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5 (Breathable) Best Harnesses for Huskies in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 10, 2024 by Linda Michaels

Huskies, known for their “introverted” nature, set a remarkable precedent for being man’s best friend due to their immaculate cunningness and agility.

A well-groomed husky can work wonders and certainly will put anyone in awe, however, due to their outgoing temperament, they require thorough exercises and a rigorous playtime routine, otherwise, their boredom takes a toll on their health.

Speaking of which, even though their body acts as an absolute powerhouse, their quick reflexes and lunges undoubtedly necessitate a harness that is not only durable but well shaped to prevent choking and chafing to their neck region.

On the flip side, these almond-eyed cuties are also prone to hip dysplasia and other mobility issues, which is why any Pet parent owning the breed may require the best harness for Husky, in due time.

Nevertheless, here are five top picks I could possibly find on the market right now that will make a world of difference and undoubtedly live up to their claims. Read my reviews below which also happen to be my personal experience along with each product.

A Quick Review of The Products On The List

Harness NameChest GirthNeck SizeDog SizeAdjustment PointsD-Rings
ShawnCo24″ to 32″6″ to 16″30 lbs to 35 lbs23
PoyPet16″ to 28″14″ to 20″50 lbs to 80 lbs42
Bolux19″ to 24.5″16″ to 20″21 lbs to 40 lbs21
BarkBay22″ to 27″12″ to 24″20 lbs to 50 lbs42
RabbitGoo15.7″ to 27.6″13.8″ to 19.3″10 lbs to 25 lbs42

Comprehensive List of Best Dog Harnesses for Huskies

Now, let’s explore the extensive list.

1. ShawnCo Siberian Husky Harness


  • Three Leash Attachment Points
  • Reflective Lining
  • Padded Handle
  • Nylon Fabric

No less than three months ago, I was looking for a harness that could not only accommodate my husky but also allow me to better tame and the ShawnCo essential did an exceptional job, here is what I think about it.

Durable & Well Padded

Word of mouth is a dangerous thing due to the fact that I could go both ways and even make or break a deal for someone who hasn’t used it by themselves. Nevertheless, after I was struggling to find a well-padded harness for my Husky Happy, I stumbled across a colleague who used this harness.

And lo and behold, my worries ended right then and there, after carefully examining the harnesses in my hands, it clicked into my mind that it could be a potentially worthy contender to keep my “Good boy” comfortable and cozy, especially in its playtime.

Fast forward to the time when it arrived in my mail and after tons of phases, I eventually concluded that the harness has not just padded foam incorporated into its vests but the borders are also well secured to prevent chafing.

The neck regions are mostly the most vulnerable part, although most of the harnesses would do an amazing job, the neck of my canine would be susceptible to the most common rashes due to unnecessary chaffing caused by the regular movement of my husky.

However, after a month of use, the harness never put my “Best friend” into discomfort and he was as happy as a baby and his eyes glowed as bright as a day which is exactly the thing I was looking for.

Escape Proof Design

If you are familiar with this astounding breed of dog or already own one, you may be aware of the worries of having it clever enough to pretty much escape anything when it feels like it. 

The ShawnCO harnesses truly eliminated this issue down to the core as they offer multiple positional attachments and extra durable clasps which could be easily adjusted in the blink of an eye.

My Husky is safe and secure as this harness has embedded itself on its body like a true companion.

Why do I Recommend ShawnCo Essential Dog Harness?

For huskies, this harness is a true Godsend, as it never chocks the neck and keeps the trachea in healthier condition.

What Makes it different from its competitors like PoyPet and BARKBAY?

Slip it on the head of the dog and forget about it, you won’t find such convince elsewhere in other brands.


  • Comfortable & Soft
  • Escape Proof
  • Easy to put on


  • Velcro is susceptible to fur and dust

2. PoyPet No Pull Harness for Husky


  • Resizable Collar
  • Resizable Vest
  • Double Stitched Borders
  • Quad Quick Release System

Give a pretty paw to your ailing husky with the Poypet Harness which provides ample support to all its limbs with satisfactory results.

Metallic Dual Ring

Specially designed to prevent lunges which would be quite often while owning such an energetic breed, the Poypet offers not just one but two rings so you can easily place your leash and better control its mobility and keep it in line.

As for me, whenever it’s playtime or just a casual stroll, I like to use the rear ring which is much more comfortable for me and gives my Husky an indicator not to stray far away.

Since it is considerably well groomed, the rear ring lets him behave in public without causing much of a ruckus, however, any Vet looking to groom their muscular breeds of dogs should most certainly rely on its front ring as it paves the way to even more enhanced form of control.

Pressure Propagation

Once the harness is buckled up and secured, the top handle lets you pick up the dog even in one hand and I simply adore the fact how well it is designed as it barely applies pressure on any part of the spine.

Since huskies have an introverted temperament, they are usually prone to wear and tear in their joint as their age progresses,  henceforth, the top handle barely pushes the spine as it uniformly distributes the tension without causing much discomfort.

A Multitude of Flashy Colors

Lastly, my favorite bit about this harness is that it is available in a plethora of colors, allowing you to blend your husky or any other breed with the harness according to your mood and style.

I have purchased both blue and purple shades, which I often switch around to match the theme of the place I am often at because I believe style and fashion shouldn’t be overlooked.

Unlike other harnesses, the buckles also match the color of the vest, which is pretty cool, since black buckles often break immersion and often look cheap.

My only concern is that these clasps are made from standard plastic and I wish it was a little sturdier to better accommodate my Canine.

Why do I Recommend PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness?

Extremely level of customization across every strap, allowing you to adjust each spot effectively.

What Makes it different from others?

Vibrant & reflective, the harness certainly stands out from the rest crowd due to its amazing color schemes.


  • Wide Array of Color Schemes
  • Fits very Easily
  • Enhances mobility of the Dog


  • Clasps made from Plastic

3. Bolux Harness for Small, Medium and Large Huskies


  • Pull Mitigation
  • Anti Choke Collar
  • Adjustable Buckles
  • Single Metal Ring

My personal favorite due to its extraordinary fabric and easy-to-use procedure, saving you plenty of headaches in the long run.

Quick In & Out

When I was grooming my Siberian husky, it was a tad bit problematic for me considering how independent in nature they are and usually rely on their instinct during decision-making. 

On top of that, harnesses that aren’t really compatible with their bodies can get really irritating to them, so I was left with no choice other than to find a harness that could withstand its grumpy nature. The adjustable nature of the harness allows you to use it on small dogs like Corgis and Chihuahuas etc.

Keeping that in mind, I used its own cunningness against itself and used this harness to adapt its nature as the Bolux dog Harness is not only skin-tight once you get the dimensions right but it also barely tugs the fur, which gives the idea to the canine that it isn’t even wearing anything at all.

On the other hand, the multifaceted buckles are incredibly efficient in doing their job, once you get accustomed to them, it absolutely feels like magic.

No Choke Strap

On the flip side, regardless of the fact of how much my muscular hunk wiggled off while it was playing with its rubber ball, the strap on the neck region barely pushed against its neck. 

Even whenever it got excited while outdoors, a simple tug from the leash would put him in line and there was barely any pressure on its neck.

My almond-eyed Canine absolutely adores such a harness as it doesn’t make him uncomfortable and can be used for ages to come.

It’s such a multipurpose harness that I often use for multiple breeds and not just my Husky since the vest is designed to help senior dogs too, as their mobility is usually obstructed by spinal disorders.

So in other words, if this harness ever got worn out or frayed away due to overwashing, I am still considering buying it, that’s how much I am in love with it.

Lastly, if you are also looking to commit to an investment, make sure you get the dimension by carefully measuring the size of the neck of your Siberian Husky rather than the breed of the dog.

Why do I Recommend Bolux Dog Harness?

An amazing choice for grooming your husky as this harness will allow them better adapt to its lightweight fabric.

What Makes it different from others?

Regardless of the fact of how excited your dog gets, you won’t have to worry about it getting choked since the placement of straps is well positioned.


  • Fabric Quality is pretty Good
  • Prevents Choking
  • Budget Friendly


  • The buckle is too heavy

Watch this Bolux review before moving on to the next product:

4. BARKBAY Escape Proof Dog Harness for Husky


  • Pocket For Dog Tags
  • Lightweight Nylon Fabric
  • Mesh Pattern
  • 4 Adjustable Points
  • Metal Sliders

A Harness with a minimalistic outlook yet a remarkable ability to control a pet, it’s a unisex harness designed especially to tame energetic dog breeds like huskies.

Lightweight like a Feather

If the aforementioned harness doesn’t really captivate you, wait till you hear about this bad boy which is virtually as light as a bunch of features. Such an attribute certainly comes in handy as Huskies like to stay independent and harnesses and leash seem to make them grumpy.

At least, the one I groomed tried its level best to escape from pretty much anything I placed it under, nevertheless, this harness felt like it was specifically designed for my 50-pound Canine.

Ideal For Grooming

On the other hand, the front loop yielded amazing results especially while I was taming and grooming two of my rottweilers as the front loop allowed them to push against themselves when they were placed on a leash.

This resulted in minimal pull and tug on my hands and it made it extremely disciplined even in crowded areas. 

Grooming my Siberian husky was a tad bit trickier but nevertheless, this leash did its job quite well, in fact, it has become my go-to choice after training multiple breeds of dogs previously and I wouldn’t pick any other substitute over it, that’s for sure!

Very Easy to Wash Off

Breeding and owning such a majestic canine has its perks such as peak loyalty and playfulness, however, they also have their own downside of having tons of fur being shed here and there. 

This flaw may clearly not be everyone’s cup of tea, especially if you are new to breeding or owning a husky as harnesses are prone to get their fur entangled every now and then, and that’s where the problem starts.

Because most of these fancy harnesses aren’t designed to be easily washed off, in fact, they easily get frayed if you are too harsh on them while cleaning them in the washer.

The Barkbay no-pull harness, on the other hand, is the polar opposite and can get rid of dirt, sand, and even hair particles at a moment’s notice with just a simple wipe.

It’s remarkable how far dog accessories have come, the convenience they provide to an inexperienced individual is mind-boggling.

Why do I Recommend BARKBAY Harness?

Keeps even the most problematic dog in line, it’s a perfect choice for those individuals who barely have experience when handling energetic breeds.

What Makes it different from others?

It’s pretty low maintenance and exceptionally easy to clean, so you wouldn’t be spending half an hour just to make it squeaky clean.


  • Outstanding Quality
  • Fits Easily
  • Ideal for Strong Dog breeds


  • The top handle is a tad bit small

5. RabbitGoo Husky Harness For Puppies


  • Quad Adjustable Straps
  • Dual Quick-Release Buckles
  • Padded Front Vest
  • Anti-Chafing Design

I have to be utterly honest here, when I was choosing the RabbitGoo Dog Harness for my energetic beast, I was a bit skeptical, however, the results took me by surprise. Here is its brief breakdown in the form of a review.

Outstanding Dimensions

A harness designed for both bigger and smaller breeds of Canine which means as long as you get the dimensions right, it can fit pretty much any dog.

Speaking of dimensions, my husky was a bit taller and weighed considerably higher than any average Siberian breed I have ever seen, which is why I had to opt out for the medium option since it allows him to get comfortable without getting too tight whenever he stretches his paws while laying on the ground.

The previous harness, I owned, suffered from this particular issue where the neck region would get stiff and it resulted in abnormal mobility of my dog, however, I barely had to deal with such an issue after using the RabbitGo Harness.

Adjustable Straps & Breathable Mesh

My playtime has never been this seamless considering how easy it is to put it on my dog, simply unclip the buckle and place it on its back, you are all set, it’s just that easy. Even though the buckles are made from plastic, they are considerably reliable and withstand tons of force by my dog. So, if your dog pulls a lot, this is the right Husky harness for pulling.

On the other hand, since Siberian Husky is known to have coarse fur, they can get sweaty extremely easily even in colder regions which is why I advise anyone looking for a harness should get their hands on this harness as it does an amazing job at regular air as much as possible.

Why do I Recommend RabbitGoo brand?

Easy-to-adjust collar grip and reflective strip are why I feel like you should totally own this harness as collar customization is extremely crucial for huskies as they are prone to getting choked. Another reason for its recommendation is it worked really well on one of my dogs with a back problem, thanks to the breathable mesh and soft straps.

What Makes it different from its competitors?

It provides support and enhances the mobility of dog that is prone to spinal disorders and ease discomfort.


  • Easy to Adjust Neck Strap
  • Comes in Beautiful Colors
  • Amazing price-to-value ratio


  • Front Ring is way too Low

What Size Harness Works for Husky?

For a Husky, a medium-sized harness is typically recommended. I have a 50-pound adult husky, and I use a large harness. For dogs below 40, a medium harness would work. But again, it’s important to measure your specific Husky’s chest size to ensure the best fit.

My list contains harnesses for every type of husky so read the article carefully and find out your desired product.

How to Stop Your Husky From Pulling?

Stop those tug-of-war battles with the following tips:

  • Mark a routine. A consistent routine is going to put your dog through predictability, which is part and parcel of training a single-minded dog.
  • Stop moving when the dog starts acting as if the leash is a sled. Do not move an inch until your pet calms down and understands the cue.
  • When you stop, use the dog’s name or make an eye contact to grab their attention. At this point, when it behaves or obeys you, feed him treats!
  • The moment your husky stops pulling, use the same treats to establish a connection between the behavior and the reward.
  • Take a few steps back when the husky makes more stubborn. This shows him that not obeying you will result in going in reverse.
  • Have patience with the dog. This breed is tricky.
  • Use high-value treats such as peanut butter or any delicacy the dog loves.
  • Repeat the training when needed.

Bottom Line

In order to match the jolting energy of such an intelligent and marvelous canine, it is evident that only the best harness for huskies can do this canine Justice. Since these charming pointy-eared breeds are true escape artists, I tried my level best to find a harness that was perfect for their anatomical shape and design.

In simpler words, the above-mentioned harnesses are tried and tested and are certified for every scenario as long as you get the right dimension, so feel free to pick any without thinking twice.

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