Best Harness For Deep-Chested Dogs
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5 Best Harnesses for Deep-Chested Dogs

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Dog harnesses are great for having control over your dog without the effort of pulling and pushing them over the throat.

However, not all harnesses work fine for deep-chested dogs. You have to pick one that isn’t too tight to suffocate them nor too loose that it slips off now and then.

List of Best Harness For Deep-Chested Dogs

Here’s a list of 5 best harnesses you can buy for your big-chested pooch:

Products On The List At A Glance

Harness NameChest GirthNeck SizeDog SizeAdjustment PointsD-Rings
Ruffwear17″ to 22″Sizing based on chest girth10 lbs to 30 lbs42
OneTigris27″ to 36″18″ to 25″45 lbs to 80 lbs42
Kurgo24″ to 34″18″ to 30″70 lbs to 75+ lbs52
Chai’s Choice25″ to 30″27″ to 32″70 to 100+ lbs42
PetSafe12″ to 15″Sizing based on chest girth25 lbs to 50 lbs41

1. RUFFWEAR – Harness for Deep Chested Dogs


I have used a lot of dog harnesses and I can now tell whether a particular one would be comfortable for a dog to wear or not just by looking at it. 

Harnesses that have an extra layer of padding are very plump and you can just feel that in your hands. This RUFFWEAR harness is just like that.

It fits snugly around the dog’s neck and doesn’t cause any suffocation. The padding is very smooth and light.


The harness has been made extremely well. In my use, I couldn’t find any shortcomings that it had in terms of durability and longevity. 

One thing to point out here is that it will be a little stiff at the beginning but after a few days of usage, it will loosen up.

Easy to clean

Another good thing about this harness is that it is easy to wash. Washing doesn’t damage the material and comes out brand new every time I wash it.

However, for caution, I use mild detergent so that it doesn’t eat away the fabric.

Bright Colors

The colors are very bright. This makes it easily detectable even from afar. 

I liked these eye-catching colors so much as I often leave my dog to stroll alone, the bright shades of the harness let me position them no matter how far off the pooch went.


  • Easily detectable colors
  • Durable
  • Comfortable 


  • A little stiff

Why do I recommend this product?

I recommend this product for its reliability, comfort, and longevity. 

How is it different from its competitors?

Its unmatched durability while being easy to wash makes it unique.

2. OneTigris Large Tactical Dog Harness


Another heavy-duty harness, OneTigris’ has been included in this list for its sturdy build that withstands pushes, pulls, bite attempts, and all sorts of weather conditions.

The overall durability of any harness is very important to me because it is the one factor that justifies the money I spent on it. No matter how good a product is, if it doesn’t last long enough then there is no reason for me to buy it. 


My dogs didn’t complain when I put this harness on them. How do I know? Well if a harness is too stiff, heavy, or suffocating, my dogs immediately start barking and moving around in the hopes to knock the harness off. 

But with this harness, my dogs were happy enough to roam around and be controlled through pulls that didn’t apply force on their necks.

One particular thing that I did not like was that the underside was a bit too big and would hang sometimes. I had to tailor it myself to make it fit my dog’s underside contour. 


The size is quite broad for any deep-chested dog. However, you must take full measurements of your dog before ordering it as it may differ from your previous harnesses in size.


  • Comfortable
  • Extended size


  • Big underside

Why do I recommend this product?

I recommend this product because of its customizable fit and lightweight

How is it different from its competitors?

It’s snug fit and low-tension pulls make it stand out.

3. Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength


Kurgo uses excellent materials for their harnesses and this Tru Fit harness is also a reflection of their quality. 

Durability Test

The harness is quite strong and gives good resistance to water, mud, and heat. Also, the dog I used it on was an energetic Basset Hound. He gave the harness quite some challenge but still, it turned out to be impressive in its sturdiness.

Also, it is somewhat ‘chew proof’ as I have seen the dog having many chewing attempts but failing to tear the harness material. 

Hence, the quality is excellent and it is well-made.

Car compatibility 

Another admirable feature is the harness’ compatibility with car seat belts. It can easily be adjusted with a car seat and I could remain worry-free from my dog during long drives.


Finally, this harness has a very low price tag and one can easily afford it.


  • Affordable
  • Car-friendly
  • sturdy


  • Color may differ than shown

Why do I recommend this product?

Buy Kurgo Tru-Fit Enhanced Strength Dog Harness for its car compatibility and sturdiness. 

How is it different from its competitors?

Having a bunch of amazing features packed together with an affordable price tag is what makes this product amazing and separates it from others.

4. Chai’s Choice – Premium Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness


Being a dog expert and reviewing tons of dog products, one thing I never compromise on is the sturdiness of a product. That’s why you’ll see all of the products in this list being high on the durability rating. Chai’s Choice is one of them. It does stand the test of time and offers decent longevity to be used for a long time. 


The overall comfort of this product is comparable to the harnesses mentioned before it. It fits snugly and offers decent flexibility. The sponge padding provides an extra layer of relief.

Its weight is also minimal so the dog can carry it around easily.

It is also very easy to adjust and didn’t give me much trouble.


Just like Kurgo’s harness, this Chai’s Choice harness is also car-friendly and gets attached to any seatbelt easily.


  • Comfortable
  • Car Compatible


  • May need to order the larger size

Why do I recommend this product?

If you like a good quality harness that you can carry with you everywhere and one that goes well with your car too. Then go no further and buy this.

How is it different from other products?

All of its features combined with its lightweight design make it worth every penny.

How To Adjust Chair’s Choice?

Adjusting the harness is easy with the help of the four adjustment points.

Here’s how to go about it.

  • Put the harness on the dog to take the size.
  • Remove it and now adjust the straps by pulling and pushing the adjustment points as shown in the video below. For the neck, use the front strap but for the chest, use them both.
  • That’s it!

Watch this for a better understanding.

5. PetSafe 3 in-1 No-Pull Dog Harness


Not the most durable harness for deep-chested dogs out there but it is good enough to be included in this list. Given its price tag, it outperforms a lot of other harnesses in this category.

Good range of motion

Its flexibility is commendable as it allows for all the movements an enthusiastic dog does without any strain on the dog’s body.

Comfort Test

I used it on a Mastiff that was fond of going out and about but I feared it might heat the dog in the sun. But I was wrong, due to its lightweight and breathability it doesn’t act as a burden on the pooch still allowing a decent range of movement.


Another budget-friendly harness is on the list. If you’re low on budget but still want a harness that will last you a good time then you should get this one for you. 


  • Affordable
  • Comfortable 


  • Maybe stiff in the start

Why do I recommend this product?

I recommend this product for its affordability. 

How is it different from its competitors?

Not all harnesses with a low price tag give such a good quality like this product, this is what makes it unique.

Conclusion – Best Harnesses For Deep-Chested Dogs

Harnesses for dogs are an excellent way to maintain control over your pet without the need to exert force around their throat.

However, it’s important to consider that not all harnesses are suitable for dogs with deep chests. It’s crucial to select a harness that strikes a balance, ensuring it isn’t too tight, which could cause discomfort or suffocation, nor too loose, risking occasional slipping.

Read through the article to pick one that suits your requirements the best.
For me, Chai’s Choice – Premium Outdoor Adventure Dog Harness is the best on the list due to its great features.

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