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7 Best Training/Shock Collars for Small Dogs [8 to 15 lbs]

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Last Updated/Info Checked on October 25, 2023 by Linda Michaels

Small dogs from 8 to 15 lbs have different size requirements.

But with size, I’d like for you to concentrate on the receiver’s size as well. A bigger receiver will be heavier for the dog, and I’ve seen dogs show signs of distress.

Starting with my Milo, I had to change the collars that I normally used for bigger breeds just because of that. In the process, I found the following best shock collars for small dogs and after them, I didn’t look back.

Now whoever asks for recommendations or when I have to use them myself, I choose any of these and begin training with full confidence. I’m sure the list will help you as well.

Are Shock Collars OK for small dogs?

Small dogs have less bearing capacity than large ones. The training collars for them should have stimulations that go easy on them. Those are the types that are okay; the ones you can use to train your dogs. As octaffle on Reddit notes, it’s more how you use the collar that makes a difference than the actual product itself.

What I mean by that is you’re supposed to use the following collars humanely and practice caution when dealing with small dogs. The following products check all the boxes so you won’t have to spend hours researching the right one.

The List of 7 Best Shock Collars for Small Dogs

Let’s begin the list.

Choosing the Right Collar for Your Small Dogs

Collar NameReceiver SizeNeck SizeDog SizeCharging HoursStimulation Levels
DT Systems IDT-Plus Micro2″ x 1.5″ x 1″8″ to 25″10 lbs to 110 lbs12 to 241 to 16
Bousnic2″ x 1.3″ x 1″6″ to 30″5 lbs to 120 lbs50 to 100+1 to 99
PetSpy M6862.9″ x 1.6″ x 1.6″8″ to 27″10 lbs to 140 lbs48 to 1001 to 8
MAISOIE 2.75″ x 1.57″ x 0.98″9″ to 26″15 lbs to 100 lbs50 to 100+1 to 10
Lu&Ba2.36″ x 1.18″ x 0.78″6″ to 27″15 lbs to 100 lbs50 to 100+1 to 16
ABBIDOT2.3″ x 1.3″ x 1″7″ to 27″8 lbs to 100 lbs50 to 100+1 to 16
HKZOOI2.8″ x 1.3″ x 1″8″ to 25″10 lbs to 100 lbs60 to 100+1 to 5

1. DT Systems IDT-Plus – Best Shock Collar for Small Dogs

Adjustable Collar

The DT Systems make shock collars for small or extra small dogs 10 lbs or less. You’ll find IDT-Plus in that list, but the adjustable strap could also be used for 100 lbs dogs, according to my experience.

That means you’ll have to cut the strap for minute dogs, much like most of the products in this list, only that you can’t. The collar has a built-in antenna, so it’s not recommended to be cut.

But you can get creative and use something to fasten the extra strap around the dog’s neck especially sensitive. It’s hard to find a super tiny collar for a super tiny dog, and this is the compromise we trainers had to make.


In terms of effectiveness, it’s off the roof, really. You get 16 static levels with vibration, all programmed in an ergonomic remote that’s easy to hold and has an impressive grip.

There’s no beep, but the vibration is enough to work in all instances.

Most of the poodles listened to vibration more than the shock, and I only had to go up to level 3 for those who’d get wild around the opposite sex.

For the stubborn ones, you may either go beyond that threshold or simply use the continuous shock button located right underneath the “nick” button.

The remote has nothing else on the face, which is good because you won’t have to worry about accidentally pressing anything.

Why Do I Recommend It?

IDT-Plus is a micro-dog system. It gives you the freedom to train dogs less than 10 lbs. The receiver may be a little big for them, but considering functionality is right on the spot. I recommend the collar for this and the fact that you can train multiple dogs at a time.

What Makes It Different From Others?

It is a very handy collar with sufficient vibraitons that work wonders for deaf dogs.


  • Train more than 1 dog with the same remote
  • Easy to use remote
  • Short effective prongs
  • Small range for small dogs


  • Can’t cut off the extra strap

2. Bousnic Dog Training Collars for Small Dogs (8-120lbs)

Bousnic has become a household name in the shock collar industry for its cheap yet surprisingly effective products. The one I’m reviewing here has helped a lot in training dogs, small and large.

Unlike IDT-Plus, you can cut off the extra strap when you fit the rest around your dog’s neck. The collar’s nylon, so it’s super easy to do that.

Gentle Stimulations

I’m talking about 8 lbs to 120 lbs when I say small dogs that could be trained with it. And since they don’t have the capacity to bear the stimulation of the likes of Dogtra of Educator E-Collar, they could easily be trained with Bousnic, for it has mild stimulations. 

There are 16 adjustable levels with beep and vibration features. If you ask me, I’d say they aren’t that hot. But each dog has its capacity, so do check them on your hand or arm before trying them on your pet.

User-Friendly Remote Interface But No Backlight

Using the remote for that is a breeze. There are only three buttons so far to trigger each stimulation. Using them has been made convenient because of the raised indications. 

However, there is no backlight, so you’ll have to shine a light to see them in the dark.

You get a keypad lock as well if you’re concerned about hitting any button accidentally, whether it’s in the dark or light.

Small Receiver for Small Dogs

Talking about the collars, the receiver is small enough for a small dog to not feel weighed down by it. They have a small green LED to show that they’re turned on.

Unfortunately, the remote has no battery bars to show the battery level of the collars.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

It’s fashionable, tiny, and yet effective. The remote has a keypad lock, and you get to train two dogs with one!

What Makes It Different From Others?

Training two dogs at a time for a novice becomes extremely easy, thanks to the simplicity of the remote and the collar.


  • Sleep design
  • Huge LCD on the remote
  • Smaller receiver 
  • Lightweight product


  • No battery indication for the collars

3. PetSpy M686 – Best Shock Collar for Extra Small Dogs

PetSpy is my go-to brand when I’m looking for a collar suitable for small or docile dogs. The M686, in this regard, works well compared to other models, such as the P620. Here’s why:

Static Stimulation Test

The stimulation levels are only 8, and they are just right for pups below 15 lbs. You could also use this shock collar for larger or hunter dogs who listen but require small corrections on the way.

You can choose between the levels from the dial, where the 9th slot is for vibration. You’ll have to activate the feature before sending vibrations. The tone, however, requires no prior setting.

Tone Test

It’s really the tone that has worked for many dogs that I’ve trained with M686. I remember one particular 15 lb Pekingese with a knack for attacking his brothers, especially when females were around.

The breed has exceptionally long hair, and thankfully, the long prongs were available with the product. 

I didn’t need the prongs at all, so I used the silicone caps to cut off the charge. Doing that seemed plausible because the tone worked like a charm.

Sturdy Collar

Besides the remote, the collar is a major upgrade from the rest. It’s sturdy, easy to put on, and the receiver isn’t large!

Why Do I Recommend This Product?

Buy PetSpy M686 for the small-sized collar. You may not have to cut the extra strap for 15 lbs dogs!

What Makes It Different From The Rest?

The overall sturdiness of the collar and the fact that its tone works better than most of its competitors makes it stand out for small dogs.


  • Appropriate size for small dogs
  • Easy-to-use remote with colored indications
  • Nick and continuous shocks are easily accessible
  • LED indication on the collar shows if it’s turned on


  • No LCD on the remote

4. MAISOIE Training Collar for Small Dogs

Loud Tone

Maisoie was the first collar I used on my 6 lbs Poodle, Milo. It worked better than most small dog collars because of the tone! It’s louder for one and, therefore, quite an attention grabber. You’ll feel as if you’re using a clicker.

Static Stimulations Are Hot

Talking about the static shocks, yes, they come in use often for a small dog but be careful because they can get pretty intense. Rely on the beep and vibration, for starters.

Odd But Intelligent Design

Accessing the features from the remote has been made convenient. The design is a bit odd, but your thumb will find the buttons lined on the remote in a wayward way.

Possibly, they did that to help you memorize the layout, and honestly, I did!

My only concern was the size of the receiver. It’s not big, but it bulges more than other products making it visible from afar. You won’t mind that because there’s a round geeky circle LED to make it look futuristic. 

Two Collars, One Remote

This is a two-collar system, by the way, so make sure you’ve turned on the right switch for the right dog.

However, there’s no way the remote remembers settings individually for each dog. So, there’s a lot of manual switching involved in the operation. 

That’s a good thing because, at its price, you get a remote that gives you fewer chances of hitting the wrong key.

Why Do I Recommend It?

Highly suitable for puppies and dogs from 8 lbs to 15 lbs. 

What Makes It Different From Other Products?

It’s a two-collar system with thunderous tone enough to train your pup without the need for static shocks.


  • Tone works better than other products.
  • Manual operation means you can tweak it accordingly
  • The collar size is just right for even an 8 lbs dog
  • Thoughtfully placed buttons for easy memorization
  • Cheap 


  • Manual setting for each dog

5. Lu&Ba Small Dog Training Collars

Lu&Ba is another product that I’ve used for small dogs. I highly recommend it to those owners who want to hide the remote from their pets.

You have every right to do that because some breeds, such as Chihuahuas, can get collar smart pretty soon. 

Blind Usage Possible

The remote’s layout is also quite convenient for blind usage because the buttons are prominent with indications for touch and the front do not have other keys at all.


Talking about its efficacy, it has 16 levels of shock, all very humble and soft on a petite dog. You’d probably need level 2 for most breeds. I’ve used it on a medium Chihuahua to control its barking, and it worked wonders.

Potent Tone and Vibrations

The beep and vibrations are equally potent. I felt that the beep could have been made a bit loud but the buzz is extremely well made. Most of the time, you’ll use it to train your dog.


There’s an LCD right at the bottom that shows its battery level and which channel you’re on, but it’s the dedicated orange light that turns on around the logo that’ll cheer you up. It’s a warm glow!

Compact Receiver

Speaking of the collar, you’ll find the receiver small. The fact that it’s round makes it further suitable for small dogs.

Why Do I Recommend It?

I recommend it for its ingenious remote control.

What Makes It Different From Others?

The intuitive design makes this product worthwhile for novice users.


  • Easy to use
  • Non-slip remote
  • Small receiver makes it comfortable for small dogs
  • Consistent range


  • You’ll have to wake up the remote after 30 seconds.

6. ABBIDOT Tiny Shock Collar for Small Dogs 5-15lbs

Abbidot and Lu&Ba have many parallels, such as the remote and collar designs, button layout, range, and stimulation levels.

However, I’ve chosen to review this one because, one, it’s from a different company, and two, it works for an 8 lbs dog.

Comfortable Collar

Abbidot has been generous enough to give a lengthy strap than Lu&Ba, but we don’t need that much for small dogs, do we? The extra strap can easily curl inward and for a fact, make the collar comfortable for your dog.

Battery Life Test

My experience training a 12 lbs Akita with it was phenomenal. The charge went for a whole week after a single charge.

Tone Serves As A Fruitful Alternative To Shock

Compared to the shock, it was the tone that made the difference. For some dogs in my line of work, the shocks were a bit too much, so be careful with that.

Signal Range Test

The collar is as impressive as that of Lu&Ba. With a small receiver, it can correct a dog for up to 3000 feet without losing a single signal. Just as the previous one, it offers consistent corrections.

Anti-Slip Test

In all its goodness, you’ll find the remote bigger and not as slip-proof as Lu&Ba’s. Gladly, though, there are more indicators shown on the LCD. 

Why Do I Recommend It?

I recommend the collar for an 8 lbs dog. The collar size is appropriate for a petite pet.

What Makes It Different From Other Products?

The signal consistency over the range is impressive.


  • Comfortable collar strap
  • Long-lasting battery life
  • Lightweight 
  • Has the right size for a small dog


  • Bulky remote

7. HKZOOI Smallest Shock Collar

Another dual-collar product, the Hkzooi has been on my mind from the day I used it. It’s super cheap, built for two dogs (you can train a single dog, too), and entirely easy to use.

Catchy But Bulky Remote

First off, the remote control is very catchy. The orange color takes everyone by surprise. But considering its width, it may be bulky for small hands, so make sure you know what you’re asking for.

Simple Layout

Secondly, I had no problem whatsoever using the remote because of the layout. In terms of functionality, however, you may have to compromise a bit. There are good and bad in the way it performs.

For example, the shock works only when you press it for a second. The good is that you won’t accidentally shock your pooch, but the bad is that your dog may receive a delayed shock.

Beep and Vibrations

The delayed shock is the reason why I rely on the beep and vibration of cheap products like this one. And boy, these two features perform as you want. The vibration isn’t an on-off thing but is a continuous buzz for a few seconds.

On the other hand, the tone is loud enough for the dog to hear. It works phenomenally for positive reinforcement.

Separate Settings for Each Channel

Speaking of which, the remote allows separate vibration and shock settings for each collar. This way, your dogs get individual correction without you fiddling with the technical aspect. 

Why Do I Recommend It?

For one, it’s cheap. But considering its price, it outperforms many costly ones I know. Secondly, you get two collars with a remote that remembers the settings for each.

What Makes It Different From Others?

Static shock aside, the tone and vibrations quality at this price wins over the rest.


  • Easy to use
  • Catchy style
  • Shock boost available 
  • Safest collar you could find 
  • Perfect for backyard walking


  • You’ll have to tighten the collar further for a snug fit.

Before leaving, here’s a video to help you train your small dog:

Final Analysis

Small dogs may need corrections for multiple things, such as nipping, barking excessively, jumping, and more. However, you can’t just use any collar you pick without looking at its applicability. 

Some collars touted to be for small, medium, and large dogs still have limitations. They may not be suitable for an 8 lb dog, for example.

This is where my hand-picked recommendations for “Best Shock Collars for Small Dogs” come in. I’ve tested them for small dogs from 8 to 15 lbs, so make your pick and see how your dog changes from a nuisance to a sweet angel.

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