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7 Best Shock Collars for Rottweilers in 2023 – By A Dog Trainer

This page was last updated on 17 March 2023.

Rottweilers demand respect and awe at the first sight, owing to their tuxedo-like short coat and serious outlook. These dogs were bred to guard or do some specific jobs. 

They do it wholeheartedly. But don’t hand them over any job and they’ll find their own, which you won’t like.

On top of that, they are enthusiastic and ready to react to a threat. With such strength as a Rottweiler, any dog could inflict damage.

So, you have to put reigns even on the breed itself. That’s where the following best shock collars for Rottweiler come in handy. 

Why Train Rottweilers With A Shock Collar?

The methods of training such a breed are dime a dozen. They are quite malleable dogs as it has been seen that they tend to please their owners. Obedience is in their DNA. 

But any dog breed no matter how pleasing it is when left on its own can wreak havoc for you and your family. Just as I said, Rottweilers need jobs.

So, you have to give it one and train it well enough to do it without requiring your input every once in a while. 

Other reasons why train rottweilers with a training collar:

  • Training with shock collars reduces the training time. 
  • A dog associates the shock, vibration, or beep with your command. So, you may not have to use the collar again.
  • They offer a greater chance for positive reinforcement and add a reliable step to wind things down faster.  
  • The dog may ignore method training but it can’t ignore the shock collar.

Having said that, here are my favorite collars that have shown great results with Rottweilers.

The List of 7 Best Shock Collars for Rottweilers

Without further ado, let’s get on to the list.

Let me review each of the mentioned products one by one so you can make an informed decision.

1. Dogtra iQ Plus – Best Shock Collar for Rottweiler

The Dogtra iQ Plus takes the first slot in my favorite list of collars. Over the years of working as a trainer, I’ve found that Rottweilers are easy to train.

This collar will help you do that without hurting your dog, that is if you resort to vibrations and beeps only. Watch out for the shocks because they are HOT.

By that, I mean the shocks are too much for such a malleable breed. Even level 1 suffices for the most stubborn Rottweiler. Any level beyond that will send the poor thing yelping for comfort. 

That’s why I said you should rely on the vibration and beep to do away with the bad behaviors such as digging, Jumping, lunging at a fellow dog, or tugging away at ordinary things. 

Changing the levels of stimulation has been made quite easy. In the compact design of the remote, the manufacturer has managed to fit in a dial that changes the levels.

There are 100 levels but you won’t need them. 

Once you’ve selected the levels, you could either nick the dog, which is the slightest jerk of shock, or hit it with a continuous array.

The latter has been proven handy when I trained a dog that was hell-bent on chewing away at the sofa. It was as if he had sensed a treasure of dog treats beneath. Later, we did find out that there were treats fallen beneath the sofa.

That alone should tell you that your dog’s behaviors are a product of many things. It’s not like the devil has taken over it. 

Coming back to the product, you could train two dogs simultaneously with one remote.

Switching between the channels takes no time and if you’re training a Rottweiler and a German Shepherd like I did back in the days, you may want to pick this one up. 

However, as I said, be sure to check the shock on yourself before on the dogs because higher shocks could lead to negative reinforcement. The dogs could potentially run away from you – at least the Rottweiler will. 

  • Exceptional battery life
  • One-handed remote operation
  • Great for management training
  • Sturdy build
  • Remote could go haywire, so use it in your supervision

2. Easy Educator Shock Collar for Rottweiler 

Rottweilers are tough dogs. They can withstand high stimulus. But certainly, that’s not something advised. The Easy Educator Shock Collar is easy on the dog in that sense. Each level is benign until you move past 20-25.

Not to mention, the difference in shocks between the levels is not too high to startle the soul out of your dog. 

That’s probably why I’ve put this on the second slot. It has a heavy receiver that the dog cannot ignore. Just be wise and swap its strap for bungee and you’ll have it put on in no time. 

One other reason for including this is its programming feature. Each unit comes with a USB that you could plug into your computer and program the remote according to your wishes.

Four buttons, two on the sides, and two on the front serve to administer whatever levels you’ve set. You could even set tone + vibration or set them individually by choosing from the 7 levels of vibration and 4 levels of beep.

The little bummer in doing so is that the software doesn’t work on Macs. It is solely produced for Windows. 

You could even set and lock the stimulation with a dedicated button on the remote. It is bulkier enough for you to find it without a problem. For small hands like mine, blind operation, thus, is a long shot. 

In other features that could warrant your attention, there’s an LED right beneath the collar that’s bright enough for you to find the dog or for the pedestrians to see it during the night.

And considering the bulk of it, the remote works through the walls. So, if you have got a Rottweiler on guard, using it from the inside won’t be a problem. 

The stimulation on this collar was enough to train a 3 years old Rottweiler. On level 20, it would drop the ball and come over. As it seems, the collar is perfect for recalling previous training or verbal commands.

  • Solidifies previous training
  • Small steps between the shock levels
  • Highly programmable
  • Easy to use remote
  • The software works with Windows only

3. Dogtra 1900S Series E Collar for Rottweiler

The Dogtra 1900S needs no praise from me. It has been one of the best collars I’ve used in training dogs, including the Rottweiler.

Mind you, the device has intense levels that bend even the most stubborn dogs you’ve owned. 

Rottweiler could be stubborn at any time. Given its immense strength, if you’re dealing with a leash-aggressive companion, Dogtra 1900S will take care of it. 

The strap fits snuggly onto their necks and those necks are huge. The last Rottweiler I had trained with this one was a 100lbs giant with a 23 inches neck.

Certainly, there weren’t any issues. 

Once strapped in, choose an appropriate level from the 127 levels available on the remote.

The rheostat dial is cumbersome, I wish there were buttons for that, but getting used to it is not hard at all. There’s a balance between how much you turn the nob and the corresponding level you get. 

As a trainer, I term this device as designed for professional training. IPOs and other forms will bear results soon after you start using them. So much so that just by showing the remote, the dog will understand what you mean.

That’s the power of its nick. 

However, if you sense there have been some distractions on the way, hitting the continuous button could pull the dog out of it. 

The remote has a checkered grip, which is again, suitable for retaining it in your hand during serious training.

I also love how the receiver is ergonomic in every sense. It doesn’t put a strain on the voice box of the dog or anywhere else on the neck. But do follow my recommendation and strap the collar to the point where one of your fingers goes in easily. 

If you’re not a fan of shocking your dog, the High-Performance Pager could come in handy.

It’s not just vibration but a kind of loud tap on the neck that alerts a Rottweiler even when he’s busy digging out the hidden treasure in your backyard. 

Trust me, most of the time, you’ll be using it. 

  • High-quality durable collar
  • Easy to use remote
  • HPP does wonder
  • Static levels are not too harsh below 20
  • There’s a clear difference in the charge holding capacity of the remote and the collar

4. SportDOG Brand 425X Training Collar for Rottweiler

The SportDog 425X is made for stubborn Rottweilers. There are beep and vibration modes but bringing them on has a steep learning curve.

I would very much like to blame the design team because they managed to bring both modes to a single option on the knob. 

But you may not need these two at all. I mean beep is okay but the vibration isn’t stronger than that of your phone.

I sometimes think this collar was produced just to administer shocks and that’s it, which it does efficiently.

You’d have no issues in changing the intensity levels of the shock, though.

Come to think of it, I’ve used this with Rottweilers and the level 3 has been more than enough to stop them in their stride, drop the ball, and come over. The level 4 had made many of them yelp in pain probably, so I wouldn’t recommend going that far.

Size-wise, for an average palm, the remote is appropriate. I’ve small hands and so, it seems a little bigger for me.

One thing is for sure, though. The remote’s been well protected from accidental shocks. I’ve no qualms about accepting it. 

While the manufacturers could have done a lot in separating the vibration and beep modes, they have certainly outdone themselves in terms of quality.

This collar is going to stay with you for long, only if your dog doesn’t chew the remote in revenge. 

Even after a year into use, none of the components would heat up. I hate collars that take temperatures up a notch.

That becomes a little too much for the poor thing. Not with this product, though. No heating. Garmin Sports Pro could learn a thing or two from them in this regard.

The strap is more than enough for a neck of 22” or 24”. You may want to change it later if the dog grows or you may have to buy the collar anew because longevity isn’t what the collar’s known for – not at least in terms of its functions.

  • Smart and elegant design
  • Sturdy construction
  • Good range
  • Three levels of static charge
  • Vibration and tone have the same place on the knob

5. Bousnic Dog Training Collar

The Bousnic Dog Collar isn’t high on looks but it works better than many premium or expensive collars. You get two with one remote, which is great if you’re training another dog with your rottweiler. 

Is it good for a rottweiler, though? I’ve trained a Great Dane and Mastiff together with these two collars because the owner could afford this one so far. Both of them listened to the buzz and the beep.

We didn’t need to go as far as to shock any of them. 

Switching between the channels was easy. However, it will require some effort and training on your part to get a hang of it finally. I do wish there was an actual switch, not a button to make things easier. 

If that’s not easier, then putting the collar on the dog is very easy. There’s a snap at the back that’s fairly better than a buckle.

The nylon straps will fit even if your dog has a neck size of 26 inches. Overall, I vouch for the ease of use in terms of the remote and the collar together.

There are dedicated buttons for each function, for once with 16 levels of shock and 8 levels of vibration. The level of vibration is a welcome feature because that’s what gets most of the dogs.

They understand it better. When I was training a 7-month-old Rottweiler, the vibration would do wonders so much that I’d have to show it the remote and it would comply. 

The battery life is great. I got a week out of the collar and more from the remote. Some owners thought otherwise about the battery but I think it entirely depends on your use of the collars. 

Also, I’d like to call out the poor quality of the remote. Perhaps better checks on quality control could make the collars consistent in quality for all. 

  • Two collars; one remote
  • Easy to use remote and collar
  • Strong vibrations enough to startle the dog
  • Built for small, medium, and large dogs
  • Poor quality control

6. PetSpy P620 Collar for Rottweiler

PetSpy P620 had been handy when I was training a 1-year-old Rottweiler. I had to charge it for a day and it would last for three to four days at most.

There was an apparent difference between how much charge the collar vs the remote could hold. 

While the remote is great for all the features. I’m a big fan of the dedicated buttons and the fact that this one has a switch for switching between channels rather than a button.

However, it seems the company made some compromises in its quality and the collars to make it affordable. 

Yes, this is by far a budget collar but for those who seek long-term usage–I’m talking about years–then, this isn’t for you. But come to think of it, why would you use a collar for years? 

I tend to use it with positive reinforcement to train the dog for a long time. The dog barely forgets what I teach it, then. 

Improvements could also be made to the LED of the remote. It only turns on when you press a button, which sometimes produces a lapse between the button you press for the function to take place. 

While all three modes of correction produce results, there isn’t any button that would take the shock up a notch during continuous use. There’s no button spared for the latter at all. 

Also, you cannot control the levels of vibration as with most premium devices. I do vouch for the reliability and applicability of the vibration.

It startles a dog and makes it stop doing whatever it’s doing and return to you. 

For your Rottweiler, however, before using it, make sure you change the strap with a bungee. The buckle isn’t of good quality for such a powerful dog.

  • Budget collar with premium features
  • Easy to use remote control
  • Perfect size for Rottweilers
  • Easy channel switching
  • The buckle is susceptible to breakage; may need to change the strap

7. PATPET Bark Collar for Rottweiler Puppies

PATPET is my go-to collar for stubborn dogs, including Rottweilers, Huskies and Bulldogs. This device has not shied away from correcting their behaviors ranging from digging, nipping, couch chewing, and biting

In the case of the breed you own, I had success with the beep. It is pretty loud with this collar, better than most. My client was training the dog to be a better guard.

Not that it needs any training in that aspect, but the constant barking comes as a by-product of it. Three days of use of the collar had this behavior corrected. 

However, as with him, and I suggest this to you too, I didn’t overdo it because that would have reduced his reactive barking as well.

The collar is smart and effective but using it within limits is the number 1 advice you’re getting from me. 

Your dog could be smart but for that, the device has another feature up its collar. You may not want to call it a feature, just a design genius.

You could easily use the remote blindly to not let the dog be collar-smart. As a trainer, that’s the worst that could happen to your investment. 

Another worst thing that could happen is jumping in the pool with your dog. The collar holds back water strongly but not the remote. It will lose all functions if you plunge it into water.

You could use it during the rain. No worries about doing that.

  • Works great with bulky rottweilers
  • Large area coverage
  • Vibration works better than most collars
  • Comes with an extra collar strap
  • Have to press the tone button to get the LED working

How to make the most out of your shock collar for Rottweiler?

Rottweilers may look all dangerous, but their nature is far from that. They are thought to be one of the most trainable breeds.

However, you go to have at least some experience with that because their intelligence may pose some hurdles. They expect something in return for obeying you during the training sessions.

Using the shock collars on them becomes indispensable when their dominance kicks in. They will try to overpower you, so be wary of that.

Here’s how to make the most of the shock collar you buy to be able to stop that and other grievances.

1. Refrain from using high levels

Rottweilers do not require too hot a stimulation level. That’s because of their trainability.

I’m not saying you shouldn’t be ready to push some boundaries with the disruptors. I’m just saying, be mindful of how your dog’s going to respond to the individual level.

2. Use treats

Treats will help reinforce the training you give your Rottweiler. As explained above, they look for rewards after obeying you, and what could be better than treats?

Feed them one when they perform the action, not too late after it or too early. There’s a small window after the action for positive reinforcement to work.

3. Do not over-train the dog

You don’t want to ruin your relationship with the dog. Thus, use the collar only during the training sessions or when necessary. Typically, the time you use it shouldn’t exceed more than 4 hours.

I’d prefer even less time. Remember, it’s always the recurrence of training that helps a dog learn, not the intensity or length. So, make sure you train your pet every day for enough time that the dog can bear it.

4. Check for any distress signs

Lastly, you also should look for any distress signs that tell how the dog’s doing under the collar’s influence. This breed is tough when push comes to shove but it still has certain limits.

That’s where I tell owners to know their limits and only use the collar within them. One way to start will be by reading the manual, then checking individual shock levels on the dog, followed by seeing if the dog exhibits other signs such as whining, showing aggression, depression, or anxiety when it sees the collar.

Frequently Asked Questions

I know you have some questions in mind, so let’s take a look.

Do shock collars work on Rottweilers?

They do work on Rottweilers no matter how stubborn they are. However, before using them, make sure you have adequate training.

Also, when you are about to use them, first try the shock on yourself to see if it’s not too harsh. You could skip using the shock feature altogether as many collars come with vibration, beep, and shock modes.

What kind of collar is best for a Rottweiler?

Rottweilers are huge dogs. So, look for a collar that has at least 22 to 24 inches long strap, preferably nylon.

Also, it should have shock features with different levels, even if the vibration isn’t. I suggest Dogtra iQ Plus. 

What size collar fits my Rottweiler puppy best?

You should buy a collar with at least a 22” strap. There’s no way you could find the perfect size. All you have to do is cut off the extra strap. 

Best Shock Collars for Rottweiler – Conclusion 

There are many shock collars suitable for Rottweilers but I’ve included the ones I’ve used in this list. Pick any of them based on your limitations.

They should serve you well. However, do not use them if you have zero knowledge about their function or the harm they could do to your dog if not used properly.

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Hi, my name is Scott. I am currently the trainer/behavior consultant for DoggoMag LLC for the past two years.
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