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5 (Sturdy) Best Collars for Basset Hounds in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 10, 2024 by Linda Michaels

Basset hounds, these droopy-eyed hunting powerhouses are known to track prey such as hares even miles away due to their immaculate sense of smell.

However, the one I own can only track my hotdogs even if I am on the other side of the globe, compelling me to pat its wrinkled cheeks and throw him a bite or two.

According to the Basset Hound Club of America: The Basset Hound is a kind and friendly dog. They like being around people and get along with other animals. They’re loyal to their owner, love kids, and are polite to other pets.

Nevertheless, these are astounding creatures with potent capabilities that can be put to good use if you train and groom them well.

Obviously, it goes without saying that a dog without a leash or a collar is like a stranger, it’s stray and doesn’t know its purpose.

In order to harness its capabilities, you need to have it under control by tapping into its subconscious mind and giving it the best possible training so that it can act on command.

Pro Tip: The neck size of a Basset Hound is an important consideration that you should keep in mind before choosing the right collar for them. Basset Hounds are known for their long bodies and distinctive appearance, and their necks tend to be proportionate to their bodies. On average, the neck size of an adult Basset Hound can range from around 12 to 18 inches, which is about 30 to 46 centimeters. It’s crucial to choose a collar that fits properly, allowing them to move comfortably without being too tight or too loose. All the collars mentioned on this list are adjustable and can fit your canine easily.

Taking that into account, here are the top 5 Best Collars for basset hounds that you can use in your everyday routine.

5 Best Basset Hounds Collars Recommended by Hunters

Let’s begin with the list.

Breakdown of The Collars In This Article

Collar NameSizeNeck SizeDog SizeDistinguishing Feature
Blazin Light Up19.7″ x 1″13.8″ to 19.7″40 lbs to 75 lbsLights (4 to 8 Hours Battery Life)
Made to ROAM20″ x 1″14″ to 20″40 lbs to 80 lbs1000D Nylon Used
Black Rhino23″ x 1″15″ to 23″75 lbs to 120 lbsLightweight
Table 1: Regular Collars
Collar NameReceiver SizeNeck SizeDog SizeChargingStimulation Levels
PetResolve2.9″ x 1.6″ x 1.6″10″ to 27.5″15 lbs to 27 lbs70 to 961 to 10
Lu&Ba2.36″ x 1.18″ x 0.78″6″ to 27″15 lbs to 100 lbs50 to 100+1 to 16
Table 2: Training Collars

1. Blazin Collar for Basset Hound

My first pick in the list is no other than Blazing Dog Collar since it illuminates the world of my hound like no other (No Pun Intended). Here are some mind-churning features I believe makes it worthy to be at the top of the list.

Flamboyant & Flashy

The collar offers more than you can possibly imagine, it’s a bold choice for those that want to make their droopy-eyed Canine look sharp even in late hours. 

As for me, I love taking my Basset hounds for a walk in the evening while this collar is placed on their necks, the flashing LED strips truly make them stand out of the crowd, quite literally!

It comes in 10 different colors, so at first, getting the right pick was a little bit tricky because I usually get bored with the aesthetics of collars. Nevertheless, the bright red and purple became my go-to choice since it offers better visibility than the rest.

In fact, I could easily identify my dogs playing in the park or my yard even from 1000 feet away while illuminating the soft fur of my beautiful hounds like Christmas lights in December.

Nylon Padding

The collar stretches generously around the neck of my Basset hounds as if they were made for it, I adore the fact the chart stays true to its dimension so there is barely any room for errors once you commit to an investment.

On the flip side, the nylon fabric keeps them well cushioned as it’s heat treated to ensure softness and comfort throughout a whole day of use.

Unlike other collars where I would see abrasions, this one barely tangled the fur, and the fact that there is a small battery on the collar that allows me to charge it up in its downtime is like the cherry on top.

Whenever my babies go to sleep or it’s time for a bath, I hook these collars to my smartphone charger, and the batteries are topped up and ready to go for at least 6-7 hours without breaking a sweat.

Why Do I Recommend the Blazing Light Up Dog Collar?

The Quality is outstanding and there is barely any heat emitting while the LED strip is turned out which means the design blueprint is extremely efficient at its job and there is little to no room for mishaps.

What makes it different from others?

It’s a collar that inclines towards comfort as well as visibility so you can use it in any terrain and can come quite handy for hunting purposes in the woods.


  • 360 Degree Visibility
  • Triple Flashing Modes
  • USB Rechargeable 


  • Flashing Mode Can Get Annoying During Midnight use For Some Users

2. Made to ROAM Collar

A tribute to my aunt, since this collar was her findings, the experience she shared baffled me and I was compelled to buy this collar to ensure it stays true to her word. Nevertheless, the results are top-notch.

Top Notch Quality

Whenever I am buying collars for my dogs, I always ensure my priority remains straight towards security, reliability, and comfort.

At first, I was a bit doubtful regarding its integrity because the previous one I had on my Canine also advertised to be a “Premium Grade” product. But after a couple of washes, there were some strings dangling out like a broken guitar which left me in perpetual disbelief. 

Nevertheless, I took the word of my Aunt and went on with the investment. After testing it out with various detergents and even hand washing it, I was mystified by its results, it barely frayed and there were no marks of wear and tear.

It’s a true testament to quality as the manufacturer ensured this collar remains lively and remains intact even for ages to come.

Fast forward to two years, and my basset hounds are still using these collars, although it did feel a little stiff around the D-Ring once my dogs got used to it, the collar became a blessing for them and they absolutely love it.

Why Do I Recommend The Roam Premium Collar?

Made from Nylon Fabric, its no-nonsense design ensures each and every thread remains intact and doesn’t fray after rigorous training. Basset Hounds love to hunt due to their short height anatomy making them highly prone to stretch and sprint quite easily.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The price is extremely justified, in fact, every penny you pay for is totally worth it for years to come. It’s virtually a steal deal considering the fact the collar has Anti-Rusting D-Ring and highly robust collar stitching making it ideal for extreme outdoor use.


  • Rust Proof Buckle
  • Has Double Stitching
  • Nylon Fabric


  • Stiff At Initial Use

3. Black Rhino – The Hybrid Striped Dog Collar

A treat to keep their lazy ears and padded cheeks happy, the sense of security this collar provides after I leash my puppies is certainly beyond my expectation.

Lightweight & Sturdy

Unlike other collars which use synthetic polyester threads, The black Rhino offers a blend of Nylon and Neoprene material which hits the sweet spot by being frivolous in weight yet maintaining a comfortable and durable outlook.

It’s miles ahead of any other collar I have ever used due to its ground-shattering stitching all across its borders and a heavy Duty D-Ring which never rusts.

My 60 lb Basset hound loves to get tucked in this collar since it keeps him comfortable and snazzy for everyone to see.  The inner padding is also very soft and never scratches its neck whenever I am pulling the leash while out on the jog.

Reflective Lining

The lining on this thing is also pretty vibrant, something  I wouldn’t expect from such a heavy-duty collar as they are much more inclined toward safety and restraint. But nevertheless, such attributes are always welcomed because they will provide security and prevent mishaps as the neck straps flash even in the dimmest evenings.

Why Do I Recommend Black Rhino Collar?

On the flip side, it’s extremely well made, there is barely any sight of corner cutting, the D-Ring weighs just right and never disturbs my Hounds. Furthermore, the easy-to-use and adjust makes the whole deal even better than I previously assumed as I hate collars that aren’t snug fit.

What Makes it Different from Others?

It’s made from Neoprene Fabric, something you rarely see nowadays as it has higher tension compensation capabilities, to keep your dog secured in the long run and prevent trachea-related issues.


  • Highly Reflective
  • Decent Stitching
  • Well Built
  • Comfortable Padding


  • Thick Buckle

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4. Remote Dog Training Collar for Basset Hounds

Since basset hounds are mostly used in hunting, this shock collar certainly yields amazing results in such scenarios.

Convenient & Easy To Use

Even though it’s a shock collar, there is barely any mambo jumbo involved while using it for my Basset hounds since the collar has a nice lightweight quick-release system, allowing you to place and remove the collar in a matter of seconds.

The remote on the other hand also has decent labeling and it barely took me a day to get used to it, however, I would advise you to test the collar before placing it on your dog to check the functionality of each button, to prevent mistakenly giving a quick jolt to your Canine.

Remote Memory System 

To top it off, they even added a special “memory System” which means the remote will always remember your last configuration, so you don’t really have to go through all the options all over again as it takes off whenever you previously left it upon use.

In other words, your Shock, beep, and vibration levels will remain intact, so you wouldn’t have to press buttons each time to keep your hounds in line.

Why Do I Recommend the Remote Training Collar?

It has a flashlight that not only provides illumination for your dog but also acts as an indicator for your dog even if it is far away from you, allowing you to locate your dog even at midnight.  

On the other hand, the receiver range will truly baffle you since you can configure and send commands up to 3⁄4 miles away which is no doubt mind-blowing.

What Makes it Different From Others?

Most shock collars nowadays aren’t really built well and usually suffer from wear and tear after it’s used in hunting. 

On the other hand, this collar not only withstands a strenuous routine by maintaining integrity but also happens to have waterproofing capabilities, making it extremely perfect even if your dog uses this collar in the rain or in a swimming pool. I have trained a couple of Blue Heelers with this collar so far, and it has never let me down.


  • Has Flashlight
  • Wide Radius
  • Water Proof


  • The collar has Plastic Parts

5. Lu&Ba Dog Shock Collar

My personal daily driver since it allows me to control two dog collars at once, ensuring my Basset hounds stay obedient throughout the day.

Dual Channel Support

The LU & BA is way ahead of your typical shock collar, in fact, it offers more than you can possibly imagine. For starters, it’s a dual-channel shock collar, allowing you to control not just one but two collars at once.

This implies, if you are an owner of two little cuties like me, I would highly advise you to get your hands on this collar since you don’t have to buy a separate remote to configure its shock, vibrate, and beep functionalities.

Each collar has its own configuration, so you never get to mix up and easily control your dogs right away. So, your search for the best shock collar for Basset hounds stops here as this product is not only recommended by me but also many vets and dog trainers. It’s mind-boggling to me how seamless the future of dog accessories has come.

IPX7 Rated 

The collar in itself might look fragile and lightweight as it weighs barely 0.12 lbs, but don’t let its weight fool you since its innards are perfectly sealed, ensuring no water droplet makes its way to its inner core.

The IPX7 reinforcement provides ample peace of mind for the pet parent that has gone through a long day of work and simply wants to relax while their beautiful basset hounds bathe in a swimming pool during summer.

Why Do I Recommend the LU & BA Dog Collar?

A tame yet robust shock collar designed to achieve amazing results while preventing serious harm to your puppies. The LU&BA Dog Collar meets ECMA And IEC standards so that you can easily train your Stubborn breed of dogs with complete peace of mind.

What Makes It Different From Others?

Consumers opting out for the LU&BA shock collar can absolutely enjoy ample convenience factor as the dual channel capabilities and 1000 FT range give them the best possible experience through peak control and reliability.


  • Dog-Friendly Shock Collar
  • Lightweight
  • Stylish & Cozy
  • Well Designed


  • Considerably Expensive

How To Train Your Dog With E-Collars?

Using e-collars for training requires prior knowledge of the equipment, patience, and consistency, not to mention the incorporation of positive reinforcement to get the job done.

  • Read the manual thoroughly and watch the video below to understand how training with an e-collar works.
  • Keep regular checks on your dog’s health because inappropriate use can hurt its neck.
  • Use its favorite treats to encourage good behavior.
  • Take training gradually to the top tier. Complexity is important but one that increases with time.

About the video, here it is:

The Winner

For such a wonderful breed that specializes in tracking, a collar is highly necessitated as the last thing you would rather want is your lazy-eyed cutie to scurry towards a bunny and never reunite with its rightful owner.

So, hop on and scour my compendium list of the top 5 best collars for basset hounds and feel free to drop your queries and surf through this site to find articles likewise.

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