Best Training Collars for Stubborn Dogs
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11 Best Training Collars for Stubborn Dogs in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 10, 2024 by Linda Michaels

Dogs aren’t innately stubborn. They develop this behavior as a response to external pressures as they grow. A previous trauma may also trigger stubbornness that may fester into aggression and so on.

I have also trained some dogs that had become stubborn because of negligence from their owners.

The use of shock collars for training such dogs was always indispensable. They helped in making the process easy as it removed the communication hurdle.

In doing so, I also used positive reinforcement with the shock collars. About that, here are the best training collars for stubborn dogs that I tried for stubborn breeds.

What Characterizes Stubbornness In Dogs?

While the species itself is amiable and affectionate towards human beings, we cannot take away stubbornness on some occasions.

You’d think that your Great Dane is an angel towards children. The next moment, it’ll knock yours down when unsupervised. 

Now the Great Dane is known for its family-oriented behaviors. Maybe the devil himself has to be blamed for the sudden shift. But that’s just that.

Consider dogs as a species with dual natures. They retain both their previous and ancient hound inclinations and the evolved behavioral changes that make them dogs.

So, a Great Pyrenees may look like a suitable trail companion, but the moment it sees something moving or finds an unusual smell lingering, the hound inside it takes over. 

It may break its leash and leave you yelling for obedience. 

Worry not because I’m here to help you address that by using one of the shock collars listed below. 

An Overview of The Shock Collars You’ll Read About

Collar NameReceiver SizeNeck SizeDog SizeCharging HoursStimulation Levels
SportDOG Brand FieldTrainer2.6″ x 1.2″ x 1.3″5″ to 22″8 lbs to 120 lbs50 to 701 to 7
Dogtra 1900S
2.8″ x 1.8″ x 1.210″ to 26″20 lbs to 35lbs60 to 721 to 127
PetSpy P620
2.9″ x 1.2″ x 1.3″9″ to 21″10 lbs to 140 lbs60 to 701 to 16
PATPET Dog Training Collar
2.4″ x 1.14″ x 1.4″7.8″ to 25.5″8 lbs to 110 lbs20 to 481 to 16
Dogtra ARC HANDSFREE Plus3.2″ x 1.6″ X 1.1″8″ to 30″15 lbs and up20 to 481 to 127
Educator E-Collar2.7″ x 1.7″ x 1.2″12″ to 23″20 lbs to 100 lbs60 to 721 to 100
PetSafe Remote Training Collar
3″ x 1.3″ x 1.3″6″ to 28″4 lbs to 120 lbs3 months (battery powered)1 to 4
Bousnic Dog Training Colla
2″ x 1.3″ x 1″6″ to 30″5 lbs to 120 lbs50 to 100+1 to 99
Dogtra 1902S Ergonomic Collar
2.8″ x 1.8″ x 1.210″ to 26″10 lbs to 35 lbs60 to 721 to 127
SportDOG Brand SportHunter2.6″ x 1.2″ x 1.3″5″ to 22″8 lbs to 120 lbs50 to 701 to 7
Pet Training Collar2.9″ x 1.6″ x 1.6″10″ to 27.5″15 lbs to 27 lbs70 to 961 to 10

11 Shock Collars for Stubborn Dogs Not Listening To You

Here are the collars that will help you tame a hard dog.

1. SportDOG Brand 425X Shock Collar

Just as I mentioned above, stubborn dogs may find nature taking over the best of them. But the SportDog 425X will correct that right in the first week of use. 

Stimulation Levels

For one, it has higher stimulation levels. More than that, each level offers greater intensity than the standard model, although they’re of the same sizes. 

So to say, this model is specially designed for stubborn, unrelenting dogs. You could nick them once with the same intensity or go for continuous stimulation if the dog does not yield. 

Might I mention here that as a dog trainer sometimes I had to train more than one dog?

Three Dog System

Now buying collars for them all seems like a lost cause because I only have two hands and so do you, this collar has saved me a great deal of effort and money.

Others may be one or two-dog systems, this one is a three-dog system that works with consistency. 

Charge it for a quick two hours and use it for a week for all three dogs.

Even if one of them is smaller than the other two, the collars would fit on each of them for the brand has produced it for 8lbs and is larger with a neck range from 5 to 22 inches. 

Shock Levels

The shock levels are so appropriate that you may not have to use the collar at all. I remember training a 7-month-old GSP or German Shorthaired Pointer.

He got used to the sensation so much that he associated the remote control with the shock.

I wouldn’t have to use the collar at all. Just a glimpse of the remote will trigger my desired response in him. 

Despite all of its features that edge on perfection, the remote could be a great nuisance.

The unclear instructions make it hard to use for a novice. So, I recommend you should first train yourself, watch plenty of videos, and read until you’re well adept with how it should be used. 

But once you get a hold of it, you’ll be able to train your dog even out of sight with greater consistency.

I’ve had a great time training breeds like Doberman from afar because of what they’re kept for in some households. 

Why Do I Recommend It?

The SportDog 425X is a sturdy product that’s designed for one-hand use.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The very design makes up for the lack of the LCD. I felt I didn’t even need one.


  • Higher intensity of stimulation
  • Works for pups and adults
  • Perfect for guard dogs
  • An excellent range even for Great Pyrenees


  • Not easy to use the first time

2. Dogtra 1900S Series for Stubborn Dogs

The second one on the list is the Dogtra 1900S. If two brands would make it to my hall of fame, it’d be Dogtra and SportDog.

These seem to have a better team at hand that believes in R&D before flushing the market with products left, right, and center. 

Take the example of this one. It has a sturdy build, made to last. As if Dogtra didn’t want to produce any other model but this.

While that is just my speculation, you couldn’t help but wonder at the way both the remote and receiver have been designed. 


The remote has a superior grip suitable for times when you’re training a stubborn dog.

Pulling on the leash is one of the many things these dogs do. So when they do and they will do that, you won’t have to worry about dropping the remote. The lanyard also adds a layer to that.  

Stimulation Levels

You may not have to encounter that as the collar has 127 correction levels. Even level 4 would do the work for me when I was training a client’s Redbone Coonhound.

It was single-minded just like the previous Male Rottweiler

Just as then and many times ahead, I had no issues with its reliability. After all, a premium design and focused manufacturing do pay off in the long run.

Buying collars like these is a one-off investment that many overlook until they face dire consequences of inconsistent shocks that send their babies back to them yelping for help. 

Works for Pups

Talking about babies, the collar works for pups as well as for adults, even more than them.

Its HPP or high-performance pager, an apt name for an apt feature, stands enough for correcting their behaviors.

A single vibration alerts them well enough. Their jumping and nipping stop right on cue. 

Just as with any other collar, however, I cannot be clearer about learning how the collar works before using it.

Do try different intensity levels on yourself before your companion because they could be intense. 

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

The collar may seem too harsh but it can be used for puppies too. Just make sure that you set the right level.

What Makes It Different?

You have a little chance to mess up the shock levels because the knob is situated on the top of the remote.


  • Suitable for professional K9 training 
  • Must have for GSP
  • You may not even have to use the shock because of HPP
  • A better investment than cheap models


  • The battery life of the collar drains sooner than the receiver

3. PetSpy P620 Training Collar for Stubborn Dogs

What a budget collar hold for an annoyed owner of a stubborn dog? In the case of this collar. Everything. 

This is by far the only budget collar where you’ll find premium features bundled up in a nice design. Does it work, though? Yes. 

Tone and Vibration

The tone and vibration seemed to be working for most of the dogs that I trained with it. The contact points are long enough for a double-coated dog that you can train them easily.

I’m talking about a 35lbs Rat Terrier with a strong dislike for the neighborhood, a Dalmatian with severe separation anxiety, and a Poodle with something against every other moving object. 

Some Compromises

At a low price, compromises are to be made. That’s understandable because the manufacturer has little freedom to make a near-perfect product for the price of a pretzel.

In this product, you’ll find those compromises in the buckle, which is susceptible to breakage, especially if you own bigger breeds. 

Also, I didn’t find continuous stock to be working by simply holding the button as one would expect.

When you do hold the button, the zaps come in frequent succession that couldn’t be called continuous in any sense.

But that’s upon my judgment. PetSpy has made no claims of continuous zaps. 

One thing is for sure, though. The vibrations and beeps will work to break your dog’s unrelenting behavior.

You may not have to use the shock feature at all.

There’s no way you could control the intensity of the two, to be honest, and the vibration will work for longer corresponding to the level of intensity you’ve chosen. 

I find that perfect for socializing dogs, however. For example, there was a case where I had to tame the anxiety of a dog moving to an apartment from a fenced countryside.

He was territorial and aggressive but over time, the long vibrations taught him that everything was going to be fine. The cat wasn’t going to eat his owner. 

Why Do I Recommend It?

The product has the potential to beat premium ones at the price.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The consistency of shock levels is impressive at the price.


  • Lightweight
  • Fits well
  • Contact points long enough for a heavy-coated dog
  • Louder beep


  • Low-quality buckle
  • No continuous stimulation

4. PATPET Dog Training Collar for Stubborn Dogs

With 16 levels of intense vibrations, the PATPET collar stands as one of my top 5 favorites.


I like its design that allows the collar to fit ergonomically to the dog’s neck. But the real charm is in the remote or the transmitter. 

There are clear indications on the buttons, thus, encouraging blind usage. Needless to say, I had a great time using just a thumb to correct a dog’s behavior.

There wasn’t as much as a single instance when the stimulation didn’t register as soon as I pressed a button. 

Not having a battery indicator on the remote frustrates me. That’s where this product has my heart.

I’m not worried about losing the progress made in training just because the battery finished right when it was needed. 


Both the receiver and transmitter are waterproof. I was training a serious swimmer back in June last year. Sometimes I had to jump in with him to correct his lunging on swimmers in the pool.

Even many bigger brands don’t come with a waterproof receiver, which is where PATPET wins over. 

As for the stubborn dogs, I have trained staunch huskies and Pitbulls with them without a problem. They were on their best behavior within a week. 

Come to think of that for bigger breeds of 120lbs, the collar fits well. I had the Great Pyrenees come in wagging its tail right on the second use.

It had a habit of staying outside and barking its guts out.

Nobody had frozen its legs or anything, it was just a bad behavior instilled from the time when he spent his life imprisoned by its previous owner. 

Some Caveats

While everything works well with the collar, certain aspects could have been better.

For example, there’s a tiny difference between levels 1 to 4 but as you go above level 5, you experience a sudden rise in the intensity. Therefore, I advise you to use the collar on yourself before using it on the dog. 

But in many cases, only the beep or the vibration suffice. At least they did for the Saint Bernard puppies who would trespass their boundaries, thinking the whole world belonged to them. 

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

The shock collar is super easy to use. I recommend it to novice users.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The remote has only three buttons on the front. The absence of fancy stuff makes it worthwhile.


  • Clear indications on the remote buttons 
  • Loud beep enough for corrections 
  • Works within a week
  • The receiver and transmitter are waterproof


  • Inconsistent gaps between different stimulation levels

5. Dogtra ARC HANDSFREE Series

You’re gonna love this product as much as I do. Why? Because of its hands-free tool.

Hands-Free Tool

The Arc hands-free works were great with smart dogs that know how to bypass the triggers you’re trying so hard for it to associate with its behavior. 

You could pair 14 hands-free tools with one remote. That makes the product a godsent for expert and professional training.

But even with one, let’s call it a hands-free remote, you could easily do away with the worries of carrying the bigger one. 

I do want to talk about the slight delay in the transmission of the signal from the hands-free clicker to the collar.

When you get a hang of it, as you will in time, you’ll be able to bring it down to your advantage. A slight delay could help you measure the dog’s response, for example. 

You’ll have to program the clicker to trigger a function. It could be a little hard for novices but again, once you learn it, there’s no turning back. 

High-Performance Pager

I’m an absolute fan of the pager on this one. It isn’t as high or corrective as that of Dogtra’s HPP and certainly not as unworthy as the ones on a cheaper collar.

You’ll find it works fine even when you’re training two dogs at the same time, which the system gladly allows. 

Dedicated Channel Buttons

What’s different in this product doing that as compared to others is the dedicated buttons for each channel.

You don’t have to select an individual collar from the settings to transmit a signal. Each channel has a button for each feature. If you wanna zap the first dog, hit the Dog 1 static button, and so on. 

However, there’s no way you could use two different functions at the same time for two different dogs. That’s somewhere the company could capitalize ahead.


The vibration is more like a tap on the back. It doesn’t buzz for a few seconds but gives short taps. This doesn’t put your dog under stress you don’t want to introduce.

Training a dog for the trail with this one is wonderful. Nearby, vibrations worked in getting the attention of a Great Pyrenees back on the track when I had a chance to train it. 

I mainly used the collar on her for positive reinforcement of habits and I recommend you do the same. Punishing your dog with it would only lead to negative results. 

Hands-Free Training

Now that I’ve mentioned positive reinforcement, working with two dogs on a K9 training back when I had a chance was rewarding. The hands-free mode did its best to keep them on my cues.

I had to charge the gadgets more than once because of continuous usage but overall, they went well. 

I still have those collars waiting for another canine, which I wouldn’t shy away from using once I have it.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

I recommend it for the many accessories it comes with.

What Makes It Different From Others?

It’s perfect for smart dogs that get collar-smart easily.


  • Arc handsfree mode 
  • 14 clickers can be used with the same remote 
  • Appropriate vibration acts as a tap 
  • Bigger and ergonomic receiver 
  • Dedicated buttons for each dog
  • Long-lasting; goes on for years


  • Slight delay in response from the clicker
  • No individual shock

6. Educator E-Collar For Stubborn Dogs


The Educator E-Collar has been made for stubborn dogs as it seems. There are 100 levels of stimulation packed in a single dog system.

So, no matter how stubborn your furball is, it won’t stand a chance against the system. 

I do wish to convey that 100 levels could also be a marketing gimmick. Whenever I used this collar, I wouldn’t go far beyond level 5 even with the most stubborn dog.

But yes, I understand, yours could be different. It could be a dog straight from hell with all its behaviors showing devilish trends.

In that case, you may have to increase the shock levels. Not each time, though. The collar comes with a choose and lock mechanism.

The level that suits best for your dog can be easily locked so, in the future, you don’t have to redo everything.

There’s no point in concentrating on technological gimmicks than your dog’s playtime, I believe. 

Shock Boost

There’s a shock boost button for the devilish dogs. When yours turns its head in utter disobedience, instead of gawking in disbelief, hit that shock boost and see how it bends the knee.

However, make sure that you haven’t set it at a level that along with correction sends your dog down an anxiety spiral from where there’s no return. 

Beep and Vibration

The beep and vibration are both suitable for a range of dogs, as they would claim. However, I found the beep too weak to do anything.

The vibration had all my attention. It’s more like a tap on the back than a buzz. I’m sure your dog will associate the tap with its good behavior in no time. 


Speaking of the looks, while the collar does not appeal to my better senses, the remote does well.

It is shaped like a clock and has all the buttons on the sides. That makes operating it easier. Of course, with such a design, blind operation becomes a reality.

The collar, all in all, is made for stubborn dogs, as I said. Do read the manual before using it on your dog.

The suitability of it could be judged by the fact that in our facility, some trainers would want to use it more than others.

I’ve seen a Purebred German Shepherd, and a hound dog stop jumping on things, chasing moving objects, barking at neighbors, or just howling when left alone. 

Why Do I Recommend It?

The shock boost works great for relentless or smart dogs.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The remote’s design is quite unorthodox.


  • Recommended by trainers 
  • Titanium contact points discourage redness on the skin 
  • Higher stimulation levels make it perfect for dogs to avoid marker training 
  • Cheaper as compared to enrolling your dog in training classes 
  • Night light


  • The Remote isn’t waterproof 
  • The night light shines light into the eyes of the dog

7. PetSafe Remote Training Collar

PetSafe never ceases to amaze die-hard trainers like me. I have used its products for dogs small and large to get better results. This one, in particular, is for stubborn dogs.

I’ve no qualms in accepting that it did the trick quite well without hurting my dogs or my clients’. Let’s be honest here, stubborn dogs are still trainable. We just don’t need to hurt them. 

Storage Box

The first thing you’ll love about the product is its dedicated storage box. Everything sits there nice and clean from the remote to collars, chargers, and the instructions. That makes it highly portable. You won’t have to worry about losing stuff to the wild. 

Open that box and the first thing I’ll talk about is the remote. It is a bulky fellow but one that sits nicely in hands. I like its sheer size because it discourages me from hitting the wrong buttons as a small remote wouldn’t be able to do. 

Buttons Layout

The layout of buttons is fairly simple as well but well thought out. For one, the channels have their own buttons. Then, there’s the convenience of having separate buttons for all three stimulations viz a viz shock, vibration, and tone.

I agree that you may have to look at the remote before hitting any button. Blind usage is a loss on this one.

Also, there’s no lock button. The manufacturers have put three raised dots on the shock key to help you identify it and not accidentally shock your pooch. That has worked for me in some instances.

However, I couldn’t rely on it completely and instead, opted to look at the remote before each application.


It works for about ¾ miles, which is genuinely sufficient for your backyard and hunts. The small LCD is also a great help in knowing which level you’re on.

On a full charge, you won’t see hiccups in sustaining the range. But things will get a wee bit weird when the batteries are sucked too much.


The collar is convenient. Not too great considering the price but something your dog won’t discard. There’s a yellow on-off button on the top. The strap is comfortable enough for a large dog but not a small one. You could easily secure it and it won’t give away when chewed on. That’s for sure.


Speaking of the stimulations, the 14 shock levels suffice for a stubborn dog. The highest level is a bit too much and I don’t think you’ll have to use it. Even I didn’t go past 7 for dogs as stubborn as a 100 lbs bulldog wanting to rip everything apart.

For most dogs, the vibration and beep did wonder. I believe they are strong enough for you to try them first before putting them on the dog’s neck.

So far, the product works extremely well for stubborn dogs. However, make sure that you check your pooch’s neck every day to see if it has left a lasting mark. In that case, decrease the shock level.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

I recommend it because of its easy to see and use the remote with a huge LCD.

What Makes It Different Than Others?

From the design to the use, everything is quite different.


  • Sturdy design
  • Comes with a storage box
  • Easy setup
  • Dedicated buttons for each function
  • Chew-resistant strap


  • No key lock
  • Big remote

8. Bousnic Dog Training Collar for Small, Medium, and Large Stubborn Dogs

Two Receivers

Training two stubborn dogs asks for a greater synergy than a training one. That’s obvious in every sense.

For owners who go through such a daily crunch l, Bousnic has a model that comes with two collars right from the box. 

The receivers are big on this one.

It’s as if the manufacturer wanted to not miss a single chance of correcting your dog’s behavior as it happens with bigger receivers, the contact points transmit correction modes with consistency. 

More than that, however, I love the fact that the nylon collar goes straight through the receiver.

This eliminates your dog’s chances of breaking the buckle should it go on a freedom run and hit one of the bushes even if it’s 120 lbs. 

Yes, the straps are well-suited to wrap around a bigger neck. 


The same could be said for the remote. With a wrist strap too good to be true, you’ll have fewer instances of losing it in the dense thicket your dog just hit. 

It’s also simple to use. There are no complicated buttons or programming to do away with the setting behaviors.

You could even use it blindly if you wish to keep your staff guessing about the origin of the shock, vibration, or beep. 


The convenience is even reflected in charging the gadgets. You could do away with that by using a laptop USB port.

Therefore, I highly recommend the collar for outdoors. Should you choose to go on a road trip with your dog, choose this collar to steer things your way. 

But I’d like to mention here that there is a difference in the charge-holding capacity of the two gadgets.

The receivers do not last as long as the remote. So, before forgetting about it, do check that the collar has been charged well. 

Shock Levels

As for taming the stubbornness of your dog, the 16 levels of shock suffice. You wouldn’t have to go all the way to 16, that I assure you.

Even the vibration has 8 levels, which is a welcomed feature since this didn’t get a lot of attention from the makers. 

When I used this collar, the level 6 vibration was enough to stop a 46lbs bulldog from fighting its brother.

But training a German Shepherd wasn’t a breeze at all. I had to send vibrations first followed by a level 3 zap to teach him how his incessant barking was to be stopped for the sake of all. 

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

The remote is big and sturdy. I recommend it to owners who drop remotes more often or are afraid of breaking them.

What Makes It Different From Others?

It’s cheap and yet, it’s one of the most sturdy products I have used.


  • Apt fit controlling dogs from afar
  • Controllable vibrations
  • Works for a variety of dogs
  • Convenient charging


  • Cannot set individual levels for separate dogs

9. Dogtra 1902S Ergonomic Shock Collar

My friend owns a dog daycare and he recommends Dogtra over the rest for stubborn dogs. I second him because this brand means business when it comes to including shock levels that gradually increase. 

So, with the small jumps between levels, you’ll find a level suitable for every dog at your house or training center. I’ll come to that in a while. 


Talking about the design, this model too retains the iconic 1900 looks. It’s essentially the same, the only difference being 1902S’ ability to train two dogs at a time.

That it does with utmost precision, thanks to the dedicated buttons for each dog, not just the function. You get separate keys for pagers for both dogs and nick/constant shocks. The rheostat dial at the top controls the shock levels. A small convenient LCD shows you that and the charge.

Consistent Shock

So far, I haven’t sensed any discontinuity in the shock administration. I honestly love how the pager is a combination of a tap and vibration that efficiently calls back your dog. Most of the time, this will be enough after the dog learns what it means.


The collars are made of good quality plastic that you don’t see in cheap products. The fact that the straps wrap the transmitters makes it hard for the wearer to get rid of them.

To sum it up, with a ¾ range that doesn’t justify the price, you get a well-made, easy-to-use remote having separate buttons and a good grip and two collars that stay put and are waterproof. The promise of Dogtra is there already.

Why Do I Recommend It?

I highly recommend it for hunters with two hunting dogs.

What Makes It Different From Others?

It comes with the promise of Dogtra for two dogs.


  • Easy-to-grip remote control
  • One-hand operation
  • Collars for dogs as small as 35 lbs
  • 127 levels of shock work for almost all dogs


  • Expensive

10. PATPET Bark Collar for Stubborn Dogs

The PATPET is one of my favorite collars built for style and function.

Ergonomic Receiver

I could go to lengths about the ergonomics of the receiver but let’s just say it’s beyond expectations.

A fidgety dog with a neck bigger than its ego should find it comfortable enough to let it on even if that’s for years. 

The tale of its function starts with the remote. It is by far the most adequately designed gadget that tops all charts of consistency with its collar.

Button Layout

I love how there’s no knob on it to save you from the worries associated with its functional inconsistencies.

Instead of that, two small buttons are sitting in a slanted position on the left side. Your thumb will find that place well-suited. 

The positions of other buttons are also very well thought out. There are raised indications of the proscribed functions, which makes blind usage a breeze.

Use the remote with your thumb, all the while hiding it from your dog. Because stubborn dogs are often smart, this would save you from the worries of getting yours collar-wise. 

But before it gets collar smart, which it might because, after all, it’s an intelligent being, enjoy your time in the pool.


Both the remote and the receiver are water-resistant. A splash here and a submersion there won’t matter at all. 


The 16 levels of static stimulation are more than enough to tame your brutal dog. They are mild, so going all the way to level 16 wouldn’t necessarily hurt the poor thing. 

I find these levels preceded by the vibration doing wonders for all types of dogs with all types of personalities.

Just the beep and the buzz were enough for a terrier who needed walk training. I had only a few days with him before he learned that lunging on everyone on the sidewalk was a bad idea.

The vibration works well for excited dogs, as you might have noticed by now.

It did that for a 4-year-old mixed-breed rescue dog who loved digging more than anything. Or, the 2-year-old husky whose owners had reached the pinnacle of their patience with its constant barking for no reason at all. 

It should surprise you well when I say that the dogs such as Great Danes that didn’t head the marker training–which I would set up with an effort of surpassing Everest–responded so well to this collar. 


  • Better for incredibly stubborn dogs 
  • Easy to use remote 
  • Ergonomic collar 
  • Consistent functions
  • Both the remote and receiver are waterproof 


  • The battery on the collar doesn’t last longer

11. Pet Resolve Dog Collar

Per Resolve resolves to make your pooch obedient (no pun intended). It’s one of the products that has everything in its arsenal to do that.

Convenient Remote

Including a convenient remote, a receiver with a torch, four pairs of prongs, a tester, a Y-shaped charger, and a collar at your disposal, you won’t go wrong using the collar whatsoever.

Talking about them, first of all, the remote has buttons laid out in a clean fashion to give you the convenience you deserve as a parent to a stubborn dog.

The intensity keys, tone, vibration, shock, power button, and collar selection are all present at the front, giving you a chance to memorize each with time.

It will take a few weeks because the buttons are of the same size, and rarely does any of it have any raised indication on it for your touch.

Small LCD

There’s a small LCD on the top just to keep you posted on different things. It’s nothing too serious to take, but you’ll be glad once in a while that it exists. 

Then comes the receiver. I have trained Pitbulls and Mastiffs with this thing, and the size was appropriate for these large unrelenting breeds. You may feel a little at first that it weighs more, but it doesn’t matter for such breeds.

I recommend that you train your dog in close proximity if it’s new to it because it may try to run and leave the circle of a collar’s influence at large distances. The collar stands perfectly for that as its range is only ¾ miles.

Separate Buttons for Channel

There are three buttons for three separate dogs, but you could use it even for a single pet. I recommend the latter because I personally find messing around with the settings for multiple dogs a little hard. But if you choose to use it the other way around, the remote will remember your settings.


Speaking of which, the collar offers 10 static stimulation levels that are known to chase the dog out of what it has fixated on. I remember a Pitbull that was hard to get to listen to you once it had focused on the chicken. A 5-level setting on the collar would snap him out of his designs and recall our initial training session.

All in all, Pet Resolve stays true to its name to help you tame your stubborn dog without dropping in a lot on a shock collar. It has everything you need. 

Why Do I Recommend It?

Pet Resolve trains stubborn dogs at a fraction of the price for top-tier products.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The channel switching is extremely easy.


  • Easy to use remote 
  • Cheap
  • Waterproof 


  • Takes a little time to On and Off

Why Increasing Difficulty In Training Is Necessary for Stubborn Dogs?

When training a hard breed, you have to take things to the next level after it has mastered the previous basic ones. This is important to keep the dog engaged and mentally stimulated because one of the things that contributes to stubborn behavior is boredom.

Keeping it engaged thoroughly throughout the day will also aid in strengthening your relationship as the dog will consider you a major help in conquering its fears and anxieties.

Besides, teaching your dog new tricks apart from the usual basic ones always sounds interesting!

So, increase the difficulty level gradually with time to see your dog happy, healthy, and eager to learn more.

However, be mindful of the times that you may over-train it. It will be counter-effective. There have to be limits to the length and pattern of the training sessions.


Let’s discuss some FAQs to clear your doubts.

How do you discipline a stubborn dog?

1. You could use marker training. 
2. You could enroll them in a training class. 
3. There are citronella collars for the purpose. 
4. The most efficient to date are the shock collars.

Which training collar is best for stubborn dogs?

SportDOG Brand 425X is my number one recommendation to everyone who asks me this question. It works with 3 collars at a time even if the dog is underwater.

The continuous shock button on the remote has been a godsend for most trainers trying to train such dogs. 

Can stubborn dogs be trained?

Yes, they can be trained, provided you use adequate training methods. There are organic methods such as marker training, behavioral associations with whistles, and clickers, and then there are shock collars.

I prefer that you use shock collars with three functional modes such as vibration, shock, and beeps.

What is the most stubborn breed of dog?

Akita, Shiba Inu, Beagles, and Jack Russel Terriers have had a very notorious reputation with owners in terms of stubbornness. They have a mind of their own and thus, generally ignore commands. But stubbornness is not limited to these breeds only.

Any dog belonging to any breed could start wreaking havoc because this behavior has also been because of seeking attention rather than genes.

Why is my dog being stubborn all of a sudden?

Your dog maybe stubborn because of several reasons. Throughout my work, I’ve seen that the number one reason could be attention-seeking.

Territorial aggression, sudden changes in their environment, and owner abuse could also result in such behavior. 

Why is my dog so stubborn?

Look for the answers in the past few days. Have you scolded or punished it in some way? Have you moved it from an open place to a closed one in mere days? Is it ill? Have you introduced any cat, dog, or another animal into its territory? Answering questions like these may help you find the answer. 

How to brush a stubborn dog’s teeth?

Use a shock collar’s vibration mode to brush their teeth. Make sure that you follow the shock after a treat and use meat-flavored toothbrushes. 

How to cut a stubborn dog’s nails?

Use your shock collar’s vibration to calm him down. If it doesn’t budge then send benign shocks until it sits down.

Try to associate the shock or the vibration with the remote, so whenever you’re clipping its nails, just showing the remote would calm them down.

Conclusion – My Recommendation

Stubborn dogs are stubborn because of a reason. If they remain the same even when you address their grievances, then it’s time to use corrective measures.

The shock collars listed above have dedicated features for solely that. I have used them to train my client’s dogs and they have been easy on me and the dog.

So, choose one of them according to your needs. However, if you’re strictly looking for my recommendation or favorite one, it’s Pet Resolve.

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