List of Best Training Collars for Boxers
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I Tried 7 different training collars for my Boxers and achieved fantastic results

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 26, 2024 by Linda Michaels

Many people mistakenly think these amazing dogs are aggressive and can cause serious harm. But I’m here to tell you it’s not entirely their fault. I mean, have you ever seen a Boxer up close? They’re big, strong, and can move pretty fast, which might even make experienced dog lovers a bit nervous.

But, as any experienced dog trainer will tell you, it’s not about how big they are; it’s about how they’re trained. Teaching these beautiful dogs to behave and respond to your commands isn’t just about taming their impressive physical abilities; it’s about building a strong and trusting connection between you and your furry friend.

Luckily, my husband and I set out on a mission to find the best training collar for our Boxers, an essential tool to help us with our training goals. It was a journey of research, trial, and error, but we eventually narrowed it down to a list of the best training collars for boxers.

What is the most humane dog training collar for a Boxer? 

That’s a question I’ve encountered countless times in my experience as a dog trainer, and it’s a crucial one for every responsible pet owner. Shock or training collars come in a multitude of options, each with varying intensity levels, as you can see in the table below.

But the real challenge lies in choosing the collar that suits your dog’s sensitivity level.

You see, you won’t often find yourself cranking the remote all the way to that ominous 100th level because, honestly, no dog can endure that kind of stimulation. So, how do you discern what’s truly humane for your furry friend?

Now, here’s where it gets interesting – it may sound counterintuitive, but collars with more intensity levels often translate to a more humane choice. Why, you ask? It’s all about the increments.

If you take a look at the table below, you’ll notice that the difference between two consecutive levels on a collar like Lu&Ba is more gradual compared to, say, Educator.

In essence, this means that selecting a training collar with more levels allows you to make fine-tuned adjustments, which can be essential in ensuring your dog’s comfort and safety during training.

It’s a bit like having a volume knob with many degrees of adjustment rather than just a few, giving you more precision in finding the right setting for your dog’s unique needs.

However, humane levels are just one aspect of the equation. As a conscientious dog trainer, I understand that you must consider other factors such as product cost, size, convenience, battery life, and more.

But don’t worry; I’ve delved deep into the details of each product, so you won’t encounter any difficulties in making the best choice for your beloved canine companion.

How do I stop my Boxer from pulling on the leash?

Pulling on the leash is one of the prime problems owners face when they walk their dogs. It’s understandable because they want free movement when the owners cannot afford that. Their free antics could lead to serious disasters especially when they are walking on the side of a road.

Pulling is generally thought of as a way for the dog to assert itself on you. So, you can never allow that. Otherwise, it’ll consider itself the boss around the house and make your life hell because of its spoilt behavior.

Here are the ways to stop your boxer from pulling on the leash and say goodbye to those possibilities once and for all.

1. Early Training is Key

They say an old dog can’t learn new tricks, but the same can’t be said for puppies. Start training your Boxer not to pull on the leash from a young age. These furry adventurers can be a bit headstrong, but their youth makes them more receptive to learning.

Use treats as a lure to grab their attention when they start tugging. Show them the treat and then move it away from their fixation. They’ll soon realize that not pulling on the leash is the way to get rewarded.

2. Don’t Give In to the Tug-of-War

I get it; your Boxer can give you those irresistible puppy eyes. But here’s the deal: if you give in to their pulling, you’re reinforcing their behavior.

Dogs, much like us, respond to cues and rewards. And when their interest lies just ahead, they’ll do whatever it takes to get there.

So, instead of surrendering to the leash tug, redirect their attention with treats or commands. It might take a little time, but they’ll come to understand that pulling doesn’t lead to rewards.

3. Create Space and Use Collars Wisely

As you and your Boxer take those walks, you’ll start noticing what grabs their attention – be it squirrels, strangers, or other animals. When keeping your distance doesn’t work, collars come into play.

Investing in a quality training collar, like the ones listed above, can make all the difference. These collars allow you to correct their behavior with a simple button press. However, some dogs may be quite the warriors and still pull away.

In such cases, using a martingale collar alongside a training collar can provide extra reinforcement. The martingale discourages leash pulling effectively when your training collar may not be enough.

4. Invest in one of the collars on the list

One of the reasons why I shared the list with you was to help you tame your dog’s leash pulling. The training collars could help you correct their behavior with the press of a button.

Even though, some dogs may choose all-out war and still pull on the leash. In that case, you could bolster your defenses by using a martingale collar in tandem with a training collar. The former discourages leash pulling effectively when the latter fails and vice versa. 

5. Patience is Your Best Ally

Remember, not all habits can be fixed overnight. Give it time, and your Boxer will gradually get used to the new leash-walking rules. Leash pulling often subsides as they mature, but it’s still best to instill good habits from a young age.

Lastly, while it’s important to maintain control during walks, don’t forget that your dog’s natural curiosity is part of their charm.

Allowing them some freedom to explore is healthy for their mental well-being and your bond with them. It’s only when they consistently refuse to listen that problems arise. So, be patient, be consistent, and you’ll soon have a well-behaved walking buddy by your side.

I’ve extensively reviewed each product, so you’ll bear no problem.

Overview of the Products On The List

Collar NameReceiver SizeNeck SizeDog SizeChargingStimulation Levels
Educator2.7″ x 1.7″ x 1.2″12″ to 23″15 to 20 lbs60 to 721 to 100
Lu&Ba2.36″ x 1.18″ x 0.78″6″ to 27″15 lbs to 100 lbs50 to 100+1 to 16
SportDOG Brand SD-425X2.6″ x 1.3″ x 1.23″5″ to 22″8 lbs or larger50 to 701 to 7
INVIROX2.3″ x 1.2″ x 1″8″ to 24.8″8 lbs to 110 lbs40 to 100+1 to 99
Garmin Pro 5503.1″ x 1.7″ x 1.7″8″ to 25″10 lbs to 120 lbs20 to 481 to 21
Vsezund2″ x 1.3″ x 1.2″8″ to 28″8 lbs to 120 lbs50 to 100+1 to 18
Bousnic2″ x 1.3″ x 1″6″ to 30″5 lbs to 120 lbs50 to 100+1 to 99
PetSpy P6202.9″ x 1.2″ x 1.3″9″ to 21″10 to 140 lbs7016
Garmin Alpha 1002.4″ x 2 x 2.18″ to 25″10 lbs to 120 lbs15 to 401 to 18

The List of Top Training Collars for Boxers

The following hand-picked products will help your cause!

1. NVK Dog Shock Collar

Battery Life and User-Friendly Remote

I absolutely love the battery life of the NVK training collar, and it’s a game-changer in this department. The remote not only allows for swift corrections, but it also has a handy feature that displays the collar’s battery level. No more guessing when you need to recharge!

This is something I’ve found lacking in other brands, making the NVK collar stand out. However, it’s not all sunshine and rainbows; changing between dogs can be a bit of a hassle. You have to hold down the side button while slowly turning the top knob to avoid accidentally skipping past your desired option.

With two dogs at hand, it can get tricky to ensure both receive quick corrections.

Multi-Dog Capability

If you’re juggling multiple dogs, the NVK collar’s ability to accommodate up to 4 dogs is a lifesaver. I often switch between my two dogs during training sessions, and it’s imperative that both receive timely corrections.

The NVK system helps with this. Although I’ve heard the collar beep randomly at times, it’s still a far better experience compared to the dogcare brand I used before.

Effective Training Tool

Despite the large size of the unit on the collar and the rather substantial hand controller, the NVK training collar is highly effective. My stubborn dogs respond well to it, and the results are worth the investment.

It’s a bit loud, though, which might startle some dogs. But in the end, it’s a small price to pay for the overall effectiveness of the collar. 

Great for Energetic Dogs

For those with energetic dogs, like my two Huskies, this collar is a savior. I use it to keep them within the property bounds and maintain discipline. It’s a matter of effective training; starting with a command, followed by the beep, and using the vibration if necessary. Shock is rarely needed, and when it is, it’s set on a low level. Now, they stay within the property and respond promptly when called. This collar is a game-changer for energetic pups.

Effective for Young Puppies

I was initially hesitant to use an E collar on my 5-month-old Boxer, but desperation led me to try the NVK collar. Within 24 hours, my pup transformed into a well-behaved dog. With a bit of training and some treats, he quickly grasped the concept. I hardly ever need to use the static feature; he responds well to the beep. I’m excited to see how it performs in water as he’s going swimming this summer.

The NVK training collar is a great investment for dog owners and trainers alike. It offers excellent battery life, multi-dog functionality, and effective training options.

While it’s not without its quirks, it’s still a standout choice in the world of training collars. Why do I recommend it? Simply put, it gets results, and the company stands by its product. Don’t hesitate; this collar is worth it.


  • It’s always a convenience to have options while training your little friend who’s the boss at home. With 3 different training modes in the collar, you can adjust commands according to what suits your dog the best.
  • The device holds a 2-in-1 charge cable that eases the process of charging both devices so you’re ready to go when it’s training time.
  • You never know when your dog will run into a puddle or decide to go jumping in the neighbor’s pool while you train. A waterproof collar is a money saver and lasts those playful water breaks.
  • The last thing you want is to accidentally shock your dog. Training requires focus and while you’re too focused on your dog’s actions, pressing the wrong button can harm your dog. Thankfully this device features a safety lock button to prevent this from happening.
  • The transmitter can extend up to 1600ft so your dog can enjoy the space and train easily without being restrained.


  • Switching between Dog 1 and Dog 2 takes a little time
  • The higher shock levels can be a little too powerful for a smaller dog

2. Educator

Initial Hesitations

I purchased this collar when my male Boxer was a year old. However, I initially had my doubts and shelved it for a while, given my lack of confidence and the chilly weather.

My Boxer was well-behaved on a leash, but his recall needed work. He would dart off as soon as we let him out, making me reconsider the E-Collar.

One-Day Transformation

Fast forward a year, and my now 2-year-old Boxer was still running off without a care in the world. That’s when I decided to give the Educator E-Collar a shot. I started with leash training, and in just 30 minutes, he was responding to the collar’s signals.

It’s crucial to find the right level for your dog, and my Boxer’s working level was a mere 10 out of 100. He quickly picked up on the vibrate and pulse signals, perfect for enforcing heel. The real test came when I took him off the leash.

He’d come running when I said “come,” even in the face of distractions. My once-wild Boxer was now obedient.

Off-Leash Freedom

The next day, I took him outside, and he stuck to me like glue, regardless of other dogs or people. Even around his playmate, a Mastiff, he was responsive to the collar and would return promptly when called. It’s incredible how, in just one day, my Boxer became remarkably obedient. He’s not scared; he’s happy, and I couldn’t be happier.

Training Success

I’ve used other training aids in the past, but none compare to the Educator E-Collar. This collar has made my life easier. My neighbors, intrigued by the transformation in my Boxer, are considering getting one for their dogs.

A Few Considerations

Before you dive into E-Collar training, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, be patient and attentive when setting the stimulation level for your dog. What works indoors may not be sufficient outside. I also tested the stimulation on myself to understand what my Boxer felt.

I must mention, though, that the collar can be sensitive, and it’s easy to accidentally trigger it, especially if it’s in your pocket. My Boxer got a shock at a higher level a few times, which wasn’t ideal, but with careful handling, it shouldn’t be a significant issue.

A Game-Changer for Boxers

The Educator E-Collar has been a game-changer in our training journey. It allows my Boxer the freedom to roam without a leash, and he responds promptly to commands. The frustration of chasing after him is a thing of the past. I’ve even been able to keep my gate open with confidence, knowing he won’t escape.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

I highly recommend the Educator E-Collar for Boxer owners and anyone dealing with a stubborn, energetic pup.

It’s easy to set up, charges quickly and has long-lasting battery life. This collar has truly made our training sessions a breeze, and my Boxer is now a well-behaved, happy companion.

What Makes It Different?

The stop-watch-like remote is built for blind usage. It’s an unorthodox design you don’t see often.


  • The receiver is really easy to carry around
  • The operations on the device are user-friendly and even a newbie can manage to work the settings in the first few go.
  • The added tapping sensation can also prove very effective in alerting your dog it’s time to behave before the real warnings come.
  • An adjustable stimulation level backed by an even more efficient boost stimulus so you have many options to choose from and can even get those stubborn dogs to respond to your commands.
  • The biothane collar is quite durable as it is waterproof, rustproof, and stinkproof so you don’t have to keep buying new ones after every rough use.


  • Needs to be manually changed from vibration to tapping.
  • Needs a little getting used to in the beginning.

3. DogCare Remote Dog Training Collar

Watch Out for the Prongs

One crucial note right off the bat – this collar came with metal prongs but without the rubber pieces attached.

This is a crucial detail that you should not overlook. Neglecting to attach the rubber pieces can lead to raw necks for your furry friend, which is far from ideal. It’s essential to make sure those rubber pieces are in place before use.

Effective Training with Positive Reinforcement

The Dogcare collar offers three functions: beep, vibrate, and shock. I found that these functions work just fine for my two Boxers. Positive reinforcement training in conjunction with this collar seems to be the magic recipe for success.

While the collar does its part, remember that good behavior tends to vanish when the collar is off. This means that consistent training and pairing the collar with your commands are key.

Effective Boundaries for Your Dog

I recently adopted a new dog, and I needed a way to keep my two stray cats safe while ensuring my dog didn’t charge at the fence when people passed by. With some strategic training, I introduced my dog to the collar.

Starting with having him hear the beep and feel the vibrate while not wearing the collar, he quickly associated these signals with boundaries.

In just two days, the beep on his neck became a game-changer. Whenever he ran toward the fence, the beep stopped him in his tracks. I only had to use the vibration function twice when he wanted to approach the outdoor cat.

The shock option was never necessary for my dog, but I tested it on my arm to gauge its levels. It’s important to note that even at level 6, it felt like a mere flick, which speaks to the collar’s humane design.

I’ve been lucky with how my dog responds, but it’s essential to understand that this collar is a training assist device, not a quick fix for the perfect pet.

Easy to Use and Reliable

I hadn’t used a training collar for over 20 years, and I was pleasantly surprised by how the Dogcare collar performed. It serves my purpose well, curbing the dogs’ jumping and barking while ensuring they stay in our yard.

The beeping and vibrating functions are especially effective at getting their attention, now that they know these cues align with his name being called.

A Few Considerations

The Dogcare collar provides ample length for adjustment, but you might need to trim it to prevent it from dangling excessively. The battery life on the collar could be improved, as frequent recharging can become somewhat inconvenient.

Also, make sure to charge both the collar and the remote for the recommended four hours upon initial use to ensure they function properly.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

The product is perfect for owners with multiple pets under the same roof.

What Makes It Different?

The company has removed the complexity of managing more pets by introducing simple remote controls.


  • The comfort of adjusting settings according to your dog’s behavior patterns is indeed a convenience this device grants you.
  • A secure option to save your dog from unnecessary harm by locking keypad controls.
  • One remote takes charge of 9 collars which is truly a budget-friendly option if you have more than one dog. Plus it would be totally impossible and super confusing to carry separate remotes for each dog. 
  • The collar can be easily loosened to fit your dog’s neck and causes no harm to the skin.
  • You can train your dog in open spaces with ease as the device can pick up signals around a 330-yard radius with batteries lasting long to ensure uninterrupted training sessions.


  • Slightly large to fit in the pocket
  • The receiver cannot be switched off

4. PetSafe Remote Training Collar

Efficacy: An Impressive Recall Device

The PetSafe Dog Collar offers three main functions: sound, vibration, and static shock. Surprisingly, I found that I only needed the sound option for my Boxer, and it worked remarkably well as a recall device.

When my pup got into a barking frenzy, which Boxers are known for, using the sound was a game-changer. With just one beep, my dog’s ears perked, and she swiftly returned to the house porch.

This quick response was particularly impressive since it usually takes a good deal of yelling to grab her attention during these frenzied moments. It’s like the collar has an uncanny power to cut through her mania, making her return in an instant. 

My Boxer is a mix of Staffy and Hound, known for their stubborn barking tendencies. Her deep, bellowing voice and slight bay-ish sound only add to the challenge of curbing her enthusiasm.

With this collar, one beep stops her 95% of the time, a remarkable feat considering her nature.

The collar also proved invaluable during outdoor activities. While riding my horse, I ensured my dog’s safety by reminding her to follow my commands.

In situations where she might become too protective around people, dogs, or horses, a quick beep brought her back in line, without the need to raise my voice.

It’s a useful tool for maintaining control and safety, especially when encountering unfriendly people, dogs, or passing vehicles. 

Range: Good Coverage for Medium-Sized Properties

My property spans 2 acres, with 1 acre dedicated to the dogs and the other for the horses. With an almost square layout and no obstructions, I was pleased to find that the sound signal reached across both acres.

While it fell short by about 20 feet on the second acre, this collar provided excellent coverage. I could comfortably stand on one end of the property and have the collar effectively reach almost to the other edge.

Even when inside my home, I could still make the collar beep if my dog was barking in the dog yard. I appreciate this feature, especially since my neighbor seems more concerned about my dog‘s barking than our other one.

Battery Life: Satisfactory and Long-Lasting

So far, the battery life of the collar and the remote has been quite impressive. I usually charge the collar about once a week, keeping it on from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. daily.

The remote, on the other hand, needed just a single charge over the course of two months. My roommate kindly charged it, but it wasn’t due to low battery but rather out of convenience.

Overall Assessment: A Valuable Training Tool

In conclusion, the PetSafe Dog Collar proved to be a valuable addition to my dog training toolkit. It effectively addresses the barking issues that can plague Boxers and similar breeds, providing a humane and efficient way to communicate and redirect their behavior.

While it might not be the ideal choice for extremely sensitive dogs due to the lack of adjustable vibration levels, it works wonders with more headstrong canines, especially when used with proper training techniques. 

That said, a couple of areas could see improvements, such as longer battery life for the collar and an option to control it remotely without manual adjustment.

However, considering its efficacy, these issues can be overlooked when you have a wild Boxer to manage. For any dog owner looking to enhance their training efforts, the PetSafe Dog Collar is certainly worth considering.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

It has a handy remote that even novice owners can operate professionally after a week of use.

What Makes It Stand Out?

The buttons have indications for blind usage and the LCD takes most of the remote’s real estate.


  • No need to drag your dog while they learn to understand its boundaries. With a 300-yard agreeable range, you can train your dog inside the house, in your backyard, and even in the park.
  • The easiest of command controls one can find in the market. Easily managed in the palm of your hand, digital and separate controls for tone and stimulation so you can never make an accidental mix-up.
  • Created with the finest nylon that fits all dogs and is waterproof to avoid accidental damage.
  • The manufacturer is a globally trusted brand that guarantees their product will deliver on its promise and aid you in building better bonds of understanding with your pet.
  • Comes with the comfort of a quick charge adaptor so you don’t have to wait long to get that training started.


  • The buttons all bear the same color so could be confusing at first
  • Labels aren’t added to commands.

5. PetSpy P620B Dog Shock Collar

Beep – A Treat-Worthy Behavior Prompt

The beep function on this collar is a godsend for training my rambunctious pup. As a reward-based trainer, I found it extremely effective in teaching behaviors that deserve praise and treats.

When a 7-month-old Boxer I was training responded to the beep with a desirable action, she got a tasty treat. The results were impressive. She quickly associated the sound with a potential threat and readily complied with my commands. 

Vibration – A Mixed Bag for My German Shepherd

However, I noticed that the vibration feature didn’t work as well with my German Shepherd when she was engrossed in her adventures. It might just be her personality, and it could potentially work better for other breeds.

Nevertheless, the vibration mode seems to fall short for my pup.

Shock – A Last Resort

I’ve had to resort to the shock feature when my puppy decided it was a grand game to tug at my older Kelpie’s neck or collar. I don’t use high settings, and it’s usually enough to get her to release her grip.

She’s learning that this action isn’t fun when a gentle shock interrupts her antics. She responds by letting go, although she follows it up with barking at her older companion.

I’m working on transitioning to a beep signal followed by a treat, which is a work in progress.

Why Do I Recommend It?

Switching between channels is not only easy but also secure.

What Makes It Different?

The receivers are ergonomic.


  • This is a professional piece of machinery that guarantees excellent performance and complete reliability.
  • The training modes available in this device can be customized easily to suit your dog’s temperament and size. A high level can be used for dogs with thick fur like German Shepherds and Huskies and a low level can be used for small and single-coated dogs like Dachshunds, Chihuahuas, Boxers, etc.
  • The package includes two dog collars with additional collar prongs adjustable to training options.
  • The buttons on the remote are easily distinguishable so you can focus your attention on your dog and not be worried about pressing the wrong command button.
  • The collar is durable and 100% waterproof, allowing you to train your dog and let it explore its boundaries without fear of damaging the device.


  • The battery compartment isn’t easily accessible.
  • An occasional minor delay in the control and response system.

6. Bousnic Dog Shock Collar

A Lifesaver for Managing Rowdy Play

Before I got my hands on this product, I was juggling the never-ending play sessions of my two Boxers. They were a handful, and I couldn’t seem to rein in their playfulness.

But after I charged and started using the Bousnic collar, I noticed an incredible transformation. The biting and constant roughhousing stopped almost instantly. It was as if my dogs finally understood the rules of the game.

Reliable Year-Long Performance

I must commend the Bousnic collar for its outstanding performance over a year of usage. The system has held up remarkably well, maintaining its efficiency.

Its durability impressed me. It didn’t waver even after enduring the occasional rough and tumble with my playful Boxers. The robust construction has undoubtedly stood the test of time.

Effective on Stubborn Breeds

My household features two diverse breeds – a Boxer mix and a Rhodesian Ridgeback. Both breeds are known for their strong-willed nature. When I employed the Bousnic collar during our nightly off-leash walks, my stubborn Husky quickly learned to heed the warning beep.

For my Boxer mix, the collar has been a savior. She responds impeccably to the beep and, when necessary, the vibrate function. These modes have been sufficient to capture her focus and get her back in line.

It also came in handy for curbing her impulse to chase after other animals. With just a simple beep, they’d snap to attention and return to my side, ready to obey my commands.

Versatility and Long-Lasting Battery Life

I’ve been amazed by the Bousnic collar’s versatility. It’s capable of managing both my Boxer mix’s wayward tendencies for a little extra guidance. The collar boasts an impressive battery life.

I typically charge it every week or so, even with daily usage. This battery longevity is a definite plus, especially for those who use the vibrate and shock functions frequently.

The prong extensions on the collar also come in handy, particularly for my Husky’s thick coat.

One Shock in an Emergency

While I prefer the non-shock options, I once had to employ the electric shock in a critical situation. My Boxer mix had darted towards the highway after a neighbor’s dog, and I needed an immediate response to ensure her safety.

I reluctantly used the shock, and she turned around, yelped, and returned to safety. The shock was painful but necessary to prevent a potentially tragic incident.

The Bousnic Shock Collar has proven to be an essential tool in my dog training arsenal. Its long-lasting performance, versatility, and proactive customer support are commendable.

Though the shock feature should be a last resort, its availability can be crucial in emergencies. These collars are highly recommended, especially for those with energetic or stubborn breeds.

Why Do I Recommend It?

It’s suitable for dogs large and small. This is your product if you own more than one breed of different sizes.

What Makes It Different Than Others?

The nylon used here is premium quality.


  • Three easy-to-operate training modes so you can adjust your training method to achieve effective results.
  • The remote comes in a simple and sleek design allowing blind operation.
  • With a super impressive range of 1000ft, your dog can run freely and train in multiple spaces to improve its behavior and correct its social responses.
  • A mini e-collar, this remote is easy to carry around and comes in a non-slip material. All devices are waterproof and extremely durable.
  • Equipped with the most advanced set of lithium batteries, you can be confident your device will last a long time.


  • The remote is tiny and once placed in the pocket is slightly difficult to recover if required for immediate use.
  • Does not have a lock button on the remote so has to be switched off to avoid accidental shock.

7. SportDOG E-Collar

A Versatile Training Solution

I turned to the SportDog FieldTrainer to help teach my Boxer better leash manners and curb her enthusiasm when encountering other people at the park. One of the standout features of this system is the three distinct buttons on the remote, each offering different levels of correction.

I mainly rely on the gentlest setting – the “light” level. However, my Boxer’s reaction isn’t always crystal clear. Sometimes, she seems to respond to it well, but other times, it’s a bit tricky to gauge.

On rare occasions, I’ve had to employ the “medium” level, which elicited a yelp, confirming its effectiveness.

Trial and Error: Finding the Right Fit

When it comes to e-collars, the key factor is the snugness of the collar and the thickness of your dog’s fur. My experience underscores that it often involves some experimentation.

You must find the sweet spot that ensures consistent contact while avoiding discomfort. So, be prepared to fine-tune the fit for the best results.

The Need for Frequent Recharging

One minor drawback I’ve encountered is the frequent need for recharging. Requiring a charge every two days can be quite a hassle, especially for active dog owners. An extended battery life would undoubtedly be a welcome improvement.

Effective Remote Training for a Range of Breeds

The SportDog FieldTrainer isn’t just for Boxers; it’s a versatile training tool suitable for a variety of breeds.

By closely observing my dog’s behavior via a webcam, I was able to provide timely “reminders” when she attempted to snatch food from the counter or rummage through the trash.

A Few Practical Tips for Using the Collar

For those considering using e-collars, I’d like to offer some valuable advice. First, it’s crucial that your dog comprehends your commands before you start resorting to shock therapy.

E-collars are not a tool for teaching basic commands; they’re more effective for reinforcing already learned behaviors.

Second, try the shock levels on yourself. It might sound uncomfortable, but it fosters a more deliberate approach when you do need to apply a correction. Always start with the lowest level that your dog responds to.

Lastly, it’s advisable not to strap the collar too tightly. Overly tight collars can lead to puncture wounds, which are painful and unnecessary.

Opt for a snug fit, ensuring that the prongs make contact with the skin. Keep an eye on the collar to avoid any skin irritation.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

The SportDog FieldTrainer is an effective tool for dog training, both indoors and outdoors. Its ability to provide timely reminders and corrections has made a significant difference in my dog’s behavior.

Though it might need frequent recharging, the results and versatility make it a valuable addition to any dog owner’s training toolkit.

What Makes It Stand Out?

SportDog’s patent quality is unparalleled.


  • A brand name that speaks quality and durability, featuring a remote device that is super light and efficient in operations.
  • With additional collars, you can control 3 dogs on this device seeking support in the 3 effective levels of training modes and the additional 21 levels of stimulation to train the most stubborn dogs and contain a versatile range of dog behaviors.
  • The batteries offer a solid, long-lasting charge and the entire package comes with a 1-year warranty.
  • Believing in their innovative DryTek Technology, you can let your dog explore the water beds or even take a quick dive in the pool. You can rest assured no harm will come to the collar.
  • Offering a 500-yard signal range this device is suitable for dogs 8 pounds and above.


  • The collar is designed from a material that can seem slightly stiff.
  • The Vibration command does not come with a separate button rather it is added as a setting option.

Things To Consider When Buying A Shock Collar For Boxers

In my experience as a dog trainer, I’ve learned that choosing the right shock collar for your Boxer involves more than just the collar itself.

Here are some key considerations to ponder before making your final decision:

1. Price Matters

First things first, your budget. If you’re keeping a close eye on your wallet, fret not. There are budget-friendly options on this list that deliver top-notch performance.

You can strike a fantastic deal by opting for an affordable alternative that doesn’t skimp on quality. Remember, you don’t have to break the bank to get effective training gear.

2. Tailor Your Choice to Your Needs

The purpose behind your dog’s training plays a significant role in the collar you should choose. Are you training your Boxer for family life, protective duties, or perhaps hunting or specialized tasks?

Your answers to these questions directly impact your choice of features. Battery life, customizable stimulation levels, and other specs become paramount when you’re clear about your training objectives.

Imagine being out in the wild on a hunting expedition with a collar that demands frequent charging. That’s a recipe for disaster.

3. Your Environment Matters

Your dog’s training environment matters more than you might think. Whether you’re living in an apartment, a spacious home, or preparing your Boxer for outdoor adventures, your collar’s durability comes into play.

Environmental factors like water exposure and harsh weather conditions can take a toll on your gear.

For adventurous pups, a waterproof collar is a must. It should withstand the elements and not give in when things get wet. Look for materials that won’t tear easily or develop unpleasant odors after an encounter with a mud puddle.

After all, the last thing you want is a collar that falls apart when you need it most.

So, when you’re on the hunt for the perfect shock collar for your Boxer, remember to weigh these factors carefully.

Your budget, training objectives, and the environment where you and your furry friend operate all play a vital role in your decision-making process.

A well-informed choice will lead to a successful training experience for both you and your Boxer.

Wrapping Up

I hope you’ve found this journey through the world of shock collars for Boxers as enlightening as I have. As a dog trainer, I’ve had my fair share of experiences with various training tools, and I must say that shock collars have come a long way.

It’s essential to recognize the strides made in technology, as these innovations have led to more humane and effective training methods. The well-being of our furry companions should always be a top priority.

When it comes to Boxers, those bundles of energy and muscle, it’s crucial to choose the right training collar wisely. Puppies grow into powerful dogs, and what may seem cute and harmless as a pup can quickly turn into a challenge for even the most robust training tools.

Nobody wants to strain their bond with their four-legged friend through constant collar replacements. So, before you invest your hard-earned money, take the time to research and understand the features that will best suit your Boxer’s needs.

In this evolving landscape of dog training equipment, I’m confident that you’ll find a shock collar that not only suits your Boxer but also enhances your training experience, making it a more harmonious and effective journey for both you and your loyal companion. Happy training!

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