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7 Best Dog Collars to Prevent Hair Loss [Sep 2023]

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Your dog may not be allergic to a nylon collar. Hair size notwithstanding, it may still get its hair stuck in it. That may be because of the wrong size and, thus, constant wriggling around your pet’s neck when jumping around.

Even when the size is right, it may still trigger hair loss because of constant pulling from your dog.

Reasons such as these allow us owners little freedom to go for just about any type of collar – shock, prong, martingale, and so on. With so many products at hand, thorough research becomes necessary. 

You don’t have to do that on my watch. I have already done that for you, and that’s where the following list of best dog collars to prevent hair loss emerges.

Best Dog Collars To Prevent Hair Loss – Tested and Tried

In the list, I have reviewed a few shock collars, a martingale collar, and a few simple ones with different materials. Feel confident about picking one from it based on the collar’s intrinsic quality.

1. Dogtra 1900S Collar to Prevent Dog Hair Loss

Dogtra 1900S is the holy grail of shock collars for owners who are tired of their dogs’ histrionics. It will train them for the better without skinning their necks bare.

Premium Collar

Dogtra 1900S Black Edition Best Collar to Prevent Hair Loss Premium Collar

As you’d see, the collar doesn’t come cheap. That gives us an indication that Dogtra has spent some resources to make the product as reliable as possible.

Thus, the collar is not the usual run-of-the-mill plastic. It’s better. You feel the difference right when you hold it in your hands.

Effectiveness Test

Dogtra 1900S Black Edition Best Collar to Prevent Hair Loss Effectiveness Test

The fact that it’s primarily made for super active dogs also supports the durability claim from the manufacturer. I have used it with stubborn Bulldogs, Pyrenees, and the easily distracted Beagles.

My experience was phenomenal in training them for obedience. The collar’s 127 static levels with its revered HPP (high-performance pager) made things so much easier. With a click of a button, the dogs responded better than with vocal commands.

Hair/Fur Friendly

Dogtra 1900S Black Edition Best Collar to Prevent Hair Loss Hair Friendly Test

All of that didn’t take a toll on the dogs’ hair. The Pyrenees is a long-haired dog, and it’s not smooth and silky like that of an Afghan Hound.

They get matted easily. The Dogtra 1900S was a godsend collar for the 150lbs Scot. He was a darling when he had it on. Also, there was little to no hair fall!

Here, I’d like to complement the collar’s premium plastic material that has a rubbery character for going easy on the hair.

In the last, I would say this is one of my favorite collars on the list of Best Dog Collars To Prevent Hair Loss.

Why Do I Recommend The Collar?

The collar is ergonomic.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The hair-friendly design with the promise of longevity makes it stand out.


  • Premium collar material
  • Does not break easily
  • More correction levels for a range of breeds
  • Durable


  • Has a steep learning curve

2. Bousnic Dog Collar To Prevent Hair Loss

Bousnic may not come with the bells and whistles of Dogtra, but it has a fair amount of oomph factor dog owners need to train their dogs. The collars are nylon. However, they aren’t rigid enough to cause hair fall. 

Not Cheap Nylon

Bousnic Best Collar To Prevent Hair Loss Not Cheap Nylon

Many dogs lose their hair when they get stuck in the collar’s material. Nylon retains a bad reputation for some in this regard, and I totally relate as I’ve had a similar experience with cheap collars, but Bousnic has changed my mind.

The material used here is not intrinsically soft, but the makers have done right in reducing the collars’ rigidity for the better. Whether your dog’s long-haired or short, they won’t mess up their strength.

Stays In Its Place

With shock collars, pulling isn’t a problem because you aren’t supposed to attack a leash with them. The same is true for Bousnic. A snug fit with space for two fingers will ensure that it stays in its place without causing harm.

However, make sure that you don’t use it for an extended period. Notwithstanding the material and type of collar, using it for more than 4 hours without breaks will lead to at least some stress on the hair underneath.


Bousnic Best Collar To Prevent Hair Loss Stimulation Test

In terms of training, the product shows impressive capabilities. It has 16 static shock levels that may be hard for a small dog.

Large dogs, however, get phased beyond 5, in my experience. Do not go by my word, though. Always select the level that suits your dog’s capacity for shock.

Why Do I Recommend It?

The aesthetics of the remote and collars also offer convenience. You can use the remote one-handedly without a problem, and putting the collars on your dogs takes mere minutes.

What Makes It Different?

Easy to read LCD takes useability to next level.


  • Stylish and appealing
  • Easy-to-use remote with readable LCD
  • Nylon used on the collars is not rigid
  • Perfect to train medium to large dogs


  • No backlight for the keys

3. GoTags Leather Budget Collar

The third one on the list is a leather tag collar. I’ve included this one for owners who are tired of their dogs losing tags. Another plus is that it’s easy on the hair and skin!

Soft Finish

GoTags Best Collar to Prevent Hair Loss Soft Finish

Like many owners I have come across, you may be skeptical about leather and its suitability for a dog that loses hair with collars.

I tell you that faux leather may cause hair loss because of its hardness. Some leather products, too, come in that category, but this one is a mile different. 

The leather used here has a soft finish to go easy on your puppy’s hair. Besides, there are no holes or strands in the material, so it won’t pull on the hair or trap individual strands.

However, make sure you buy the right size because, despite the blessings of leather, a loose fit will rub the dog’s neck. The end result will be hair loss.

Quality Stainless Steel Buckle

GoTags Best Collar to Prevent Hair Loss Quality Stainless Steel Buckle

Besides the main collar, GoTags have spent some time and thought on making the buckle and the tag stand out in terms of quality also.

Stainless steel has been used there to make it weather resistant. They don’t make the collar heavy or anything. Instead, they add a premium character with the added benefit of ordering custom tags.


GoTags Best Collar to Prevent Hair Loss Stretchable

The collar is a little stretchable for pullers, but I do not recommend this for a super puller. 

Why Do I Recommend The Collar?

It goes easy on the hair for a leather collar.

What Makes It Different From The Rest?

The buckle quality is out of this world.


  • Premium leather collar
  • Custom tag stays for life
  • The buckle does not wear off
  • Soft on the hair


  • You may have to cut the extra strap because there’s no extra loop to hold it.

4. CollarDirect – Best for Sensitive Skin

If flat-strapped leather collars aren’t your choice, I’ve got round and padded ones looking straight at you. The CollarDirect’s Rolled collar is the one to choose for dogs that have developed sensitivity for flat collars that translate into hair loss.

Discourages Matting

Its roundness also discourages mat formation, so you won’t have to brush that part of the neck every time you take off the collar.

Let’s be honest. No matter how good a flat collar is, there will be times when it’ll pull some strands. If it does not pull them, it will cause moisture to build up underneath when you let your dog wear it for a long time.

That’s where round or rolled collars come in handy. 

Compact Shape

CollarDirect Best Collar to Prevent Hair Loss Compact Shape

They do not take up a lot of space on the neck. The hair strands, whether long or short, could lay over it easily. And they could also discourage pulling because of a small surface area acting on the neck.

Stainless Steel D-Ring and Buckle

CollarDirect Best Collar to Prevent Hair Loss Stainless Steel D-Ring And Buckle

This collar retains all of those features with a quality you’ll love. The buckle and the leash attachment are stainless steel. They provide longevity to the collar, just as GoTags do. 

However, I advise that you bend the rectangular loop on the collar meant to hold the extra strap. It has a small gap in between, which makes it vulnerable to falling off.

Be Careful About The Sizes

I also want to give you a heads-up for the jump between the sizes small to medium.

For small dogs such as miniature Poodles, the medium size is too large, and the small size is too small. The only plausible solution in problems such as these is ordering a bigger size and cutting off the extra strap.

Why Do I Recommend The Collar?

The CollarDirect rolled collar is attractive, premium, and an answer to the hair problems long-haired dogs run into.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The rolled design, compactness, and sturdiness makes it better than its competitors.


  • 13 colors available
  • Soft and reliable
  • Takes up a small space
  • Padded for extra comfort
  • The small size of the circle discourages pulling.


  • Finding the right size is a little hard.

5. Regal Dog Products – Best Budget Collar To Prevent Hair Loss

Waterproof Test

The next product on the list is the Regal Dog’s biothane collar with a vinyl coating to repel water. I recommend it for water dogs that get their collars wet more than once a day and come out stinky.

Biothane looks like plastic or silicone but feels like soft leather. It’s also waterproof, thus, giving your dog the freedom to go into the water without remorse.

Best For Dogs Pulling On The Leash

Regal Best Collar to Prevent Hair Loss Pulling On The Leash Test

Besides that, it’s tough, which makes it highly recommended for dogs that pull on the leash or chew their stuff for whatever reasons.

The Regal Dog collar takes these features a step further to give you a well-made product that will surely see many good days.

Attractive Colors

It comes in bright colors suitable for dogs that love to hide. You could easily spot the colors from afar. 

Suitable Thickness

Yes, it is a flat collar, but unlike others, it does not irritate a dog’s neck or cause unfounded bruises, as the edges are rounded well. There’s a suitable thickness to the collar and that, too, makes it go easy on the skin.

Performance Test

Regal Best Collar to Prevent Hair Loss Performance Test

Using it on an 80 lbs German Shepherd was not a problem at all. She had sensitive skin that didn’t go well with hard collars.

The edges produced bruises and redness that made her uncomfortable. Hair loss was imminent with any product we’d use with her. Then came the Regal Dog collar, and all our worries were addressed. 

I found it highly accommodating of a GSD hair. She had grown weary of other collars, and getting her to wear this one was a challenge.

But right after the first use, the comfort on the dog’s face was visible. She accepted it with open paws and never grew bored of it.

Why Do I Recommend It?

Because it’s so comfortable, many dogs accept it right after the first use.

What Makes It Different?

It’s waterproof, flexible, and garish enough to be seen from afar.


  • Waterproof 
  • Doesn’t chafe the dog’s skin because of the rounded edges
  • Comes in many bright colors that make identification easier
  • Tough enough to withstand pulling
  • The vinyl coating makes it flexible.


  • It needs an extra loop to accommodate the extra strap.

6. KRUZ – Fix Dog Fur Damaged by Collar

Kruz Pet collar comes with a breathable mesh that takes an edge from nylon and fabric in maintaining an optimal skin environment. That alone makes the product perfect for reducing hair fall from collar usage.


Kruz Best Collar to Prevent Hairloss breathable

By the looks of it, it seems like a nylon collar.

However, examine it closely, and you’ll see plenty of opportunities for air to get through to the hair under it. This prevents moisture build-up that ultimately keeps the dog’s skin and hair fresh as a fiddle.

Flexibility Test

There’s also an intrinsic flexibility to the material used, so dogs pulling on their leash won’t hurt their necks.

However, I don’t recommend it for ones who take pulling to an extreme end. The collar won’t break, but it won’t stop the dog from the deed because of its very flexibility. 

I remember one instance when a Husky had to wear the collar because of his near-bare neck, thanks to a previous collar.

Taking him out was an absolute necessity to manage and reduce his weight, but he was a puller, so any tough collar would have exacerbated his condition.

I used Kruz with the dog, and in a few days, we saw a drastic change. He didn’t hurt himself, and over time, his hair returned.

This one helped us condition that dog for a shock collar that was necessary to be used later to teach him obedience as he was an escape artist, a biter, and a howling machine.

Snug Fit

Besides comfort, the way the collar gets fit around the neck of a dog makes me buy it. You only have to pull the strap from the size buckle, and you’re done. That’s the convenience I want for myself as much as I want comfort for my dog.

I’m sure you’ll love it, too. 

Why Do I Recommend It?

I love how you can easily resize it to suite your dog’s neck size.

What Makes It Different?

It’s breathable and thus, apt for summer.


  • Breathable mesh
  • Comfortable for dogs in summer
  • Stretchable to some degree
  • Cheap 
  • Easily worn 


  • The D-tag is a little thick for tags.

7. PetSafe Martingale Collar

The last product on the list is a martingale collar. This type of collar discourages pulling on the leash by getting tight around the neck of the dog. The small ring does that where you attach the leash to the D-ring. As the name indicate, Petsafe is one of the safest dog collar for your dog.

Trusted Brand

When it comes to dog products, I trust Petsafe with closed eyes because they are durable and effective at the same time.

The collar is no different. With a nylon strap that’s more of a fabric than nylon, it offers comfort to the dog and freedom to you – the owner.

Safety and Effectiveness Test

Petsafe Martingale Collar Best Collar to Prevent Hairloss Safety Test

I have had some bad experiences with dogs that pull on leashes to the point of choking. To train them for obedience, I had two options – use prong collars or a martingale collar.

The former has its own benefits, but you can’t use them for all dogs, especially long-haired ones, because their hair may get stuck in the chains.

In contrast, the martingale collar does the same job for those dogs but with less effect on the hair or the skin. 

When you have a nylon martingale collar, things get further easier because, unlike leather, it gives a little freedom for the dog to realize what’s happening.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

This product doesn’t outright choke the dogs. This enables better learning and recalls in the long run without taking a toll on the dog’s neck.

What Makes It Different From Others?

This is a nylon martingale collar with an easy to use snap-on buckle.


  • Comfortable than choke chains
  • Durable; does not break easily
  • Snap-on buckle makes wearing it a breeze
  • D-ring is affixed in its place, which increases the effectiveness.


  • You’ll have to make sure the collar’s snug enough for the dog not to get out of it.

Frequently Asked Questions

These are the questions that I have been asked frequently.

Why is my dog losing hair under his collar?

Collars can chafe a dog’s neck to the point of rooting out its hair. It happens when it’s wearing a wrong-sized collar or one that’s too hard to handle.

Some dogs also develop allergies to certain materials, such as metal.

What dog collars don’t damage fur?

There are leather collars, rolled ones, and martingale collars that are easy on the neck and do not damage the fur.

Go back to the list I have shared to read about some hair-friendly products.

Is it ok for dogs to wear collars all the time?

Dog trainers and vets do not recommend that you let your dog wear its collar all the time. Doing that leads to constant chafing, which ultimately leads to hair breakdown and loss.

Wrapping Up

Dog collars are notorious for causing hair loss, but you should understand that not all collars do that. The hard ones with low-quality material that have rough or tough edges are the culprits. 

Even those with high quality could cause this menace if they are of the wrong sizes. Trying to find the one that does not cause any harm takes days on end.

I have done that part for you by bringing in my favorite ones to train your dog for obedience or have its tags secured. 

I hope you’ve picked one because these Best Dog Collars to Prevent Hair Loss has been tested, and I’m sure they will perform as we expect. 

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