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This page was last updated on 16 March 2023.

Like any muscular and strong breed of dogs, Boxers are misunderstood as really ferocious and aggressive beasts. The majority of people fear these animals as carrying dangerous tempers and quite capable of serious harm.

In their defense, I would say that they aren’t that much at fault because seriously have you seen their build? Massive animals…this breed weighs a good ton and can run at an impressive speed.

Training them to behave, teaching them how to respond to commands, and upholding your dominance over them are crucial to building a strong trustworthy bond between you and your pet.

Luckily, my husband had it all covered and narrowed it down to a list of the 7 best training collars for Boxers. It surely helped us in making our choice and purchasing an e-collar that aided our pursuits to train our dog.

Hope it helps you in making yours.

The List of Best Training Collars for Boxers

The following hand-picked products will help your cause!

1. NVK Dog Shock Collar for Boxers

A true marker of performance and design, the NVK Shock Collar is the ideal premium gadget that is going to change your relationship with your pet. Created to aid all your concerns with canine training the device allows you the freedom to customize your training plan like no other.

Trusted by professionals, this e-collar is packed with all the necessary features that any high-end product holds at half the price. So you can not only be certain that this device will help you out in tackling any complications that arise as you begin training but also its purchase will not be a burden for your already upset nerves.

No matter how stubborn or hot-headed your pet is, this collar will surely make life easy for you and humanely tame your pet to obey orders and be the loving pet it was meant to be.


  • It’s always a convenience to have options while training your little friend who’s the boss at home. With 3 different training modes in the collar, you can adjust commands according to what suits your dog the best.
  • The device holds a 2-in-1 charge cable that eases the process of charging both devices so you’re ready to go when it’s training time.
  • You never know when your dog runs into a puddle or decides to go jumping in the neighbor’s pool whilst you train. A waterproof collar is a money saver and lasts those playful water breaks.
  • The last thing you want is to accidentally shock your dog. Training requires focus and while you’re too focused on your dog’s actions, pressing the wrong button can harm your dog. Thankfully this device features a safety lock button to prevent this from happening.
  • The transmitter can extend up to 1600ft so your dog can enjoy the space and train easily without being restrained.


  • Switching between Dog 1 and Dog 2 takes a little time
  • The higher shock levels can be a little too powerful for a smaller dog

2. Educator Dog Training Collar for Boxers

So when it comes to seeking innovative ways to upgrade e-collars and make them super-efficient to cover all aspects of dog training, nothing can beat Educator E-collars and their exceptional technology.

This impressive training collar is equipped with the latest humane levels of stimulation that tame your pet’s unaccepted behavior without causing physical or emotional harm to the dog. The device features complete control on all mode triggers so your dog doesn’t have to suffer painful jerks and jolts, whilst unique and effective training tones make achieving obedience an easy task.

Educator E-collars are a standard apart when it comes to securing a dependable, durable, and downright easy-to-use dog training device that has it all and does what it promotes.


  • The receiver is really easy to carry around
  • The operations on the device are user-friendly and even a newbie can manage to work the settings in the first few go.
  • The added tapping sensation can also prove very effective in alerting your dog it’s time to behave before the real warnings come.
  • An adjustable stimulation level backed by an even more efficient boost stimulus so you have many options to choose from and can even get those stubborn dogs to respond to your commands.
  • The biothane collar is quite durable as it is waterproof, rustproof, and stink proof so you don’t have to keep buying new ones after every rough use.


  • Needs to be manually changed from vibration to tapping.
  • Needs a little getting used to in the beginning.

3. DogCare Remote Dog Training Collar

When the objectives reach further than just creating a product, companies direct maximum efforts towards building a brand that understands pet behavior better to create a humane and thoughtful range of gadgets.

DogCare prides itself in being more than just an e-collar as its extensive purpose-built lab with its team of experts works one-on-one with all dog breeds to assess and examine their behavior patterns and emotional strains.

Thus creating products that are approved by professionals and feature the latest and best technology. The Remote Dog Training Collar is a perfect specimen of this legacy.


  • The comfort of adjusting settings according to your dog’s behavior patterns is indeed a convenience this device grants you.
  • A secure option to save your dog from unnecessary harm by locking keypad controls.
  • One remote takes charge of 9 collars which is truly a budget-friendly option if you have more than one dog. Plus it would be totally impossible and super confusing to carry separate remotes for each dog. 
  • The collar can be easily loosened to fit your dog’s neck and causes no harm to the skin.
  • You can train your dog in open spaces with ease as the device can pick up signals around a 330-yard radius with batteries lasting long to ensure uninterrupted training sessions.


  • Slightly large to fit in the pocket
  • The receiver cannot be switched off

4. PetSafe Remote Training Collar

Investing in a quality product clears half the hassle when you need to train your cheeky friend. A brand that has been in the market for almost 30 years seems quite the reputable choice when it comes to choosing products that promise to do what they advertise.

PetSafe and its versatile range of products guarantee your canine concerns are rightfully addressed.

Their e-training collars offer durability and the freedom to choose the right triggers that will effectively control your dog’s unwanted behavior and make it submit to your commands without causing harm to the pet.

A safe way to tame your highly energetic and commanding pet, PetSafe offers suitable solutions to your canine concerns. 


  • No need to drag your dog while they learn to understand its boundaries. With a 300-yard agreeable range, you can train your dog inside the house, in your backyard, and even in the park.
  • The easiest of command controls one can find in the market. Easily managed in the palm of your hand, digital and separate controls for tone and stimulation so you can never make an accidental mix-up.
  • Created with the finest nylon that fits all dogs and is waterproof to avoid accidental damage.
  • The manufacturer is a globally trusted brand that guarantees their product will deliver on its promise and aid you in building better bonds of understanding with your pet.
  • Comes with the comfort of a quick charge adaptor so you don’t have to wait long to get that training started.


  • The buttons all bear the same color so could be confusing at first
  • Labels aren’t added to commands.

5. PetSpy P620B Dog Shock Collar for Boxer

Wondering what a premium quality product stands for as PetSpy’s P620B impresses with its high-quality classic build and exceptional functionality. Designed for the masters of the game, this device is highly recommended by experts in dog training.

Its easy-to-operate transmission remote offers the blind operation, a helpful tool in promoting undivided attention towards your pet or pets instead of struggling with remote functions.

Encouraging good behavior and understanding your dog’s needs and behavior patterns are crucial for building a lasting bond with your pet. 

A bond that will surely build beautiful memories and eliminate all those second thoughts that you first held in your mind about adopting a pet. With PetSpy E-collars you can rest assured that your pets will soon learn to behave and make your home a loving space.


  • This is a professional piece of machinery that guarantees excellent performance and complete reliability.
  • The training modes available in this device can be customized easily to suit your dog’s temperament and size. A high level can be used for dogs with thick fur like German Shepherds and Huskies and a low level can be used for small and single-coated dogs like Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Boxers, etc.
  • The package includes two dog collars with additional collar prongs adjustable to training options.
  • The buttons on the remote are easily distinguishable so you can focus your attention on your dog and not be worried about pressing the wrong command button.
  • The collar is durable and 100% waterproof, allowing you to train your dog and let it explore its boundaries without fear of damaging the device.


  • The battery compartment isn’t easily accessible.
  • An occasional minor delay in the control and response system.

6. Bousnic Dog Shock Collar

An e-collar designed just for your pet, the Bousnic, is a perfect combination of design and performance, this is a must-have if you intend to put your money into a dependable device.

This is an upgraded version packed with some extra fancy features promising you a carefree experience whilst training your dog. The transmitter and receiver both are engineered to endure the worst and still guarantee you uninterrupted performance.

So you don’t need to worry about your dog exploring his boundaries and getting a little adventurous. The Bousnic Dog Shock Collar will ensure your dog obeys your every command.


  • Three easy-to-operate training modes so you can adjust your training method to achieve effective results.
  • The remote comes in a simple and sleek design allowing blind operation.
  • With a super impressive range of 1000ft, your dog can run freely and train in multiple spaces to improve its behavior and correct its social responses.
  • A mini e-collar, this remote is easy to carry around and comes in a non-slip material. All devices are waterproof and extremely durable.
  • Equipped with the most advanced set of lithium batteries, you can be confident your device will last a long time.


  • The remote is tiny and once placed in the pocket is slightly difficult to recover if required for immediate use.
  • Does not have a lock button on the remote so has to be switched off to avoid accidental shock.

7. SportDOG E-Collar for Boxers

A name that prides itself on manufacturing products that are created after elaborate tests and trials to award you the best options to tame your wild friend.

SportDOG e-collars are amongst the best in the market for their exceptional understanding of customer needs and their honest dedication to exploring all scenarios to come up with a product that looks after every aspect of dog training.

The company prides itself on its extensive research and development unit that tests every product in real-life situations to cover possible shortcomings and creates a product that lasts and resolves all problems that you can encounter while training your dog.

So be it struggles with a stubborn canine or the troubles of the great outdoors, SportDOG e-collars will aid you through and through. 


  • A brand name that speaks quality and durability, featuring a remote device that is super light and efficient in operations.
  • With additional collars, you can control 3 dogs on this device seeking support in the 3 effective levels of training modes and the additional 21 levels of stimulation to train the most stubborn dogs and contain a versatile range of dog behaviors.
  • The batteries offer a solid, long-lasting charge and the entire package comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Believing in their innovative DryTek Technology, you can let your dog explore the water beds or even take a quick dive in the pool. You can rest assured no harm will come to the collar.
  • Offering a 500-yard signal range this device is suitable for dogs 8 pounds and above.


  • The collar is designed from a material that can seem slightly stiff.
  • The Vibration command does not come with a separate button rather it is added as a setting option.

Things To Consider When Buying A Shock Collar For Boxers

I have found each of the above 7 best training collars for Boxers to be equally impressive and now that you have gone through each training collar, getting to know its specifications, and understanding the pros and cons, I’d like you to consider a few more things before making your final decision. 

1. Consider Your Price

Well, without even saying it this most definitely is the first thing for you to consider if you’re working on a tight budget and want something a little more economical than those super-expensive luxury gadgets. This list does hold a few budget-friendly pieces that are still super-efficient and deliver great performance. You will be making a good deal by buying a cheaper alternative that makes no compromise in quality.

2. Consider Your Usage

The purpose of your training affects the life and functionality of your devices. Do you plan to train your dog to behave within the family and protect against strangers or are you training a hunting partner or a dog for special needs?

Answers to these questions will help you understand how important certain features like batteries and custom stimulation levels can be in aiding your specific purpose.

I bet you cannot rely on a gadget whose battery needs more charging hours or does not last long to assist you in the wild on your next hunting trip… Right!

3. Consider Your Locality

Another thing to look out for is the space you’re training your dog in. your apartment arrangements, your surroundings, and the geography of the land… all things come into play to test the durability of the collar. 

If your dog is going to be exposed to the great outdoors more often with a possible chance of interactions with water or bad weather, you need a collar that can last the worst and is not just water resistant but 100% waterproof.

You also need a collar material that does not tear easily and does not give off a disgusting smell after a few dunks in the mud pool.

How do I stop my Boxer from pulling on the leash?

Pulling on the leash is one of the prime problems owners face when they walk their dogs. It’s understandable because they want free movement when the owners cannot afford that. Their free antics could lead to serious disasters especially when they are walking on the side of a road.

Pulling is generally thought of as a way for the dog to assert itself on you. So, you can never allow that. Otherwise, it’ll consider itself the boss around the house and make your life hell because of its spoilt behavior.

Here are the ways to stop your boxer from pulling on the leash and say goodbye to those possibilities once and for all.

1. Start training him from puppyhood

Puppies pull on their leashes as much as adults do. You have to instill the habit of not doing that right at that age. They are young, so it’s easy for you to get them to listen to you. You can keep them from pulling by teaching them to pay attention to your signals. 

For example, keep a treat in your hand and show it to the dog to get his attention when he tries to pull on the leash. When you are successful in doing that, you move the treat away from his area of interest to yours.

This way, he’ll stop pulling when he realizes the stimulant is gone. Also, it will reinforce the behavior positively. With time, he’ll realize that not pulling leads to the treat.

2. Do not give in to his pulling

It’s natural for dog owners to melt when their pets are adamant to get something. What they ignore is the fact that this encourages the behavior. Dogs are animals of cue and reward much like us.

In our case, we have a certain degree of control over the circle but animals do not.

They are slaves to their desires and inclinations. The moment they see their interest right before them, they forget who they are and start acting in a certain way.

Leash pulling could arise as one of the ways for your pet to indulge in its interests. It could spot a squirrel and want to go after it. You cannot allow that. So, instead of giving into his pulling, make sure that you discourage them with what I taught in step 1.

3. Keep a distance between your pet and stimuli

On a few walks, you’ll understand what your pet is interested in the most. It could be a car passing by, strangers, strangers’ dogs, other animals, or scents unknown.

While it may sound hard but keeping a distance between the stimuli and the animal sounds like the way to go when nothing else works. Remember, however, that mere distance may not do the deed. That’s where collars come in.

4. Invest in one of the collars on the list

One of the reasons why I shared the list with you was to help you tame your dog’s leash pulling. The training collars could help you correct their behavior with the press of a button.

Even though, some dogs may choose all-out war and still pull on the leash. In that case, you could bolster your defenses by using a martingale collar in tandem with a training collar. The former discourages leash pulling effectively when the latter fails and vice versa. 

5. Give it some time

Not all behaviors are corrected by the press of a button or snapping your fingers together. Things take time with everyone and dogs are no different. You have to give it time to reset and get used to your new ways of walking it.

Leash pulling will subside with time as an adult but it’s always best to start training your dog not to do it in its puppyhood.

Lastly, remember that a dog is a dog. It will still try to explore the way it wants. As an owner, allowing your pet to do that once in a while wouldn’t hurt.

Instead, it will further strengthen your relationship. Things only deteriorate when the dog does not listen to you because your methods aren’t effective.

Wrapping Up – The Winner

Hope that has been an informative read for you as it was for me. I did get to run through each feature and understand its importance and why it’s necessary whilst training. 

With shock collars, you can never be too careful but thanks to constant upgrades and advancements in technology, companies are implying more humane tools to aid training without harming the dogs. 

It is important to do your homework before spending money on a training collar especially for strong and muscular dogs like Boxers because as cute and harmless they may seem as pups they will soon grow into big dogs who love getting rough. 

The last thing you want to strain your relationship with your pet is constant purchases because your last collar just could not take on the pressure.

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Hi, my name is Scott. I am currently the trainer/behavior consultant for DoggoMag LLC for the past two years.
🎓: North Carolina State University
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