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7 Best Shock/Training Collars for Pitbulls [Sep 2023]

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Surely if you’re a dog person, you know the reputation these big muscular dogs hold. Unlike your friendly-faced golden retriever, the pitbull is one of many bulldogs known for its tough exterior and ferocious looks –obviously not what you prefer if you’re looking for a cuddle buddy.

So, I totally expect someone’s reaction when you mention that you are looking for the best training collar for Pitbulls.

Things to Consider While Purchasing the Right Training Collar for Your Pitbulls

With a dog like the pitbull, JUST ANYTHING wouldn’t do. You really need to put in that study time and research about the breed before you commit yourself to this responsibility.

1. Understanding your Dog

Pitbulls are a short-coat breed that is known for its muscular, strong build. One needs to make sure that the collar chosen should be made from tough material so it does not shed away at the slightest pressure.

Moreover, their short coat does not offer much protection from the collar and a tight collar is sure to cause soreness on the neck. A collar that offers room will work well for your dog.

Other things to consider also include the collar’s material as anything that lacks quality will not last a day on that strong neck.

The best choices include nylon, leather and neoprene however choosing one over the other strongly depends on the kind of environment you plan to raise your pitbull.

Where nylon offers maximum durability, leather is a safer choice in case your dog is affected by skin problems. Neoprene works best in an environment with ponds and lakes, though not as lasting as both nylon and leather, it offers supreme resistance against water.

2. Misconceptions about Pitbulls

Pitbulls are considered a dangerous breed and should not be raised as a companion dogs – a perception that is more common than you might think possible.

You will be surprised by the number of people who do not think a pitbull qualifies as a family dog.

Perceived to be bad-tempered, aggressive, and difficult to train by the newbie dog owner, pit bulls carry a bad reputation mainly because of the way they look and their not-so-glamorous history.

Bred to protect livestock, property, and people, these guard dogs were later used in illegal bullfighting and dog racing. A stain that still reflects a damaging imprint on this breed of dog.

However, their portrayal as a strong, vicious, and scary breed of dogs has more to do with human perception than their true nature.

3. Nanny Dogs & Power Packed Playmates 

In reality, pit bulls are a playful and loving breed of dogs that can overwhelm you with their intelligence and their lovable spark. In fact, they are commonly referred to as ‘nanny dogs’ because their protective nature allows them to be the ideal guardian for your child.

Just like any other pet dog, when trained right, pit bulls can be exceptionally endearing. They are loyal to their owners and quite friendly by nature even towards strangers.

Being a super-intelligent breed, these dogs are quick at picking commands and love being the center of attention at home. Much like the fun-loving Labradors, these seemingly tough guys are babies at heart and can amaze you with their love for life and playful personality.

So it is safe to say that the general opinion associated with Pitbulls is majorly based on misinformation and a lack of understanding about the breed.

Thus once I had defended my arguments with my friend giving her a thorough back history of the breed and its characteristics, I got back to the task of finding the best training collars for pit bulls as I had to ensure I was on track and ready to take on this big responsibility.

For as tamable as they naturally are, training a pit bull is no easy feat and definitely not a job for someone unwilling to invest their time and heart in the task.

Their playful nature, their super agile reflexes, and their muscular build can cause complications if they are not trained properly from the start.

Born to resist and retain their commanding presence, your pit bull can prove to be quite the troublemaker if he has no sense of who the boss of the house is.

In order to ensure my plans didn’t end up in a catastrophe, I took my time to test various training collars I could find, and compiled a list for you.

My aim was to find a training collar that would best suit my pit bull’s needs and be durable enough to actually make it through the training sessions.

Nonetheless, you’ve got to do what you got to do.

List of 7 Best Training Collars for Pitbulls 

Following are my top picks for your Pitbulls.

Let me review each of the mentioned products one by one so you can make an informed decision.

1. Dog Training E-Collar for Pitbull by Educator – Editor’s Choice 

Topping the list is the Dog Training e-collar by Educator Collars. The company applies revolutionary advancements in technology towards engineering the most efficient and feature-packed e-collars.

They pride themselves in being the only e-collar manufacturing company that is an All-American enterprise and passes all the US standard quality checks.

The e-collars designed by Educator Collars are guaranteed to be the most durable products for even the most playful of Pitbulls. Their e-collars support a humane system of commands so you don’t have to feel guilty about teaching a little discipline to your pet.

With the Educator e-collar, you are confident that you are getting the market best and it will surely help your furry friend abide by the rules.


  • The e-collar is packed with effective features to help ease training in the most humane way possible.
  • The device features a separate boost system which rises from 1-60 and assists the regular stimulation levels.
  • The transmitter features an easy and efficient design which allows you to keep your focus on the dog rather than staring at the remote screen.
  • A tracking light can find your dog even in the dark.
  •  Waterproof and floatable transmitter so you don’t have to be extra careful around water.


  • The remote is a little large to fit in your back pocket.
  • Manual takes a little getting used to.

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2. SportDOG Shock Collar for Pitbull with Static, Vibrate, and Tone

Living up to its motto of “Gear the way you’d design it”, SportDOG is a trusted name in the sporting-dog market with its impressive range of exciting e-collars. Built to last, their products are designed around a thorough understanding of all the elements at play.

All the products are tested in the field to ensure nothing is left to fate and your device gives you the performance you expect to keep your furry friend in check and enjoy the pleasures of a successful hunt.

SportDOG’s practical approach to creating its range through real-time testing and evaluation has allowed them to excel above all others in the market and create products that are not just exceptional in quality but worth every penny. 


  • The device comes with a series of training options that can be customized for effective response
  • Both transmitter and receiver are super durable to last the rough outdoors.
  • With its unique DryTek Technology your device is not just water resistant its water proof and ideal for the hunting season.
  • A high-tech device that is super easy to use and offers a NO LOOK option so your focus is on the dog.
  • The device is designed to allow a 2 hour quick charge and the powerful batteries last you an impressive 50-70 hours.


  • Some people might find the collar slightly stiff
  • Not suitable for dogs under 8 pounds

3. Dogtra 1902S Remote Dog Training Collar – Expensive

So, if you aren’t one to shy away from a high price and want the best device for your pet then Dogtra is your one-stop shopping spree.

This is one company that takes dog training to the next level and creates an impressive range of training equipment for dogs engineered to excel above all.

A trusted name in the training and tracking industry Dogtra is a go-to name for professionals who rely on supreme quality training tools to unlock their dog’s capabilities.

The company prides itself on its high standards and on point execution and ensures that with its products your efforts to train your dog will bring you guaranteed results.


  • A device with this many features to ease your training practices offers reliability and results.
  • Trusted by professionals, the Dogtra products are certified through countless trials so you know you are putting your money to good use. 
  • The collar is 100 % waterproof and tested under the most extreme circumstances.
  • Rechargeable Batteries with a 2 hour quick charge so there are no delays to those crucial training sessions.
  • Unlike other e-collars, the rheostat dial on this transmitter increases stimulation in a smooth gradual manner rather than jumping levels.


  • Comes with a large receiver – not suitable for small dogs as the weight can slow them down.
  • Single Color Display makes managing operations slightly confusing.

4. YardTrainer Rechargeable Waterproof Dog Training Collars for Pitbulls – Best E-Collar

best e-collars for pitbulls

When it comes to the on-ground understanding of what problems trainers encounter when facing stubborn and hard-to-manage dogs, SportDOG knows how to assist you in the best possible way.

Owning to its motto, the company is dedicated to providing you with the precise tools that will aid your dog’s behavior growth and help build a lasting bond between the two of you. 

Understanding the requirements of the hunt, the weather conditions, the ground difficulties, and the natural tendencies of the canine species, SportDOG products offer you durability, dependence, and direction so your stressful task is made easy.

Moreover, its humane priorities ensure the training doesn’t cause unnecessary discomfort to your dog and help it learn to behave and execute commands without hesitation.


  • This is one of the longer range models so you can train your dog, at home, in your backyard or take him for some social practice in the park.
  • The DryTek feature allows zero concerns if your dog decides to go for a swim or even submerges underwater upto 25 feet.
  • The different levels of stimulation can be easily adjusted according to your dog’s temperament, making it a more customizable training tool.
  • The batteries allow a quick 2 hour charge and last 50 – 70 days – a feature that comes in handy if you’re planning a long trip to the outdoors.
  • Easy to carry – compact transmitter


  • Due to its humane features, the shock levels may not have the same effect on really big dogs.
  • Heavier dogs will outgrow the collar size in a short time

5. DogCare Shock Collar with Beep, Vibration, and Shock Modes for Pitbulls

There is no better way to build a strong connection with your pet than trying to understand the way they behave. We all want to know what our pet is thinking at a certain time.

Why do they purr or woof in a certain way?

What makes their eyes light up?

What can cause them to fall into a sad phase? 

We try to assess their behavior and their mental state to understand them better so we can help them out or enhance the experience they enjoy.

This is the fundamental base of all experimentation and research carried out at DogCare as they are dedicated to finding the facts behind dogs’ behavioral patterns and their psychological strains.

DogCare believes in pursuing a training method that is based on mutual respect. Without considering the emotional state and psychological capabilities of your pet, one cannot think of exploring their physical potential.

Thus the company’s humane system of operations bears proof of how valued its principles are.

Moreover, the advancements in technology have allowed them the opportunity to create products that aid our journey in creating a loving space for our pets and memories that last a lifetime.


  • The multiple training modes allow easy adaptability to your dog and its individual needs.
  • With one remote you can manage multiple dogs which gives you more power and less hassle.
  • The device offers a filter feature so you can manage commands to your dog without fearing interruption or weak signals.
  • An independent speaker option is also added to the transmitter so you can give direct short commands to your pet.
  • No need to worry about accidentally shocking your dog during those tiresome training sessions as the transmitter comes with a security lock button.


  • Device could be smaller as its weight can quickly tire a small dog.
  • The receiver does not turn off.

6. Bousnic Cheap Dog Training Collar for Pitbull

I wouldn’t be one to wrap up this list without adding a cheaper e-collar for those who do not want to burn a hole in their pocket and affect the relationship with their new pet because of financial strains.

The Bousnic Dog Training Collar offers everything it advertises. Its impressive and well-built products are a budget-friendly option for newbies and professionals alike.

Their company goals are pretty simple and easy to achieve as they focus on obedience and communication. No matter how loved your little fur ball is, without proper training he is sure to cause trouble in your household.

The Bousnic range of e-collars are equipped with all the necessary tools to allow you to achieve your targeted goals and make the best of your time together.

Even if you find all these features in a budget-friendly option like the Bousnic Dog Training Collar or even in the pricier product range, make the choice that is best for your dog. Most importantly, take your time in getting to know your dog, and spend the time to train your dog not to pull.


  • For the mentioned price you cannot find a better bargain as this product features all the necessary operations to train your dog.
  • Training modes can be adjusted and customized to your dog’s needs
  • The remote is simple and pretty easy to use. All the buttons are labelled and diagrammed to erase any confusion and ensure focused use.
  • The two separate prong types – silicone and metal prongs can be easily interchanged to suit your requirements.
  •  Batteries last an impressive long time.


  •  Single charger included for both collars
  • Manual requires a good read to understand how the devices work.

7. PetSafe Stubborn Dog Training Collar for Pitbull – Best by Budget

Competing in the growing industry of training and tracking, PetSafe has come to establish itself as a leading giant in manufacturing top-quality electronic pet training products.

Their Research and Development Department has succeeded in producing some of the best products that support a sleek design, are loaded with innovative features, and that too for a price that suits your budget.

It is one of the best pitbull training collars that can be used for correcting unwanted behavior like unnecessary barking, jumping, chewing, leash pulling, etc.

Thriving on the ideals of experimentation and openness to accepting flaws, the company takes pride in building a strong bond with its customers.

All their products are tested on the highest quality standards to ensure they can aid you and your dog in creating lasting memories.


  • No matter how stubborn or dominant your dog may behave, the device has 4 intensity levels to assist in submission and behavior correction.
  • Operations like the tone and vibration warnings offer an added benefit to train hearing impaired dogs.
  • The receiver collar comes with a Low Battery Indicator – quite a useful tool when prepping to go for a long vacation.
  • With the add-on collar option you can add as many dogs as you want to the same remote transmitter.
  • Waterproof so you don’t have to worry about letting your pet have some fun.


  •  Collar block slightly heavier for small dogs
  • Battery not included
shock collar for pitbull

8. Saulcy Dog Shock Collar (New Product Added)

Saulcy comes with a shocker – literally. The 99 levels of shocks are enough to keep a dog-like pitbull tamed and well in its bounds.

But you won’t have to use level 99, that’s for sure. The extended levels give you the freedom to choose the right level for the dog.

So far, most collars have jumped between levels that may not be suitable for a dog. That’s not the case with Saulcy. There’s a small increase between individual levels to help you choose the exact one working for your dog.

If that’s not enough for your dog, the cherry on the top is its dual collars.

You could train two dogs at a time with a single remote, having no problems selecting different settings for different dogs.

All you have to do is switch the channel to correct the right dog. 

Using the remote to do that and more is a breeze. There’s a big zap button right in the middle of the remote, giving you the convenience of correcting the dogs without fumbling for the right key.

I also love how they have grouped the tone key with the vibration key and the power on/off key with the channel switch.

They have kept the former horizontal and the latter vertical to disallow accidental hits.

Speaking of which, there’s a key lock to completely save yourself and the pooch from accidental corrections. 

So far, I found nothing in the collars that could trigger my inner Karen, but still, I’d like the company to modify the straps or include a tougher material.

For some Pitbulls who finally decode how they could get rid of them, nylon straps just don’t do the job.

From the most expensive to one that is just the right price … it’s comforting to know that the market is blooming with the best e-collars that aren’t just convenient but loaded with the most advanced high-tech features.  

So, now that you know you have so many options to choose from, there are still a few things to consider before you purchase the e-collar, ideal for training a playful, energetic pitbull.


Finding the ideal collar for your pitbull can surely be a tricky task because where at one end you need something that is extremely durable and dependable, on the other end you also don’t want the device to be so heavy that your dog tends to get more frustrated carrying that burden around.

In my opinion, it would be foolish to compromise on quality when it comes to your special friend because these dogs will chew through anything.

Irrespective of price, choose a product that offers a sturdy sound material, comes with the most adaptable features, and can survive the toughest of the outdoors.

Even if you find all these features in a budget-friendly option like the Bousnic Dog Training Collar or even in the pricier product range, make the choice that is best for your dog.

Most importantly, take your time in getting to know your dog.

Understanding their behavior pattern is crucial to choosing an e-collar that suits their needs and can easily assist you in creating a custom plan to aid your training and help build that bond that you two will cherish for life.

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