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10 Best Shock Collars for Double-Coated Dogs [Sep 2023]

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Choosing a shock collar for a double-coated dog can be challenging. The thick fur makes it hard for the prongs to penetrate, and their bigger neck demands a bigger collar for a better fit.

Unfortunately, not all collars are designed keeping that in mind.

As a result, you may choose to shave your dog’s neck where the contact points are supposed to touch the dog’s neck. Honestly, that robs dogs of their natural look.

As a previous owner of two Huskies, I would have never wanted to see my pooches with that ugly half-shaved look.

So, I have researched and used many shock collars with all the features to suit the needs of a double-coat dog over the years. These are collars with better length, prongs, and an overall amazing build with a multitude of features.

Today, I am sharing with you an expert’s list of the 10 best shock collars for Double-coated dogs.

The List of 10 Best Shock Collars For Double-Coated Dogs

From all the shock collars I’ve used, here is a hand-picked collection of the ones I liked the most with their unique features and characteristics.

1. SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers

One of the first brands that pop into my head when thinking of Dogs is SportDOG.

It does not just provide the efficiency I am looking for but also the durability to go with it.

Their price tags are also quite reasonable, to say the least.


SportDog 425X Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Collar

The collar is made of excellent material and has both long and short prongs for penetrating the variable length of the different dog breed’s fur. It comes with a battery indicator that lets you know when to charge.

The collar adjusts well on the dog’s neck and the prongs are designed to do their work without hurting your dog. Contact points are made to last long and are non-allergic for most dogs.

You can control 3 collars with a single remote. However, the additional collars have to be purchased separately.


SportDog 425X Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Remote

The remote has a conventional design with 3 training modes of beep, vibration, and shock.

One rarely has to use the shock mode, as vibration mostly does the trick. 

But if push comes to shove then don’t worry, the 21 adjustable levels mean you will have to use the least amount of shock to make your dog behave.

To your dismay, it doesn’t come with an LCD screen, which is a little bit of a shocker in this price range. But that is a feature that adds to the luxury of the device but does not affect the function.

Dog Size

The collar will sit restfully for a dog of any breed with a weight of 8 lbs and above.

My clients used to worry if it would allow for the mobility of the already thick neck and they were amazed that it never interfered with the dog’s natural movements.


SportDOG E-collars are as sturdy as it gets. With their exceptional resilience and water-proof technology, they can withstand any terrain and weather.

The 1-year warranty only adds to the charm of their quality, that in case you ever need it of course. In my case, I never did.


It comes with Li-ion non-removable batteries that take a mere 2 hours to charge and last 50-70 hours of work, for both the collar and the remote. SportDOG has never been a disappointment for me and my clients when it comes to their batteries.


SportDog 425X Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Range

The range for the receiver is about 500 yards. It is the perfect range to cover both household and professional training sessions.

SporDOG shock collar is the handyman of the E-collar world. Useful, resilient and doesn’t eat away all your savings!

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

SportDog’s durability blows away all charts. Consider the product if you’re looking for a collar that will stand the test of time.

What Makes It Stand Out?

It has three channels, coupled with a decent and consistent range. The battery life exceeds many contemporary products.


  • Waterproof
  • 500 yards range
  • Fast-charging batteries
  • Multiple training modes


  • I am yet to see a downside that is worth mentioning.

2. Educator E-Collar – Best Shock Collar For Double-Coated Dogs

This collar is highly recommended for dogs with sensitive skin. The Educator makes E-collars with a somewhat multi-faceted approach that won’t harm your pooch in any way.

The design, material, and features are all uniquely tailored for a better user experience.


Educator Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Collar

Its Biothane material makes it resilient and flexible for your dog’s neck. The longer contact points easily reach the dog’s skin without the need for hair trimming.

If your dog is allergic to metal contact points, it also comes in a hypoallergenic titanium version for the contact points.

I never faced any problem regarding the collar’s material for the dogs that I trained and the collar is not even the featured part of this product.


Educator Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Remote

This is the main highlight of an Educator collar. Its mini stopwatch-shaped controller fits perfectly in your hand and you can access all the buttons without ever having to use the other hand.

Its mini LCD screen is an additional feature that I love because it displays the battery status and the current mode, so I don’t need to look at the collar every time I change the mode.

The 3 training modes of beep, vibration, and shock are pretty standard but what differentiates this collar from others on the market is its pavlovian tune.

Every stimulation is preceded by a tune for the dog to get accustomed to it. With time your dog will respond to the tune without the actual need for vibration or shock. Isn’t this amazing?

There are 100 stimulation levels and if your dog is more of an iron-willed type, then an additional 60 booster levels are also available.

For the most part, you will never need to use these unless you’re a professional and want to control your dog in the prey drive.


The build quality is high, ensuring a better user experience. The collar is waterproof, I used it on rainy days and near swimming pools without any issues. 

It performs even after long sessions of outdoor training, without signs of wear and tear.

Dog size

Educator Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Dog Size

It doesn’t matter how hairy your dog is. If it’s 5 pounds or above, you will have no problem fitting this collar.


Fast-charging Li-ion batteries are used, and the charging lasts depending on your use.

In my experience, the collar battery lasts a couple of days in use, and the remote about a week.

This is neither bad nor exceptional in this price range.


A half-mile range is best for all domestic and professional training purposes.

Whether your dog walks around you or likes to run in open fields, you will not have any problem calling it through the remote.

Sometimes, the range will decrease a little in the face of obstacles, but hey, that happens with any device that uses radio frequencies for signaling. 

When it comes to being a device of perfection, this has my heart. I used this collar on huskies a year back and the results were tremendous.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

I highly recommend it because of its ease of use. The remote has been made to be used blindly, which is an added benefit.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The Pavlovian Tone feature and fast charging make it stand out from the rest.


  • Waterproof
  • Long range
  • Pavlovian tune
  • Fast charging batteries
  • Ergonomic hand controller


  • The collar needs to be charged frequently

3. Bousnic Dog Training Collar 2 Dogs Upgraded 

Bousnic has always been in my top 5 list owing to the durability and versatility of the products it makes. It makes one of the most lightweight products on the market.

This collar is highly recommended for those who want to get the most budgeted collar that won’t break the bank.


Bousnic Best Collar for Double Coated Dogs Collar

The collars are made of Nylon, not the best choice perhaps, but they do well unless overused when signs of wear and tear will start showing up.

The silicon prongs are a good choice considering that they have to penetrate all that extra fur without any nuisance.

Their lightweight doesn’t add any burden to your pooch nor does it bruise away the skin.

Overall, it has a satisfactory design and quality.


Bousnic Best Collar for Double Coated Dogs Remote

Its Remote has a conventional design with a screen on top and buttons lower down. You can use it to control 2 dogs at once. The toggling feature has been an initial problem for many dog owners I’ve helped train.

However, with time you learn how to toggle between collars and move from one setting to another with ease.

Multiple stimulation levels for vibration and shock become useful when you are training dogs with thick and resilient fur. Although, for the majority of double-coats the lower stimulations suffice.

Dog size

This collar is adjustable for pooches between 15-120 lbs. Even if your dog exceeds the limit or you feel tightness around its neck, the strap can be cut and extended using any material off the market. 


Bousnic Best Collar for Double Coated Dogs Sturdiness

This is a place where I found the product lacking a bit. After a couple of months, I saw signs of wear on a couple of units.

Mostly around the collar’s strap, you may encounter the Nylon being ripped. This product demands an extra ounce of care when using it.

Otherwise, being waterproof, I had no problem using it outdoors in different weather conditions.

After months of use, it still delivers functionally.


The battery for the collar lasts a good 3 days once charged and for the remote about 10 days.

It may not be a problem if you are using it for household purposes, but it can be annoying during long hours of professional training. For that, I recommend charging it at night regularly after a full day of training.


I’m not impressed with its 300-yard range. It could have been improved. Nonetheless, after using it in parks, lawns, and similar open spaces, I can vouch for its effectiveness for regular dog trainers.

The quality, range, and price tag of this device make it an excellent product for household use and small-scale professional training.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

I recommend it because of the variable vibration. Very few products have those.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The collar is nylon, but this nylon is comfortable, lightweight, and sturdy.


  • Reasonable price
  • Waterproof
  • 2 collars for one remote
  • Lightweight


  • Average build quality
  • Medium range

4. SportDOG Brand YardTrainer

Not all dog owners are professional trainers or own many dogs but some just want to have a good time with their single pooch outdoors.

If you are one of them and want an E-collar that is specifically designed to meet your needs then you have found the right product.


SportDog YardTrainer Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Collar

The collar has a pretty strong build and is waterproof. The contact points are made up of stainless steel and do not graze the dog’s neck which is a great relief from those cheaper collars that bruise the skin.

The material for the strap is high quality and I was impressed when it stood the test of time and didn’t rip.


SportDog YardTrainer Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Remote

The remote has an analog design with a dial for the 8 stimulation levels. Its sleek shape allows for a firm grip on walks.

Its ease of use is its main highlight. No high-tech complexity, just charge the remote and collar, pair them via approximation and you’re good to go.

1 button for tone vibration and shock each leaves no room for confusion as you don’t need to toggle between the modes.

The dial makes adjusting the stimulation level pretty easy and you know which level is currently activated.

Dog size

For pooches, 8 lbs and above this is a perfect collar. The strap allows for ease of adjustment.

I recommend tying the strap and allowing one finger to pass underneath it for an effective but comfortable fit.


Overall build quality is excellent. Waterproofing adds another layer to its sturdiness. 

You can use it on your dog in all sorts of indoor and outdoor environments without any hesitation.


SportDog YardTrainer Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Charge

2 hours of fast charging and the battery is full, to be used for 50-70 work hours for both the remote and the collar. That means you will not need to charge it for weeks for your daily use.


A 100-yard range doesn’t sound enough, I know but honestly, it is all that you need.

It’s not built for a professional purpose, that’s a given but rest assured, for your household and outdoor use, this will do the work. 

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

The product carries the signature quality of SportDog for yard training.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The battery charges faster. Only a two-hour charge lasts for 50 to 70 hours.


  • Waterproof
  • Easy to use
  • Multiple modes with 8 stimulation levels


  • The range may be small for some people.

5. PATPET Dog Training Collar

Of all the PATPET products on the market, this one is by far my favorite. Not just because of its design, which is amazing, but the impressive features that make it worth having for your dog.

Collar and Remote

From a top-quality material to a design that is easy to wear and remove, this PATPET collar has it all.

I love the fact that it has Rubber in its strap which makes it resilient yet comfortable. The silicon conductive cover is efficient and soft on the dog’s fur. Metal sheets allow for better conductivity through the tough coat.

Being waterproof, I had no fear of using it in Ponds, lakes, and on rainy days.

There is literally nothing to complain about in this collar. 

Simple but effective, the remote comes in a conventional design with a small display screen for battery and mode. It has separate buttons each for the beep, vibration, and shock which makes it convenient when switching between them.

One thing I admired about the remote was the side curve that allowed me to grip it firmly in my palm. You will never have to worry about the remote falling from your hand during outdoor sessions.

Dog size

I used it with pups that were 6 months old to healthy 10-year-old adults and it would easily adjust to the dog’s neck without being too short or too long.


These dog collars are as sturdy as it gets. Not just the collar but the remote too is waterproof, which means you’ll not have to worry about water getting into it.

It will last you some good long years.


One charging session takes about 3 hours and gives you up to 10 days of work time for the collar and 20 days for the remote.

During those long training sessions as a professional trainer, I found this battery life super convenient without worrying about when the battery will go dead.

The battery has been known to slow down with months of use, a problem that I never faced but is to be expected from mid-range electronic devices. Not every feature is perfect.


Patpet Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Range

The range is 1000 yards. Yes, you heard it right.

True to this device’s commitment to professional trainers, this long-range of the receiver allows you to train your dog in open fields without worrying about them not returning your call.

Even in places with a lot of hurdles like trees and buildings, the range was only affected a little. That is to say; this 1000-yard range is reliable. 

Altogether, this is an amazing device packed with tons of features for both household and professional users.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

The LCD is bigger and better with all indicators you need to keep an eye on the training.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The product has character besides functionality.


  • Long range
  • Waterproof
  • Lasting battery life
  • Easy access remote


  • The battery may weaken over time

6. Educator K9 Tactical Dog Handler

If you’re a professional looking for a collar that will meet your expert needs in its features, design, and durability, or if you want a high-end collar for your domestic purposes then this is just the product for you.


Educator K9 Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Collar

Ever had those terrible times you could not tie your dog’s collar buckle because it was too fidgety?

I did as well. This collar’s uniqueness lies in its bungee design that is easy to adjust on your pal’s neck and places the contact points in a firm but gentle manner.

If you’re a hunter then you’ll love this collar’s Biothane material on those hunting terrains. It is tough and resilient and won’t just snap like nylon owing to its tensile strength.

One thing to keep in mind is that it won’t be as comfortable as nylon as well but not something your dog will complain of.

An LED light on the collar helps locate your dog at night, which I think is a good small feature Educator has added to their product.


Educator K9 Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Remotes

This remote comes in an ergonomic stopwatch design that fits firmly in the palm of your hand.

It has a stimulation level knob on top and mode buttons on the side which you can reach easily with just a thumb and two fingers. 

An LCD screen shows the battery level and mode on the front which is advantageous as you don’t have to check the collar every time you apply a different mode.

100-stimulation levels are accessed by rotating the knob which comes with a lock so that you don’t accidentally change the level when your finger slips or you put the controller in your pocket.

By pressing the booster key, you can access the 60 additional stimulation levels via the same knob. That is in case you are training a bull-headed canine.

What sets this product apart from most other collars on the market is its pavlovian tune feature that makes your dog get accustomed to a tune before every vibration.

In due course, your dog will respond solely to the tune without ever needing correctness.

Dog size

Never have I ever trained a pooch too big or too small for this collar. It can fit almost any dog, from pups to adults.


The durability provided by Biothane gets an added benefit from the collar being waterproof.

It stands the test of weather and can be used in any environment, whether swimming pools, ponds, or beaches.


The battery on this product is sufficient for multiple workdays. It never stopped amid a session due to a low battery.


Having a 3/4-mile range is phenomenal for any collar. This will allow you to recall your dog even when it is not in your sight.

I think of all the times I had to call my dog from imminent battles with other dogs, or when it was about to enter the foreign territory, this range literally saved my dog’s life on multiple occasions.

This is in fact one of the finest dog collars I have ever used, and I will recommend it to all the professionals and regular dog owners who are not looking for a cheap product but are willing to spend some bucks for their dog’s training.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

Educator K9 is an all-rounder that delivers in a multitude of different environments, both indoor and outdoor.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The price does not break your bank. You should start with this product if you’re looking for a low-priced professional training tool.


  • Long range 
  • Waterproof
  • Ergonomic controller
  • Sturdy


  • Expensive 

7. PetSafe Remote Training Collar

Just like the name,  PetSafe is always a safer choice. An elegant design coupled with quality features and durability made it into my top 10 list easily.


Petsafe 300 Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Collar

Although the standard nylon used here doesn’t compete with the durability of Biothane, it still stood the test of time over many months for me.

Moreover, nylon has an added comfort point over many other materials that make it a better choice if your pooch is one of those silky ones.

One downside here is the prongs, they make all prongs of a single standard size, you will sometimes need to tighten the collar for them to fit correctly, but the nylon won’t make it a problem for the dog.


Petsafe 300 Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Remote

I like this remote a lot. Its minimalistic design, digital screen, and lightweight make it very easy to use and carry. It has a very short antenna that doesn’t irritate when put in a pocket.

It comes with a separate button for tone, but vibration and shock have to be toggled through a single button. I didn’t find it an issue, plus the 15 stimulation levels have a separate adjuster with a safety lock for higher levels. 

Dog size

Never a problem with pups or adults unless the dog is younger than 6 months. The collar is pretty adjustable.


Both the remote and collar are waterproof. I didn’t have to be worried when using them on a rainy day or near a pool.

The material used is excellent as well, the remote withstood so many falls from my hand and the collar survived multiple chewing attempts too.


I would rate the batteries used here 7 out of 10. They charge pretty quickly within 2 hours, which is impressive, and last for about 40 working hours.


The product comes in 100, 300, 600, and 900 yards ranges, so it becomes easy to choose according to your need. 

For professionals like me, anywhere between 300 to 1000 yards is a good fit, but household users can also take the 100 and 300-yard range. Just keep in mind where most sessions will take place and buy one accordingly.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

The remote design cannot get simpler than this one.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The remote buttons have indications for each stimulation, thus, enabling blind usage efficiently.


  • Digital easy-to-use remote
  • Waterproof
  • Fast charging
  • Strong design


  • Average battery lasting

8. Dogtra 1900S/1902S Remote Training Collar

This is the ultimate fit for professional dog trainers and owners of tenacious breeds.


Dogtra 1902S Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Collar

The collar is made of plastic, which is as thick and durable as it gets. For double coats, it is not going to be of any discomfort. Moreover, it comes with additional long prongs which easily fit through denser fur. 


Dogtra 1902S Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Remote

Its remote comes in the traditional design. Separate buttons for modes are provided, while a knob is present to adjust stimulation levels.

When shuffling between 2 collars, a single knob can be quite stressful as the settings for one dog may be too low or too high for the other but with time, you will be able to switch and adjust seamlessly. 

A digital display makes it easy to view the mode and battery status and its bulky design give a better grip during training sessions.

PetsTEK training clicker for positive reinforcement

This clicker can be used to induce positive reinforcement in your dog. The technique is simple, whenever your dog obeys a command, make a click and give the pooch a treat. With time it will associate the sound of the click with obeying.

Not a very expensive add-on, but still pretty useful. 


Talking about the overall build quality of the product, it is unmatchable. In my use over several months, it didn’t show even the slightest signs of wear. 

Both the collar and the remote are waterproof making it almost irresistible to hang out with your pooch on rainy days.


I would have loved it more if the 2-hour fast charging batteries had lasted very long too. Nonetheless, the collar battery lasts 3-4 days and about 2 days if used intensively, and the remote battery sweeps through a week without the need for a recharge.


A 3/4 mile range is more than any one of you would need, irrespective of whether you’re a professional K-9 trainer or a domestic dog trainer.

I have used it with hunters and never had to face a time when I couldn’t recall a dog because of the range being short.

All these features and the strong build come with a hefty sum. If you’re looking for a cheaper remote then this isn’t the one for you.

But if you are seeking an expert product and money isn’t an issue, rest assured that you will like this product very much.

Why Do I Recommend It?

I always recommend Dogtra for big relentless breeds that pose hurdles during a hunt by getting distracted easily.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The 127 static stimulation levels make the product foolproof against any stubborn dog.


  • Long range
  • Waterproof
  • Remote compatible with 2 collars
  • Highly durable


  • Expensive

9. Garmin Sport PRO Bundle

For many other professional dog trainers and me, Garmin is a trusted brand. This isn’t their best, top-of-the-line product, but its features, especially 4 training modes and bark-limiter, make it a product that is worth mentioning.

Collar and Remote

Garmin Sports Pro Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dog Remote and Collar

So many things to talk about this collar. I will start with its material which is not the best in quality, but it is quite strong and comfortable.

Contact points for long-haired dogs allow for better neck placement without being too tight.

Garmin Sports Pro Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dog LED Lights

LED lights are placed on the collar for visibility at night, this is not a feature unique to Garmin, but you don’t find it that often.

A bark limiter on the collar senses the vibrations when your dog barks and signals correctness. If you have any dog breed that barks a lot, you need to go for this collar.

The buckle may be the bone of contention for some, as tying it on a restless dog is sometimes a hustle in itself but other than that the collar has a near-perfect design.

An additional feature of continuous correctness is added in this model apart from the tone, vibration, and static shock. Although used rarely it does give the trainer a sense of surety when dealing with a fierce dog.

The remote is designed to be used by a single hand. It may not be as good as the stopwatch design, but it still is a great feature as some trainers like to use the other hand for other purposes, for example handling prey.

It lacks a digital display which is a shame as it is pretty much the norm for remotes to have a digital screen in this price range.

Dog size

You might find this collar a little too long. What I did was cut the extra length so that the dog doesn’t chew it by bending the neck. Apart from that, it is a snug fit for most dogs 6 months and above.


I find this product of average quality, not the best in its category, but it still does fine work over months of use.

Though not completely waterproof, the collar is water-resistant and safe to be used in wet conditions.


Battery life is one of its downsides, and it lasts hardly 2-3 days after being charged fully.

For those people that don’t require to use this collar over extended periods, this won’t be a headache.


Any dog collar’s range can be evaluated with a single phrase: The more, the better.

A range of 3/4 mile is a huge deal when it comes to dog collars, and it serves both professional and domestic dog owners equally well.

Why Do I Recommend It?

The remote is fall-proof and the design enables on-handed use.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The collar has beacon lights.


  • Long range
  • 4 training modes
  • Bark-limiter
  • Water-resistant


  • Battery drains fast

10. PATPET Dog Shock Collar 

Collar and Remote

Patpet 680 Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Remote and Collar

Nylon-built makes the collar light and comfortable for your dog. It may not promise the durability of Biothane, but it is solid enough to get through months of rigorous training without taking much damage.

Contact points have conductive silicon which means added comfort for your dog with better conductivity. 

The collar is also waterproof. Your dog can wear it in any wet environment without the fear of the collar going haywire.

The remote has a smooth design that is as slim as it gets. It has separate buttons for the beep, vibration, and shock, with 16 adjustable levels. 

On the side, it has an on/off protection switch that prevents any accidental correctness. This a much-needed option for the many anxious dog owners who accidentally shock their dogs. 

My problem with the remote was its screen. The backlight is not strong enough to be seen easily on sunny days, and I had to strain my eyes even on some of those cloudy days.

The placement of the buttons however is such that you know which mode is being used and you may not even need to check the screen each time you press a button.

Dog size

This fits every pooch 6 months and above.

One minor inconvenience for small dog owners is that you will have to cut the extra strap otherwise it will hang on the side and your dog might chew on it.


Built quality is excellent. Months of use had almost no effect on the exterior or the function of the collar and the remote.


Another feature I enjoyed about this product was its battery life which allowed me to have those longer training sessions without the need for frequent plug-ins.

The collar battery works for 30 days, and for the remote, it’s 60 days. Not just that, once the battery drains, it gets charged within 2 hours. 


Patpet 680 Best Shock Collar for Double Coated Dogs Range

For many professional dog owners and me, a short-range is always a no-no. This remote comes in a 1000-yard range, which is good for both professionals and non-professionals alike.

The drop in the device’s range wasn’t much in areas packed with obstacles like trees and houses, which is highly commendable.

The ease of use, durability, and effectiveness make it a very feature-studded device, and its price tag makes it the go-to collar for those who seek an above-average product with a below-average price tag.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

The collar is small enough even for puppies.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The rubbery feel of the remote is unique.


  • Durable
  • Waterproof
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Affordable


  • Dim backlight

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the most related and frequently asked questions.

Are E-collars collars safe for dogs?

Dog collars are designed to be used in the most humane way possible. 

However, some collars, when used excessively and without proper training, can end up harming your dog physically and mentally. It is highly recommended to accustom yourself to a device first and then use it on your dog.

For additional safety, you can check the correctness on your arm first; you will get an idea about the levels that a dog can easily bear and still correct its behavior without getting hurt.

Can I use one collar with multiple dogs?

Yes and no. Not all dog collars are designed this way. Some companies make 2 or 3 collars compatible with a single remote, while others don’t.

This also varies from one model to another within the same brand. You can always find this information in the features listed in a product’s description.


When searching for the right collar for a dog, the importance of the coat cannot be ignored.

Some collars are ideal for short-haired dogs, while others work better with double-coated dogs.

Just keep in mind that a device’s effectiveness depends on its features and also on the skills of the trainer. Follow the guidelines given with each device, or better yet, consult with an expert before using them on your pooch. 

A right collar with the right use can make the training easy and fun not just for you but for your dog too.

I hope this guide about Best Shock Collars For Double-Coated Dogs was helpful to you.

That being said, have a nice day!

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