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Why Is My French Bulldog So Hyper? 6 Valuable Reasons

French Bulldogs are miniature Bulldogs. Their bat ears may not tell you about their deposition for non-stop play but their short dashes past you in the house may well do.

These dogs are enthusiastic to the point of absurdness. So, if you’re asking why is my french bulldog so hyper, that could be the reason. 

Other reasons may include:

  • An intense openness to anyone not part of the family.
  • Energy levels that don’t run out. 
  • Mental and physical stimulation needs. 
  • Frequent playtimes. 
  • Too much attention on your part. 
  • Poor training. 

6 Reasons Why Your French Bulldog Is So Hyper 

Let’s dig in!

1. Everyone’s A Best Friend 

Openness to everyone: 5/5

French Bulldogs have a free soul. They think everyone coming back and forth to your house is their best friend, be it an animal or your new friend.

The excitement that they experience upon meeting new people and animals sometimes gets out of their hands as well.

Dashing around them, trying to get their attention, or just answering its genetic call are a few of the marks of him getting super hyper.

2. Plenty Of Energy Reserves 

Energy level: ⅗ 

Although there’s a balance in the overall energy score (really, don’t think the scores are final), you don’t know what shifts the balance towards the wrong side.

This breed can go crazy in no time without any apparent reason.

So, if your French Bulldog suddenly started a marathon around the house, know that its energy reserves are full. It’s time for them to deplete. 

3. Mental And Physical Stimulation Needs 

Stimulation needs: 5/5

When you need to tire the dog out because you think its energies have reached the point of no return, mental and physical stimulation may pay off.

Mental stimulation could be providing it with all sorts of toys it loves, taking it out for an engaging walk in a new neighborhood, or just playing tug of war or fetch with it. 

Physical stimulation is a part of mental stimulation as you may have noticed. Both go hand in hand.

Do take your Frenchie out for some exercise for at least an hour a day to get its energy checked. Once it has depleted, your dog will be calm. Remember, a tired dog is a calm dog. 

But do not leave it alone too often for too long. French Bulldogs do develop separation anxieties.

4. Frequent Playtimes 

Adaptability score: 5/5

As I said before, these dogs are highly adaptable. Whatever routine you take them through becomes their part and parcel until you introduce a new one.

Therefore, if you’ve been playing with your dog more than necessary, you might have turned on the switch yourself.

Routine is a must with this breed. I suggest you should maintain a specific time frame for play and everything else. This will help keep the dog’s rhythm in place. 

It won’t get hyper right when you are supposed to go out with your friends. 

5. Too Much Attention 

Family love: 5/5

Excess of everything is bad. You might have heard that. This rule could prove right in your dog’s case, too.

It may be hyper because you’ve been giving it way too much attention. Alternatively, it could also lose its way when you deny it attention. There’s a pitfall both ways. 

Just as I said above, give it an appropriate amount of time. Do not indulge it excessively, otherwise, it will want it more. The hyper nature could arise as a result.

6. Poor Training 

Trainability score: ⅘ 

French Bulldogs are highly trainable. They are eager to please their owners.

However, one wrong move in the training could lead to a wrong aspect arising in their behavior. Your dog’s hyper nature could be a result of it. 

Positive reinforcement works great in this regard. You should revise your training techniques and see where you’ve been making a mistake.

Have you been reinforcing their dashes with treats without knowing? Have you been rewarding them for doing everything quickly? If yes, then you may need to revise your training techniques. 

How Do You Calm Down A French Bulldog?

Take it for a walk around the neighborhood or play fetch/tug of war with it. The basic idea is to tire it out. You could also use aromatherapy and shock collars to correct his behavior and get him out of it.

How Do You Discipline A French Bulldog?

You could try mark training, positive reinforcement, or simply a shock collar. The latter works great, trust me, but you’ve to be careful in using it. 

A Word On Shock Collars 

First, try to figure out what’s causing the hyper behavior. If the 6 reasons I’ve stated above don’t seem to be the case, then you may have to invest in corrective measures such as a shock collar. 

Shock collars aren’t inhumane as long as you use them for the betterment of your dog. I’ve seen many owners use them for their dog’s benefit by first learning how they work, what they could do to avoid harm to its mental capacities, and so on. 

The secret to getting the best from these collars is to first know your motive, understand their functions, and then use it with positive reinforcement techniques such as treats and toys. 

You should also know that the shock collars are called so because they use shock as a corrective mechanism when it has more modes as well.

There are vibration and beep modes. In my time as a trainer, I’ve seen many dogs get back to being good boys by using either two. I didn’t have to use the shock feature at all. 

Why Is My French Bulldog So Hyper? Conclusion 

Your French Bulldog may be hyper because of an underlying behavioral imbalance.

It could be over attention, not playing with him adequately, his energy level, or enthusiasm when he sees a stranger. You could easily correct these by training the dog.

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