I am Linda, the Founder and Editor of DoggoMag.

With over a decade of experience in dog training and the successful shaping of behavior in more than 100 challenging pups, I have dedicated my expertise to this platform.

Join me on a comprehensive journey covering training insights and various aspects of canine care.

My Story 💁

Living in apartments and traveling back and forth to new places because I’m a travel junkie had me not wanting a pet at all. But there were other reasons, too.

I was an Animal Caretaker at a local shelter. I couldn’t stand some of the dogs’ stations in life. Although I took care of them, I was afraid if I adopted any, the poor thing might end up in further hardships given my lifestyle. Until one day. 

It was spring. I had the usual allergies kicking in. That’s the time of the year I stop going near any animal. But when you live alone all sick and tired, you want someone with you. That’s when I decided to adopt a dog that wasn’t contributing to my allergies, all the while providing me the companionship I was looking for. 

Meet Mylo – my Labradoodle who helped restore the lost confidence in myself. He showed me that I could be a very caring mommy to a dog. 

A random click with Mylo

After adopting this baby from the shelter I worked at, my days haven’t seen loneliness and gloom. Just a look at its dark innocent eyes comforts me. My fiance Ross has played an important role in raising my little cute Mylo.

Mylo with Ross 😉

Training Mylo wasn’t easy in his early days. I had to hire a trainer to help me. Seeing him be patient with his ways, teach him like an apprentice some art that’s hidden from our eyes, and correct his behaviors that I didn’t see were a problem gave me another career to follow – a dog trainer. Now Mylo is a good boy.

My trainer and I are thrilled to share the amazing journey of training and grooming our furry friend, Mylo, on our blog! We’ve documented every step of the way, and we can’t wait for you to join us in reading about the fun and heartwarming experiences we’ve had with Mylo. So, grab a cup of tea, sit back, and dive into our blog to witness the incredible transformation of Mylo. We hope you enjoy it as much as we did! Happy reading! 🐾

Mylo is in good mode 🙂

And who knew I’d be engaged one day to Mylo’s trainer? The credit here goes to him for bringing us closer together. He now loves messing up with daddy when he’s working. 

Today he spent the morning helping dad with some research… hopefully he can add me in as an author?

Learning how to help dad in his research -:D

The 29th year of my life had truly been a blessing. As I venture into my 30s with Mylo and Ross, I can’t think of anything but a happy future with these two by my side.

Thanks to Ross and Mylo for being good friends 🙂

Yes, Mylo does get a bit naughty sometimes, especially when I want to relax. He comes and takes my place on the couch before I do and feigns slumber. Does he know that I can see him smile? Cunning but not smart enough, huh?

Good night guys -:D

The bond that binds us together has been growing ever since I adopted him. I take him anywhere I can because he can’t seem to live without me and I can’t without him. That happens when I return from a vacation where he’s not allowed. I make sure to spend some mommy time with him and make up for all the days he had to see his daddy only. 

Here’s a picture of the time I returned from Venice where I had a blast with my girls. The picture was taken just before he leaped to greet me in his dog way. <3 Sorry, Ross, but he’s mommy’s boy.

Happy Mylo -:D

Well, this is not the end of our story, but the life of Mylo will be shared with you on a daily basis here on this blog. Which tools I use for his care and training and the lessons I learned along the way are the main themes of this blog. This website (doggomag.com) was created with this purpose in mind.

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You can reach out to me by email at doggomag@gmail.com.