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5 Resilient Best Harness for Beagles in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 10, 2024 by Linda Michaels

Beagles are known for their feisty energy and a knack for checking out things during a walk outside. Whether it’s a squirrel or a lingering smell, these dogs lunge forward without giving you a chance to prepare.

That’s the reason why you can’t rely on loose harnesses.

Besides the size, you have to make sure that the harness you choose also performs its function well. If it’s a no-pull harness, it should reduce pulling without choking the dog and so on. 

I’ve listed 5 harnesses that I’ve used for Beagles. They have helped many of my clients and I’m sure you’ll benefit from them, too. Here’s why:

Why Do You Need A Harness? Because Beagles Are Hard To Train

As you read, this breed has energy silos that do not run out easily. That makes them hard to train. Couple their acute sense of smell and a knack for hunting to it and you have a dog that will easily get distracted during training sessions. They may lunge at things, run after the target, and so on.

Harnesses can give you better control over them and encourage them to stay. You’ll be able to easily distract them from the stimulus toward something better.

Quick Features of The Beagle Harnesses

Harness NameChest GirthNeck SizeDog SizeAdjustment PointsD-Rings
Orange Joyride17″ to 22″11″ to 15″10 lbs to 19 lbs (S)23
ICEFANG Tactical28″ to 35″18″ to 24″60 lbs to 70+ lbs52
ShawnCo Essential32″ to 44″16″ to 34″80 lbs to 85+ lbs23
AUROTH22″ to 33″16″ to 22″30 lbs to 50 lbs42
Bolux25″ to 33″16.5″ to 22″41 lbs to 70 lbs21

My List of Best Beagle Harnesses

Here’s the list!

1. Orange Joyride Harness for Beagle [My Choice]

The harness is designed keeping in mind the distinctive traits of Beagles. I found it sturdy and made with the intention of giving both comfort and control.


Right from the first use, I felt the harness made my walks more manageable even though I was testing it on a dog with an inner tendency to pull.

I believe that the harness’s snug fit made that possible along with making it secure to reduce the chances of escape. You do know how much Beagles are escape artists.

Easy to Put On

I also noticed that the harness was quick and easy to put on. It simply went over the dog’s head and a strap under the belly. The extra D-rings made it more versatile for various leash attachments or other training tools.


In terms of the buckles, I found them somewhat large and yet sturdy. Yes, they are a bit hard to open or close, but I have no qualms about accepting their durability.

Having such a buckle is significant since Beagles have a lively personality and this harness can easily stand up to their antics.


When it comes to sizing, the medium size fits well for a 45 lb Beagle. Although it didn’t stop the dog from pulling even after adjustments, it did offer more control compared to other harnesses. I used this harness on a 26 lb adult Corgi, and it fit her body well.

Some Concerns

While I have little concerns about the comfort in sturdiness, I do think the leash rings could have reinforced stitching because that makes them strong enough for a headstrong dog like a beagle.

Another small improvement that could be made is the mesh on the inside, which seems to catch dog hair, although it’s easy to wash.

Why do I recommend this harness?

I recommend the harness for its spacious handle and multiple leash attachment points. I have used it for other small dogs such as Chihuahuas where the side D-ring had no use since it was quite near to the top D-ring because of the size.

You won’t find such a discrepancy when using the product for a Beagle.

What makes it different from other harnesses? 

It doesn’t have any chest plate and the neck area facilitates comfort.


  • Great for usual walks
  • Easily control the dog via the handle
  • Mesh design
  • Multiple leash attachment points


  • Not primarily to stop pulling

2. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

As the name suggests, this harness is a tactical product with 5 adjustment points, 2 leash attachment hooks, a sturdy handle, and velcro patches for tags all bundled up in a secure design that stops your Beagle from pulling effectively as compared to the Orange Joyride Harness.

Ease of Use

Starting off, one of the notable aspects that helped me when walking a Beagle is its dual leash hooks. Having experience with these dogs, I know that they can sometimes be resistant to front chest leash attachment.

With this harness, I had the flexibility to switch between the two hooks, depending on the dog’s preference. My dog Fred, who is a French Bulldog, preferred the back hook.


Besides Beagles, I’ve also used it with a 1-year-old Border Collie who had separation anxiety and a 90 lb Staffordshire. I can confirm that none of the dogs showed any signs of discomfort.

Besides that, the metal hardware adds durability, ensuring that it can withstand strong pulling from these and many breeds.

This helped me to a great extent in controlling the chase instinct of a beagle. There were even moments when I needed instant control and the handle on the back served its purpose rightly. I loved its tapered design that didn’t produce any strain on my hand when I picked the dog.


Although the harness impressed me with its sturdy construction, I was still a little concerned about its weight. I think it’s the metal buckles that make it heavier.

Also, I suggest that you measure your dog properly before ordering the product because if you go with the sizing without it, you may receive the product a tad bit larger than what you ordered.

Ensuring accurate sizing is crucial, especially for a breed like a Beagle to tone down its ability to sneak out of the harness.


With all its velcro real estate, the harness becomes a must-have for service dogs because you can attach multiple tags without worry or just add playful ones. 

Design Update

It’s worth noting that there have been some changes in the product’s design over the years. The recent version includes red tabs on the front buckles for easier access and an adjustable underbelly strap.

Why do I recommend the product?

I recommend the harness as it’s best suited for active dogs like Beagles, providing sturdy control and versatility with dual leash hooks and a world-class handle.

What makes it different from other products? 

Compared to other tactical harnesses, this one has five adjustment points, with the fifth one being a recent inclusion in a design update.


  • Highly adjustable with 5 adjustment points
  • Sturdy enough to withstand heavy pulling
  • Metal buckles and leash attachment points make the harness secure
  • It’s hard for small dogs to wriggle out of it.


  • Heavy

Before moving on to the next one, here’s a beagle wearing the harness:

3. ShawnCo Essential Dog Harness

ShawnCo [Best Harness for Beagles, In case you’re on the budget] is an easy-to-use product with a small back plate and no chest plate. This minimalistic construction makes it suitable for dogs with skin allergies.

Ease of Use

The first aspect that stood out for me was the convenience of putting it on and taking it off.

For anyone who has experienced the struggle with traditional harnesses, especially for sensitive dogs, this one provides a smoother process. I took only 3 seconds to secure my beagle, which is definitely faster than the common step-in types.


The minimalistic design also proves its benefits when controlling the dog. It was effective at preventing choking, which is a concern that arises with feisty breeds such as the Beagle.


In terms of sizing, the medium size fits well for a 40 lb Beagle. I liked the size variations for dogs large and small. They even have an extra small size for dogs as small as 11 lb.


When it comes to adjustability, the harness easily impressed me. Be it a 21 lb Shiba Inu or my 40 lb Beagle, I was able to fine-tune the harness for a snug and comfortable fit.

However, I should give you a heads-up about the stomach strap because it may need regular checks to ensure an optimal fit.

Not For Deep-Chested Dogs

While the harness is made for a standard physique, those having dogs of more unique proportions may want to be cautious because they will have a chance to slip out of the harness. You may need a few tweaks to the velcro but once you adjust the medium size.

Tip: I have another article about harnesses for deep-chested dogs. Consider selecting an alternative harness suitable for dogs with deep chests.

Why do I recommend ShawnCo? 

I recommend ShawnCo for its ease of use and minimalist design that prevents choking.

What makes it different from other products?

It takes up little space on the dog’s body, relieving it from any harness-related sensitivities.


  • Small compact design
  • Easy to wear
  • Multiple leash attachment points for a small harness
  • Available in attractive colors
  • The belly strap makes it highly adjustable 


  • Not for deep-chested dogs

4. AUROTH Tactical Beagle Harness

The Auroth harness is specially designed to manage energetic breeds effectively but not without comfort.


Starting off with the quality, it’s evident that the product is constructed with care and attention to detail with material that feels sturdy.

There’s also noticeable padding, especially underneath the armpit of the front legs that I found helped in removing irritation during running or long walks. This is by far one of the harnesses that go easy on the skin despite the size.

Ease of Use

Besides the padding, the harness has been made easy to use keeping in view the excitement of active breeds. You only have to undo the two buckles given to the sides and slip the harness head-on. 

While the two side buckles serve as adjustment points, there are also two such points available in the chest area. Finding the right neck size for a snug fit was made easier with this design as I didn’t have to tweak these points again and again.

Leash Attachment

There are two leash attachment points with metal D-rings reinforced stitching. However, I believe the chest leash attachment point may be too low for breeds smaller than a Beagle. Even some Beagles smaller than 45 lb would face the same problems. 

ID Tags

Besides these, I would like to take an exception and praise the Molle strips on both sides that can help you carry multiple things on the dog, although I don’t advise it for Beagles.

You also get dual velcro patches and the proprietary “best friend” ID badge is a cute addition. I do believe that it’s a gimmick to retain customers but I’m all for it.

Luminescent Stitching 

With these conveniences, the cherry on top is the luminescent stitching. I tested them in pitch darkness and found my dog problem-free as a result. The luminance stretches across the harness, making it easier for you to figure out where the dog’s head is.

Why do I recommend AUROTH? 

I recommend it for its sturdy construction and suitability for hard pullers that get too excited before wearing anything. 

What makes it different from its competitors?

It only has two buckles but four adjustment points that make it easy to wear and also highly adjustable at the same time.


  • Highly adjustable
  • Easy to wear
  • Sturdy construction
  • Mesh design
  • Small but effective handle
  • Reduces pulling


  • The chest leash attachment point may be lower for smaller dogs.

5. Bolux Beagle Dog Harness

The Bolux dog harness takes after Orange Joyride in terms of design. However, it doesn’t have the side D rings and the back plate is bigger.

Ease of Use

This one is also user-friendly with a straightforward slip-over-the-head method and just a single buckle under the belly. It is designed such that it pulls from the dog’s upper back rather than the neck area.

I found that this is a significant relief for breeds such as Beagles that tend to pull harder when a lingering smell is passing by.

Obviously, the last thing that you would want is your dog choking because of a harness that tightly holds the neck or a collar that is situated near the trachea.


The adjustability of this harness is phenomenal as it can be fine-tuned around both the neck and chest, although the design does not suggest anything like it when you unbox it first.

I’ve used it on a pup as young as 13 weeks and as she grew the adjustability came in handy. The harness is mostly true to its size. However, it’s always a good idea to first measure your dog according to the chart size and then order one.

Durability and Quality

In terms of durability and quality, I found the overall construction sturdy but not as sturdy as the Aurath Tactical BeagleHarness. That’s understandable because the reinforced nylon overtakes simple padded nylon by a mile.

While there is little design variety in a tactical harness, this one comes in various colors.


Summing it up, every part of it seemed to do its job, but the front velcro is a bit cheap. But considering the price, it’s a minor concession.

Why do I recommend Bolux?

I recommend it for regular walks and quick trips outside for better control as it reduces pulling in some well-trained Beagles.

However, a point of consideration is its ill-suitability for car rides. My dog managed to twist and turn when the harness was attached to the seat belt.

What makes it different from competitors? 

The reflective stripe is located on the chest strap, which is a welcomed design feature that helps in finding the dog’s front easily in the dark.


  • Small and compact
  • Great for usual walks
  • Inner padding makes it comfortable
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • One snap buckle use


  • The chest velcro is not reliable during high activity.

Best Harnesses for Beagles – The Winner

Before finding the right harness for your beagle, you must keep in mind its distinct personality. I have listed 5 products that cater to a range of dogs with different behavioral needs.

My favorite one is the Orange Joyride Harness for its ease of use, giant handle, and comfortable fabric.

Have a nice day.

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