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I Tried 8 Best Collars for Dogs With Sensitive Skin/Neck

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Last Updated/Info Checked on October 25, 2023 by Linda Michaels

Dogs with sensitive skin or necks do poorly with collars whether shock collars or other types. Over the years of my profession, I have realized that it’s the owner to be blamed rather than the product.

They choose shock collars with hot levels or the ones meant for stubborn dogs to train their dogs with sensitive skin.

Short on time? Have a look at my top recommendation:

The result of using the wrong collar is not a good sight. Redness, swelling, and even bruises resurface which take weeks to heal.

Does that mean you shouldn’t use collars at all? No. Luckily, there are the best dog collars for sensitive skin out there. They do the job without leaving bruises or burns.

Still, you have to educate yourself on how to use them to minimize any further chance of damage.

Is It Just An Itch Or An Allergy?

Lovelaene posted on Reddit about their German Shepherd mix getting flare-ups all of a sudden by using simple collars. We do know that allergies can come and go or stay at any age or given time. However, as an owner, you’ll have to ascertain whether it’s just an itch or a full-blown allergy.

Also, dogs scratch at collars they don’t like as the user Albino_Echinda noted. Your dog may not have an allergy at all and only dislike the collar. I’d say try different types and see which ones it’s comfortable with. Normally, silicone collars go well with such dogs.

As to ascertain whether it’s really an allergy, look for sores, redness, flare-ups, bumps, or any irregular condition on the skin. But no matter if it’s an allergy or just an itch if your dog seems uncomfortable, the best practice is to change the collar.

Read on to learn about the products I have personally tested and tried on the list.

Best Dog Collars For Sensitive Neck – A Self-Curated List

Here’s the list I was talking about:

Which Product Is The Best for Your Dog?

Collar NameReceiver SizeNeck SizeDog SizeCharging (Hours)Stimulation Levels
PetResolve2.9″ x 1.6″ x 1.6″10″ to 27.5″15 to 27 lbs9610
Collar NameSizeNeck SizeDog SizeDistinguishing Feature
Soft Touch Collars24″ x 1.5″18″ to 21″45 lbs to 60 lbsLuxury Leather
Black Rhino23″ x 1″15″ to 23″75 lbs to 120 lbsLightweight
Blueberry Pet1″ x 20″14.5″ to 20″8lbs to 50 lbsComfort
FunTags20″ x 1″14″ to 20″40 lbs to 80 lbsReflective stitching
Fuzzy Friends15″ x 0.75″11″ to 15″10 lbs to 75 lbsComes with a leash
Metric USA30″ x 1″14.5″ to 22.5″10 lbs to 70+ lbsPadded
KRUZ PET26″ x 1.25″18″ to 26″20 lbs to 75+ lbsBreathable

1. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar for Sensitive Neck

Pet Resolve is one of the products, lest, the product that lets you train a sensitive dog with minimal damage whatsoever. It’s all in the intensity of the static shock levels and the variations in the vibrations that lets it win the first slot with me. 

Low Levels Work

Using it on dogs that would get redness or burns on their skin because of an extension collar use was a breeze. I’d select a low static level to keep things from harm and here, the dog’s sensitivity to stimulations would come in handy. That would make me keep the levels low. 

Variable Vibraion

In most cases, I didn’t have to use the shock feature of the collar at all. The variable vibration was enough to get their attention. Even the tone would do its work because it’s loud enough to hear from some distance. 

More Pairs of Prongs

Besides appropriate levels of shock and vibration, the many pairs of prongs will help you too. You can select the longer ones or the shorter ones based on the hair length and density of your dog, not to mention the folds.

There’s even a medium-length pair with a silicon pair. With so many selections, your dog will get appropriate-sized prongs to administer the stimulations right where needed without overdoing them. 

That means you won’t have to shave the poor thing ever again. Let the prongs dig into the hair and do their job.

However, each product has its limitations. Remember to get use them appropriately according to the dog’s capacity to bear stimulation and you’ll be good to go. The same goes for Pet Resolve. 

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

Keeping the product’s effective use to one side, everything else about it also aids in giving you a convenient way to train the dog. From the remote’s simple design, and the receiver’s LEDs, to the many accessories available, Pet Resolve will make your journey all the while easier. 

What Makes It Stand Out From The Rest?

Pet Resolve lets you train the dog manually and automatically, depending on your choice.

2. Luxury Real Leather Padded Dog Collar

There’s just something about leather that gives accessories made out of it a distinguished appeal. That appeal is clearly present in this luxury real leather padded collar from Soft Touch Collars.

Simple Design

Design-wise it’s as simple as it gets. Beautiful, sleek, and comfortable.

The collar that I got for my Retriever was a large size, suitable for neck sizes between 18 to 21 inches. However, three more sizes are available, each of which can fit a different circumference range.

Meaning, regardless of the size of your dog, you can probably find a size that is suitable.

Single-Pin Tie Buckle

The single-pin tie buckle is made of brass and stitched on pretty well. As a bonus, the collar also includes a dog tag ring, also made of brass.

Both, the ring and the buckle, are lacquered so you don’t have to fear it rusting. 

Side-Sealed Edges

Thanks to the side-sealed edges, the collar is able to withstand most wear-and-tear scenarios quite well. Though, that doesn’t mean this collar cannot be damaged.

It is made of leather after all and requires proper care if you wish for it to last long. One small care tip is to remove it before bath time and before going to bed.

On a positive note, the inside is padded and covered with sheepskin; that’s what makes it so comfortable for the dogs.

Why Do I Recommend It?

I recommend it for chewers. The collar won’t give away easily.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The sleek premium design is really a head turner.

3. Black Rhino Ultra Soft Neoprene Padded Dog Collar

Now I understand that leather collars aren’t everyone’s style. So for those of you wishing to stand out from the crowd, here’s a collar that is sure to get you and your dog noticed.

Stripped Design

Come under a small budget, the fabric collar has a striped design that comes in multiple bright-colored combinations. The simple buckle closure makes it easier to put it around the neck of any pooch.

I found it to be different than other brands in terms of sizing. So, when ordering it, make sure you have the correct measurements of your dog’s neck.

Neoprene Padding

The synthetic rubber or neoprene padding is what makes this collar so comfortable to wear. The good thing about neoprene is that it is water-resistant.

Doesn’t Stink

And, despite being wet, it doesn’t smell. Keeping the padding well in place is a high-quality reflective thread. The reflective thread also makes the doggy visible under dusk and evening light.

Durable Fabric

The fabric itself also feels quite durable and easily withstands the usual wear and tear an active mutt can cause. So, for those of you who have a playful pup, this collar gets two thumbs up.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

The presence of neoprene makes the deal for the collar.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The fact that it doesn’t stink when wet. Good bye wet dog smell.

4. Blueberry Soft & Comfy Dog Collar for Sensitive Neck

Bright Colors

A leather collar or even a brightly colored collar would look good on a dog that’s cute, cuddly, and feminine; like a poodle. For such dogs, you need a collar that adds to their cuteness. These floral patterned collars from the Blueberry pet store do just that.

High-Density Polyester

Made from high-density printed polyester fabric, these floral print collars have neoprene padding inside. Meaning, you don’t have to worry about them smelling or getting ruined when wet.

The 1-inch width of the collar makes the prints very visible, adding to your dog’s beauty.

Side-Release Clip Buckle

The fastener on this one is a side-release clip buckle that is made of recyclable plastic. The collar also holds a chrome-coated D-ring that’s crafted out of metal. It can be used to strap on a leash or a dog tag or even both.

If you are wondering whether there is a separate ring to hang a dog tag, well, yes. It is placed right under the company name tag on the collar.


Apart from being super affordable, these Blueberry pet store collars are also very lightweight. And the high-density polyester material makes these collars durable and long-lasting. Just remember to order the right size and you won’t have anything to worry about.

Why Do I Recommend This Product?

It’s lightweight and easy to use.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The small stripe size makes it apt for small dogs and the beautiful pattern is an eye candy.

5. FunTags Full Reflective Dog Collar for Small, Medium, and Large Dogs

It’s hard to believe that a hypoallergenic dog collar without any kind of padding can be comfortable, especially one that has a sensitive neck. It is, however, true in the case of this FunTags full reflective dog collar.


Its comfort is one of the reasons why I included it on my list of best dog collars for sensitive skin. Available in multiple sizes to fit all types of dogs, this nylon-made dog collar is durable and strong.

A reflective strip is sewn over the nylon to make night walks easier and safer for the dog.

A plastic side release buckle is affixed to it for easy fastening. A chrome D-ring is also sewn in on the collar for easy attachment of a dog tag or a leash or both if you like.

Plastic Loop To Adjust Length

The collar also has a plastic loop placed in the center which can be used to adjust the length of the collar according to the circumference of the neck of your hound. However, the adjustment is also dependent on the size you purchase.

Simple Aesthetics

Aesthetically, this FunTag’s collar is very simple. There aren’t any fancy accents or attachments included except for the already-mentioned D-ring.

Unlike many similarly styled collars, this one doesn’t even have a brand name tag. In terms of price, it’s amazingly affordable. And you have a large choice of colors to buy from.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

I recommend it for its strong D-ring.

What Makes It Different From Other Dogs?

It’s simple, cheap, and works great for large dogs.

6. Fuzzy Friends Dog Collar and Leash for Sensitive Skin

Even though nylon collars are durable and lightweight, one thing about them has always put me off. They are not breathable. Nylon, being synthetic, traps heat against the skin.

While that doesn’t do much harm, it can make certain dogs feel agitated, especially if they are furry like my Golden Retriever.


Fortunately, that problem was thought upon and solved by this Fuzzy Friends leash and collar combo. It’s a non-irritating dog collar made using natural hemp fibers, this dog collar has a cotton lining that keeps your best friend comfortable in the hottest weather.

Reinforced Stitching

The collar and the leash have reinforced stitching so you don’t have to worry about either of them snapping when the dog shows any aggression.

The natural hemp fiber is also easy on the skin, meaning there will be no allergies because of the collar. This dog collar also holds a minimalistic design with very few accents.


A black-colored plastic side release buckle works as the fastener for the collar. A black-colored plastic loop is also included for size adjustment. Right next to the buckle is a chrome D ring to attach the leash and the dog tag.

Smell-Resistant Cotton Lining

You also don’t have to worry about it getting wet or stinking. The cotton lining is smell resistant and the natural hemp fiber is absorbent and hydrophobic, making it perfect for dogs who love to play in the water.

Why Do I Recommend It?

Using it in summer isn’t a problem at all.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The breathable fabric and cotton lining together make the product comfortable.

non irritating dog collar

7. Metric USA Soft Collar for Dogs with Sensitive Skin

I understand that people have different preferences for their dogs. So, for those who want a fabric dog collar with a single-pin tie buckle, well, this one is for you.


Apart from the fastening buckle, there’s one more thing that’s different in this dog collar from the last few entries of this list. This soft dog collar from Metric USA is padded. It’s a dog collar that won’t rub the fur off!

In fact, it is padded in style with a visible molded design that imitates a bone pattern.


The usual chrome D-ring is also welded on the collar for connecting a leash. The holes that hold the metal pole are covered with metal grommets for reinforced protection.

Many Colors Available

There is also, of course, a wide range of colors available. Despite being padded and heavily trimmed with metal accents, Metric USA has managed to keep this collar very lightweight.


Here’s another kicker; this dog collar is wash-safe. If for any reason, it gets dirty, simply hand wash it and lay it out to dry.

The collar also holds a loop that carries the company’s branding and is perfect to tuck away the excess collar length once it’s fastened on the neck.

Also, the color is a full solid. The only contrast you will see is the inline fabric that is sewn on to hold the padding and the loop with the branding.

One thing I would like to say is, regardless of what color you choose, the black contrast and the metal accents make the collar look very appealing.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

It’s comfortable because of the extra padding, which makes it a great addition to the accessories of a dog with sensitive skin.

What Makes It Different From Others?

It’s comfortable and soft, but not easy to break at all.

8. Kruz Dual Adjustable Dog & Puppy Collar for Sensitive Skin

Mesh Material

Kruz is the only one here that is made out of mesh. The mesh material itself is soft and comfortable, ensures breathability, and is perfect for all weather; thus, making it the best collar for dogs with skin allergies.


A plastic side-release snap buckle guarantees hassle-free sporting every time. There’s also a D-ring welded on for latching on a leash. The D-ring is chrome polished and, as per the manufacturer, can withstand saltwater. Although, I haven’t tried that myself.

Double-Layered Mesh

Kruz made this collar with a double layer of mesh to add to its tensile strength, so you don’t have to worry about the collar snapping when your hairy friend is tugging you around during walks.

Like most fabric-made collars, this one also has a loop to offer a custom fit around the neck of the hound.

Does Not Cause Discomfort

Other, run-of-the-mill options include wide color and size ranges and 1-inch width. And, while the mesh material does have some tension, it isn’t enough to stress the neck of the dog or cause discomfort.

Compared to its competitors, it is a bit on the pricier side, however, I will say that the price is well deserved.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

Despite being mesh, the collar is not uncomfortable at all.

What Makes It Different From Its Competitors?

The D-Ring withstands a lot of abuse.

How to stop your dog’s sensitive neck from getting hurt?

Taking care of a sensitive neck requires a little effort and care. I’m not saying you’ll have to wrap the dog in styrofoam.  But there are a few things that you should take care of religiously. 

1. Do not leave the collar for too long

Leaving the collar on the dog’s neck for a long time will result in itch and redness. The extra pressure on the skin will trigger a massive auto-immune response that will result in the dog’s discomfort. Not knowing how long you should leave the collar is every owner’s story.

Whenever you feel like asking that question, use the general rule of thumb that allows a collar for 4 hours max. Depending on your dog’s sensitivity condition, you could reduce that further to the length of its training session.

2. Keep a check on the contact points

You should keep an eagle’s eye on the possibility or severity of an allergic attack on your dog.

The possibility is one thing, leaving out the collar on the dog and waiting for the allergic reaction to get severe is completely nuts. Refrain from doing that at all. Do not use the collar when your dog is already suffering from a reaction of some sort.

3. Keep a level below his capacity

This is a general direction for all dog owners, but when it comes to allergy-prone dogs, you have to take extra care. Make sure you select a level that’s below the capacity of your pet.

For example, if it jumps in surprise on a level, you select one below it. Repeat this until the dog shows no surprising reaction but only shakes his head or searches for the source of the stimulation.

4. Correct only when the unwanted behavior is exhibited

Unnecessary corrections such as those done to punish the dog will only lead to a disaster. I have seen that nothing good comes out of that.

As a trainer, I suggest that you should correct the dog when it exhibits unwanted behavior. You have to be vigilant enough to see that coming or use the collar when the hour of his misbehavior is nigh.

5. Use positive reinforcement in tandem with collars

Positive reinforcement is a technique through which the dogs learn what pleases their owners to feed them their favorite treats. They understand that to get the reward, they’ll have to do what’s asked of them.

When you use this with the collar, the end result not only reaches sooner but is also concrete enough to last for months if not years. This also discourages you from using the remote too often because positive reinforcement also acts like a shortcut.

Conclusion – The Winner

There you go, guys. That is it for my list. I have tried my best to share as much information as possible on these dog collars.

Even though I have tried all of the collars mentioned here, my favorite for my Retriever still remains Pet Resolve. Its dual-mode functionality gives me greater freedom to train the dog manually and automatically.

Apart from that, go for a breathable collar option if you wish to own a simple collar. The Kruz mesh collar is a great choice. Or if you want a fancier look, the Fuzzy Friends natural hemp collar is also a good value for your money.

No matter which one you choose, I suggest that you accurately measure the neck of your dog and order the right size.

If the collar you get is too tight around the neck, it won’t be comfortable for the dog anyway. And if it is too loose, it will fail to serve its purpose.

In the end, I hope you find this list useful. If you would like to share my experiences with other dog accessories and products, do let me know!

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