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7 (Easy-to-Use) Best Dog Brushes – By A Groomer

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Last Updated/Info Checked on October 25, 2023 by Linda Michaels

Brushes make up important tools in the grooming session of a dog. They can serve as initial detanglers to finishers. In their midst lie the fancy tools such as deshedders for double-coated dogs. 

Their use isn’t only limited to those dogs, but also the ones who don’t need fancy tools at all. I’m talking about short-coated dogs with a single layer of fur.

As you can imagine, one product may not work for all, and that’s the reason why we have so many products in the market. That’s also the reason why I’m writing this article. 

Throughout my experience, I’ve used brushes, vacuum cleaners, and de-matting/deshedding tools to groom pooches of all kinds. Since we’re going to talk about Best Dog Brushes, here are 7 products that are close to my heart and they stand number one in their respective categories. 

Best Brushes for Dogs – A Groomer’s List

Now, let’s take a closer look at the complete list.

1. FURminator Undercoat Deshedding Brush for Dogs [Recommended]

For dogs with a double coat, the battle against constant shedding seems endless. However, with the right tool, you can not only help them shed but also keep their coat in their best shape.

You obviously need the right grooming tool for that and after testing several products, the Furminator undercoat deshedding tool has stood as the best in the category.

Sturdy Design

The tool has a sturdy design that is easy to hold, which is particularly beneficial when grooming a relentless dog. It gives you more real estate to cover, thus ensuring that the grooming session is efficient and faster.

I love its ability to reach beneath the top coat and remove loose hair from the undercoat thereby significantly reducing the dog hair tumbleweeds. I tested the product on a Chow mixed with a herding dog and the results were encouraging. 

My other test subjects included a German Shepherd dog for which the tool became almost indispensable during shedding seasons. The amount of undercoat it managed to extract was nothing short of impressive.

However, don’t forget to detangle the dog’s fur with a regular slicker brush before using the Furminator because that will eliminate any accidental cuts to the top coat.


Although I used the tool mostly for dogs with thick or long coats, short-haired breeds such as Dobermans, Labradors, and pities also benefited enormously from it.

From my experience, I’ve realized that short-haired dogs with undercoats can lead to dry, itchy skin if it’s not properly groomed. And for breeds such as Labradors that have a hidden undercoat, this will bring out a significant amount of loose hair, which might otherwise end up on your floors and furniture.

Hair Release Button

The tool also comes with a hair release button that is taught to let the accumulated hair fall off the brush.

However, I noticed that it doesn’t always work effectively, especially with fine undercoat hair. Sometimes, the fur needs to be shaken or pulled from the bristles, which wasn’t a major inconvenience for me but it is worth noting for you.

Sharp Teeth

It’s also important to know that while using Furminator, you should always be gentle and always brush in the direction of the fur growth. The teeth of the tool are sharp, so proper angling and pressure will ensure the dog’s comfort.

Why do I recommend FURminator?

I recommend Furminator because of its sufficient shedding of the bottom coat in double coated long hair or short hair dogs.

What makes it different from its competitors?

For me, it’s the ergonomic handle that makes a great difference because sometimes you have to exert pressure on the tool to get out most of the tangles.


  • Desheds efficiently
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Lightweight
  • Works for short and long-haired dogs


  • The hair-release button needs improvement

2. Wahl Premium Double-Sided Pin Bristle Dog Brush 

This brush caters to both sides of the grooming spectrum. On one side, you get the pin bristles which are designed keeping in view your dog’s comfort.

Unlike some brushes where the pins are painfully sharp, Wahl’s pins are rounded with a nodule on the top. This makes it incredibly efficient for tackling mats, tangles, and loose hair without causing any discomfort.

For my tests on a German Shepherd and a red Golden Retriever, I found out that the design is mostly effective for larger breeds.

On the flip side, you get the stiff plastic bristles that serve a dual purpose. One, they smoothen out the coat. Two, they prove wonderful for those quick combing sessions.

I also used this side on a Corgi and an English Springer, which both had smooth coats, and the results were mostly positive. They seem to enjoy the sensation, with the Corgi particularly wagging its tail when I brought it on her paws. 


The size of the brush was a major advantage. The pin bristle size measures 2.75” in width and 4.25” in length while the nylon bristle size is 2.5” in width and 4” in length.

This means that you get more coverage in every stroke, making sessions shorter for larger breeds.

Ergonomic Handle

I look for comfort when choosing a brush because it’s not only about our dogs but also us. Holding the brush, the ergonomic design with rubber grips ensured effortless handling, making long grooming sessions a breeze.

Short-Haired Dogs

Before concluding, I’d like to give you the heads-up that the brush, although versatile, may not be suitable for all coat lengths. The bristles might be too stiff for dogs with very short to medium coats, potentially causing skin irritation if not used with care.

But it is also true that with the right approach, you can adjust the pressure levels to get your desired outcome.

Why do I recommend the Wahi brand?

I recommend it for its game-changing performance for coated dogs. Both sides gave impressive performances to take care of a grooming session completely.

What makes it different from other products?

I love its design. It has a chunky handle to keep your grip firm which in turn, keeps the strokes focused and effective.


  • Provides a great finish for smooth hair
  • Distributes oil on the skin effectively
  • Great for fussy dogs that hate grooming
  • One brush is enough for the grooming session


  • May cause skin irritation in some dogs with a single short coat

3. Miracle Coat Slicker Small Size Dog Brush

This one is not only a detangler for most dogs but also a potent finisher that has my trust. 

For Fussy Dogs

I tested the brush on a year-old Goldendoodle with a wooly coat that had tight curls. It was a nightmare to comb through it but the results with this brush were impressive.

It not only penetrated her dense coat but also removed a handful of hair. She wasn’t the biggest fan of brushing sessions, but the efficacy of the brush made the process smoother to her liking.

After using it, I could easily comb her without any tangles.

However, with such dogs, consistent grooming is necessary because waiting for a week will definitely lead to mat formation.

Ergonomic Handle

Talking about the handle, it’s ergonomic to the point that even people with arthritic hands or nerve damage can use it. The smaller head makes managing the undercoat extremely efficient, which is an added benefit for such people.

It would get lost in the thick fur of a dog and that is where I want you to be cautious. 

Nonetheless, trying the brush on a Golden retriever helped me manage her coat but the brushing had to be done daily. I believe that the pins weren’t too sharp for him because he was okay with this rather than the one I used before.

However, it did not fare well with sensitive dogs.

Best Finisher

When I say that the brush is the best finisher, I mean that it manages to keep the tangles at bay, leaving the dog with a shiny coat. You may still have to use a slicker brush on some breeds, especially the ones that haven’t been groomed for a long period.

Why do I recommend the Miracle Dog Brush?

I recommend the product because of its versatility. It not only performs well for long-haired dogs but also cats.

However, you still have to be cautious about the bristles as they may feel slightly sharp.

What Makes It Different From The Rest?

The small head and chunkier handle pair up to produce less strain on your hand.


  • Versatile
  • Ergonomic handle
  • Small head reaches unreachable places
  • Detangles fur with minimum force


  • The bristles may be harsh for some dogs

4. Paw Brothers Slicker Brush for Dogs

This slicker brush is as versatile as the dog breeds. Although its primary function is for dogs, I have friends using it on feathered horses. This goes on to show the ease with which it removes Lucifer, suggesting that it is incredibly effective on many code types.

Faster Detangler

For dog owners, particularly those with breeds that have curly or wooly hair, such as poodles, Labradoodles, and Maltipoos, this brush is god-sent. If you’ve struggled with matting, the brush may just be your new go-to tool. Poodles, for instance, are known for their thick fur.

In my testing, the brush detangled one such poodle’s fur in mere seconds, which is far better than the tiresome grooming sessions many owners are used to.

I also tested it on a Bernedoodle, a breed that gets easily matted even with daily brushing. After grooming, I found zero mats and dogs.

Besides that, since he was an adventurous dog who loved the outdoors, the brush also effectively removed burs and cattails that he picked up on the way.


I also like to highlight the brush’s design. The pins are long enough to penetrate deep into a dog’s coat such as the Siberian Huskies, effectively loosening for. However, you should know that it isn’t suitable for short-haired breeds as any undue pressure there might scratch their skin.

Also, you should be gentle when grooming curly-haired dogs, especially when working on mats to avoid brush burns. 

Tool for Hair Drying

I also found out that the brush doubles as an excellent tool for hair drying, particularly for poodles. This is an added benefit for owners who groom their pets at home.

Using it on wet dogs has less chance of causing brush burns as compared to dry strokes. There are protection tips on top that did not allow any of my test subjects to get irritated during the drawing process.

Hard To Clean

There’s a small caveat and it’s cleaning the brush after use. I found it a tad challenging to remove fur from the brush itself.

But given its affordability, I’m of the view that it gives stiff competition to high-end products like the Christ Christensen brush but at a fraction of the price.

Why do I recommend the product?

I highly recommend it for dogs with curly hair because of its curved bristles that are evenly shaped and strong enough to demat a thick coat.

What makes it different from other products? 

The handle is tougher and thicker but the head is lightweight. This adds to the ease of use as your effort doesn’t go into moving the head. It’s redirected to the tough tangles.


  • Lightweight head
  • Equally placed tough bristles
  • Bulky ergonomic handle
  • Longer pins ensure easy reach
  • Versatile


  • Not the easiest to clean

5. BioSilk for Pets Eco-Friendly Detangling Pin Brush

During my tests, the brush impressed me with its flexibility and gentle touch. It’s like the WetBrush that I’m familiar with, but specifically designed for dogs. The bristles are soft, and the back of the brush is designed to give with some pressure, making it softer on sensitive skin.

It takes away all the excess flakes and hair without any irritation, thus, making it recommendable for dogs suffering from skin issues or itchiness.

Caters To A Range of Breeds

Another notable aspect of the brush is its suitability for a range of breeds and hair types.

From my experience, it worked wonders on small dogs, reaching those hard-to-get areas. It also performed well on short-haired breeds such as the Boston Terrier, giving their code a pleasant shine.

I tried it with dense fur, such as Pomskies, and they seemed to benefit greatly from the brush’s tender touch.

In all these cases, it didn’t come out as the ultimate solution for deshedding, but it did prevent matting and offered a gentler brushing experience for the dogs.

Comfortable Shape

The comfort is in the unique shape of the brush. It allows reduced tugging, yet it still effectively removes a considerable amount of loose hair.

With that, I found the brush to be flexible enough that it didn’t press hard on the skin even though I had pressed it down with greater force. This is another aspect that makes the brush perfect for dogs with sensitivity issues.

Reduced Grooming Time

I also like to mention that the brush is large which means that while it’s great for many breeds, it might be slightly cumbersome for smaller dogs, especially even trying to navigate areas like the legs, just, and neck.

Also, it isn’t made predominantly of boar’s hair as may be expected by many. This might be something to consider if you’re especially looking for a boar-bristle brush.

Why do I recommend BioSilk? 

I recommend BioSilk for its eco-friendly material. I also love the slim flexible design that puts less pressure on a dog’s skin.

What makes it different from its competitors? 

The flexibility between the handle and the head puts less pressure on the skin even when you press the brush harder during a stroke.


  • Highly flexible
  • Rounded bristle tips go easy on a dog’s skin
  • Detangles fur
  • Does not inflict pain


  • Not an ideal brush for deshedding 

6. Burt’s Bees for Pets Double-Sided Pin & Hemp Bristle Dog Brush

My first impression after using this brush was durability and sturdiness because one, it has a wooden handle, and two it has high-quality metal and hemp bristles on either side. 

Easy To Clean Metal Tines

Unlike some brushes where the tines are easy to detach or become a hassle to clean, these tines stayed put and proved incredibly simple to remove hair from. The quality of the brush is, therefore, commendable.


On the flip side, you get hemp bristles with their eco-friendliness. I observed that short-haired dogs, like Labradors, seemed to enjoy the sensation of the hemp side. Not only did it give a relaxing massage effect, but it also stood quite effective at catching loose hair.

After using it not only on this dog but also on others, I realized that it was an instant hit with those who leaned into the brush as if receiving a spa treatment. 

Tested On Many Breeds

Talking about the breeds I tested the brush on, a Goldendoodle used to waggle its tail whenever I brought it to remove the mats.

The metal tines proved to be gentle enough for an elderly dog that previously hated brushing and even allowed for some face brushing. A few Aussies seemed to particularly enjoy the soft touch of the hemp side on their face, ears, and legs. 

For Small to Medium Breeds

It’s worth noting that the brush may be best suited for small to medium breeds as the size does not stand ideal for larger breeds above 50 lb. I’m saying that by keeping the time taken for a grooming session to conclude based on the brush’s head size. It’s not that you cannot use the brush for larger breeds at all.

I tested it on Labradors and the function was equally impressive although it took more time.

Dry and Wet Usage

Another feature that stood out during my tests was its adaptability for both dry and wet usage. After a bath, I used the brush to give the dogs a refreshing post-shower groom that prepared them for a finer undercoat tool if I needed it.

Why do I recommend Brut’s Bees? 

I recommend it because of its eco-friendliness, but more than that because of its suitability as a detangling brush for heavy shedders that need an undercoat tool. It can double down as your go-to brush for short-haired single-coated breeds.

What makes it different from others?

It’s 100% eco-friendly as it’s made from natural materials such as wood and hemp.


  • Detangles single-coated dogs without hurting them
  • Suitable for infrequent grooming sessions
  • One brush detangles and finishes single-coated dogs
  • Easy to clean
  • It does not get stuck in the fur


  • Grooming bigger breeds with it will take some time because of the brush’s small size

7. Hartz Groomer’s Best Deshedding Slicker Dog Brush

To begin with, the design of the brush is impressive. The angle of the brush prongs is just right, allowing for effective de-shedding without causing any discomfort to your dog.

Many owners want a brush that’s gentle on their dog’s skin but tough on tangles and matted fur. The Hartz brush delivers in both ways. 


Using the brush made me realize that it’s versatile. I found it especially effective on breeds like Golden Retrievers, Australian Shepherds, and even Poodles, highlighting its use for various sizes and coat types.

Particularly with dogs like Golden Retrievers and Australian Shepherds, who have thicker undercoats, the brush managed to remove a significant amount of loose hair, leaving their coats shiny and healthy.

Short-Coated Breeds

The brush also fair to well with shorter coated breeds, efficiently capturing loose hair and giving their coats a nice, smooth finish.

When it came to matting, the brush worked pretty well, especially on breeds like Yorkies, Dalmatian, Shih Tzus, and Schnauzers. I was able to deal with the mats pretty easily which made any future combing a breeze.

Coated Tips

The brush has coated tips of the bristles. Unlike some slicker brushes that can be a bit harsh, this brush felt gentler, and that was reflected in the dogs’ reactions. Even a Husky Shepherd mix, who typically despised being brushed, remained calm and seemingly enjoyed the experience.

Difficult To Clean

As every product has flaws, one consistent experience that I had was the difficulty of cleaning the brush. The hair tends to stick to the bristles and that makes it a bit tricky to remove.

I believe this isn’t a deal breaker but it is certainly an area where there’s room for improvement. Still, given the price, I’d say that the brush is already giving a lot.

Why do I recommend the Hartz brush?

I recommend it because it gives a longer economic handle with acceptable quality bristles with nodules at the end that make grooming a dog comfortable but also less costly, given its price. You can use it for a variety of breeds as your daily grooming brush.

What makes it different from its competitors?

The fact that it gives so much for a meager prize makes it stand out among the rest.


  • Effective brush for daily grooming
  • Cheap, but not trash
  • Comes with Hartz’s promise
  • Noduled bristles make combing comfortable
  • Loved by dogs that generally despise combing


  • Not for dense fur
  • Hard to clean

Best Dog Brushes – The Winner

All dogs shed but the degree of shedding varies greatly among the breeds. You may need brushes, deshedding tools, and whatnot to groom your dog but not everyone has the budget or the need for everything.

The brushes that I’ve listed above prove to be beneficial for home-based groomers – the dog owners, mostly. All of them are my favorites based on their respective categories.

Choose your next grooming brush as per your dog breed and coat type. I’ve tried to recommend a brush for a specific type of coat, so it should be easy to choose. Happy grooming!

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