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Here Are 7 Best Shock/Training Collars for Pitbulls

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Last Updated/Info Checked on October 25, 2023 by Linda Michaels

Certainly, if you’re a dog enthusiast, you’re well aware of the reputation these brawny, muscle-bound canines uphold. Unlike the friendly-faced golden retriever, the pitbull belongs to a league of bulldogs known for their rugged appearance and fierce demeanor – clearly not the top choice if you’re after a snuggly sidekick.

So, I fully expect some raised eyebrows when you mention your quest for the finest training collar for Pitbulls. When dealing with a dog like the pitbull, a run-of-the-mill collar just won’t cut the mustard. You need to roll up your sleeves and do some homework about the breed before taking on this responsibility.

Things to Consider While Purchasing the Right Training Collar for Your Pitbulls

With a dog like the pitbull, JUST ANYTHING wouldn’t do. You really need to put in that study time and research about the breed before you commit yourself to this responsibility.

1. Understanding your Dog

Their short coat doesn’t provide a lot of protection from the collar, and a snug collar is bound to rub them the wrong way. You’d be better off with a collar that gives them room to breathe. Plus, the choice of collar material matters.

While nylon brings sturdiness to the table, leather is the safer bet if your dog’s got sensitive skin.

2. Debunking Myths about Pitbulls

Often seen as having a short fuse, being tough nuts to crack, and tough to train, pit bulls have acquired a bad rap, largely thanks to their appearance and not-so-glamorous past.

But truth be told, their image as formidable, menacing, and downright scary hounds has more to do with folks jumping to conclusions than the dogs themselves.

3. Caring Companions & Energetic Playmates

Pitbulls are often affectionately labeled as ‘nanny dogs’ because of their protective nature, making them the go-to guardians for your kiddos. So, it’s safe to say that most of the misconceptions about Pitbulls are all bark and no bite, grounded in a lack of insight into this breed.

4. The Type of Stimulation Required

Training collars usually serve up a trifecta of stimulation options: shock, vibration, and tone. According to Anaiul on Reddit, Pitbull’s groove to the vibrations more than the shock treatment.

Contrary to the grapevine, my personal experience tells me that Pitbulls and vibrations are a match made in doggy heaven. Every once in a blue moon, you might need to crank up the intensity, but that’s the exception, not the rule. Below, you’ll find the cream of the crop in collars.

List of 7 Best Training Collars for Pitbulls 

Now, let’s dive into the nitty-gritty of each of these remarkable products to help you make a savvy choice for training sessions.

Let me review each of the mentioned products one by one so you can make an informed decision.

Collar NameReceiver SizeNeck SizeDog SizeChargingStimulation Levels
Educator E-Collar2.7″ x 1.7″ x 1.2″12″ to 23″15 to 20 lbs721 to 100
SportDOG Brand 425X2.6″ x 1.3″ x 1.23″5″ to 22″8 lbs or larger50 to 707
Dogtra 1902S2.8″ x 1.8″ x 1.210″ to 26″10 lbs to 35 lbs60 to 721 to 127
YardTrainer 3002.6″ x 1.2″ x 1.3″5″ to 22″8 lbs or larger50 to 707
DOG CARE3″ x 1.5″ x 1″12″ to 27″15 lbs to 100 lbs40 to 721 to 99
Bousnic2″ x 1.3″ x 1″6″ to 30″5 lbs to 120 lbs50 to 100+1 to 99
PetSafe3″ x 1.3″ x 1.3″6″ to 28″4 lbs to 120 lbs3 months (battery powered)4

1. Dog Training E-Collar for Pitbull by Educator – Editor’s Choice 

Leading the pack is Educator Collars’ Dog Training e-collar. This company doesn’t pull any punches when it comes to incorporating cutting-edge technology into its efficient e-collars. They proudly wear the badge of being the sole e-collar manufacturer born and bred in the USA, with each unit undergoing rigorous quality checks.

Educator’s e-collars are built like tanks, making them a prime choice even for the rowdiest Pitbulls. These e-collars champion humane training techniques, ensuring your four-legged buddy learns the ropes without you feeling like a villain. With Educator’s e-collar, you’re grabbing the gold standard in the market to make your furry friend obedient.


  • This e-collar boasts a treasure trove of features to make training a walk in the park.
  • It flaunts a separate boost system, adjustable from 1 to 60, alongside the usual stimulation levels.
  • The transmitter sports a user-friendly design, so you can keep your eyes on your pup, not the remote.
  • There’s even a built-in tracking light for locating your dog in the dark – no more hide and seek.
  • And the best part? It’s waterproof and floatable, so no need to tiptoe around water hazards.


  • The remote might be a bit too chunky for your back pocket.
  • Getting the hang of the user manual might take a bit of patience.

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2. SportDOG Shock Collar for Pitbull with Static, Vibrate, and Tone

SportDOG lives by the mantra of creating gear as if it were made just for you. This trusted player in the sporting dog arena serves up a smorgasbord of e-collars that pass with flying colors in durability and practicality.

Their products are the result of real-world testing and feedback, ensuring they not only meet but exceed expectations. SportDOG’s philosophy emphasizes quality, delivering e-collars that stand up to the harshest conditions while providing top-tier performance.

Living up to its motto of “Gear the way you’d design it”, SportDOG is a trusted name in the sporting-dog market with its impressive range of exciting e-collars. Built to last, their products are designed around a thorough understanding of all the elements at play.


  • The device offers a plethora of customizable training options, making it a versatile tool for effective training.
  • Both the transmitter and receiver are built like fortresses, guaranteeing longevity in the great outdoors.
  • Thanks to DryTek Technology, this device is not just water-resistant, but full-on waterproof, a hunter’s dream.
  • The device’s user-friendly design keeps your attention where it matters – on your dog’s behavior.
  • Quick 2-hour charging and extended battery life ensure you won’t run out of juice mid-training session.


  • Some users may find the collar a tad rigid.
  • This collar may not be the best fit for pups under 8 pounds.

3. Dogtra 1902S Remote Dog Training Collar – Expensive

If you’re ready to spare no expense for your pet’s training, then Dogtra is your Holy Grail. This company takes dog training to a whole new level, offering an awe-inspiring range of training gear meticulously engineered for superior quality.

A trusted name in the world of training and tracking, Dogtra is the go-to choice for professionals who demand top-of-the-line training tools to unlock their dog’s full potential.

Dogtra prides itself on maintaining sky-high standards and unwavering commitment to delivering results in your dog training journey.


  • This feature-rich device guarantees reliability and success in your training endeavors.
  • Trusted by professionals and put through the wringer in rigorous testing.
  • The collar is 100% waterproof, ready to take on even the most extreme conditions.
  • With rechargeable batteries that charge up in a mere 2 hours, you can kiss interrupted training sessions goodbye.
  • The transmitter’s rheostat dial lets you smoothly adjust stimulation levels, avoiding jarring leaps in intensity.


  • The receiver may be a tad too bulky for pint-sized pups.
  • A single-color display might lead to minor hiccups in managing operations.

4. YardTrainer Rechargeable Waterproof Dog Training Collars for Pitbulls – Best E-Collar

best e-collars for pitbulls

When it comes to tackling the challenge of training stubborn and unruly dogs, SportDOG is in a league of its own.

Dedicated to providing precise tools for enhancing dog behavior and forging an unbreakable bond, this company takes into account factors like the demands of hunting, the unpredictability of weather, the rough terrain, and a dog’s innate instincts.

SportDOG products are built to be as tough as nails, dependable as your oldest friend, and focused on ensuring your dog learns the ropes with no undue distress.


  • This model stretches your training boundaries, giving you the freedom to school your pup at home, in your own backyard, or even at the neighborhood park.
  • The DryTek feature is your assurance against water-related worries, letting your dog dive in or swim without care, up to 25 feet underwater.
  • You get customizable stimulation levels to suit your dog’s mood, making it a personalized training tool.
  • Thanks to long-lasting batteries and a snappy 2-hour charging time, you won’t have to worry about running out of steam during those extended outdoor adventures.
  • The compact transmitter is a breeze to carry around, no hassles there.


  • Due to its humane touch, the shock levels might not pack as much punch on larger dogs.
  • Bigger dogs could outgrow the collar size quicker than you’d like.

5. DogCare Shock Collar with Beep, Vibration, and Shock Modes for Pitbulls

To build a rock-solid connection with your furry friend, you’ve got to get into their headspace. We all want to be the pet whisperer, to understand why they purr, yap, or have that twinkle in their eyes.

What makes them tick, or what sends them into a funk?

DogCare is all about decoding the enigma of your pet’s behavior and the hidden strains in their psyche. Their training method is rooted in respect, acknowledging your pet’s emotional compass and their psychological smarts.


  • With a medley of training modes, you can fine-tune your approach to suit your dog’s unique needs.
  • The device simplifies the juggling act of managing multiple dogs with just one remote, giving you more bark for your buck.
  • It offers a filter feature, ensuring your commands come through loud and clear, with no disruptions.
  • An independent speaker on the transmitter lets you cut to the chase with your commands.
  • Rest easy, there’s a security lock button on the transmitter to prevent any accidental shocks – no shocks or surprises here. 


  • For smaller dogs, the device might feel like a lead weight.
  • The receiver is like an eager beaver, with no off switch in sight.

6. Bousnic Cheap Dog Training Collar for Pitbull

This lineup wouldn’t be complete without an e-collar for the budget-conscious bunch. Bousnic’s Dog Training Collar is a wallet-friendly winner that delivers the goods without breaking the bank.

Their philosophy is simple: focusing on obedience and communication, recognizing that proper training is the name of the game for a harmonious coexistence with your furry amigo.

The Bousnic range of e-collars is equipped with all the necessary tools to allow you to achieve your targeted goals and make the best of your time together.

Even if you find all these features in a budget-friendly option like the Bousnic Dog Training Collar or even in the pricier product range, make the choice that is best for your dog. Most importantly, take your time in getting to know your dog, and spend the time to train your dog not to pull.


  • This product is like a treasure chest of features at a price that won’t make your wallet weep.
  • You’ve got training modes that are like a chameleon, adapting to your dog’s unique needs.
  • The remote is as user-friendly as pie, with buttons that are labeled and diagrammed, so there’s no head-scratching here.
  • You even get two interchangeable prong types, one silicone, and the other metal, for a custom fit to your needs.
  • The batteries play the long game, so no need to worry about running out of juice anytime soon.


  • There’s just one charger for both collars, a one-size-fits-all solution.
  • The user manual may require a little decoding to get the hang of the device’s operation.

7. PetSafe Stubborn Dog Training Collar for Pitbull – Best by Budget

In the dog-eat-dog world of training and tracking, PetSafe has its paw firmly in the game as a top dog manufacturer of electronic pet training gear.

Their Research and Development Department is all about delivering sleek, innovative, and wallet-friendly products.

This collar is your go-to gadget for curbing unwanted behaviors in your Pitbull, like excessive barking, airborne acrobatics, chew fests, and tug-of-war tugs.

Thriving on the ideals of experimentation and openness to accepting flaws, the company takes pride in building a strong bond with its customers.

All their products are tested on the highest quality standards to ensure they can aid you and your dog in creating lasting memories.


  • The device serves up four intensity levels to keep even the most strong-willed or headstrong hounds in check.
  • Tone and vibration alerts give hearing-impaired dogs their fair shake during training sessions.
  • The receiver collar pulls a nifty trick with a Low Battery Indicator, so you’re not caught with your tail between your legs when it’s go time.
  • You can play Noah and add as many dogs as you fancy to the same remote transmitter with the add-on collar feature.
  • The collar is as waterproof as a duck’s back, letting your pet paddle, splash, and snorkel without second thoughts.


  • The collar may hang a bit heavy on petite pups.
  • Batteries? Not included.
shock collar for pitbull

8. Saulcy Dog Shock Collar (New Product Added)

Saulcy brings a shock collar to the party, with a whopping 99 levels of shock intensity that’s more than enough to keep a lively Pitbull on its toes.

The wide range gives you the freedom to handpick the perfect level for your four-legged friend, and the small steps between levels make precision adjustments to a walk in the park.

Plus, this collar is a one-size-fits-all deal for controlling two dogs with a single remote, letting each pup have their own personalized settings.

The remote? It’s a breeze to use, with a big correction button and a layout that’s as foolproof as a stick shift in neutral.

They have kept the former horizontal and the latter vertical to disallow accidental hits.

Speaking of which, there’s a key lock to completely save yourself and the pooch from accidental corrections. 

So far, I found nothing in the collars that could trigger my inner Karen, but still, I’d like the company to modify the straps or include a tougher material.

For some Pitbulls who finally decode how they could get rid of them, nylon straps just don’t do the job.

From the most expensive to one that is just the right price … it’s comforting to know that the market is blooming with the best e-collars that aren’t just convenient but loaded with the most advanced high-tech features.


  • This collar dials up the shock intensity to suit your dog’s mood, with levels that go from mild zap to wake-up-and-smell-the-bacon zap.
  • Tone and vibration options make it a sound choice for dogs with selective hearing.
  • The receiver collar is a good sport with a Low Battery Indicator, so you won’t get caught leash-less when you least expect it.
  • It’s a tag-team champ, designed to referee for multiple dogs with a single remote.
  • Waterproof to the core, so your pup can dive into aquatic adventures without a care in the world.


  • Smaller dogs might find the collar’s weight a bit of a burden.
  • The collar strap material could use an upgrade for some feisty Pitbulls.

So, now that you know you have so many options to choose from, there are still a few things to consider before you purchase the e-collar, ideal for training a playful, energetic pitbull.


Finding the right collar for your Pitbull can be a bit like picking out a bone in a butcher shop – you want something that’s tough, and reliable, but not so hefty that it weighs your pup down.

In my book, scrimping on quality when it comes to your furry amigo would be like barking up the wrong tree because these dogs can chew through just about anything. Price tags aside, go for a product that’s as solid as a rock, loaded with flexibility, and as rugged as a trailblazer in the great outdoors.

Whether you go for the budget-friendly Bousnic Dog Training Collar or splurge on the high-end options, make sure it suits your dog to a T. Most importantly, spend some quality time getting to know your four-legged buddy. Understanding their quirks is like unlocking the secret handshake to building a bond that’s as strong as an ox.

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