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5 (Perfect-Fit) Best Harnesses for French Bulldogs in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 10, 2024 by Linda Michaels

Since they are broad and deep-chested, and require plenty of torque to handle them considering them being 13 inches tall in height on average, which is why a harness with a sturdy leash to withstand immense pressure is needed.

Obviously, the last thing you would want is this bad boy cut loose in the streets chasing a neighbor’s cat or God forbid someone’s child.

Now, one would ask “Why do I have to buy or look for a special harness” when I could simply use my typical harness that I often use for another dog breed.

Well, as mentioned above, French Bulldogs have plump necks and are quite bulky in nature, and using an inappropriately sized collar could cause respiratory issues.

Why Are Harnesses Better for French Bulldogs Than Collars?

French Bulldogs are brachycephalic, meaning they have short snouts and convoluted airways. This brings breathing issues to the dogs when they are under stress. Not breathing properly is what you wouldn’t want for your pet. Since collars wrap around the throat, they can cause hurdles in their breathing when the dog pulls. So, they are out of the equation for Frenchies fond of pulling.

Henceforth, it’s in your best interest that you put your regular harness aside and take a glance at the best harness for French Bulldogs that are specially designed for this particular breed.

5 Best Harnesses for French Bulldogs – (Style, Safety, and Comfort)

Let’s begin with my list.

A Glimpse Into The Products

Harness NameChest GirthNeck SizeDog SizeAdjustment PointsD-Rings
PoyPet16″ to 28″14″ to 20″50 lbs to 80 lbs42
PUPTECK17.5 to 23″Sizing based on chest girth10 to 30 lbs21
Voyager20.5″ to 23″15.8″ to 18″15 lbs to 28 lbs11
AMTOR14.2″ – 16.5″10″ to 11″8 lbs to 15 lbs1
Joytale Step in16.5″ to 18.5″12″ to 13.5″10 lbs to 20 lbs1

1. PoyPet No Pull – French Bulldog Harness

My happiness was through the roof when I found out how many colors this No Pull harness has, as not only does it deliver satisfactory performance but it also gives my French Bulldog a professional vibe.

Sturdy & Reliable

One of the biggest selling points I have noticed after months of regular daily brisk walks is its ability to uniformly distribute the force from the front point attachment all across its left side, which not only keeps me comfortable while I am holding the leash but it prevents a wiggle effect on my bulldog.

In my opinion, it is a true lifesaver that doesn’t really have ample experience controlling such a muscular hunk of a dog, especially while training or during playtime.

Secure & Slinky

I hate the fact that some harnesses advertise themselves even if you carefully measure the size of your canines, only to be disappointed by their loosely fitted straps and vests.

However, that doesn’t seem to be the case with the Polypet No Pull Harness which fortunately happens to eliminate the issue since it has multiple straps that can be easily customized so you can tighten or loosen any spot to make it seem skin tight.

That’s not it yet, the padding on the vest also makes the whole deal top tier, it’s like my dog is wearing a double cushioned upholstery, I can feel the joy in its eyes while it pounces and wiggles its tail during our evening brisk walk routine.

Light Reflective Sheet

In conclusion, I would say, this “No Pull Harness” has been an absolute Godsend for me, especially in thick crowded areas where I need to watch my step and keep my Bulldog closer to my feet without too much pulling.

Since it’s specifically designed to prevent pressure on its neck, it does not cause any respiratory issues even after months of use, so your dog might as well say goodbye to all sorts of winces and blenches it had to endure previously.

On the other hand, when I am returning home, the light from sconces and path lights are reflected on the harness of my dog so even if it strays away from me, I can easily locate it from a mile away. It’s just that convenient and simple.

If your furry friend happens to be a long-haired beauty, think golden retriever or husky vibes, then this harness is basically tailor-made for them – like a comfy and stylish glove for their adventures!


  • Discourages Pulling & Tugging
  • Very easy to use
  • Decent Fabric Quality


  • Requires you to shave the underside fur otherwise, it might stuck in the strapping

2. PUPTECK Soft Mesh Dog Harness

Using this harness on my Canines gives me a vibe of a refreshing breath of air and the plaid pattern is simply the cherry on top.

Exotic & Unique

If you want to make your “man’s best friend” look flashy and cozy at the same time, you may certainly want to invest in this harness as not only is it made from extra lightweight material, but it also has a breathable mesh-like fabric incorporated into it.

In other words, it’s a multi-weather supported harness that doesn’t clogs or congest the fur of your bulldog. 

Considering the fact how muscular these canines can get, it’s wise to use a harness that is lightweight as a bunch of feathers, since you wouldn’t want to put more burden than usual.

I am speaking this from personal experience as my French bulldog tends to get exceptionally irritated due to its fur getting chaffed whenever it wears its previously owned harness.

Once my fur buddy had a bit of a tumble on one of our epic hikes, and let me tell you, it gave him a bit of a backache. But guess what? This PUPTECK harness turned out to be like a cloud of comfort for him, especially with his little back situation. Total game-changer!

On the flip side, I am in love with its exotic plaid designs, which feel like a refreshing breath of air when I place it on my little cutie while it wiggles around its tail like a naughty puppy.

Quick Release Buckle

French bulldogs are cute and cozy but sometimes their agile nature can somewhat shift their mood to be a little aggressive especially if they aren’t trained efficiently by the owner.

On the other hand, using a poorly designed harness can exuberate the whole ordeal while placing it on your dog especially if it’s your first time.

Speaking from personal experience, I barely had to deal with such a fiasco, in fact, my beautiful hunk hopped in through the quick-release buckle and it came snugly fit as if it was made for his body.

The quality of the fabric and the buckle sturdiness is truly ahead of its time and I cannot exaggerate enough how much it made my life easier as I no longer have to wrestle with my beloved pet.


  • Unique Mesh Design
  • Comes in Gorgeous Fabric Patterns
  • Has Reflective patches


  • Some straps might get Stuck in the legs

3. Voyager Step-in Air French Bulldog Harness

My cousin owned a Frenchie for at least 7 years and he was desperately looking for a harness that could make his life easier, after ages of surfing the internet, I suggested to him the Voyager Step in AIr Dog Harness, and in his words, he said “ it’s a perfect accessory and a companion for my french bulldog that I wish I found earlier.

What’s So Special About it?

If you really want to dig into its great aspect, for starters, it comes in tones of color schemes you clearly don’t want to miss. In fact, once you own one of these cuties for your “good boy’, it’s hard not to get at least three of them to blend with every possible ambiance.

Although it’s up to you to decide your spectrum of color, I would highly advise you to look for the right size, since dimensions could make or break the whole deal as it certainly makes a world of difference.

Don’t worry, the fabric is perfectly stretchable, so be assured that if you are aiming for too tight to get a snug fit and prevent your puppy from getting loose, it won’t happen, not even in a million years!

Outclass Fabric

Well, if the aforementioned attributes don’t really sound like a value proposition, wait til you hear about the key elements of its mesh magic.

In my opinion, it’s a Godsend, so much so that I got a little envious and ordered it for myself after taking a peek at my Cousin’s French Dog. The biggest selling point for me was its super breathable and light-like feather mesh design which kept unnecessary sweat at bay.

The edges are also soft enough to prevent enough, which to be honest, is the most irritating not just for my Canine but also for me as it drastically shifts the mood of a dog, especially in its playtime.

Because the last thing you would rather want is to get grumpy and annoyed at every possible step and for me, as a pet parent who dearly loves their pets, it’s a huge “No-No”.


  • Tons of Color Schemes to Choose From
  • Fabric Quality is Amazing
  • Has Light Reflective Sheets
  • Fully Customizable Straps


  • Sand may accumulate in the vest

Here’s a video about the harness:

4. AMTOR Dog Harness with Leash Set

Ever noticed why your pet dog acts weird and suffocated while using a harness on it even if it’s the right size? Well, you may be using the wrong type of harness altogether, so why not take a look at this magnificent piece of craftwork that is designed to combat such issues?

Enhanced Control

As mentioned above, don’t let the size of a Frenchie fool, in fact, they are packing a punch and will give you a jolt whenever they are in their agile state.

Such flinches could result in leash breakage and even possible choking of your dog as most of the flashy harnesses aren’t designed to provide an ergonomic build especially if it’s such a stocky breed.

For a French bulldog, the AMTOR dog harness not only has an edge but also gives you plenty of peace of mind so there is no room for any compromise on the safety of you, your dog, and everyone around you.

Getting straight to the point, the reason why this harness had me head over heels due to its extra sturdy stitching and top of line dual ring leash holding mechanism, which propagates the tension in the leash evenly across the leash and allows users to better control and handle these little beasts.

Furthermore, the vest does not stress the neck of the French bulldog or pug, as it is carefully designed to disperse the tension on its rear legs rather than its frontal region.

In my opinion, this clever design blueprint deserves a round of applause as it’s safe to assume that you won’t find such craftwork elsewhere.

360 Reflective Strip

Your pet dog would reflect even in the late hours of midnight like a beacon of light from a mile away, exaggeration aside, the reflective strip on this thing works wonders.

At first, while ordering this harness, I was a tad bit skeptical as it may not live up to its claims, but when I placed this vest on my Canine, it took my surprise how well the 360-degree reflective strip worked, in fact, my dog felt like it had Christmas lights integrated into a vest, Shiny!

In my opinion, if you live in an excessively crowded place or region where there is plenty of traffic, this vest can also act as a lifesaver for your pet dog because it can possibly save it from an inevitable accident.


  • A multitude of sizes and Colors to Choose from
  • Has 360 Reflective Strip
  • Has Breathable Mesh making it very suitable for hotter regions


  • Velcro isn’t as reliable as other brands

5. Joytale Step in Harness for French Bulldog

A true game changer for a pet parent, and a perfect companion for the pet you are placing it on, the competitive advantage this harness provides truly puts the competition in the mud. Here is my first-hand experience in the form of a review.

Exquisite Aesthetics

Being a dog lover, I am always on the lookout for buying the best possible harnesses and collars to make my cuties look dashing because I wouldn’t want them to look insecure especially if they pass by a flock of different breeds of dogs while I am on a morning jog.

Subsequently, when I was scrolling through the harness catalog, my eyes glanced at this exotic set of harnesses and I got a natural craving to buy one for myself because I knew it would look top-tier as long as I picked the right color.

Luckily for me, there were approximately 12 different shades to buy but I bought the purple color since it has superb aesthetics to it. It is skin-tight and snug and I couldn’t be happier with my investment.

Well Padded Vest

On the other hand, the vest fabric isn’t sleazy either, in fact, it’s more what I have bargained for as there is an exceptionally dense sponge that keeps my Frenchie cozy and comfortable all day long. So, if you’ve got a wise old dog who’s all about the cozy life, I really can’t stress enough how awesome this harness is. It’s like a warm hug of comfort and care, perfect for your senior furry friend!

Unlike my previous harness which felt crusty after it got sweaty and got stuck with unnecessary dog fur, which was quite a hassle to remove and took me hours to do so.

The cleaning process is pretty simple and straightforward, however, I would advise you to be lenient with washing chemicals and detergents, since I don’t think it could withstand harsh cleaning formulas for a longer duration of time.


  • Very Easy to use
  • Perfect for smaller breeds
  • Amazing Price to value ratio


  • The metal hook is considerably heavy

Choosing the Right Harness for French Bulldog – Bottom Line

Unlike a rottweiler, Frenchies have calmer temperaments but that doesn’t mean a standard harness could withstand their agile nature as its always wise to invest in the awesome harness for French bulldogs breed to keep them in line to prevent any form of misbehavior, especially in crowded areas.

Keep in mind, their sense of control and handling also depends on the owner’s experience and their pet’s grooming level, as it goes a long way to raise a breed of Canine.

Nonetheless, the products I mentioned above, can truly deliver top-notch performance and can withstand the test of time, just make sure you get the size dimensions correct, otherwise, all your endeavors are pretty much in vain.

Have a nice day.

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