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5 (Comfortable) Best Harness For Senior Dogs in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 10, 2024 by Linda Michaels

As dogs age, they become prone to a multitude of problems that can affect their spine and thus their movement. These include diseases like IVDD, osteoarthritis, sciatica, etc

Such diseases are often debilitating and dogs often become bedridden without timely care. 

Thus, special harnesses that are made to support their backs can be a life changer. These take off the load from the spine, allow for pain-free movements, and give time to the spine for healing. 

Today I am going to discuss the top 5 Harnesses that I recommend based on my professional experience with elderly dogs.

Why Should You Prefer Harnesses for Senior Dogs Over Collars?

Senior or old dogs have weak bones because of age. Using collars on their necks only invites further degradation and damage as the bones have less bearing capacity. Apart from taking pressure from their spines, a harness takes the pressure off the necks of these dogs and instead distributes the force throughout the body.

Besides, a harness makes managing an old dog easier. You can use the handles to help it go upstairs and so on.

Feature-Wise Breakdown of the Products

Harness NameChest GirthNeck SizeDog SizeAdjustment PointsD-Rings
GINGERLEAD1.5″ width28″ to 69″ lengthUnder 25 lbs1
PetSafe CareLift31″ to 46″Sizing based on chest and waist (27″ to 37″)70 to 130 lbs42
Coodeo Dog Lift Harness30″ to 35″Sizing based on chest girth66 to 110 lbs4 (Detachable Handle)
Doggie Stylz26″ to 33″Sizing based on chest girth65 lbs to 120 lbs32
NOYAL24″ to 33″24″ to 26″61 lbs to 91 lbs84 buckle attachment points

The List of Best Harnesses For Senior Dogs

Let me review them one by one.

1. GINGERLEAD Dog Rear Support Sling Harness


  • Nylon material
  • Machine washable and dryable
  • Extra padding

Easy To Use 

I have been using Gingerlead products for some time now and I can vouch for their user-centric designs. Almost all of their products are easy to use without any complexities in them.

This harness comes with a connector on the hip sling that I was able to connect to a shoulder harness. This made it easy for me to maneuver the dog’s walking directions and guide him through lanes and footpaths.

Its handle allowed me to lift the dog from the center section of the body if the dog wanted to pee. This was very essential as due to a previous lower spine injury, the 90 lb Goldie that I used it on wasn’t able to pee properly and would get everything wet. 

However, the way it rests means that if you’re not supporting the pooch properly, some of it would end up getting on him during peeing. For this, if you have wipes with you, you wouldn’t need to worry much.


Overall, it seems to be well-made. The material was tough enough to last a long time and simultaneously it wasn’t rough to hurt the dog. 

I think drawing a fine line between the durability and roughness of the material is an art that not a lot of product designers seem to master but the GINGERLEAD team has done it again.

Price Tag

Coming to the price tag, I must say it is more expensive than a lot of harnesses out there in the market but its design, durability, and effectiveness make it worth all the money one spends on it.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Good quality material used


  • The dog may pee on it

Why do I recommend this product?

I recommend this GINGERLEAD harness for its durability, comfort, and effectiveness.

How is it different from its competitors? 

A lot of other products have a good quality build and user-friendly design but a lot comes with the surety of GINGERLEAD. This time-tested design is what separates it from its competitors.

2. PetSafe CareLift Support Harness


  • Full body support
  • Adjustable sizing
  • Comfortable


PetSafe products have set a benchmark when it comes to design and durability and this particular product doesn’t shy away from that as well.

The design is so good that there are not many chances of it wearing off with time or tearing up from the sides even if a dog is too heavy. If I had to give stars for its durability I wouldn’t hesitate to give it a full 5/5 stars.

Full body support

The full-body feature is so remarkable, it evens out all the weight and doesn’t let it affect any particular spot on the spine. This is very helpful for elderly dogs that have disc dislocations or spot osteoarthritis. 

Not only it allows such dogs to walk easily but also helps the spine to recover and perform much better after a few weeks of pain-free movements.


This is where I would deduct some points from this harness. I found its comfort to be pretty much average. Although it is still not bad being from such a trusted brand as PetSafe, I was expecting it to outcompete an average harness in terms of comfort.

Nonetheless, after some days of usage, your pooch will adjust itself to this harness.


  • Durable
  • Good body support


  • Not the most comfortable harness

Why do I recommend this product?

I recommend this harness from PetSafe for its ingenious design and durability.

How is it different from its competitors? 

This product’s design that sets out an equal pull for all areas of the spine and helps effectively with pain relief makes it stand out from its competitors that fail to do so.

3. Coodeo Dog Lift Harness


  • Breathable material
  • Washable 
  • User-friendly
  • Comfortable

Coodeo is one of those dog brands that I personally prefer due to its time-tested and reliable products just like PetSafe.

Easy to clean

Maintaining the washability of harnesses is very important to me. As it would be used for a dog’s support for an extended period, the ability to keep it clean is essential. If I can’t ensure its cleanliness, then it is not worth my money.

This one is washable and retains its like-new condition after each wash, without any visible material damage. Though I am not sure if I keep washing it for a long time, how would it turn out to be? But I can say the quality is good enough for it to last a decent time.

User-Friendly Design

The design of this harness has three buckles: one in the center, one for the hind legs, and one for the front limbs. This is very convenient because if a dog has an injury in the hind legs, I can use the middle buckle along with the hind one.

For dogs with a front leg injury, the central buckle can be used together with the front buckle. So this single harness can be used for different injuries.

This also means that the weight is being distributed evenly over the entire spine. That is a good thing as no one point will have to face all the strain.

However, one downside I found was that I had to unclip the straps every time I needed to put the harness on or take it off. With time, I got used to it so it wasn’t a problem any longer.


  • Easy to use
  • Good weight distribution
  • Easy to clean


  • Takes time to take it off

Why do I recommend this product?

I recommend Coodeo Dog Lift Harness for its user-centric features with a design that aids in a quick recovery.

How is it different from its competitors?

Being able to use support for the hindlimb and front limb separately makes it a unique product as it can be used for different sorts of injuries. 

Before going to the next product, here’s a video of Coodeo harness:

4. Multi-Functional Full-Body Lifting Dog Harness Vest by Doggie Stylz


  • Multi-functional design
  • Excellent material quality

Multi-Functional Design

So as with other multi-functional harnesses, this one from Doggie Stylz also has a 3-point distribution system. The 3 buckle points sit on the front, center, and back.

So you can use the middle point with the front one for forelimbs injuries, similarly, the back point can be used with the central one for hind limb injuries.

This effectively helps with both upper and lower spinal injuries and allows the pooch to recover easily.

Easy To Clean Good 

This harness was very easy to clean. I personally preferred it to be washed in a bucket but I am not sure how well it is suitable for a machine wash. 

Anyhow, it comes out pretty solid after every wash.

Value For Money 

Considering the design, ease of use, and overall comfort, the harness justifies its price tag and is worth its price.


  • Easy to use
  • Excellent material quality
  • Easy to clean


  • A bit large on the chest

Why do I recommend this product?

I recommend this product for its simple design that allows it to be used for many different injuries.

How is it different from its competitors? 

Its durability coupled with easy maintenance and versatile use makes it a comfortable solution for a dog’s back injuries. It really stands out from its competitors in this regard.

5. NOYAL Dog Lift Harness Pet Support


  • Three handle design
  • Breathable fabric
  • Comfortable padding

Durability Test

Initially, I was a little wary of this product’s durability and strength as I hadn’t tried NOYAL’s products in the past however it really did impress me.

I used this harness on an old Lab that had hip dysplasia and was having a hard time walking on her own. Introducing this harness became a life changer for her. That’s why I add this to my list of Best Harness For Senior Dogs.

She was able to walk, and climb stairs, and surprisingly enough she also lost some weight which further helped her with the hip pain.

Intuitive Design

As I have already discussed the effectiveness of a 3-handle design but this harness has a D-buckle as well. This D-shaped buckle on the back can also be used as a simple shoulder strap for walking your dog once the dog fully recovers. 

Reflective Colors

The colors used for this harness are quite reflective. Thus, if your pooch has a darker shade then spotting him wouldn’t be a problem when it’s getting dark.

This is a simple feature that can mean a lot for many dog owners who have dark brown or black dogs.

Finally, for a con, I’d say, the leash could have been made a bit stronger. Though it’s still good if you pull at it a lot with a heavier dog on the harness, it may start to tear off. But if you remain careful with this harness, it will last a long time.


  • Strong and durable
  • Reflective colors for spotting
  • Comfortable


  • The leash has an average strength

Why do I recommend this product?

I recommend this product for its D-buckle and intuitive design that comes with good durability.

How is it different from its competitors? 

What makes this product unique is its reflective colors and D-buckle which come on top of a long-lasting quality and comfort.

My Personal Recommendation About Best Harness For Senior Dogs

As dogs get older, they are more susceptible to various issues that can impact their spine and mobility like IVDD, osteoarthritis, and sciatica.

These diseases can be debilitating, often rendering dogs bedridden. Specialized harnesses designed to provide back support can make a significant difference in their lives. 

Of these 5 harnesses mentioned, my favorite is Coodeo Dog Lift Harness. I like it for its long-lasting design and simplicity, however, your choice may differ based on your preferences.

Have a nice day!

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