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7 Best Affordable Collars For Dobermans in 2023

This page was last updated on 15 March 2023.

Not that this breed is extra aggressive or non-social but training Dobermans is a huge task.

Thanks to those who came up with control and training collars for Dobermans. My job of training this breed has been made the easiest.

I have trained several Dobermans for years and have tried many collars including shock collars, bark collars, and normal collars. Most of these worked really well for me and hence, I decided to share them with anyone who might be searching for the best collar for Doberman.

So, without further ado, let us get into this below:

The List of Best Dog Collars for Dobermans

Here’s the list for Dober Pinscher collars!

1. BONAWEN Leather Doberman Collars

After spending weeks researching the best collar for Doberman, I finally came across this BONAWEN. This collar caught all my attention within seconds primarily because of its amazing features.

This designer dog collar is made up of 100% full-grain genuine soft padded leather on the outside. The inside of the collar is made of soft PU leather that makes the dog feel comfortable

Also, this collar has spikes over it, which makes the dog look impeccable. Not only do the spikes look impeccable but they also protect your dog when any other dog attacks it.

It features five adjustable metal eyelets. The adjustability feature of the collar helps it to stay in the right place. Also, it helps to control the Doberman easily.

The D-ring of this Leather Collar is strong enough to resist the force of the giant breeds. You can attach a leash with the D-ring and can take your energetic friend for a walk.

With the help of this collar, I now can easily control my dog without having to worry about the strength of the ring.

The product is lightweight but sturdy enough to handle a Doberman with an average weight of 40 kg to 45 kg.

  • Lightweight
  • 100% Replacement or Refund
  • Provides value for money
  • Durable
  • Spikes sometimes can harm the owner

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leather doberman collars

2. Mighty Paw Leather Training Collar for Doberman

One of the best things I ever bought for my Doberman is this gorgeous collar. This is one of the most recommended collars by professional trainers because of its amazing design and features.

If you are in the process of training your dog, this is one of the safest collars that won’t harm your cute friend. The limited cinch feature of this collar allows you to focus on the training of the dog.

The limited cinch collar tightens under undesired conditions. But don’t worry tightening is only to provide a training cue to the Doberman.

This collar is designed in a manner that prevents choking of dogs, even when the cinch tightens. In addition, the leather material in this collar makes it comfortable and anti-allergic for dogs.

Stainless steel chain contributes to making the chain durable. I assure you that the chain will never discolor or develop rust. The chain can withstand all types of weather, so is perfect for outdoor adventures and training sessions.

The design of the collar is impressive. If you want to make your dog look lovely then make sure to accessorize him with this training collar.

This collar is perfect for Dobermans and other dogs having a neck size around 15.5” to 19”.

  • Affordable
  • Stretchable
  • Premium Quality
  • Durable
  • The width of the collar is problematic


If you are looking for a high-quality and durable collar that is comfortable for your Doberman, then there is no other collar better than this.

With neat stitching and padded lining, the collar makes the dog feel comfortable. One lovable feature of this tactical dog collar is that it is easy to put on and take off.

The collar can be put on using a magic sticker and can be double-secured using the lock buckle.

Another reason I strongly recommend this collar to the Doberman’s parents is its D-Ring and magic sticker ID panel feature. The dog leash can be attached to the collar using the D-Ring, making it easier for the owners to control their dogs.

You can also attach the information tag with the D-Ring for the safety of your pet.

What I love the most about this collar is its control handle. This handle made it easier and more convenient for me to control my hyperactive Doberman while walking.   

The other notable feature of this collar is that it is super easy to clean. Thanks to this collar, now my Doberman can play in the mud puddle without me having to worry.

The overall design of the collar is impressive, and it fits well for Dobermans and other dogs having neck sizes 17-20.5″. It comes with 90 days replacement warranty.

  • Easy to use
  • Versatile
  • Durable
  • Sturdy
  • Expensive
  • The buckle is a bit weak

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4. OneTigris Military Adjustable E-Collar

This collar features a strong D ring for leash attachment, hence making it easier for the owners to control and train their Dobermans.

The thick nylon strap and the inner cushion padded lining of the collar makes it comfortable and friendly for the dogs. This collar is adjustable between 14.4” to 17.6” so it’s a perfect fit for your Dobermans.

Another thing that I liked about this collar is that it allows the owner to attach military and other patches. You can also attach the name and information of the dog with the collar for safety purposes.

I really love how simple it is to adjust the width of this collar. This collar features a strong metal buckle with five different adjustable points. The metal buckle is designed to keep the strength of a Doberman in mind.

So, the chances of the metal buckle being broken or faulty are nearly equivalent to zero.

It is super easy to clean so you don’t have to worry about it while your dog playing.

This collar can be cleaned using only detergent and water and can be dried within no time. Dry dirt can be wiped off the collar using a brush or tissue paper.

  • Durable
  • Comfortable
  • Affordable
  • Takes time to get used to
  • A bit heavy

5. PATPET Dog Training Collar – Best Collar for Doberman

My next pick is this amazing collar from Patpet, one of the most renowned brands out there.

This is one of those options that first comes to my mind whenever someone asks me to suggest something that is absolutely safe for small dogs and works great for aggressive ones too.

I have used this PATPET collar for years with several dog breeds including Great Danes, Great Pyrenees, and Boxers and it worked quite great. This collar feels like it was actually made for a Doberman.

It works on both small and aggressive Dobermans as it provides a range of shock levels.

It has three training modes, one of which is adjustable. You can take up the shock level’s intensity by 16 levels while the vibrations and static mode stay the same for the most part of your training.

The remote control allows you to control your dog from as far as up to 3000 ft. This means you can lie in your chair while the dog roams around in the garden and you can still have full control over your pet. I remember using this one to control my freaky little dog while laying in my garden chair throughout the Sundays.

  • Safe for small dogs
  • Lockable remote
  • Good control range
  • Expensive

6. NVK Dog Shock Collar for Doberman

Another amazing collar for Doberman is this NVK Shock Collar. If you want to correct the jumping, barking, digging, and biting behavior of your Doberman, then this collar is a must-have. 

This collar comes with a remote control that is powered by lithium polymer batteries. The battery life of this collar impressed me the most. Once fully charged the collar can work continuously for 6 hours.

The waterproof design of the collar makes it perfect for all outdoor adventures and training sessions. This collar can stay in the water for more than 30 minutes.

Also, this collar features 3 different training modes. You can choose between the vibration, standard, and shock modes to train your pup accordingly.

A single button can be used to adjust between the 0 to 9 vibration levels and 0 to 99 different shock levels.  

This collar also features a safety keyboard lock. This lock prevents accidental operations and protects you and the dog from accidental shocks.

Another feature that guarantees the safety of the dog is the silicon cap cover on the contact points of the collar.

  • Affordable
  • Easy to charge
  • Premium lock feature
  • Users may find difficulty in getting used to the shock levels
  • Shock levels can be scary in some cases

7. SportDOG Training E-Collar

The last collar on the list of the best collars for Dobermans is this superefficient training E-collar from the brand SportDog. This collar comes with a remote that can be used to train 3 dogs at a time.

The design of this collar draws everyone’s attention toward itself. The collar is very light and small in size but is extremely durable and sturdy. This collar is mainly used to treat Dobermans and other dogs with a bossy attitude.

This E-Collar features three different modes i.e. Static / Tone / Vibration. You can choose the training mode according to the behavior of your dog.

Its range is over 500 yards which allows you to train and control your dog in outdoor settings.

It takes around two hours for this collar to be fully charged. Once charged the collar can be used for 50 to 70 hours. Remote, which comes with this collar, also is rechargeable.   

The waterproof feature of this Training E-Collar gathered all my attention. After having this collar, I don’t have to worry about the collar when my Doberman is playing in the rain or in the pool. The dry trek technology enables the collar to work well in water.

To sum up I can say with assurance that this collar is perfect for your Doberman or any other dog having a neck size of around 5″ to 22″.

  • Impressive battery life
  • Premium Quality
  • Guarantees value for money
  • Complex to understand
  • Take time to get used to

Do Dobermans Need Martingale Collars?

Martingale collar like the Mighty Paw Leather Training Collar works by tightening around the neck of the dog when it tries to pull on the leash.

They tighten only slightly, allowing the dog to breathe but also understanding that the action they performed is not warranted.

Just the hold of the collar around their neck becomes enough for them to realize their bad behavior and stop doing it in the future. 

But does your Doberman need a martingale collar depending on its behavior? Here are the reasons that you may consider a martingale collar with a training collar to get its training sessions right.

1. They are escape artists

Dobermans tend to get rid of their collars one way or another. You may have had an experience with that.

Why would you want to repeat that in the future? The martingale collar can help you evade that by a mile. As soon as the dog will pull on the leash or try to remove any other collar, this one will tighten to make him stop.

2. They pull on the leash for fun

These dogs are huge and muscular, qualities making them imposing and demanding. Their slight pull on a leash also pulls the owners with them because of their sheer force and size.

When they realize that the pulling is making them do things they want, such as going with them wherever they pull, they do it for fun. Let’s not forget that these dogs could become bossy in no time.

3. Martingale collar gives more control

How do you control a single-minded dog? You use tools that are not invasive but at the same time, they give you some degree of the upper hand. The training collars mentioned in the list and martingale collars are the two best examples. You could use them together to get the job done.

One will correct the behavior, while the other will stop it from trying to escape. However, make sure that you don’t overuse any of them for obvious reasons. You want to train your Doberman not repel it further away from you.

4. They are humane

Most people around you may have problems with the shock collars. They seldom know about their true utility. They blame the technology when in reality it’s how you use it that matters.

The martingale collars are safe and humane. Those same people will have no problem with them because of the way they are. But even then, there will be a few to raise some questions. Remember though: keeping everyone happy is impossible.

Frequently Asked Questions

Let me answer some faqs that I’ve been asked by many dog owners in the recent Doberman training session.

What is the best collar for a Doberman?

There is no absolute answer to this question since every owner has their own preferences in terms of the collar’s material as well as the price.

Almost all the options I have shared above are the best ones according to my knowledge and I am sure that you’d not regret going for any of these as long as it suits your Dobermans and your needs.

Are Shock collars dangerous for a Doberman?

Not really. Shock collars are only a danger when used improperly. Most of the time, people use excessive shocks and keep the e-collars on their dog’s necks for the whole day.

These are the kind of mistakes that can make a shock collar dangerous for any dog no matter what breed it is from. However, if you are practicing caution, shock collars are not at all a danger for your dog.

Should I let my collared Doberman go near other dogs and kids?

Yes, why not. Dobermans are a social breed and, at times, people are friendly too. If trained well and kept under observation, a Doberman can easily be allowed to merge into a group of dogs or go near people as long as you are sure the dog can be controlled in case it tries attacking the people.

Final Verdict

Even when I have used many collars with Dobermans, I made sure to only add those to this list that is pretty affordable for most people.

I suggest only after having more than enough experience using it. Hence, you must make it a habit to assess and rationalize everything on your part before you go and buy any of them.

Also, when it comes to Dobermans, make sure you are ready to take up the responsibility of training a Doberman dog, and then try finding a collar that can assist you best.

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