
  • Strong enough for small dogs
  • Prevents coughing and choking effectively 
  • Easy to use


  • You’ll have to order the right size, or else the straps fall off the shoulders to make it easier for the dog to escape. 

5. Voyager Step-In Plush – Slip-In One-Piece Harness

I found the Voyager as a two-in-one product for small to medium dogs. Its primary use is for long-haired dogs tired of getting their hair pulled by nylon harnesses with thin straps. But it can also double as the kind of blanket for dogs during winter.


The Gooby Comfort X and The Voyager have 1-point adjustability in common. Here too, you get a single buckle that brings together two hoops to act as one leash attachment.

Since the harness is designed like a glove there’s a velcro right beneath the buckle to add another layer of security for an expert escape artist.

The velcro could have been better because in some instances my poodle was able to undo it slightly by his force.


The plush fabric surely gives the harness its signature comfort. It’s thick at the edges, thus helping you secure the dog nicely and also keep it warm and cozy.

Also, the fact that designers have elevated the buckle from the rest of the harness makes it further comfortable for long hair dogs as there’s less chance for the fur to get stuck in it.

Ease of use

It really can’t get easier than this in terms of putting it on and taking it off. 

When you undo the buckle and the velcro, the harness comes undone completely for you to wrap it around the dog from the belly first again when putting it on. 

With a little initial training, my dog happily lifted her legs to put it inside the holes of the harness. All I had to do was to secure it from the top. The double D-rings gave her no chance to escape right after the harness was on her. 

Why Do I Recommend Voyager?

The Voyager is my first choice for a long-head dog in winter. I recommend it for dogs with sensitive skin or troublesome hair.

What Makes It Different from Others? 

The very glove-like design that takes usage convenience to a mighty level is what makes it different from others. Add the warm plush fabric to the equation and you get a perfect accessory for your dog for winter.


  • Comfortable beyond belief
  • Reduces hair fall
  • Does not smell when wet
  • Edges are thick enough for a snug fit
  • Easy to use


  • Ordering the right size requires accurate measurements
  • Not too many adjustment points
  • Cannot use in summer 

6. PetSafe Easy Walk No-Pull Dog Harness for Control

I’ve included the PetSafe to help you guys find a game-changing no-pull harness. It immensely helps during walks and the individual straps are not even hard on the dog’s body, thus, providing more control over the dog’s body.

However, the company could improve the design by changing the place for some buckles.


There are two adjustability points, one located on the shoulder and the other one near the belly. Using them on a English Bulldog was not a problem for me.

However, I felt that the closure clip located behind the dog’s right elbow causes a bit of comfort lapse. It sometimes comes in the armpit, thus restricting the overall movement.

There’s good in it as the dog is discouraged from trying to escape or running away at random things. 

Besides the buckles that help provide a snug fade, it’s truly the placement of the front D-ring between two loops that discourages pulling from the dog.

As soon as it applies some force the tension in the leash pulls the D ring and the two loops further tighten the harness around the dog. As a result, there’s less pulling.


The construction and the nylon quality add comfort to the product even when the dog pulls during walks stop. The PetSafe Harness, just like its name implies, is great for senior dogs or those with back problems. It works really well for them!

But since it’s a nylon harness, leaving it out in the open when you remove it from the dog may invite chewing from the dog.

One of the reasons why the harness is better for medium to large dogs is that the leash clip or the D-ring hangs low for small dogs.

However, that does not reduce the overall effectiveness as I found out by trying it on a stubborn Chihuahua with a small dog syndrome. 

Ease of use

The thin straps made from quality nylon are easy to put on. You’ll instantly notice the well-thought-out stitches. Put on the dog headfirst or begin with the belly straps, after you get used to the whole mechanism, it becomes easier with time. 

I suggest that you take a picture of the instructions to be sure what to put where.

I also suggest that you keep the harness somewhere safe after removing it because it’s prone to getting chewed.

Why Do I Recommend PetSafe?

I recommend it for the front D ring with a genius design that discourages pulling from a dog big or small. The straps are thin and thus, suitable for short-haired dogs. It also doesn’t have a breastplate as such, which further makes it convenient for slender dogs. 

What Makes It Different from its Competitors?

The harness’s ability to tighten around the dog every time it pulls is fascinating. 


  • Great for gaining control over the dog
  • Reduces pulling
  • Sturdy nylon
  • Suitable for a variety of dogs especially slender breeds


  • The side buckle needs to be moved to another place in a future design upgrade to make it more comfortable.
  • Prone to chewing

7. Rabbitgoo Dog Harness – Best for Large Dogs

A soft padded harness meant for medium to large dogs, Rabbitgoo delivers the promise of allowing more control over your dog. It has a massive breastplate with no front buckles, so it must go heads first. I found that extremely convenient for an excited Labrador. 


The harness has four adjustability points where two of them are side buckles. Achieving a snug fit, therefore, is quite easy, given your dog has some patience before you’re done.

I had ordered the large size and upon unboxing, I instantly felt it was meant for a large dog. The breastplate sure requires a larger chest to accommodate well. I’m a big fan of its reflective abilities to detect the dog in the dark or make it visible to cars passing by. 

Lastly, there’s no question about the harness’ high adjustability, thus making it suitable for a growing dog.


I’m glad that they were thoughtful enough to make the gigantic front piece padded for extra comfort. The padding also saves a dog from hair fall.

It also transfers all the stress from the shoulders to the chest, thus, preventing any possibility of choking. Mind you, the labrador was a puller when he sensed a lingering smell.

The slip-over-the-head design also makes wearing the harness comfortable for the dog.

However, I’ve received some complaints from owners that their dogs avoided wearing it because of getting their heads first in the product. Speaking from my experience, normally the onus is on the poor training from the owner. 

A well-trained dog will have the patience to let the harness slip over its head. 

Ease of Use

The slip-over design reduces stress on the front adjustment points. But you’ll have to spend a day or two to get a hang of how it’s done before you’re comfortable about the size. 

One thing is for sure, though, you’ll have the snuggliest harness just because of the multiple adjustment points. I recommend not using anything over it because although the breastplate is mesh, a cover over it would potentially heat up the dog. 

Also, do check the sizing chart and measure your dog well before placing an order to get a better size. 

As for effectiveness, the front clips help reduce pulling during walks. That’s where the harness wins over many of its contemporaries. I also have no complaints about the quality of the material used. 

I do hope, however, that the company will introduce some improvements in the future such as a thicker handle and metal clips instead of plastic.

Why Do I Recommend This Harness?

I recommend it for the way it relieves stress from the shoulders to the dog’s chest. 

What Makes It Different Than Others?

The harness is sturdier, and the front D-ring discourages pulling for a change.


  • Multiple adjustment points
  • Great for everyday use
  • The mesh allows heat exchange
  • Front D-ring is effective in curbing pulling from a dog
  • Easy to put on


  • Thin control handle 
  • Plastic clips

Best Dog Harnesses – Wrapping Up

So that was the list where you read about harnesses outperforming others in a specific category.

Choosing a harness from this list should be easy now but make sure that you measure the dog yourself before ordering the right size. Relying on the given size charts becomes easier then. 

As for my favorite one, I’d definitely go for Ruffwear, Front Range Dog Harness for its overall utility for a number of breeds.

I hope this guide was helpful, have a nice day.

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