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This page was last updated on July 1, 2023.

Congratulations! You just welcomed a new fur baby into your family. You must be excited about this new development. From investing in a good sleeping pad to buying yummy healthy treats… Surely, you have it all sorted out.

So, now as your little fur ball cozies up to his new surroundings, it’s time to teach him some tricks. A few basic training tutorials and some handy gadgets are all you need to get started. 

I’m going to share with you a list of the best dog training collars under $100 so you can save big without compromising on quality and efficiency. 

Designed to assist you in taming your little furry friend, these training collars are cost-friendly and guaranteed to get the job done. Because believe me the last thing you want is a mess-making machine running wild around the house… not good for the nerves. 

A dog training collar will help you achieve the discipline your dog needs and the obedience you demand from him. With the introduction of E-collars training, your dog is easier than ever. Plus with the list, I have prepared for you. You can get all this done without spending big. 

7 Best Dog Training Collars under $100

Here’s the list!

1. Bousnic – Best Budget Training Collar

Bousnic Helps In Obedience Training

Bousnic 320 Best Dog Training Collar Under $100 Obedience Training Test

As lovable as they appear, your dog must know that there is no space for bad behavior. If they cannot learn to behave, it will create concerns for the two of you. Obedience is mandatory to avoid any incidents and the Bousnic collar is here to help you set things right.

Better Communication

Bousnic 320 Best Dog Training Collar Under $100 Better Communication

Engineered with a set of handy functions, this high-quality product promises to help you achieve your training goals and create better communication between you and your dog.

Easy To Control

Bousnic 320 Best Dog Training Collar Under $100 Easy To Control

Featuring a sleek design and a reliable communication system, the Bousnic is super easy to control for even the most amateur trainers to ensure you teach your pet how to be on his best behavior.

Why Do I Recommend It?

You’ll have plenty of instances where you’ll drop the remote but Bousnic’s break proof plastic will save it from damages.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The product comes with two collars that are equally break proof as the remote.


  • The device features a Dual Channel- Ideal to train two dogs simultaneously 
  • 3 Mode System allows adjusting training according to an individual dog’s temperament
  • The remote is user friendly and everything is clearly labeled to ease performance
  • The device is equipped with the latest anti-jamming technology to support long-range communication
  • Both the collar and the remote are rechargeable and last days. 


  • Both receivers cannot be charged at the same time as the charger carries only two ports.
  • One can easily get confused while training two dogs however that can be avoided by keeping your eye on the controller. 

2. DogCare Cheapest Dog Training Collar

Train Your Dog According to Its Temperament

Educator E Collar 1/2 Mile Best Dog Training Collar Under $100 Temperament Test

The best way to care for your pet and make their stay at your home welcoming is through understanding their behavior patterns. Every canine breed carries a unique set of characteristics. Studying these individual temperaments helps to determine the type of training that will best suit their needs. 

Dog Care, like its name, focuses on creating products that consider your dog’s feelings while providing you with the necessary tools to aid his training. Creating a bond based on shared respect and mutual understanding between pet and owner is Dog Care’s greatest goal. 

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

Educator products as a whole offers a handy remote. This model also has 100 stimulation levels for an effective training session.

What Makes It Different From Others?

Eduacator collar’s stopwatch-shaped remote beats the competitors in terms of usability.


  • 3 stimulation modes – highly effective and adjusted according to different dogs and their training requirements. 
  • The remote comes with a security lock to avoid accidental shock. 
  • 1 remote transmitter can manage up to 9 dogs in training. 
  • Comes with an adjustable strap size and the control to manage static shock levels. 
  • A battery that lasts long and a range that allows you to train your dog anywhere with ease. 


  • The collar prongs might not work well with long-haired dogs. 
  • Collars tend to turn off when not in use. A manual restart is required. 

3. SportDOG Training Collar

Basic Training Taken Care of

A compact and promising brand of training collars that offers basic training for your furry friend in and around the house. I used it on my Pitbull, and it worked great.

100 Yards Range

SportDog YardTrainer Best Dog Training Collar Under $100 Range Test

Lasting up to 100 yards, this device is built to last in the toughest spaces. A lot of your training happens outdoors, be it in your backyard or a nearby park, or even the open plains of the countryside. 


SportDog YardTrainer Best Dog Training Collar Under $100 Durability Test

Your surroundings make a major impact and you need a solid product to be certain it doesn’t get damaged at its first wilderness interaction. SportDOG designs durable products that can withstand the harsh outdoors, your dog’s ecstatic escape in the wild, and remain intact.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

SportDog YardTrainer carries the signature quality of SportDog for owners who want to train their dogs in their yards.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The remote doesn’t have an LCD and yet the placement of its buttons make it easy to use. You don’t feel the lack of it.


  • Short-range yet extremely durable to last those tough outdoor training.
  • 8 Different levels of static stimulation to control those unwanted behaviors.
  • Built to last- the DryTek Technology allows resistance against water and works even deep under.
  • Powerful batteries back you up even on those long wilderness camping trips. 
  • The device is best suited for Big Dogs who are preferred in the outdoorsy environment. 


  • Compared to other E-Collars, offers a limited transmission range 
  • Suitable only for Large Dogs 

4. PATPET Training Collar for Dogs

Impressive Quality For Less

Patpet 680 Best Dog Training Collar Under $100 Impressive Quality

Helping your dog understand good behavior from bad behavior is key to creating a lasting relationship between you and your pet. The market is flooded with training collars ranging from the cheapest to the most expensive and varying greatly on quality standards. 

The last thing you want is to pick a cheap product and find it completely useless and ineffective when trying to manner your dog. However, the expensive alternatives, packed with heavy features and boasting a sleek and stylish design are simply out of your budget. 

This is where PATPET jumps in and brings you dog-training collars that pride themselves on their impressive quality. Not only are they well made but also feature top-notch functions to easily assist your dog’s training needs. Its adjustable stimulation levels help keep your pet under check and ensure a smooth training session featuring maximum results.

Train Easily

Patpet 680 Best Dog Training Collar Under $100 Train Easily

It helped me train my Husky and Rottweiler and made the whole process super easy. A great collar for both indoors and outdoors and is greatly suitable for dogs of all sizes, breeds, and shapes.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

The ease of use for novice users is out of this world.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The receiver size is appropriate for small dogs. 


  • Remote control features easy-to-use FELT BUTTONS that encourage blind operation. This allows you to focus your attention on the dog rather than trying to work remotely.
  • Silicone pressure points are covered in rubber to be gentle on your pet’s skin.
  • To avoid accidental harm to your pet the device is engineered to shut off 10-sec post static shock.
  • The remote and collar batteries are rechargeable and last an impressive 50 days.
  • The adjustable strap size is Suitable for all dogs, even puppies. 


  • Rubber knobs might reduce shock stimulation at low levels.
  • The device gives off a Tone alert on each shock command which can get a little annoying.

5. Bousnic Dog Shock Collar

Easy To Use Remote

Bousnic Best Dog Training Collar Under $100 Ease of Use Test

Not everyone is an expert at figuring out how a fancy E-Collar works. Imagine your father trying to manage a misbehaved dog on one end and a difficult-to-function remote on the other. Not a good scenario indeed.

A lot of gadgets in the market help with effective training. However, their functionality is questioned when they introduce a keypad loaded with command keys and confusing instructions. Training the dog now becomes a secondary preference, firstly you need to understand how the remote works.

The Bousnic Training Collars are a reliable name in the market that brings you a wide range of E-collars, easy to maneuver, packed with features, and impressively budget-friendly.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

Helping you tame unwanted behavior in your pet, the Bousnic Training Collar is safe, efficient, and super easy to use. 

What Makes It Different From Others?

The remote control feels like a continuous LCD. The design is immaculate but also functional.


  • The Ideal Device from Amateurs to Pros – Simple Operation
  • Supports training 2 dogs with the transmission signal extending to 1000 ft. 
  • The Collar is Waterproof and can be recharged with a phone Adapter which is a Super Convenient Option
  • Comfortably lightweight receiver framed with an adjustable strap size– suitable for all dogs 
  • The Remote is covered in silicone, offering comfort and functionality while protecting your dog’s skin and coat. 


  • Fragile spring sheet- needs to be handled with care
  • Remote buttons feature the same color – operation requires focus

6. Pet Resolve – Budget Training Collar

Latest Tech Used

Pet Resolve Best Dog Training Collar Under $100 Latest Tech

Priding themselves in embracing higher standards and working towards satisfying customer concerns, Pet Resolve brings the best E-collar training range to the market. Engineered on the latest technology, the line features high-quality products at the most economical price.

Less Expensive

Pet Resolve Best Dog Training Collar Under $100 Less Expensive

Practicing their mission to find a middle ground between creating a device that qualifies all quality control checks and still managing to make it pocket-friendly, Pet Resolve launched their series of training collars in the hopes to ensure you enjoy the benefits of a high-end product at the minimum expense. 

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

Pet Resolve’s remote has buttons for each function.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The collar sits tightly on the neck. It doesn’t get lose even when the dog moves around.


  • High-quality product – Durable and ideal for hunting 
  • Not just Water Resistant but Completely Waterproof 
  • Night light – Ideal for those Misty Winter Days 
  • Most Versatile Prongs – The device allows a convenient switch option. You can change the prong sizes according to your dog’s hair type. 
  • Offers Multiple Levels of Correction to ensure your dog knows his bad behavior will not go unchecked. 


  • This is an extra collar – part of the dog training system
  • Slightly heavy for small dogs 

7. PetSafe Ultralight Dog Collar

Appropriate Size for Small Dogs

Pet Safe Best Dog Training Collar Under $100 Appropriate Size

The last thing you want for your fragile little puppy dog is to feel burdened under the weight of a heavy receiver strapped to his neck. While many companies design quite an impressive collection of E-collars that is loaded with features and even cost-friendly, they tend to weigh a lot.

For big dogs this may not be an issue but for the little ones and puppies, an oversized bulky collar can cause unintentional harm. 

Thus, designed to aid ease and comfort against heavy and burdened collars, PetSafe’s Ultralight stands true to its name.

With all the available competition in the market and the constant advances in E- Technology, they have succeeded in designing a training collar that carries all the latest features without the added weight.

So even though you find this device to be super light, it will not lack any of the special features deemed necessary in all the competitive E-collars. 

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

It’s a hassle-free product. You set up the wire in the ground and let it work to contain your dog inside a safe premises.

What Makes It Different?

You don’t have to interevene at all in the training process.


  • Adjustable and ultra-lightweight – No more worrying about an unwanted injury or sore muscles on your furry canine because this collar is suitable for the smallest breed of dogs.
  • Fits all neck sizes – This small device comes with an adjustable strap size so from puppies to big dogs – it can fit into any neck size
  • 4 levels of correction with an added beep-only warning mode – ideal for handling runaway dogs – The progressive correction mode triggers if the dog decides to get adventurous and makes a run for it. The correction level continues to increase till he falls back.
  • Detachable prongs – Shock prongs have been observed to work differently on different dogs based on their coat. Shorter prongs don’t tend to work well on long-haired dogs as their coat is heavier. Thus this device allows you to switch between short and long prong sizes to adjust to your dog’s hair type. 
  • Durable and waterproof – Who says training can’t be fun? Let your little friend run and explore under your care and test his boundaries. All you need is this strong piece of machinery to ensure the device does not get harmed as your dog playfully rubs against rocks and trees or when he decides to go splash in a nearby puddle. 


  • Collar and device sizes vary 
  • Might get misplaced due to its small size

How To Choose The Best Dog Training Collar Under $100?

As the list suggests, you have many good options to choose from, but consider the following before purchasing for your furry friend. 

1. Weight

Be sure to ascertain that the device must not weigh a ridiculous ton if you own a small dog like Beagle or Chihuahua. Even the remote should carry a sensible weight and compact size so it doesn’t feel as if you’re holding a brick in your hand. It would be awkward for you to manage a heavy device and focus your attention on your pet.

2. Durability

Even the most tamed of canines can get rough during training. Moreover, if you live in a more adventurous terrain and are exposed to harmful elements like rocks etc the receiver might get damaged outdoors. Ascertain that the product you are purchasing is built to last.

3. Waterproof

We all know water can cause the biggest harm to electronic devices so it comes without saying that your receiver needs to be 100% waterproof. The second your dog decides to make a jump into a nearby pool or a muddy puddle… your device is pretty much gone and you’re in big trouble.  

Whatever option you choose, make sure it is purchased in the best interest of your dog and is used to train him to be on his best behavior most safely and humanely. 

Focus on teaching your dog Who’s Boss with an added dose of love, care, and a highly efficient training collar.

Are Training Collars Under $100 Worth It?

Collars under $100 are cheap but not worthless for many reasons. The list I shared already has some big names in the industry. The models you see may be sold for less than $100, but they still pack a punch. Each collar has the characteristics of its brand. That’s just one reason. Here are more:

1. They have multi-level corrections

Talk about Bousnic, Dogcare, or SportDog, they all have more than one level of corrections for the owner to choose from. All these levels are carefully considered for an average dog. So, you shouldn’t have a problem training one with them. All you have to do is select a level and start the training sessions.

2. They are built for small to medium dogs

Small to medium dogs have a different set of requirements compared to big dogs. The number one is size. All the under 100 collars you read about are suitable for neck sizes between 8 to 26 inches. Now you may think that even some big breeds come in the latter half of the range. They do, but then they also require a higher level of stimulation than their smaller counterparts.

3. They don’t have hot levels

As a trainer, I do not recommend owners of small to medium dogs invest in large or premium collars. They can achieve the task of training them with the same under 100 collars. Spending on premium, high-tech devices will only lead to a loss of money for nothing. In fact, such devices may not be appropriate for the dog in the first place because of their sizes and temperaments.

4. They have decent battery levels

Despite their low prices, the batteries last longer than you’d expect. For example, DogCare’s batteries have juice for 15 to 20 days. In some cases, they last for more depending on your use. 

5. They have long lives

Their low prices do not mean that they won’t see the sun after a month or two. Some products such as the PATPET lasts for more than 2 years. In fact, I have had users telling me that their unit still worked like a new one after 2 years. That’s something you may not expect from a cheap product, but the collars on the list sure exceed expectations.

Wrapping Up – The Winner

And isn’t that one Impressive Lineup for the contenders of the Best Dog Training Collars under $100? I’d say I am pretty impressed with the Bousnic and SportDog.

Who knew you can find such a wonderful and feature-packed range of efficient E-collars and that too at such an affordable price so the joy of owning a pet isn’t shadowed by financial expenditure? 

With options like these, you do not need to worry about hiring a personal trainer and getting your back burdened with heavy fees. 

All you have to do is find the suitable device that suits your dog’s needs and your training environment.

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