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5 Dedicated Best Harnesses for Boston Terriers in 2024

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Boston Terriers have a huge wanderlust potential. Take them out on a walk and you’ll notice them pulling from every side trying to figure out the source of a lingering smell or the whereabouts of an animal that dashed by.

Luckily for us, training them is entirely easy, so we don’t need to go overboard when it comes to selecting training gear for them.

The following 5 Best Harnesses for Boston Terriers speak volumes of this. Yes, I have included tactical harnesses, and that’s for times when you want to calm them down or take them on a hike where wildlife crosses its paths with people and their pets.

Should Boston Terriers Wear Harnesses?

Absolutely, using a harness for your Boston Terrier is a great idea, especially once they’ve got the hang of leash training.

  • Comfort and Safety: A harness spreads pressure evenly across your dog’s chest and back, which is much better than the strain a collar can put on their neck. This is especially crucial for Boston Terriers, who have short-nosed anatomy and might be more susceptible to respiratory issues.
  • Control: With a harness, you have better control over your dog’s movements, especially if they tend to pull on the leash. It allows you to guide them without causing any discomfort.
  • Helps prevent injuries: If your pup tends to pull or make sudden movements, a harness disperses that force across their body, reducing the risk of injury.
  • Prevents Escaping: And let’s not forget about preventing escape. Boston Terriers, being a smaller breed, could easily slip out of collars due to their petite neck size. A harness provides a snug and secure fit, keeping them safe during walks.

However, it’s crucial to ensure your Boston Terrier is leash-trained before introducing a harness. Getting them used to walking calmly on a leash will make the harness transition smoother and more comfortable. Always check that the harness fits properly, not too tight, and not too loose.

As for the harnesses, enjoy reading my reviews as I have tested the products to my best. 

List of Best Boston Terrier Harnesses

Here we go!

The Products At A Glance

Harness NameChest GirthNeck SizeDog SizeAdjustment PointsD-Rings
Joyride12″ to 17″8″ to 11″5 lbs to 9 lbs23
ICEFANG Tactical28″ to 35″18″ to 24″60 lbs to 70+ lbs52
Gooby Escape14.25″ to 21.5″Sizing based on chest girth20 lbs to 35 lbs41
BUMBIN Tactical20″ to 35″18.3″ to 25.2″45 lbs to 80 lbs42
ShawnCo Essential24″ to 32″6″ to 16″30 lbs to 35 lbs23

1. Joyride Boston Terrier Harness [Recommended]

The Joyride harness offers simple adjustability with comfort from high-quality materials and effectiveness for small dogs in terms of restricting their pulling at an affordable price. 


The harness has a velcro strap across the chest which I found very convenient in ensuring a good fit.

Unlike other harnesses that have given me a tough time with small dogs, this one is small enough to just quickly slip over the dog’s head. You can fasten it with a snap in the belly area and removing it is as easy.

Putting it on and removing it for testing purposes on a Boston terrier took me less than 2 minutes. 

I did, however, find that the chest strap could have been friendlier because it faces inwards. That puts a small inconvenience when you’re trying to adjust the harness during a walk because you have to take it out to do that.

I want to mention here that it provides an adjustability range for small and large Boston terriers. Still, depending on your dog’s age and overall health, you may not be able to achieve a perfect fit.


The comfort of Joyride comes from high-quality nylon and polyester. There’s a bit of padding, not enough to be substantial, but also not too thin to cause any problem for the dog.

During my tests, I found out that it was not this padding that caused a little problem for the dog but the large clasp on the side that came in the way.

Also, you’ll have to find the right fit for Boston terriers and doing that can become a challenge because of their large chest and small waist. However, this harness ticked all the boxes in terms of that. 

As compared to the neck-only style harnesses or collars, this one has a strap that’s positioned around the chest, and I believe it adds to its signature comfort.

I’ve used this harness on a client’s Boston Terrier with a back problem, and I must say it worked exceptionally well. The comfort it provided made a noticeable difference, ensuring a comfortable and supportive experience for the pup.


Joyride comes with three heavy-duty loops meant for leash attachments from three different places to serve different purposes.

I used the side d-rings in tests where walking the dog by my side involved and the top one to discourage pulling. While that hook did its work, the side ones did little to stop the dog from pulling.

At the same time, I felt that they applied pressure on the chest rather than the neck, which was a relief for me and the dog. Unlike collars or neck harnesses, my dog didn’t end up with bruises or hair fall.

Why do I recommend Joyride harness?

I recommend it for a small size that does not cause hair fall. 

What makes it different from other products?

I love its one-clasp design that takes ease of use to the next level.


  • Small size
  • Puts pressure on the chest rather than the neck
  • Great for usual walks
  • Three hook attachments


  • Periodic adjustments may be needed depending on the dog’s activity level

2. ICEFANG Tactical Dog Harness

The Ice Fang is a tactical harness suitable for a range of dogs, including the Boston Terriers. Its main highlights are plenty of adjustment points and robustness.


As I said before, the harness has five adjustment points that you may not see in many tactical harnesses. For my test dog weighing 25 lb, the small size fit perfectly with the extra strap material available for adjustment as the dog grows. 

That means you can use it as a growing harness for the little one. Another Boston terrier that I tested on weighed 20 lb with a 21 inches girth and the small size also fit well on her.

Besides the size, you’ll find that the belly adjustment point gives a lot of leverage and closes the harness tight enough for the dog to not get away from it. 

At the same time, you should be aware of size discrepancies for certain dogs.

For example, trying a medium size for a large Boston Terrier was a tad big at the chest and slightly small for the neck. I couldn’t adjust it any further, which means that there are limits to adjustments compared to the size you ordered.

The small one was too tight for him. I believe it was in the shape of the dog rather than the size of the harness and I suggest that you keep that in mind before ordering.


The harness may seem like a heavy rough product, but because of its design, it has a calming effect on dogs similar to an anti-anxiety wrap. Almost all the Boston terriers that I tried the harness on remained calm during walks in busy neighborhoods. 

It is also thick enough to serve as an alternative to a coyote-proof version. The weight of the metal clips also aids in that. But I must tell you that it is slightly big in certain areas, but that did not phase my dogs during the tests. 

Besides this, the harness has a small amount of padding on the inside, thus enhancing comfort. Since it is not too much, there could be potential rubbing if you use it for longer periods as normally owners do on a long hike.


The harness is solidly made with an easy-to-grab handle that was very useful for me during hiking when unexpected small wild animals barged in.

I love how the velcro area is large enough to add things such as reflectors for visibility during nighttime walks. For further protection, you can even add spikes.

For Boston Terriers with short hair, the harness provides protection against any harm that may come in wooden areas or running through bushes. 

My test dog, Dave, is an escape artist, so I factor that into my decision to purchase a harness. He also tried to get out of this one several times and succeeded.

However, by attaching the leash to the chest hook, that problem was mitigated.

The ICEFANG highlight.

Besides everything that I said above, this harness has snaps with locks to avoid accidental undoing.

The ICEFANG edge over other products.

It is long enough to soothe skittish dogs and it wins over other tactical products because of its belly adjustment point.


  • Has a calming effect on dogs
  • Highly adjustable
  • Locks on snaps to avoid accidental opening
  • Sturdy handle
  • Does not cause hair fall


  • Not for prolonged use without supervision

3. Gooby Escape Dog Harness for Boston Terrier

The Gooby harness is designed to be an escape-proof product that helps you manage the escape artists. Boston Terriers can easily figure out how to back off from a harness, but this one will foil all attempts.


The harness has four adjustability points all bundled up together on the top at the back side. As much as anyone likes it, this design is quite unconventional, but don’t worry about the learning curve. You’ll still be able to use it without any problems. 

I used it for a 25 lb Boston Terrier and it fit well after trying multiple others that didn’t fit appropriately. Again, it is the design of the product that makes adjustability a stand-out feature.

Still, you’ll have to be careful when ordering the right size because this one, like the Icefang tactical dog harness, has a limit to the degree of adjustability.

During my use, I also learned that the double-ring setup requires a leash with a larger clip. I suggest that either the rings be made smaller or you should get leash clips for smaller dogs with bigger circumferences to discourage a lot of movement.

As an alternative, you can also buy an additional ring or clip that will act as the middle part between the harness and the leash.


I believe that comfort in such designs means a lot for the dog because when the harness tightens from the above, most of the pressure is distributed through the straps toward the chest.

The pulling effect may cause chafing or abrasion on the dog’s skin if the harness is not comfortable enough.

Luckily, this product comes with memory foam which I found pillowy with a large surface area, thus staying above the coat without digging into it. I especially liked how it is cushy around the armpit area, where harnesses often tend to rub and chafe.


The harness is escape-proof even for my test Boston Terrier known for its tendency of miraculously getting out of a lot of harnesses. Because of the design and optimal fit, the product stands appropriate even for intelligent breeds such as huskies

I tested the mechanism behind the claim and I found out that when the dog tries to pull backward or forward or try to get out of the harness, the top adjustment points squeeze in against the force to further tighten around the dog’s waist.

This has been one of the most effective and genius ways of discouraging escape for even highly intelligent dogs.

I do want to mention that the material is not chew-proof. Your dog may try to get rid of it by chewing the hell out of it. In that case, always use it under supervision and never leave it out with the dog unattended. 

The Highlight.

You won’t find any escape-proof harness that lives up to its claim as this one.

The Gooby Escape Harness Edge From Other Products.

Besides the genius design, it’s the memory foam that makes it effective without being problematic for the dog.


  • The continuous design makes it easy to use
  • Comfortable enough to not cause hair loss when the dog pulls
  • Great for everyday use
  • Delivers on its promise of being escape-proof


  • No front leash attachment point

Here’s a short video showing how to use the harness for a Boston Terrier:

4. BUMBIN Tactical Harness Boston Terrier

Call it an anomaly or anything else, but this harness is quite different for a tactical product. Compare it with the Icefang that I reviewed above and you will understand what I mean. The material used is different and so is the mechanism.


Unlike Icefang, this one does not have a belly adjustment, but this did not stop me from achieving a snug fit on a 25 lb Boston Terrier. I ordered a medium size and found that there was ample room for up or down adjustments.

To compensate for the absence of belly adjustment, the harness gives you four nestling buckles to achieve a quick fit that will stay for a long time.

I tested this claim and found out that the fit remained intact in many cases but not during high activity. I had to pause and readjust it so that the dog wouldn’t get out, which it did in a few instances. 


The harness is made from cotton fabric infused with breathable mesh lining as the company claims.

Testing out this was easy as I held it in front of a pedestal fan to see if any air was passing through it. I wasn’t astonished that it passed the test, which evidently means that your dog will find it comfortable in warm weather.

My test subject, the 25 lb Boston Terrier is a fireball as he never stops at anything and keeps on running. I’m not even counting the frequent zoomies.

When I used heavy tactical harnesses on him, he would apparently slow down and start whining because of the heat build-up. As you can imagine, with this one there was no stopping him.

But just like any other technical harness, this one is also heavy, possibly 1 lb or more, which I want you to consider and refrain from using it for too long.


The harness features a handle that I found very comfortable for my small hands. The fact that there is considerable distance between this handle and the back leash attachment point enhances the use of both.

I also found it quite effective in terms of ease of use as I only had to take care of the metal clasps and quick-release buckles. 

The front leash attachment reduces pulling to some degree, but I’m afraid that it’s not entirely effective. You may also have to take care of the leash not getting between the front legs of a small Boston Terrier to save it from tripping over. 

The Highlight

Nestling buckles really change the way you use this harness as they reduce the need for constant adjustments.

The Difference

As compared to other tactical harnesses, this one comes in a cotton fabric, which makes it not only comfortable but also breathable.


  • Super easy to use
  • Breathable
  • Highly adjustable
  • Stays in the size you achieve by adjustment
  • Comfortable handle


  • Not for backward pullers

5. ShawnCo Essential Dog Harness

If you’re looking for a dog vest harness, this is my recommendation. It’s small yet effective with three leash attachment points that make everyday walking a bliss.


Because of its size, you won’t get a lot of adjustment as compared to other harnesses that I reviewed here. I tried it on the same 25 lb Boston Terrier for whom the medium size proved to be the right one after returning the small one.

You can adjust its belly strap via the quick snap buckle, but the chest strap uses a velcro. When it’s on the dog, the velcro faces the chest and that serves as a locking feature for the size you achieve.

However, it’s not entirely effective and you may need to readjust the strap after a week.


These kinds of harnesses are made to relieve any pressure from a dog’s trachea and transfer it to the chest. But at the same time, they can backfire for serious pullers.

Therefore, we should only consider it for a well-trained and well-behaved dog who needs a harness for daily walks in the park.

There is slight padding on the inside but it’s not considerable. One thing is for sure: the material does not let the heat build up. I believe this is because of the small size and also the breathability of the material. 

You may find the neck strap a bit stiff initially as I did, but with a few times of use, it will not only soften but also be more manageable.


I particularly liked the three leash attachment points for giving me the freedom to use the harness as I pleased during walks.

They are solid and well-secured which gives me the idea that they will stand the test of time and constant pulling from your dog. It has a handle on the back, which is bigger for the size and thus, more effective.

However, you may not want to rely on the side D-rings more because they can twist the hardness when the dog pulls from the side. 

Realizing that made me wonder if it is truly for reducing tugs from your dog. As apparent, it does not prevent pulling, but it does offer a comfortable walk.

The Highlight

Small but effective for everyday use. The neck strap relieves pressure from that area and this alone makes it suitable for dogs with compromised trachea. 

The Difference

Despite the small size, it has three leash attachment points. 


  • Breathable
  • Ideal for daily use
  • Controlling handle available
  • Easy to adjust
  • Great for small dogs


  • Not as durable as other products on the list

Best Harness for Boston Terrier – Conclusion

So that was the list of harnesses for the Boston Terriers. Each has its own uses and none of them are perfect. That’s one thing you should keep in mind before selecting any product. There will be limitations but look closely if it achieves its primary object to a greater degree.

As for my favorite one, I’d definitely go with Icefang if I had to choose a tactical harness.

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