Best Harnesses For Dogs With Back Problems
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What are the Best Harnesses For Dogs With Back Problems?

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Unfortunately, much like humans, dogs are prone to many vertebral disorders as they age. These include intervertebral disc disease(IVDD), osteoarthritis, Sciatica, etc.

Also, many dogs go through surgery on the spine or hip and suffer a lot during their recovery period.

Such dogs need good spinal support that would not only help them with the pain but also improve their posture for a smooth and quick recovery.   

Harnesses that keep the spine steady and have a compression effect on the vertebral discs are excellent for pain relief and rehabilitation of such dogs. 

Today, I will discuss the top 5 harnesses from my personal experience as a dog trainer that work great for dogs with back problems.

How Do You Carry A Dog With Lower Back Pain?

Carrying a dog with lower back pain requires care and patience.

  • Lift it up from the belly whenever you’re helping it up the stairs.
  • Do not pick it up from anywhere when it is agitated or excited.
  • You’re supposed to keep the dog calm in your arms to keep aggravating its situation.
  • Use the harnesses listed below to carry the dog as recommended by vets.

5 Best Harnesses For Dogs With Back Problems

Following are some of my recommendations.

Features of The Products You’ll Read About

Harness NameChest GirthNeck SizeDog SizeAdjustment PointsD-Rings
Coodeo 23.2″ to 27.4″Sizing based on chest girth33 to 61 lbs61
PetSafe CareLift31″ to 46″Sizing based on chest and waist (27″ to 37″)70 to 130 lbs42
PICK FOR LIFE HarnessWidth: 7.5″Length: 49″ to 68″50 to 100 lbs
Coodeo Dog Lift Harness30″ to 35″Sizing based on chest girth66 to 110 lbs4 (Detachable Handle)
GINGERLEAD1.5″ width28″ to 69″ lengthUnder 25 lbs1

1. Coodeo Dog Back Brace (Recommended by vets)


Starting with the one quality that I always look for in any dog product that I use, the overall build and sturdiness. No matter how impressive a product is, if it isn’t going to last then what’s the point of getting it?

Coodeo managed to impress me with this harness. It not only looks tough but it is too. The dogs I used this on were quite bulky and strong, well that was before they got IVDD but it still took some toll from their brute size.

Fortunately, the harness did not falter at all.

This, however, came with the price of a little stiffness but that’s understandable because it has to keep the spine straight. 

Pain relief Test

The good old Mastiff who was recovering from spine surgery found this quite helpful.

Before I used this harness, the poor dog couldn’t move much and was withering in pain even after taking pain meds. But with this harness, the pooch was able to walk some distance almost pain-free before the spine started to ache. 

Gradually, I increased the walking distance with almost a full recovery in about 4 weeks.

So in conclusion, this harness was able to reduce the stress on the dog’s spine, provide pain relief, and quicken the recovery period. 


One downside that I noticed was that even though Coodeo claims it to be lightweight and I would agree it is to some extent, it still would slow the dog down.

However, after some time, the dog will adjust to its weight and it won’t be any problem.


  • Easy to use
  • Comfortable
  • Durable 


  • May slow the dog down initially

Why do I recommend this product?

Its multiple-strip design has excellent back support, helping in great pain relief. That is a big reason why I recommend this product.

How is it different from its competitors?

What makes it different is the unmatched spine support that aids in a quick recovery and pain relief making it worth your money.

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2. PetSafe CareLift Support Harness (Elderly dogs)

When it comes to designing products for dogs, PetSafe is leading the market with its ingenious products and affordable price tags. 


I would put this harness’ durability on the same pedestal as Coodeo’s harness. It is strong and built with good material that withstands the normal wear and tear that comes with prolonged use.

This is also machine washable. This feature is important for me because I like to keep things clean but don’t have enough time to wash everything by hand. Thus it saved me a lot of time and effort.


I find this product to be comfortable compared to many other harnesses. The reason for this is two-fold.

Firstly, this harness has two parts, one that supports the lower back and the other for the abdomen and front. These are detachable so can be used independently, making them comfortable as per the requirements.

When used together, the two parts distribute the weight and provide for a pain-free pull.

Secondly, it has extra padding around the corners which is exactly what I want for a dog that is in rehab, not to feel any sharp edges.

This design also makes it very easy to use for dogs with back issues. 


Coming to the stretch and flexibility, this harness doesn’t allow a full range of unhindered motion. This is to be expected as the main function of a harness for spine support is to allow mobility but limit any unwanted movements that would put a strain on the spine.

Thus, the stretch although not great is still effective for the recovery period.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use
  • Light 


  • Stretch is average

Why do I recommend this product?

I recommend PetSafe for its trusted and time-tested products.

How is it different from its competitors?

The harness features an easy-to-use and comfortable design, making the product stand out.

Here’s how to use the product:

3. Dog Lift Harness (Adjustable dog sling)

Easy to use

This is what I call a no-BS design. It’s a simple yet incredibly thoughtful harness. There are no adjustable straps or hooks and you just put it across the pooch and hold it to carry off the weight from its back.

It allowed me to guide my dog whenever we had to climb stairs, making it very convenient. 

Great comfort

The padding is such that it leaves no room for any stress points.

It works great for dogs that have an aching lower back, especially overweight dogs that are now old and cannot carry the weight on their osteoporotic spines. 

I also used it on a dog that was recovering from a hip displacement and it worked great as it removed a lot of strain from the hip region.


Because of its simple design and strong build, it leaves little room for any durability issues. The wear and tear are not likely to occur for a long time unless your pooch is extremely overweight. 

Cannot be fastened

Although its simple design has many benefits as discussed above for some people, it can backfire. 

The lack of a fastening strap means that dogs that cannot fit properly into it, will have to look for another option.

Although it is not likely to occur if you measure your dog’s size and order accordingly.


  • Comfortable
  • Easy to use


  • No fastening mechanism

Why do I recommend this product?

I recommend this product for its ease of use and minimalist design.

How is it different from its competitors?

If you’re a fan of simple products that work equally well as any sophisticated product, you’re in for a treat with this harness. It is simple yet does the work perfectly.

4. Coodeo Dog Lift Harness (Best overall)


Like the previous Coodeo Harness, this one also lives up to the brand’s reputation of being almost perfectly designed.

I could feel the padding across the harness with my hands and when I put on the old Labrador. I could see how it snuggled onto the poor old lad’s body.

There are no sharp corners that might hurt the dog and it also stabilizes the spine adequately to provide a painless motion.

Easy to clean

When it comes to harnesses, I am very keen on their washability. This is because this is something that you will use over and over again on several dogs or one dog for a long time. Thus, if I cannot keep it clean then it’s of no use for me.

Thankfully enough, like other harnesses on the list, this one also is washable and comes out as new with every wash and there are no signs of damage to the material.

However, the choice of detergent is very important and I implore you to pick one that is not too strong.

User-friendly design

The design is such that it has 3 buckles, one in the center, one for the hind, and one for the front. This is super convenient cause if a dog has a hind limb injury, I could use the middle buckle with the hind one.

For dogs with a front limb injury, the central buckle can be used together with the front buckle. 

This is a simple design that distributes the weight quite well and prevents strain from hitting any one point on the dog’s back.

However, I got annoyed at the start as I had to keep unclipping the straps every time I had to put them on or off.


  • Easy to use
  • Good weight distribution
  • Easy to clean


  • Takes time to put off

Why do I recommend this product?

I recommend Coodeo Dog Lift Harness for its user-friendly design with good weight distribution that aids in a quick recovery.

How is it different from its competitors?

The design that allows it to be used for hindlimb and front limb injuries separately makes it a unique product. This feature will do wonders for your pooch. It is worth your bucks.

5. GINGERLEAD Dog Sling Hip Support Harness (For small dogs)

Very stable

This harness supports the Front and hind parts of the back equally, giving excellent stability and weight distribution. This takes a lot of pressure off the dog’s spine for pain relief.


I give a lot of attention to a product’s overall sturdiness and durability. Just like any other product on this list, this is also a quite reliable harness that is going to last a long time.

Comfort And Pain Relief Test

So I used this harness for an old male Pug that was suffering from Osteoarthritis and was also diabetic and hence obese.

He was having quite painful day-to-day movements and couldn’t keep up with mere walking small distances. This relative immobility was resulting in even more weight gain.

This harness not only provided a comfortable fitting but also compressed the right areas of pain so that in only a few weeks the Pug was able to walk small distances pain-free and is still improving by the day.

The design is such that it has plenty of area for any male dog to pee with the sling on without hindrance or getting it wet.


Its price tag is a bit on the higher side but it justifies the quality and build of the product.


  • Very stable
  • Comfortable 


  • A little overpriced

Why do I recommend this product?

I recommend this harness because it’s one of the most comfortable and durable harnesses for small dogs out there.

How is it different from its competitors?

Its ease of use, pain relief, and tested results make it quite different from other harnesses in this category. The overall stability is also unmatched.

My Recommendation

To aid in the recovery of dogs with back problems and alleviate their pain, it is crucial to provide them with proper spinal support. This support not only helps manage the pain but also improves posture, thus, allowing for a smoother and faster recovery.

You may have made your choice. For me, GINGERLEAD Dog Sling Hip Support Harness is my favorite harness from the list because of its high quality and lightweight.

I hope this guide was helpful to you and meet your needs for Best Harnesses For Dogs With Back Problems”.

Have a nice day.

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