Do Chihuahuas Like to Cuddle
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Do Chihuahuas Like to Cuddle? Know Proven Reasons Why They Do And Why They Don’t

Last Updated/Info Checked on October 17, 2023 by Scott

Yes, they do love to cuddle. Chihuahuas are companion dogs. So, naturally, one would consider them easy-going on cuddling.

The main reasons are their family-oriented nature, inability to stay alone or tolerate cold weather, sensitivity, and tendency to please owners.

The reasons that may not make them cuddlers are their high energy, hunting likelihood, your way of hugging or cuddling, and your new relationship with them.

That’s just the surface of it. Let’s scratch it and find out the reasons for their behavior. 

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Why do Chihuahuas like to Cuddle - Infographic

Why Are Chihuahuas Cuddling Dogs?

Here is why.

1. They Are Family-Oriented Dogs

Family Love: ⅘ 

Are Chihuahuas affectionate? Yes. They were bred to love their family more than anything as companion dogs.

I keep on saying companion dogs because that’s what they are. You can’t take that away from them. 

So, as companion dogs, they love to hang around their owners without thinking twice. Even this breed is a great option for first-time owners.

And that’s one of the foremost reasons your Chihuahua cuddles with you. If it doesn’t, don’t worry as I’ll tell you why it’s doing that after some time.

2. They Can’t Stay Alone 

Loneliness tolerance: ⅕ 

Do Chihuahuas love their owners? Again, they are companion dogs.

They are meant to stay around their owners. Leave your dog alone in your house and you’ll be greeted by a mess you didn’t think this little bud would be capable of forming. 

You’ll also be greeted by a whiny dog hugging you for apparently no reason. There’s a reason – your dog doesn’t like to stay alone at all.

Hug it more often when you leave it alone. 

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3. Can’t Tolerate Cold Weather 

Cold weather tolerance: ⅕

They are a liability when it comes to owning them in cold weather. But again, you can’t blame them for something engraved in their genes.

Their coats are small and the fur is less than other breeds. Naturally, that makes the cold not so tolerable. 

Thankfully, you have something you could give to him without paying for it – hugs.

If your chihuahua is asking for a cuddle, don’t deny that.

It must have been feeling cold all night long, not trying to wake you up but in the morning, it’s just too much for him.

4. They Are Very Sensitive 

Sensitivity: 5/5

By sensitivity, I mean they have a low tolerance for all the hubbub surrounding your house.

Whether it’s a party or screaming kids jumping around your place, make sure that you keep your dog away from all that.

Better yet, give it periodic hugs. It may become skittish and run here and there with its mouth not shutting up all that barking, but hugs will calm it down (hopefully).

Also, if you’ve moved to your new apartment, the dog may want to hug and cuddle more often to feel safe in this new no man’s land. 

5. Owner Pleasers 

Trainability: 5/5

Lastly, Chihuahuas are owner-pleasers. They would go to any lengths to make their owners happy, partly for their love, and partly for that yummy snack. 

You could train them easily, as a result, get on with their feisty nature, and receive plenty of hugs out of nowhere.

So, if your dog is hugging you now and then without the apparent reasons I quoted, then now that its pleasing genes are working.  

Why Do Chihuahuas Don’t Like To Cuddle?

Now your dog may be one of those non-cuddly Chihuahuas that’s acting against its better nature.

We all do that sometimes, don’t we? So, there’s truly no reason to worry. Instead, start doing something about it. I’ll get to that in a bit. 

1. Relentless Dogs

Playfulness: ⅘

The dogs are very much into games, toys, and a whole lot of things that stimulate their little brains.

There’s a time during the day when they want to do nothing but play with their owners.

During that time, your dog may not want to hug or cuddle. As an owner, you’ve to figure that out and not force it to come near you. 

What’s worse than a companion dog could do, you ask? They are still dogs and they know how to bite their way out of irritations. 

2. They Want To Hunt 

Prey Drive: ⅗ 

They are still dogs. They still wanna murder that squirrel or gnaw away at the stranger passing by the property to probably kill their dads or moms.

When their hunting genes kick in, you may get a slim chance of getting them to behave but not hug. 

So, when they’re chasing anything and you zap their collars if you use one on them, or call them, they may come wagging their tails.

However, do not expect hugging outright. Give it some time to breathe. 

3. You’re Doing It Too Tightly 

As you read, they are sensitive dogs. If your dog doesn’t wanna hug or cuddle with you, check out your style.

I understand you wanna crush it sometimes into your chest but that’s not gonna happen from the dog’s perspective.

Tight hugs and cumbersome cuddles repel anyone. Ask your kid.

The next time, try to be less tight and more considerate about the dog’s space. 

4. Your Dog Is Still New 

Owning a Chihuahua puppy or adult doesn’t mean it’ll cuddle with you right on its first day.

So if you’ve been owning your dog for a short period now, you may wait until your relationship has gone through its ups and downs.

I mean let it mature. Train your chihuahua a little so that it starts trusting you with blind eyes. 

How To Get Your Chihuahua To Cuddle?

How To Get Your Chihuahua To Cuddle?
  • Listen to the needs of your dog before approaching to hug or cuddle with it.
  • Use lots of treats when it successfully hugs you.
  • Take full advantage of the night when the temps go down a bit. Or if possible, bring the temps down. The nippy air will get him running to you.
  • Invest in proper training. 

Before leaving, feast your eyes on this little one clinging to his owner:

Do Chihuahuas Like To Cuddle – Conclusion 

Chihuahuas like to cuddle because they’ve been bred to be more of a toy than a companion.

They could easily get on with you on your lap, try to be more affectionate towards you for those treats and warmth, and cuddle more often during the night when the temperature doesn’t suit them.

However, if they don’t cuddle, make sure you’re not overdoing it.

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