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Give these shock collars a try on your Huskies for improved training results

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 26, 2024 by Linda Michaels

If you don’t train Huskies well in their puppyhood, you may be looking at a dog that tries to test your mettle.

On the flip side, well-trained Huskies right from month 4 could be easily controlled. Not that the adults couldn’t be corrected, but you’ve to use out-of-the-box methods to train them. 

That’s where the following collars come in.

About the best shock collars for Huskies, know that these collars are made with modern engineering, so they won’t electrocute the dogs. So if you are a first-time husky owner and want to know which collar is better for your pup, keep reading. Instead, the shock will be enough to cause a slight discomfort beneath their chins – enough to tell them that they need to listen to you if they want it to stop. 

Are Huskies Too Difficult To Train?

Huskies are abundant in large numbers, as per Andrew Sharpe on Quora. They are difficult to train because they have poor recall and are highly independent. When walking them, as you might have experienced already, they tend to chase small animals and smells that cause them to pull on the leash.

Besides, they can get a little too much when they’re bored. Seeing torn furniture in a household with a Husky is a normal sight. These are only a few reasons why we need training tools like collars to get a hold of them.

Important Details About The Collars On The List

Collar NameReceiver SizeNeck SizeDog SizeChargingStimulation Levels
Pet Resolve2.9″ x 1.6″ x 1.6″10″ to 27.5″15 to 27 lbs70 to 961 to 10
Educator2.7″ x 1.7″ x 1.2″12″ to 23″15 to 20 lbs60 to721 to 100
SportDOG Brand YardTrainer2.6″ x 1.2″ x 1.3″5″ to 22″8 lbs to 120 lbs50 to 701 to 7
SportDOG Brand 425X2.6″ x 1.3″ x 1.23″5″ to 22″8 lbs to 120 lbs50 to 701 to 7
PetSpy P620B2.9″ x 1.2″ x 1.3″9″ to 21″10 to 140 lbs60 to 701 to 16
Bousnic2″ x 1.3″ x 1″6″ to 30″5 lbs to 120 lbs50 to 100+1 to 99
FATEAR2″ x 1.3″ x 1.2″8″ to 28″8 lbs to 120 lbs40 to 100+1 to 18
Dogtra 1900S2.8″ x 1.8″ x 1.210″ to 26″35lbs60 to 721 to 127
Vsezund2″ x 1.3″ x 1.2″8″ to 28″8 lbs to 120 lbs50 to 100+1 to 18
PORUIS2.95″ x 1.57″ x 0.59″6″ to 27″8 lbs to 120+ lbs50 to 100+1 to 16
Educator K92″ x 1.5″ x 1″30″5 lbs to 30+ lbs60 to 721 to 100
Husky Collar Size Chart

The Awesome List of Best Shock Collars for Huskies

The following list will help you choose the one for your dog! You could even watch the following video to better introduce the E-collar you’ll buy.

1. Pet Resolve


Pet Resolve is on this list and my prime recommendation for its versatility. You get the best of all types of training, ranging from obedience to behavioral, wrapped in a plastic construction that stays with you for a long time, both indoors and outdoors. 


The highlight of the whole product is how the remote has been designed to help you achieve success. All the buttons are front-facing, which gives you maximum flexibility to choose what you want without searching for it.

I’ve used it with many breeds, including Huskies, German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Doberman Pinschers, Terriers, and Golden Retrievers, and the results have been amazing. I was highly impressed by its effectiveness and signal robustness.

For example, there were two labs that needed correction for their digging behaviors. Now, those dogs aren’t as sensitive as huskies, but they sure have a mind of their own.

Just a level 4 setting of the static stimulation along with level 5 vibration helped me divert their attention from digging to obeying commands such as Heel, Sit, or Lay Down. 

Blind Usage

Compared to the other dogs, huskies could become “collar smart” easily as they are quite intelligent. To save you from that fate, the remote could be used blindly. That’s the prime reason why I highly recommend it for this breed.

Using it with a 60lbs husky was a breeze, as holding it away at the back didn’t give her the slightest idea of where the simulation was coming from.

Plastic Prongs To Remove Shock Feature

As intelligent as huskies are, so are they sensitive. They can’t take pain or get used to a certain level of shock. Even during training sessions with that husky, I only used the shock feature when it was direly needed.

Otherwise, I’d slip in the plastic prongs available with this product and only deal with them through vibration and tone. The shock feature wouldn’t work even if I accidentally pressed the shock button. 

The company so far is doing great with this product. However, I do wish that they decreased the rigidity of the product.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

Pet Resolve is an all-rounder. You get everything necessary to train Huskies at a fraction of the expensive collar’s price.

What Makes It Stand Out?

Very few remotes have buttons for every function. The Pet Resolve is one of them.


  • Plastic construction saves the product from premature breakage 
  • Dedicated lights on the collar 
  • Four sets of prongs, including plastic ones  
  • Charge lasts for 2 days at most 


  • Bulkier receiver

2. Educator E-Collar

A Hunting Shock Collar

Educator E-Collar products are many. There’s the Mini Educator that works for about ½ mile and is a one-dog system. It’s most suitable for normal backyard supervision and behavior correction.

If you’re a hunter and want to take things to the wild with two dogs, a husky, a golden retriever, or a beagle, then you need this model. Much of the two share similarities.

Round Remotes

Both have a round stopwatch-shaped remote with a rheostat dial for changing between the 100 levels of simulations available.

This model, however, is a two-dog system, and therefore, the remote has a mode selection button instead of the tapping sensation button. 

Do not fret though, you could program the same button to tap your dogs. 

Pavlovian Tone Test

Just as in the Mini model, this one, too, has a Pavlovian tone, which is more of a tapping sensation.

As compared to other remotes, this does not reduce the effectiveness of the product.

In fact, you could correct the dogs’ behaviors without using the shock feature at all. 


About the range, 1 mile is more than enough to let you hunt and control the dogs. 


The real question isn’t whether this collar works or not but whether it works for huskies. These dogs are independent hunters.

I’ve owned two of them in the past and I was wary of their hunting behaviors.

Cats and other smaller animals around my property were at risk. I tried this collar on them and trained them to stay inside a perimeter and not wander off. 

You know how huskies are. They are escape artists. I have had many clients who thought even fences couldn’t hold them back.

They were right actually. Huskies are intelligent to the point that they may dig their way out of the fence.

You have to intervene in that case because they aren’t aware of the moving objects we call vehicles and that they could potentially run them over. 

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

In all fairness, this product will keep your dogs at bay. The 100 simulations increase gradually to let you select the most suitable simulation. 

What Makes It Stand Out?

There’s a nightlight in the collar and the remote’s design is unorthodox.


  • Round remote allows blind usage
  • Collars come with many prongs 
  • There are prongs for even sensitive dogs like huskies 
  • More simulation levels mean better control 


  • Uncomfortable collars

3. YardTrainer Shock Collar by SportDOG Brand

A Handy Remote

YardTrainer from SportDog features a handy remote control that has fewer buttons. That very thing makes it godsent for people who aren’t adept at tech.

This one, the YT 300 and YT 100 Stubborn are essentially the same. The only difference is in the range of the three and static stimulation.

You’ll also find another collar from SportDog called 425X that has a 500-yard range. There’s not much difference there as well.

The remote control has static, tone, and vibration buttons laid out for your convenience, only if that was the case in reality. I understand that it boils down to one’s personal preference and how big their thumb is.

The static and vibration buttons on the front do pose a little hurdle when using them as they are snuggled right beside the intensity dial.

Intensity Dial

Regardless of the version, you’re using, the remote’s intensity dial will still be a pain. Going through the levels is a breeze but on the 8th slot, fiddling with the vibration/tone feature just gets you a little.

Nonetheless, you’ll still manage to ace it in a few uses. I guarantee you that.

Bigger Receiver

The collar has a bigger receiver, which is what you’ll need for a double-coated dog like your husky. It accommodates the strap to its front, thus, giving the product an overall sturdiness in the face of a husky that chews everything.

Hot Static Levels

Speaking of the static levels, they are hot. Be careful when selecting a level for your dog and try not to go beyond that. Just look when the dog jumps and keep the levels below that.

To sum up, the product will last longer and help you train your pup in the yard. Do not limit it to age and place, however, a 100-yard range is big enough for hunts as well.

Why Do I Recommend This?

I do this for small yards and dogs that need just a shimmy of correction. Now some huskies may not come in that category and in that case, you should only use it for pups.

What Makes It Stand Out?

There’s no LCD in the remote but somehow the arrangement of the buttons still works for novice users.


  • Easy to set up and use
  • Great for pups on low settings
  • Sturdy collar doesn’t give way to chewing
  • Steady range


  • Supports one dog only
My cute husky wearing a training collar

4. SportDOG 425X Dog Training Collar

Truly A FieldTrainer

Huskies normally reach about 45 to 60 lbs. The SportDog 425X could easily be used for such large dogs. With a 500 yards range, I recommend the product for hunters, travelers, and hikers.

You could keep your dogs well-behaved in this range, all the while leaving them to be themselves for a bit. 


There are only 21 static simulations but trust me, they are hot. When I used it on a husky that had a bad habit of humping on people, level 4 would suffice. Beyond that, she’ll start yapping and whining. 


The remote is built strongly, which is really a thing for hunters or travelers. You won’t lose it even if you drop it multiple times outdoors.

But I do wish that it wasn’t too difficult to understand. I mean for a layperson, using the remote could prove cumbersome. 

There are only two buttons on the front with a front-facing dial. Getting to the desired static level isn’t a problem. It’s the vibration or the tone features that test your mettle.

The thing is that you’ve to read the manual more than once to understand how you could program the two or use them without spending hours on end. 

Once you get a hang of it, you’ll start using it blindly at some point. The buttons are convenient besides anything else. 

Momentary and Continuous Shock

In normal static mode, the remote allows you to shock the dog continuously or momentarily by using the two buttons on the front and one to the side. The side button goes high while the other two offer medium and low simulations.

I had to use the high continuous static simulation only once or twice with the dogs that I’ve trained with this device. It wasn’t a good sight but it was for the safety of the dogs themselves. 


Although the collar material is plastic, it is comfortable for a big dog. It does not come off or break when the animal brushes beside foliage or runs at max speeds. That’s one of the reasons why the collar is built for hunters. 

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

SportDog FieldTrainer has a bigger range compared to the YardTrainer. I highly recommend it for adult Huskies.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The collar is sturdier. It withstands abuse when the dog dashes through everything and anything.


  • Strong built, made for outdoors 
  • Silicone prongs do not hurt the dog 
  • 21 simulation levels are best for stubborn and independent dogs like huskies 
  • One-hand remote usage 


  • Confusing vibration/tone slot on the dial 

5. PetSpy P620B

PetSpy never fails to amaze me. The new P620B is a dual dog collar with the same features as a single dog collar. There isn’t much difference between the two save the names. 

A Comparison With PetSpy M686

As compared to the least intense but wide-range PetSpy M686, this product stands better in two ways. One, well it is intense for a hard-minded dog like your husky, and second, it has a better remote. 

In M686, the manufacturer has tried to bring everything on the front face of the remote, but the overall layout is confusing. I wouldn’t call it well-suited for blind usage.

Channel Switch

The P620 and P620B remotes take an edge when it comes to that. There’s a dedicated switch to change the channel right above the intensity-changing buttons. 

I had no issues using the remote with my thumb. So far, it guarantees blind usage. I do hope that in the next update, the manufacturer increases the size of the LCD and moves the intensity-changing buttons to the side for more real estate for it.

For now, it seems cramped up and you’ve to bring it closer to your eyes when reading it outdoors at night. 


The collars are rubberized plastic, which is superior to the products that you’ve been reading about so far. It’s comfortable and one of the strongest training collars on the list that tells you about the unwavering promise of the company.

The only caveat here is the buttoned closure. For dogs like huskies, buttoned closures may not hold well, especially if their individual personalities are too independent. 

I remember instances where some of the huskies I have trained would break the collar when they would dash through bushes. The breakage would mostly be right on the buttoned closure.

However, that was with a few dogs. The strap holds well if you’re supposed to train your dog in the backyard or anywhere it doesn’t have a lot of freedom to run and bump into things. 

Separate Prongs With Each Collar

The good news is that each collar comes with its own prongs. You may have to trim the coat of your dog a bit to get the prongs to the skin but mostly I didn’t have to.

They are long enough to reach the neck. I also would like to commend the clicker that comes with the remote. When you’re not into using the remote, you could just press the clicker and get your dog corrected. 

Why Do I Recommend The Collar?

This collar takes points in durability, hot shock levels, blind usage, and the clicker.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The channel switch is quite different here.


  • Durable anti-slip remote 
  • Easy channel switch 
  • Comfortable collars for sensitive dogs like huskies 
  • Clicker works wonders


  • Small LCD 

6. Bousnic

Harmless Shock Levels

The reason why I’ve included the Bousnic shock collar in this list is its suitability for husky puppies. The shock levels are benign.

Your pups won’t get hurt at all. I do recommend that you first begin with the vibration, though, and work your way forward to the first level of shocks if things aren’t working out. 

You could also use the product for adult huskies but make sure that they are well-behaved and that you only need a collar to help them recall their earlier training.

The shock levels on this one won’t budge the adult as long as you take it to the max. One thing is for sure and that’s the reliability of the collar in transmitting the simulation. 

Digs Deeper Into The Coat

You get two prongs in addition to the contact points. They dig deeper into the dual coat of huskies for better simulation.

With these dogs, choosing a product depends highly on whether the contact points are big enough to reach the depth of the husky coat. 

Possibly because of the prongs, distracting the animal away from the stimulus becomes easier. 

Elegant Design

Other than that, the remote has been built with the aesthetics of huskies kept in mind. It complements the dog’s elegant demeanor as it’s bathed in white color.

The same could be said for the collars where the receivers are white but the strap of one collar is black and the other white. That distinguishes Dog 1 from 2 in situations where the dogs run around and test your patience. 

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

For once, the LCD on this remote is clearer, brighter, and well laid out. You could easily read from it and use it blindly when needed. 

What Makes It Stand Out?

The receiver is lightweight for small dogs.


  • Small range for training puppies 
  • Soft shock levels 
  • Bigger LCD and raised buttons for blind usage
  • Nylon straps are comfortable
  • Prongs for adults 


  • No lanyard for the remote 

7. FATEAR Dog Training Collar

FATEAR may not seem different from the other collars but it is. It’s almost as if the manufacturers went all out on this product and included everything in one remote. 

Nylon Collar

First off, using it on a 3y old husky rescue that was being inducted into a family from a backyard where it was on chains was a breeze. The nylon collar is easy to deal with.

Add to it if the dog’s neck is more than the general size and cut it short if you’re using it for a husky pup. There’s no stopping. 

I like the round receiver. For one, it looks extremely stylish, and secondly, it has a round light that flashes blue in case you’re finding where the husky went on a freedom run. 

Convenient Remote

The remote is convenient, although a little outlandish when it comes to design. The keys are front-facing with indications that allow blind usage.

You get a key lock button to the side, the anti-theft button peeking over it, and an LCD that’s finally showing everything. By that, I mean the remote battery indicator along with the collars. 

Sometimes it may seem a little cumbersome but for outdoor usage, I definitely recommend it.  

Contact Points

Also, a word on the contact points, you’ve to shave off the coat a bit to get them to the skin of the dog. Once done, you’ll see that only vibration would suffice to bring the dog to its senses. 

And since the product is quite new in the market, there may be a few glitches here and there. Don’t worry though as the company’s customer service is commendable. It will resolve those issues. 

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

I included the product in this list because of its all-inclusive features that you get for the price. The other reason is its long-lasting batteries.

What Makes It Different?

The remote shows the battery levels of itself and the collar.


  • Vibration has 8 levels 
  • The LED light on the receiver makes finding the dog easy
  • All-inclusive remote control 
  • Bigger LCD with all the indications 
  • Key-lock available 


  • The remote may slip 

8. Dogtra 1900S/1902S

There’s the Dogtra 1900S Black Edition that’s stronger than ever, the 1900S with its convenient remote, the 1902S with dual collars, and the 1900S with a PetsTEK Clicker. 

A Comparison With Similar Dogtra Products

Huskies could get peskier with each training session. It’s almost as if they know what you’re up to and they want to make it harder for you with each passing day. You could use the Black Edition but that’ll be too harsh on them.

The 1900S and 1902S don’t have the clicker I want you to buy. 

There’s practically no difference between the models, save for the Black Edition as it works for 1 mile while the rest go for as far as ¾ mile. The 1900S with PetsTEK clicker has the same remote with the rheostat dial, which I love and hate at the same time.

HPP Vibration

There’s the dedicated HPP vibration that’s more of a tapping sensation and it works great with hounds such as beagles and working-class dogs such as huskies. 

There’s no beep but the pager makes up for its absence just fine. 

3/4 Inches Prongs Needed

One of my clients had a very rough year with a rescued husky. These dogs are intelligent and independent in their own right. With a troubled past, they could become more ruthless and give you a tough time.

She resisted using the shock collars for a year until she was afraid that the dog would end up in a shelter. That’s when I came in and the Dogtra 1900S.  

We had to buy the ¾ inches-long prongs because the ones available weren’t going to work through the dog’s thick fur. And glad we did that. The vibrations and shocks went through without a problem.

How did we know that? Well, the dog started responding. Within a month, she was a good girl and the owner couldn’t believe it. 

The only things I think that could be modified are the tiny LCD, the bulkiness of the remote, and the introduction of a key lock mechanism.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

I’ve no qualms about accepting that the receiver couldn’t get any more ergonomic. 

What Makes It Different From Others?

The sturdiness makes the product last longer than its contemporaries.


  • The clicker enables remote correction with ease
  • The Remote does not slip easily 
  • Dedicated HPP vibration discourages the use of shock for most dogs
  • 127 level of shocks give you greater freedom to select the right level


  • Bulkier remote 

9. Vsezund

Vsezund Dog Training Collar is sleek and modern, and it means business. Right at first glance, it seems everything from the buttons to the performance is laid out for the convenience of the user.

Comprehensive Remote

The remote cannot be more comprehensive than this one. It has a huge LCD featuring the static shock level, channels, modes, lock, and the battery levels of itself and the collar for a change. You don’t get the latter in every remote, mind you.

On the front, there’s a mode button flanked by vibration and tone buttons. The shock button is bigger and better. Below these, you’ll find the intensity keys.

This simple layout helps unsavvy users and lessens their pain when they are already dealing with huskies. You also get a key lock to the left, a power button, and a channel switch to the right.


The collar is thin and the strap goes through from behind. I don’t like this arrangement because it gives a dog the freedom to get rid of the transmitter. In this case, the strap is nylon, so it may be easily chewed if your husky is ruthless.


You could say that the range is just satisfactory because 2600 feet is enough for a yard maybe, but not for large areas. Maybe that’s the reason why its battery lasts for about 20 days.

Effective Stimulations

I cannot overemphasize how effective the simulations are. Heck, this one has 8 levels of vibration. The static stimulations are also not too hot to hurt your dog, so do not worry about that. 

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

Vsezund stays true to its name when it comes to training a less-stubborn husky or maybe a husky puppy. Be sure that it doesn’t chew the strap because it’s not durable. I don’t have any other complaints than that.

What Makes It Different?

Thorough convenience and applicability makes it stand out from the competition.


  • Lightweight
  • Has bigger LCD
  • Convenient remote layout
  • Consistent range


  • Weak nylon strap

10. Poruis

If you ever wanted a sleeker remote and a beautiful collar to show off, buy Poruis Shock Collar. I’ve included it in this list because of that. Obviously, there’s more to it. 


The first highlight is its screen. It’s a round one with bigger indications for the shock level. There seems to be no backlight, only the indications are illuminated.

That makes up a good case for those who want to buy a collar worthy of the night. 

Keys Layout

The layout of the keys couldn’t get simpler. There’s the shock key that’s larger than the switch, beep, and vibration keys. To one side you find level-increasing buttons and to the other, there’s a keypad lock.

That’s the general layout and truly, I find it convenient. 

What’s not convenient is the slippery plastic that they’ve used in making the remote. Many times, I dropped it when I tried to put it in my back pocket.

Gladly though, during the training sessions, I could use the lanyard, which is a happy addition. 

Nylon Collar

The collar is 27 inches of nylon, which fits easily on a husky neck. You may have to shave the hair off a little for the prongs to work.

I’m saying that because the prongs didn’t get through the thick coat of a few huskies I’ve trained them with. 

Some of the dogs that I’ve trained it with were sensitive enough, so I couldn’t use the bare contact points. That would send them jumping like maniacs. 

Also, the fact that the remote is small enough makes blind usage quite easy. You know how huskies could get collar smart.

I tend not to show them the remote in hopes of letting them associate the shock with the bad behavior. 

Why Do I Recommend It?

It comes with silicone caps that you can use over contact points for dogs that are sensitive to shocks.

What Makes It Different?

Albeit the small size, the product works great for medium to large dogs.


  • Commendable battery life 
  • Sleek and handy remote 
  • Silicone caps for contact points 
  • Adjustable and chewing-resistant nylon strap


  • The remote is slippery. Using a lanyard is a must.

11. Educator K9 Tactical Dog Collar

Perfect for Stubborn Huskies

Another one from Educator, the K9 Tactical Dog Handler works absolutely well with a stubborn husky. The range isn’t as great as the first one I reviewed, but that’s okay. This one isn’t made for long-range purposes at all. It’s made to keep your Husky at your heel and train it in your backyard.

The Same Round Remote

Educator keeps all of its products with the same design for a purpose unknown. Probably, it wants the users to remember which brand they are using. No matter what it is, the K9 works just as sufficiently as the basic Educator, Educator Mini, and Educator Upland.

Therefore, the remote has the same stop-watch looks with a rheostat knob controlling the stimulation levels from 1 to 100 sitting on the top. It’s convenient to use that with your thumb and index fingers and if you’re afraid of dialing it unexpectedly, then worry not, as it also locks in place.

The tapping sensation or mode selection button is on the right, while the stimulation or shock button with stimulation boost is on the left. On the back, you’ll find a light switch, a mode button, and a momentary/continuous shock controller. 

All of these are easily accessible on one hand, which makes Educator products loved by trainers and owners alike.


For huskies, it has 100 levels of stimulation levels that will get their attention. They can’t get away with it this time. But more than this, the pavlovian tune or tone with vibration are two stimulation types that you may not find in other products. These work great in getting the attention of a dog as stubborn as huskies.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

The product comes with a pair of long prongs, so your husky’s long fur won’t present any hurdles.

What Makes It Different?

The collar is built for large dogs as it comes with extra length.


  • Best battery life 
  • Awesome Design


  • A little difficult to use.


Let’s take a look at some related FAQs with answers.

Do Shock Collars Work On Huskies?

Shock collars work on all dog breeds. With huskies, however, you’ve to buy the one with longer prongs. That’s because the fur of this breed is two-layered.

It gets harder for the contact points to reach the skin. You could even shave off some fur to get it done. 

What Type of Collar Is Best For A Husky?

Look for a collar that has more simulation levels like that of Dogtra 1900S.

More levels will help you choose the perfect one for your dog because the jumps between each of them are not too great.

The 1900S has an HPP pager that works better than the tone and vibration of other collars combined. 

What Size Collar For Siberian Husky?

Siberian Huskies should wear about 27 inches of collars. But that also depends on the individual health of the dog. You could go an inch or two below or above that number but make sure that the collar fits snugly below the chin of the dog.

Otherwise, it won’t work. The collar may move upward and become loose. I’ve even seen some of the dogs chewing on the strap because it came undone.  

What Is The Best Shock Collar For a Siberian Husky?

Go for Dogtra 1900S series or SportDog 425X. These are my favorite recommendations. You could buy any of the above collars that I’ve listed.

However, make sure that the prongs are large enough for them to reach the skin. You also want to see if the battery takes about 10 days to run out.

In terms of the remote control, I recommend the ones that could be easily used blindly. Do you know how huskies could get collar smart? 

Is It Cruel To Use A Shock Collar On A Husky?

Shock collars are mere tools of training. They are not cruel as long as you aren’t using them as punishment tools.

I always suggest my clients use them for diverting the attention of the dog towards something else away from the stimulus.

With verbal cues combined, the dog understands that the uncomfortable sensation beneath its chin stops when it obeys them. Over time, you don’t need the collar for the dog to recall.

How Do I Stop My Husky From Barking?

Huskies are sensitive and they bark a lot. To stop them from unnecessary barking, first, try to use positive reinforcement methods. Find out the reason for its behavior. By curbing the reason, you may be able to stop the barks.

If you have no luck, use anti-bark collars or any of the ones listed above. With manual collars, you may have to stay vigilant to see when the dog barks and stimulate it below the chin to get a positive response. 

Why Are Husky Dogs So Vocal?

Siberian Huskies were bred to pull on sleds in Siberia. They were meant to work in packs and therefore, they developed vocalization to communicate with their members and the alpha, the owner.

One of the reasons for that is the extent to which they used to roam around. At vast distances, vocalization was the only way to know each other’s whereabouts. If your husky whines, yaps, howls, or barks, then know that it’s trying to say something. 

Can I Use A Shock Collar On My Husky Puppy?

Yes, if the puppy is about 6 to 8 months old. Normally, you should start training the pup when it’s 4 months old because that’s when its second vaccination concludes, but don’t use the collar at that age. Shock collar alternatives would do the trick.

Also, if you have to use the collar, make sure that you use one with harmless and soft shock levels. Before using any collar, make sure you try it on your arm to see if the shock isn’t too great.


There you go. That was the list of the best shock collars for huskies. Choose your favorite collar from the list and buy it now to realize that dream. But if you’re still looking for a winner, buy Pet Resolve at the earliest.

It will obey your commands, love you for eternity, and amaze you with its intelligence. However, make sure that you educate yourself about the usage of the collar and its potential harm when abused to keep your dog safe. 

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