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7 (Most Effective) Best Bark Collars for Dogs in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 10, 2024 by Linda Michaels

Dog barking is such a nuisance that I have seen owners giving up on their pals and letting them go just because of their unmanageable barking.

As a professional dog trainer, I have worked extensively with various dog breeds and I can say that they can get very challenging at times. However, it is not impossible to control a dog’s bark.

If you have the right tools and know how to use them, you will have no problem taming such stubborn dogs. So today, I will be sharing my list of effective shock collars to control barking, starting with educating you on how to choose a bark collar.

How to Choose A Bark Collar?

Choosing a bark collar isn’t rocket science but you still have to take care of a few things:

  • These collars have fewer levels as compared to training collars. Still, choose the one with at least 5 levels.
  • Keep in mind the intensity of stimulations a product possesses. This intensity will make or break your training process.
  • Consider brand reliability because nothing is worse than a collar giving away mid-training.
  • Make sure that the product is the right size as achieving a snug fit is super important for it to work and stop your dog’s barking.
  • Choose a product that’s easy to operate.

7 Best Anti Bark Collars That You Can Use

I have tested and compared dozens of bark collars so you don’t have to. Read through the list and choose one for your particular needs.

1. DINJOO – Most Effective Bark Collar


  • LCD for mode, charge, and sensitivity level
  • 8 sensitivity levels 
  • 4 modes 
  • Anti-interference technology

I tried DINJOO collars for the first time last summer, and I was surprised by how well it worked. In fact, it worked even better than some of the expensive collars I had used before. So let me share my experience with you.

8 Stimulation levels

There are a total of 8 stimulation levels. The modes can be selected manually from the collar.

Guard Lock

One of its key features that will grab your attention is its guard lock. It prevents the collar from getting activated by other dogs barking near it. 

It is very reassuring when you don’t have to worry about your dog getting unnecessary corrections.

As dogs are not always alone, often collar software confuses one dog’s bark with another and results in unfortunate shocks to your dog. Guard eliminates that.


The design is pretty simple. The collar comes with an LCD screen that has all the options on it that can be selected with just one touch of a finger. This design is unique and you don’t see it often.

The vibration strength is also commendable and you can rely on it to correct your dog’s behavior without hurting.

Sturdy Collar

I used this collar on some very stubborn dogs like German Shepherds and similar breeds. they would try to nibble at it or bite it off but they just couldn’t.

It is one very sturdy collar that can be used for quite some time under different conditions before it starts showing signs of damage. 

Also, it is made of nylon, which is quite soft so your pooch won’t find it irritating at all. However, it is always better to check for any signs of irritation after a collar has been applied for a few hours.

Being sturdy came with one side effect, this collar is a bit bulky so you may check if your dog can easily carry it around or not.


  • Very sensitive
  • Good LCD 
  • Guard lock
  • Easy to use


  • A bit heavy 

Why do I recommend DINJOO?

Get DINJOO Bark Collar for its simple and safe technology.

How is it different from its competitors? 

With a built-in guard lock and many different stimulation levels that are operated through an LCD, it gives an experience that is unique in the collar world.

2. Trulrox – Best No Bark Collar


  • 5 sensitivity levels
  • Bark detection using sensory a mic
  • 6-step cycle 
  • 2 training modes

Incremental Stimulation Cycles

Trulox collar works in an incremental cycle fashion.

First, the collar’s software detects when the dog barks and measures the barking intensity. Then next time it starts giving the dog a correction which gradually increases as the intensity of barking increases. 

Here’s a breakdown of how it works. The first bark triggers 5 seconds of vibration coupled with a 3-second tone. Then if the dog barks again, it will trigger the collar and a 1.5 second shock will be delivered to the dog. 

Even after this if the dog bakers for the 3rd time, the duration of tone and vibration will further increase and the 4th bark will cause a shock higher in intensity than the previous one.

This will continue, as for the 5th bark attempt, there will be an increased shock with beep and vibration. Finally, the 6th bark will trigger a higher shock.

This works great in crushing the dog’s barking habit with a mild shock. I have seen it succeed with numerous shepherd breeds. This follows a 2-minute break after which the cycle will restart.

However, I am almost certain as per my experience that this won’t be needed for most dogs.


It comes with beep vibration and shock. These are displayed on an LCD. It makes it very convenient to use.

However, the sensitivity of the LCD screen isn’t too good. I often had to hard press it to select a desired mode. I hope they fix it in the coming models.


The collar is quite durable and water-resistant. I often use it on dogs in open fields which sometimes have creeks. Thus, even if the dog dives into it, it would be protected from any short circuit.


What I liked about its battery is that it can be charged pretty easily through any power bank or laptop. This makes it super convenient.


  • Easy to operate
  • Works in a cycle on its own
  • Charges from a laptop and power bank also
  • Lightweight
  • shock and no shock mode


  • You’ll have to hard-press the buttons to the sides of the LCD.

Why do I recommend Trulrox?

I liked this Anti-bark Collar because of its easy-to-charge, durable, and user-friendly design.

How is it different from its competitors? 

its incremental stimulation cycles make it unique and effective.

3. HKZOOI Dog Training Collar


  • 5 levels of static stimulation
  • 2 collars with one remote
  • Beep and vibration 
  • 1600 feet range
  • Waterproof
  • Nylon collar
  • LCD present 

HKZOOI is not as famous as PetSafe or PATPET, however, it makes quality collars that are very effective and affordable.


Its remote is effectively designed as a remote can be. It has a small LCD indicator, one button for shock, tone, and vibration, and a +/- key to increase or decrease the intensity levels.

This makes the remote super convenient to be used and there is almost zero error or any mistaken correction or level of stimulation.

Also, as two collars can be controlled with a single remote, it allows separate vibration and shock settings for each collar. This reduces any chances of error.

One thing I didn’t like about this remote’s function was that you had to press it for a while before it functioned, so the dog received a delayed shock. But in some sense, it is good as it protects the dog from any unnecessary shocks.

Collar Size and Color

Its orange color is quite flashy and can be detected from afar. It is also quite sturdy. Because of its adjustable nature, HKZOOI is one of the best bark collars for small, medium, and large dogs.

However, it may be loose on your dog so you need to tighten it.

Tone Test

I used the tone of a couple of Pyrs who just won’t stop barking. Surprisingly enough, I didn’t have to use the shock at all. Both the tone and the vibration work just fine in correcting the dog.


Once charged, the battery lasts for about 6 days in working for the collar. It takes about 3 hours to get it charged fully.

Also, the remote easily lasts 2 weeks after one full charge. Thus, its charging is commendable.


  • Simple remote and collar
  • Safest stimulations
  • Aesthetic remote style


  • The collar may be loose

Why do I recommend HKZOOI?

I liked this collar for its affordable price that still gives an effective product.

How is it different from its competitors? 

Its user-centric and dog-friendly remote experience makes it stand out from its competitor collars.

4. PECOLE – Best Bark Collar for Multiple Dogs


  • LCD panel
  • 3 modes viz beep, vibration, and shock
  • Water-resistant
  • Remote control lock

Before using this collar from PECOLE, I hadn’t even heard of their products. Another professional dog trainer and a friend of mine suggested it to me and then I used it on a couple of Chihuahua pups and a Corgi.

Connect 4 Dogs

It’s only rare that a single remote can be used to control 3 collars and 4 was something unheard of. Surprisingly, PECOLE offers this feature where I can use one remote to control 4 collars and correct 4 dogs.

Toggling between them is simple as each collar has a number that is displayed on the small LCD of the remote. So chances of error are pretty much non-existent.

Beautiful And Efficient Remote

Talking about the remote, it comes in a very ergonomic design. There are separate buttons up front for beep, vibration, and shock. The screen shows battery life, the current mode being used, and the collar that is connected currently.

The shape is just like an old cellphone, I can use it with a single hand and even memorize the buttons as they are placed quite separately.

However, the feature that gathered my attention the most is the security keypad lock.

On the side of the remote comes a lock that, once locked, prevents any accidental use of the collar. Thus, I loved how PECOLE considered the safety of dogs and kept it a priority.


Although, PECOLE claims that their batteries run for 30 days on the collar and 45 on the remote; in my experience the remote battery lasted for about 20 days in regular use while the collar would last you around 2 weeks and sometimes more in regular use.

The good thing about the charging is that they are compatible with any USB port whether from a laptop or a power bank.


  • Long-lasting battery
  • Lock keypad feature
  • water-resistant


  • None that I could find currently

Why do I recommend PECOLE?

Get PECOLE bark collar for its safe design.

How is it different from its competitors? 

Its safety features and the fact that you can train 4 dogs with a single remote make it different from its competitors.

5. Garmin Sport PRO Bark Collar for Dogs


  • 3/4 mile range
  • 4 training modes: beep, vibration, static, and continuous shock
  • Remote compatible with 3 collars
  • Water-resistant
  • Beacon lights
  • Barklimiter

Garmin is a highly regarded brand among professional dog trainers, including me. 


There are so many great things about this particular collar. Starting with the material, I used it with a lot of dogs including Dachshund, Pyrs, and similar breeds.

All of them tried to eat it away one way or the other but they couldn’t thanks to its durable material and compact shape.

Also, it comes with a ‘bark limiter’, which senses the vibrations when your dog barks and signals for correctness. Garmin’s resourcefulness shines through its design; this bark-limiter ensures that the device will not be triggered by any neighboring dogs’ barking. 

It has smooth contact points that allow for a smooth hold on the neck. It isn’t tight on the neck at all. I would advise you to check for any irritation on the neck after you use it for a while on the dog.


It comes with continuous correctness which is a newer thing as compared to previous models. This is in addition to tone, vibration, and static shock. 

It was rare that I used this feature but I kept it as my last resort for any exceptionally stubborn dog.

I can use this remote with a single hand, so this becomes very convenient as I can use one hand for handling my dog.

One thing I did not like at all is that it doesn’t come with a digital display which should have been included in this price range.

Dog size

The collar may appear lengthy so I had to trim off the excess length. This prevents the dog from chewing on it. Aside from that adjustment issue, the collar provides a comfortable and secure fit for dogs aged 6 months and older.


The overall quality is very average. I was a bit disappointed as Garmin could have done better. However, it’s not like it will break the next day, it will still last you some good years.

One good thing is that the collar is water-resistant and safe to be used in a wet environment.

Battery Life

One of the drawbacks of this collar is its limited battery life. For me, it lasted only 2-3 days after a full charge. However, if you’re someone who does not need to use the collar over long periods, it will work fine for you. 


  • 4 training modes
  • Bark-limiter
  • Water-resistant


  • Battery drains fast

Why do I recommend Garmin Sport?

If you’re a fan of high-end brands, this Garmin Collar is the one for you. This collar is mostly used for hunting purposes and is also considered one of the strongest training collars for dogs.

How is it different from its competitors? 

Its efficient bark limiter feature and comfortable fit make it stand out from its competitors. 

6. MAISOIE Dog Training Collar


  • 1300 feet range
  • 8 static stimulation levels
  • Beep and vibration 
  • 8 to 140 lbs dogs
  • Manual operation
  • Nylon collar
  • Waterproof

Powerful Static Shock

Starting with its static shock that comes with 8 levels, they are pretty useful for strong and stubborn dogs but be mindful of their intensity when using them for smaller dogs. 

I mostly relied on the beep and vibration as they do the trick with minimum discomfort.

Loud And Effective Tone

Its tone is the major highlight. It works way better than many dog collars. It is very loud, almost thunderous, and is very efficient when it comes to stopping a dog from barking too much.

Unique Remote Design

The remote has an odd shape but this gives it some good curves to hold it firmly in your hands. Everything is on the front, with 3 buttons for different modes and a dial to adjust the intensity.

Once you use it a couple of times, you can even look away without getting anything wrong, it’s that memorizable!

One Remote For Two Collars

Select the collar you want to use through the switch on the remote. But once you change a collar, you will have to manually set its stimulation again as there is no memory for any previously used settings.

This is a dropback that is to be expected in this price range. 

However, look at the brighter side, you cannot get wrong as you have to change the settings again manually.

Smart Collar

The collar has a smooth and compact shape with a round LED in the center. It makes it visible even from a distance so I would give it good points for the design.


  • Effective tone
  • Easily accessible buttons
  • Smaller price tag


  • The manual setting may be annoying

Why do I recommend MAISOIE?

Buy this bark collar for its affordable price.

How is it different from its competitors? 

What makes it different from its competitors is a loud and effective tone that eliminates the use of shock.

7. PetSafe Basic Bark Control Collar

PetSafe is an old-timer and one of my go-to brands as I have developed a trust with their products over years of experience. Just like the name says, this is one of the top bark collars for puppies. It helps train them without hurting them, so they stay safe. Also, if you have small dogs like chihuahuas, Havanese, or Pomeranians, I really suggest trying out this PetSafe.


  • Waterproof
  • 6 levels of correction
  • Fits neck size up to 27 inches


All the money is on the collar for this product as it works automatically without a remote. 

First to be built; it is a sturdy-looking compact device with no screen and comes with a nylon strap. The strap itself is comfortable and gets easily adjusted to dogs of almost any size.

So how the collar works is that it has 6 levels of stimulation. It detects a dog’s bark through sensors and delivers a correction. If the dog stops, well and well, the device will register this level.

However, if the dog still keeps barking, the next level of correction will be delivered, and so on.

In my experience, my dogs have never gone beyond the 4th level. Given the strength of the correction and the dog’s response, I doubt your dog will need any level beyond that too.

The prongs are a bit short, I have to buy long ones separately for dogs with thicker fur. 

Durability Test

This is one durable product. The material is very tough and doesn’t budge even if the dog bites it. 

Moreover, it comes with a waterproof surety from PetSafe. I had my Corgi use it on all sorts of outdoor terrains, even when it ran through shallow ponds and creeks, It wore that.

I never faced any functional issue nor did the dog experience any short circuit while using it in wet conditions. 


The battery works fine, but the problem is I had to buy it separately as it doesn’t come with the box.

Although it’s not a big burden on the pocket but a little nuisance that could have been easily solved by just putting the battery with the collar.


  • Durable
  • Automatic


  • Extra cost for battery

Why do I recommend PetSafe?

I suggest using PetSafe because it’s a reliable product that you can trust to last a long time. It is one of the safest training collars for your dog.

How is it different from its competitors? 

It is fully automated, is waterproof, and resists any damage from the dog or the environment. These features make it unique among its competitors.

The Products In A Glimpse

Collar NameReceiver SizeNeck SizeDog SizeChargingStimulation Levels
DINJOO2.6″ x 1.3″ x 1.23″6″ to 27″8 lbs to 100+ lbs80 to 100+1 to 8
Trulrox3″ x 1″ x 1″12″ to 22″8 lbs to 100+ lbs50 to 100+1 to 5
HKZOOI2.8″ x 1.3″ x 1″8″ to 25″10 lbs to 100 lbs60 to 100+1 to 5
PECOLE2.3″ x 1.3″ x 1″8″ to 29″10 lbs to 110 lbs50 to 100+1 to 99
Garmin Sport PRO2.4″ x 2 x 2.18″ to 25″10 lbs or larger40 to 601 to 36
MAISOIE2.75″ x 1.57″ x 0.98″9″ to 26″15 lbs to 100 lbs50 to 100+1 to 10
PetSafe3″ x 1.3″ x 1.3″6″ to 28″4 lbs to 120 lbs3/months (Battery Powered)1 to 4

What is the Best Dog Collar to Stop Barking?

Here, I recommend those collars that are specifically designed for bark control, such as a citronella or vibration collar. These collars offer gentle and effective ways to discourage excessive barking while ensuring your dog’s well-being. Also, make sure to choose a collar that suits your dog’s neck size and temperament for the most successful results.

What Does a Bark Collar Do?

Electronic bark collars or simply Bark-collars can detect the vibrations of a dog’s vocal cord’s when it barks.

Upon detection, a low-level shock is delivered to the dog’s neck. This stops the dog and prevents unnecessary barks.

To help you further, here’s how to use a bark collar:

Wrapping Up

Going through the list you may have already picked your favorite bark collar.

However, for me, it is the Dinjo Dog Training Collar that I prefer the most due to its user-centric design, durability, and efficiency.

Have a good and nice day.

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