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7 Best Dog Clippers by a Professional Groomer in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 10, 2024 by Linda Michaels

Grooming asks for more than brushes, especially when you have a double-coated high shedder.

Besides removing loose hair, you have to trim fur with Best Dog Clipper from some areas such as paws, near the tail, armpits, and more to prevent matting. Those are the areas you take care of when you’re grooming the dog frequently.

Miss a few times and you’ll have a dog full of tangled hair, mats, and external elements stuck in the fur.

We wouldn’t have resorted to grooming if the dog was okay with all that. Unfortunately, all that goes wrong with the fur because of poor grooming or not trimming the hair to keep it from tangling, in turn, disturbs the dog’s skin.

Irritation, redness, and sometimes infection may resurface because the hair keeps nagging at it.

So, start with the right detangling brush, and then use one of the following trimmers to not only reduce the chances of matting but pluck out any potential ones and also give the dog a clean look.

Best Clippers for Dogs to Keep Your Dog’s Coat Under Control

It’s time to dig into the in-depth list.

1. Andis – Ultra Edge Detachable Blade Clipper

When it comes to grooming double-coated dogs, professionals like me know the struggle of finding the right clippers that offer a balance between power and efficiency. The Andis – 23275 is one such clipper.


When using it, my first impression was how seamlessly it sliced through the hair. It was almost as if I was cutting through butter, especially when testing it on a Maltese mix breed, which has hair and not fur.

I would like to highlight that the clippers also drastically reduce grooming time because of their powerful performance.

All it took was a stroke and the hair was gone from that area. I also tried it on other breeds such as Golden Doodles, Aussiedoodles, Pomeranians, and Bernedoodles, and the clipper delivered the same results without major ups and downs.

Ease of use

The clipper feels comfortable in hand. It’s designed in a way that it doesn’t vibrate excessively, which means you can hold it without any strain even if you’re battling a double carpal tunnel.

I’m saying this because one such person to whom I recommended it suffered from the same condition and she was able to use it without any problem.

It’s also quiet for dogs that get irritated with loud noises. I also found that it was quite easy to change blade sizes, and that allowed me flexibility depending on the breed and hair type.

Efficiency for double-coated breeds

The clipper shows its strengths when you’re grooming double-coated dogs. For instance, when used on a husky or a Cockapoo, breeds known for their thick double coat, it significantly reduced grooming time and did the job without disturbing the dogs much.

Heat and blade quality

While the performance is stellar, the blade can get hot after 20 to 30 minutes of continuous use. This wasn’t a problem when I was using it for smaller breeds or quick trims, but grooming a large dog or one with a thick coat meant that I needed to give the clipper and the dog periodic breaks.

If you can’t allow those breaks, then I recommend you purchase additional ceramic blades. Obviously, switching out blades when they get warm seems to be an effective way to ensure non-stop performance and that is exactly what I did.

Why do I recommend Andis Brand?

I recommend it because it’s the best-corded clipper you can get for a professional grooming session at home that cuts through a double coat like butter.

What makes the product different from others?

It’s really the power that sets Andis apart from the battery-powered clipper.


  • Powerful for thick coats
  • Versatile in function
  • Easy to maneuver
  • One button use
  • Maintains power through a session


  • Gets heated up after some time 

2. Dream Reach Grooming Low Noise Dog Clipper

The Dream Reach clipper is efficient, gentle on the dog, and doesn’t get clogged up easily.

Performance on double-coated breeds

In my initial tests, I used the clipper on a mini Goldendoodle. Having previously struggled with cheap trimmers that often got jammed and required constant manual trimming with scissors, the Dream Reach clippers were an obvious relief. The Goldendoodle has hair that is thick, and curly, yet fine.

A typical grooming session with that dog normally took me over 3 hours. But with this one, I managed to trim the dog in 1.5 hours – that is about half the time it took as compared to the previous cheap Wahl trimmer.

I believe that these clippers seem to power through thick hair with ease because their guards are designed with short teeth that don’t get stuck in the fur. For dense hair, cutting with the grain proved more effective.

During each grooming session, having a dial power adjustment proved handy, especially when I dealt with longer hair. As you can imagine when set to full power, the clippers performed effortlessly, but there was noise.

Noise level

The noise that I talked about above was way lower than the previous one, Andis 23275. As you know, many dogs, especially sensitive ones, get anxious around loud equipment. I noticed that with this clipper, the most anxious dog remained calm, and the grooming process was therefore smoother.


While these clippers excel in many areas, they aren’t without their flaws. For instance, the placement of the on/off switch on the grip area led to intentional shutdowns during grooming.

However, I got used to it after some time and avoided the switch, which did the trick. Another minor setback that I noticed was the accumulation of hair under the guide.

That meant I had to remove and clean the guide frequently during grooming sessions, especially when I was dealing with thick coats.

A Word of Advice

For those new to these clippers or grooming in general, I recommend that you always start with hair growth when trimming longer hair. Use the guides available with the product unless you’re trying to completely remove the hair or hit a close cut.

The wood handle stays cool throughout the grooming process, but you have to be mindful of the metal part and check it frequently during a session to see if it’s not too hot for the dog. 

Why do I recommend Dream Reach?

I recommend the Dream Reach for its power to cut through double coats with precision and the wooden handle.

What makes it different from other products?

The handle is larger and that gives you a better grip on the product. I believe that is why the product is more precise.


  • Easy to hold and operate
  • Gives exceptionally good cuts
  • Reduced noise level for a corded clipper
  • Reduces grooming time for wooly breeds
  • Fur doesn’t get stuck in the teeth


  • Intrusive power button placement 

3. Oneisall Dog Kit 2 in-1 Clippers

These Dog clippers stand out for their dual functionality, particularly focusing on paw grooming.

Efficiency and battery life

One of the significant highlights of the clippers has been its long-lasting battery for me.

As I found, even after grooming a Standard Poodle, there was still ample charge left in it. They went on for another half an hour with jitters at the end when the batteries were emptying. 

Quiet operation

As you may know, grooming sessions can be stressful for dogs, especially with the humming and buzzing of clippers. This one is relatively quieter and therefore less stressful for dogs.

If I compare it to the Dream Reach, it wins comfortably. Breeds such as the Schnauzers, Doodles, and more sensitive ones like the Standard Poodles were more at ease when they were groomed with these clippers.

This also makes them suitable for generally anxious and skittish dogs such as the Great Pyrenees.

Paul trimming

I believe the main highlight of the kit is its paw trimmer. Not all clippers offer these. It is designed to get in between the paw pads, making hygiene trims more precise and less cumbersome.

Before this, I’d normally resort to grooming scissors for such tasks and I would also see many owners do that, but this trimmer will definitely make the job quicker for them as much as it did for me.

However, a small guard is all that the paw trimmer needs in the future because it cuts quite close. You can use a comb for a buzz cut effect but that’s not ideal for everyone.


The lightweight design of the clippers makes them easy to handle. During all the grooming sessions with it, I figured out that the ergonomic handle coupled with a lightweight design allowed for a smoother grooming session without hand fatigue.

Why do I recommend Oneisall Dog Grooming Kit?

I recommend this kit because it boasts multiple blade guard sizes that allow you to get the right length for different dog breeds. The clippers glide smoothly without getting stuck, making the grooming sessions efficient, even for breeds prone to serious matting, like Poodles.

Besides this, the metal grooming comb and the part trimmer are commendable editions to give a dog a professional finish.

What makes it different from its competitors?

This is a one-for-all grooming kit that even novice owners can operate.


  • Battery percentage indicator on the clippers
  • Paw trimmer included with plenty of other accessories
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Considerably low noise production
  • Makes light grooming sessions easier


  • No blade guards for the paw trimmer

4. Pet Grooming Clipper and Pet Grooming Vacuum Kit

This is a whole grooming kid, combining multiple functionalities into one easy-to-use product. I’ve tested it on various breeds, from the fine hair Shih Tzu mix to the dense coat of a Border Collie, and the results made me call it the best in its category.

Ease of use

Grooming, especially for those not familiar with it, can bring unpleasant experiences. Remembering my initial attempts, I can relate to the experiences of many who have struggled.

One thing that I’m sure of with this grooming vacuum kit is that your experience will be surprisingly smooth. It works by lifting the fur lightly, making it much easier to achieve a clean cut.

Vacuum feature 

Besides trimming, the standout feature of this kit is the vacuum. Not only does it help lift the fur for a neater cut, but it also sucks up the cut hair, leading to a cleaner grooming session.

Those owners who are tired of having their dogs’ hair roam around the house should take note. After grooming, there’s a notable absence of hair everywhere, and that serves as a relief for such owners.

You see, instead of letting the fur fly away, the vacuum turns it into a compacted fur cake that makes getting rid of it straightforward and mess-free.

Other attachments

The kit also comes with a variety of other attachments that aid in the grooming process. When I say that it gives a holistic grooming experience, I mean that besides the vacuuming feature and the trimming, you also get a nail grinder and an attachment for a full haircut or just a trim. 

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

The noise of such a product has to be low enough for the dogs to bear it and that is exactly the case with this product. I noticed that it produced sound but not high enough to disturb the dog.

In some cases, I had to keep the vacuum part away from the dog’s eyes because no matter how sophisticated the machine is, it still looks like a traditional vacuum cleaner.

About the efficacy of its trimming and vacuuming, it did a good job but obviously not as good as the Andis 23275. I had to make my way from the top to the bottom gradually. That made me categorize the product for owners who are not looking for serious grooming sessions but convenience as a whole.

Therefore, the product suits light grooming sessions for owners who are tired of cleaning their furniture after such a session. It also means that you can finally have an indoor session without losing your brains.

What makes the product different from others?

This is a 7-in-1 grooming product with a myriad of attachments suitable for different grooming needs. It has everything from brushes for shedding to nail grinders that are lightweight and glide effortlessly through the fur.

You also get four combs suitable for different fur lengths and types, ensuring precision in every trim.

However, keep in mind that you have to prepare the dog beforehand for any session with it because, despite its convenience, it does not perform as powerfully as the Andis 23275.


  • A one-product solution for a complete grooming session
  • Trimming and vacuuming go hand in hand
  • Great for indoor sessions
  • It also massages the dog
  • Usable for a variety of breeds
  • Usable for furniture too!


  • Not as quiet as a dedicated clipper

5. Oneisall Dog Clippers for Grooming Thick-Matted Coats

This product from oneisall dog clippers stood out due to its focus on long-haired breeds and matted coats. 

Cutting experience

I decided to put it to the test on a heavily matted 125 lb St. Berdoodle. Grooming such breeds has always been a challenge not only for groomers but also the owners.

These clippers, however, slid over the dog’s skin, navigating under the matted fur smoothly. It felt like cutting butter with a hot knife, an experience that I also found when grooming Poodle curls and the mixed matted hair of a Shih-poo.

Noise production

Testing the product’s claim of producing low noise, I used it on the Shih-poo which normally took 6 hours to groom due to his fear of clipper sounds.

As a result, I managed to groom the dog in under 2 hours with no instance where the dog showed any sign of irritation or fear. He was not being his usual skittish self and that was entirely because of the clipper’s low noise-producing feature and its propensity to not cause any irritation.


I tried the product on diverse breeds from Maltipoos to Poodles and the feedback was encouraging. It came out to be powerful enough for a matted Doodle and even effective on the heavy mats of a Bichon.

The clipper’s diversity is because of its powerful grooming that can even tackle a 90 lb dog on a single charge, which is also a testament to its longer battery life.

But it’s not just about power and battery life, the product comes with a variety of grooming heads that make trimming to different lengths straightforward. You get a 1.5 mm, a 3 mm, a 6 mm, a 9 mm, and a 12 mm grooming head to make trimming a variety of dogs possible. 


I’m surprised that these clippers cut nice and straight as compared to their price. The metal blades definitely make a huge difference because, unlike other clippers, a dog’s hair does not get stuck in it. Besides this, it does not chop up the hair.

Power button

No product is without its quirks and this is true for oneisall dark clippers for grooming thick matted coats. Just like the Dream Reach, its power button’s placement is a slight inconvenience during the grooming process.

I accidentally pressed it several times in a session but I believe it’s a minor inconvenience because you can get used to it pretty easily.

Why do I recommend Oneisall Dog Clipper?

I recommend this one for its clean cuts that make it suitable for trimming long hair.

What makes it different from its competitors? 

It is more powerful for a battery-powered product as compared to many cordless clippers.


  • Offers a clean straightforward cut
  • Brilliant cheap clipper for long hair
  • Elegant design with a thick head
  • Powerful for a battery-powered clipper


  • Poor power button placement 

6. HANSPROU Dog Shaver Clippers

Another high-power dog shaver, the HANSPROU delivers a stellar performance at 12 volts of power that cuts through long strands of wavy hair straightforwardly without leaving them looking frizzy.


I tested the clipper’s claim of high power when I groomed a Bernese mountain dog and an Australian Shepherd both of which had thick hair that was coarse in some areas and curly in others.

Yet, these clippers power through them effortlessly, leaving the hair well shaved and clean looking as I normally prefer.

In comparison, where some clippers would fail to work on the dogs’ dense coats, these cut so fast that I had to exercise caution to avoid hurting them.

Suitability for various breeds

In my time with the clippers, I’ve found they work effectively on a range of breeds.

From a 50 lb Poodle Mix to a long-haired German Shepherd, these clippers handle the job with ease. I was astonished to find that they powered through the undercoat and delivered consistent results each time.

Usability and durability

The HANSPROU clippers are both user-friendly and durable as I found from my tests. In one such test, I managed to shave four dogs in just 45 minutes, a task that would normally take me 4 hours or more with regular clippers.

I cannot vouch for the battery life of these clippers, but judging by their performance in longer grooming sessions without interruptions, I’m of the view that they will have a longer life and will not deteriorate after, let’s say, a few months of use. 

Few areas of improvement

The clippers perform exceptionally well on long-haired dogs, but there are a few areas of improvement that the company needs to focus on.

For one, the attachments can be pointy, posing a potential risk of catching the dog’s skin if you’re not careful. Additionally, the blade gets hot after prolonged use, so you need to check periodically if they are hot enough to be used on a dog.

Also, I believe that there’s a need for more guide combs for the clippers to be usable for a variety of breeds and coat types.

Why do I recommend HANSPROU? 

I recommend the product for its suitability for long hair. The head is slender, which is a welcomed design feature for targeting exactly the area you want to trim.

What makes it different from other products?

If I compare it to the other corded clippers in the list, this one produces low noise for a 12-volt high power.


  • Efficient for trimming long-haired dogs
  • Works through the top matted coat easily
  • The small head is easy to guide precisely where you want
  • Grippy design


  • Guard combs need cleaning frequently during a grooming session

7. AIBORS Dog Clippers for Grooming for Thick Coats

The AIBORS dog clipper is cordless and cheap. However, its low price does not put any limitations on its performance in some areas.


Throughout my time as a dog trainer and groomer, I’ve come across a variety of breeds and hair types as you might have guessed from the previous reviews.

From Toy Poodles with cotton candy-like hair that easily gets matted to Great Pyrenees with super long, thick fur, grooming has brought its challenges.

One of the major ones is finding a cheap product that does not tug on the dog’s fur or cause any other discomfort. I have used WAHL clippers previously and often struggled with such coats which led to the uncomfortable experience of occasionally nicking the skin.

With these clippers, I was able to effortlessly cut through a Toy Poodle’s matted hair, not causing a single neck, which was a relief for both the dog and me. 


For small breeds, a notable advantage is having a cordless clipper that does not get stuck easily in the fur. The no-card design ensures that the grooming takes place without any intervention.

This product has that ability and a light indicator that displays battery life, a convenient feature so you’re not caught off guard by a dying battery.


The kit comes with a comb and scissors, although I found the quality of these additional tools to be lacking. But when it comes to the clippers themselves, they seem to perform remarkably well for most light to medium grooming tasks.

Battery life

Battery life is impressive too for the price at least. After grooming the dogs mentioned on a single charge, the product still had about 60-80% battery left, depending on the coat.

Some improvements

There’s always room for improvement no matter the price of the product. In terms of this one, it did get heated up after prolonged use.

Also, while it did an exceptional job on most parts of the body, it struggled a bit with areas where the fur was exceptionally thick and matted. 

Why do I recommend AIBORS Clipper? 

I recommend the AIBORS for its suitability for small dogs with thick method fur.

What makes it different from its competitors? 

It is surprisingly a kid with scissors, guide combs, and a well-lit LED showing the battery percentage.


  • Does well on slightly matted thick fur
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Great for novices
  • Easy to hold and operate
  • Battery indicator available


  • Gets heated

Best Dog Clippers – Conclusion

Getting the best dog clippers needs research and hands-on testing. I’m sure you don’t have time for those and that you have already made your decision by reading my reviews of the products I deem the best in their respective categories.

I still have a winner, though, and that’s Andis – 23275 because of its versatility and ultimate power.

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