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This page was last updated on 17 March 2023.

The only K9 breed whose bark is worse than its bite is chihuahuas. And I know most of the chihuahua keepers will agree with me.

Even though I have never owned this scrawny little dog myself, one of my neighbors owns quite a few of them.

In fact, the whole neighborhood is disturbed by their yapping bunch.

Fortunately, the Smiths (name changed for obvious reasons) are good people. And when they realized how upset the whole neighborhood was because of their precious pooch pack’s constant barking, they went ahead and sought out the best bark collars for chihuahuas.

Heck, they even came to me for suggestions.

Now, I am not a big fan of chihuahuas, but if putting on bark collars on them meant a good night’s sleep for me, and the whole neighborhood, I was game.

So, out came my thinking hat as I started asking about these collars on dog lover forums and dog enthusiast meetups.

The List of Best Bark/Shock Collars for Chihuahua That Helps Correct Barking

The search for the bark collars hit me with a realization that chihuahua is a very popular breed among dog keepers. That realization transformed into the reason for the compilation of this list.

Ergo, if you own these peanut-sized pooches and want a collar to disrupt their barking sessions, consider one of the following options:

chihuahua training collar

1. Educator E-Collar for Chihuahua

The Educator E-Collar is specially designed for unrelenting dogs. Talk about Chihuahua and its barking spree, thus, this one will serve you for months to come.

The highlight of the whole product is its 100 levels of stimulation levels. They give you unbounded freedom to choose just the right level beyond which your Chihuahua has no option but to shut up for once. 

After that, I’d like you to consider how well-made the remote is. A dialed look makes it a little unorthodox but that’s where the convenience for you to hold it well dwells. Your hand can wrap around it firmly enough.

Add a lanyard to it, and you won’t lose the remote even when you’re jumping around with the Chihuahua in one of its obedience training.

The remote’s layout is simple as well. It facilitates your fingers hitting the right places. Not missing out on buttons help you stay put in the training and when a dog trainer like me says something like that, trust it.

In terms of buttons, there’s a stimulation button to the left with a stimulation boost button, colored red. The dial sits proudly with the antenna and the tapping sensation button lives alone on the left side.

In two-dog mode, the tapping button doubles down as the mode selection button as well.

So, be careful when choosing the product for your Chihuahua. I’d want you to go with a one-dog system for a single Chihuahua because of the handy tapping sensation. 

Since these dogs are brilliantly smart, using the tapping sensation only a few times followed by the zap will condition them to respect the tap eventually.

I’ve had success with these dogs where I’d only have to tap them once and they’ll be back wagging their tails, not barking for once!

The stimulation dial is convenient and there’s a feature lock button that comes in handy to not shock the dog accidentally. 

In terms of the collar, Educator has to do well to tone them down in terms of weight for smaller dogs. I believe sometimes this collar would be a little heavier for the dog to carry.

However, the quick response time between the collar and the remote has made me think if the huge size benefits it.

Overall, the stimulation on this product is many to choose from, which is a major plus. There’s a tapping sensation better than most vibrations and tones. And the design of the remote is one of a kind for convenience. 

  • Pavlovian tone suffices most of the time
  • 100 levels of shock give you freedom
  • Each level is a gradual increase from the previous one
  • Long-lasting
  • Holds charge for long
  • Heavy collar
  • No auto anti-bark mode

2. Bousnic – Best Budget Bark Collar for Chihuahua

If you’re wondering why I included this Bousnic brand collar in the list, the reason is simple. It gives you more control. Usually, with shock collars, you can adjust the intensity of the shock.

There are also options to select modes like beep and vibration. And this Bousnic shock collar is no different.

Apart from the usual modes and intensity settings, it is remote-controlled up to the range of 1000 feet. There is dual-channel support, so it can be used to control two collars at the same time.

Unfortunately, though, you need to buy the second dog collar separately. 

The receiver is small in size and barely noticeable when clipped on the collar. Also, the receiver and the remote are rechargeables. While both the electrical pieces can be charged through a micro USB cable, you don’t get one with the collar.

The receiver can last around 12 days on a single charge. The remote, on the other hand, can easily do a month. 

On the positive side, the receiver holds an IPX7 waterproof rating and can easily survive bath time. The nylon material collar is durable, long-lasting, and also survives water.

You can also easily adjust the collar to fit small to medium-sized dogs.

  • The receiver is amazingly small in size
  • You get a dual-channel remote
  • Longer contact point attachments come included in the box for furry dogs
  • Batteries on the receiver and the remote can last for a couple of weeks on a single charge
  • Both devices can be charged using any micro USB cable
  • There’s no option for auto-correction
  • There’s no ring to attach a leash to it

3. Flittor Bark Collar for Chihuahua

Number 3 on the list, is again, a training shock collar. The design of the collar on this one is pretty standard: black base running a contrasting colored stripe.

It also has a side-release plastic buckle to make it easy to put on and take off from your dog.

There are also the three usual training modes with adjustable intensity levels. The remote on this one, however, looks stunning. I cannot explain the design in words but it looks very impressive.

And the blue backlit LCD only adds to the appeal of its appearance. On one side, you will find the channel switching and keypad lock buttons, and on the other, the intensity level adjustment buttons. The range on the remote is about 1000 feet.

You will find no display of any sort on the receiver though. It is, in fact, the bare minimum in terms of looks. But you do get interchangeable prongs or metallic contact points with silicone covers in their respective sizes.

There’s an IP67 waterproof rating which also makes it dustproof by default. What I like most about this one is that everything you require comes inside the box like the different-sized prongs, their covers, the charging cable, and even a tester.

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  • Dual-channel support to train two dogs at the same time
  • The IP67 rating makes it waterproof and dustproof
  • Quality-wise, the build feels strong and durable
  • The long-range of the remote makes it convenient for indoor and outdoor use
  • With simple functions, it is very easy to use
  • The battery life on the receiver isn’t all that great
  • There’s no display on the receiver

4. Vsezund Cheap Dog Training Collar for Chihuahua

Vsezund is the 4th best bark collar for Chihuahua on my list. It is compact but it packs a punch in the form of variable vibrations along with static stimulation. You won’t find this in every remote, let me be honest, and I have used quite a few. 

The first thing that sits well with you is how intuitively the remote has been designed. It speaks of convenience in terms of holding it in one hand, blind usage, and more.

The latter is because of the beautifully and intelligently placed buttons on the remote. 

There’s a huge shock-triggering button in the middle. It’s surrounded by the mode selection button on the top, and vibration and beep fill the flanks. The intensity tweaking keys lie right beneath them.

When you use the remote for a bit, you’ll remember the layout for the rest of the time. 

When training a Chihuahua to not bark, blind usage can come in handy in many ways. The moment your dog starts barking at a stranger or other dogs, you correct its behavior with the help of the 18 shock levels. They are hot levels, so be careful when choosing the right one.

In my usage, I’ve had to use the vibrations only after training the dog to understand what will follow if it didn’t recall the earlier commands. 

Besides that, the huge LCD really helps in keeping a track of which channel you’ve selected, the shock level, and for once, the battery levels of the remote and the collar. 

Speaking of the collar, it’s light and yet sizable enough for a small dog. The buckle isn’t too tight and that’s appropriate for such a dog. There’s a lavish curved line that stays on when the collar’s working. 

Talking about its functionality, the signal doesn’t drop much when you stay inside 2600 feet of radius.

However, the moment you step outside it, signals begin faltering. Sometimes inside the 2600 feet radius, I experienced slight dropouts on the periphery. That was when there was a huge obstacle in between.

So, you may wanna keep this in mind.

Overall, the product stands out in its TV-remote style transmitter with a key lock, a small and bearable collar, and an LCD you may not find elsewhere. 

  • Huge LCD showing a lot of information
  • 8 levels of vibration work most of the time
  • Easy to use remote control
  • 3 channels support
  • The buttons are not backlit.

5. EUFY Budget Training Collar for Chihuahua

When I say budget collar, I mean an under $50 collar that has everything you could ask for in a collar. The Chihuahuas that I’ve trained with this one have loved their freedom more than anything.

I saw that most of the collars created some sort of resistance in dogs because of several reasons. However, this is one the dogs love, especially small dogs.

One of the reasons is its benign 10 stimulation levels that do not make Chihuahuas jump in their skin. Not to say that they are ineffective because a level 5 I’ve seen suffices for a relentlessly barking dog.

For bigger dogs, these levels didn’t produce effective results. They seemed fine ignoring them.

The other reason is the freedom that the collar gives your dog. When you’re out on the road, you obviously have to restrict its movements for your own life. With the collar, it realizes that you relax your terms to let them roam more. 

While these two are the primary reasons why I see Chihuahuas loving the product, there are some features you’ll love too. One is the design of the remote, which fits snugly in your hand, not letting things out of your control. 

The second is how the keys are laid out. Contrary to other products where you may find a host of different keys, this one only has three. So, it naturally becomes easier to remember, thus, giving you more freedom when using it blindly. 

That is a welcomed feature but what I truly love about the remote or the transmitter is its three-tier safety. There’s a sort of switch to the left side from where you can choose between the shock mode, vibration and tone mode, and power off.

On days when you don’t want to go as far as zapping the dog, you could choose the vibration/tone button only.

I used to choose this for dogs that had been made familiarized with the tone followed by shock. I mean I didn’t see any point in shocking the dogs anymore if they behaved. In that, this remote helped naturally.

There’s also an LCD, a rather small but very clear one. 

Talking about the collars, the nylon strap holds pretty well around fussy dogs.

However, I wish it went through the receiver rather than sticking to the hooks to its sides. Sometimes that adds to the vulnerability of the whole collar when the dog tries to chew on it.

Overall, I found this product extremely convenient for myself and favorable for my dogs. Besides, the price is too good to be ignored.

  • Cheap but worthy
  • Small receiver and transmitter
  • Three-tier or stage security of the remote
  • Blind usage is a breeze
  • Small convenient collar
  • Small range

6. FATEAR Dog Training Collar for Small Dogs

FATFEAR will make your Chihuahua training days less stressful. I’m all for its huge LCD, handy remote control, the collar that extends well beyond your expectations, and price that does not break the bank.

I’m sure you’ll love it too.

First comes the remote. You won’t find an LCD this big on every product out there.

The size favors displaying all the right information you’ll need during training from the battery levels of both transmitter and receiver, and shock levels, to the mode selection and channel number. 

Beneath it are conveniently spread buttons, all there to make your usage easier. I have had rough times with Chihuahuas in terms of controlling their incessant barking with a manual collar.

However, a remote like this makes it far easier. You just press a button blindly without looking and manage to hit the right button. 

The only thing I didn’t like about the remote is its size. Most of the users find it easy to hold but for my tiny hands, this is a tad bit bigger. Sometimes I have to use two hands if you know what I mean.

In terms of the shock levels, you won’t get disappointed. Many small dogs that I trained with knew what was coming after the beep and they didn’t want that.

The shocks are hot enough to make the dogs recall faster and memorize a pathway of correction. 

Therefore, zapping the dog accidentally wouldn’t be a good idea. It may learn something out of the way or you may destroy the recall process altogether. To save you from that, the remote boasts a key lock function to the left. 

Better than that, if you can view the collar, you can learn from its stylish curved LED about the mode you’ve selected. Blue is for vibration, red is for shock, and green is for the beep. Simple.

Coming to the collar’s makeup, it could have been better but at this price, it does well. There had to be some compromises if not all to adjust the price and manufacturing costs.

So, I don’t blame the company. I just blame the limitations they had. 

So far, it’s not completely bad for a small dog but I won’t make bets for larger ones. It could be easily snapped, given the strap isn’t going through or at the back of the receiver but hooked to the sides.

  • Consistent signal
  • Convenient remote
  • Clear LCD
  • LED on the collar indicates modes
  • Lock/unlock mechanism
  • Small range

7. Laptom Pro 2 Pack Smart Dog Bark Collar

Here’s some good news for those of you who own more than one dog, or in this case, a chihuahua. You can now get a 2 pack bark collar from Laptom. The best part is that it is quite reasonably priced.

With this 2 pack, Laptom is specifically targeting those people who are looking for alternative ways to train their dogs, instead of using shock collars. It comes with dual vibration motors for two separate vibration modes: standard and strong.

Laptom calls them the Humane training modes. Both modes have five distinct levels of vibration. You also get a beeping feature that can be simultaneously used with vibration.

There’s smart bark detection to avoid false triggering due to environmental sounds. The trigger response is very quick and can train chihuahuas or any other breed of dog in just a couple of weeks, especially if they are pups.

I have used the this on my barking corgi and it works like a charm.

The collars are made of nylon and have a striped design with black being the base color. You also get the usual plastic side-release buckle and the adjustment loop.

The device is also made of plastic, nonetheless, it doesn’t feel very premium. There is also an LCD on the device but it is inconveniently located on the top instead of the front.

Like most smart bark collars, these are also rechargeable. It takes about two and a half hours to fully charge one device, which can last about 12 days on mediocre use.

There’s also IPX7 waterproofing for worry-free use during rainy days and bath time.

  • It has humane training modes with no shock
  • It comes as a 2 pack
  • Doesn’t activate due to environmental noises
  • They are lightweight and small in size
  • The intensity levels of vibration can be easily adjusted
  • Doesn’t work very well in curbing the behavior of larger dogs
  • Can malfunction at times

8. NVK Rechargeable Bark Collar for Chihuahua

Next on the list is a shock collar from NVK. A lot of its features are similar to that of the first entry on my list, the Bousnic shock collar. The same three modes; beep, vibrate, and shock, are present in this NVK collar.

However, there is a significant difference in the intensity levels here. The receiver of the NVK collar is also noticeably larger.

You’ll find the same IPX7 waterproof rating as well. The remote on this one is four-channel and has a longer connectivity range, 1600 feet as per the manufacturer. Nonetheless, I haven’t tested that range myself.

What I have tested is the accidental shock lock button on the remote. And I can gladly say that it works perfectly.

In terms of design, there’s nothing much to share. Both the remote and the receiver look pretty standard.

On the collar, you get a side-release plastic buckle. There’s also a plastic adjustment loop present to easily resize the collar to fit your dog more accurately.

The remote and the receiver here are also rechargeable through any standard micro USB cable. Both devices easily last a few days over 2 weeks.

However, that duration can vary for the remote depending on the number of channels you use simultaneously.

  • High-intensity vibration minimizes the need for using the shock feature
  • The rechargeability of remote and receiver offers great convenience
  • Both, the remote and the receiver, are IPX7 waterproof
  • The collar is easy to put on and take off thanks to the side-release buckle
  • Works very well in toning down chihuahuas needless barking
  • The nylon collar can get hot at times
  • The shock feature very randomly malfunctions

9. PATPET Small Size Dog Training Collar

PATPET is known for manufacturing more modern-looking training collars. If those kinds of looks are more your style then this small-size dog training collar from PATPET is for your dog.

The collar and the receiver come in a silvery-grey color, while the remote shares the same color with accents in dark grey.

The remote is pretty decent looking. There is no visible antenna or a switch for changing channels.

Nonetheless, the remote has a pretty long range and can work with two collars at the same time, meaning it has dual-channel support.

You also get a bigger battery on the remote and the receiver. The former can last almost 60 days with a single charge, whereas the latter easily last a month. Again, the numbers mentioned are what I could juice during my testing.

For you, they can vary depending on your use.

You can also find the three usual modes, beep, vibration, and shock, present here as well. Other usuals include the IPX7 waterproof rating, the nylon collar strap, the plastic side-release buckle, and the collar adjustment loop.

Another thing worth mentioning here is the size of the receiver. Unlike the previous ones mentioned on this list, the PAT PET receiver is significantly small and looks really good on chihuahuas.

  • The remote has an LCD that displays, battery levels, the mode selected and the intensity levels set
  • It offers a range of up to 3000 feet
  • Works very well on pups and small to medium-sized dogs
  • The shock prongs or connectors are Teflon coated
  • The collar and the receiver are perfectly sized for small dogs
  • The beep and vibration intensity levels cannot be adjusted
  • The LCD screen can be hard to view under direct sunlight

10. NBJU – Extra Small Bark Collar for Chihuahua

Remember, we talked about a modern design when discussing the PATPET shock collar? Well, NBJU also has a very modern and unique design.

For starters, the collar is made using a combination of black and white nylon to portray a net design. It can also be easily adjusted for a snugglier fit.

Since it is a bark collar, you don’t get a remote. But all the usual training modes are present. The shocker comes preprogrammed with up to 64 training modes which are easy to set up.

It also has an LCD screen that indicates the charge levels and the intensity level settings.

The metal prongs are big enough to work on even a hairy dog and come with conductive silicone covers to provide ample protection for your best friend’s skin.

Hidden between the shock prongs is the smart sound sensor that cannot be triggered by a nearby dog’s bark.

The shocker is also waterproof so you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning during rain or when your pooch is playing in the water.

It can be charged using any micro USB cable, however, one is included in the packaging for convenience as well. All and all, it is a great collar with just one downside that I will share with you in its cons section.

  • It comes with 64 preprogrammed training modes
  • The shocking device is waterproof
  • It won’t go off due to the surrounding noises
  • The design is very appealing
  • The UI is easy to maneuver
  • The prongs are too big for smaller dogs and must be replaced
  • The device hardly lasts two weeks on a single charge

How to train your Chihuahua with a barking collar?

After picking a collar from the list, you may be wondering if you could train the little devil on your own. Well, I suggest you should only do that when you know what you’re doing.

You see, training a dog is not everyone’s forte. Things may go out of your hand that may hurt your dog physically or mentally, leading to a loss of confidence and a toll on its relationship with you.

I’m going to share the initial steps you could take toward making yourself adept with the training techniques.

Step 1: Let the dog cozy up to the collar. One way to do that is by holding the product in your hand whenever the dog’s around you. That way, it will gradually accept the new thing as a part of you.

Step 2: Make sure that the collar is the right fit. To do that, try to insert two fingers between the collar and the neck. They should fit without effort but not too easily.

Step 3: Before trying the collar on the dog, try it on yourself to see if its levels are not too hot. Chihuahuas are small dogs, and if you’ve bought a collar meant for Pitbulls for this little guy, you may end up hurting him.

When you pick the right level that doesn’t hurt you, try that level on your dog. Look for the response. If it jumps around or shows signs of distress, keep on reducing the levels until you get the right one. 

Step 4: Now that you’ve gotten the right level, train the dog when it’s on its usual barking spree. Hit the correction button when it barks to let the negative reinforcement take place.

You may have to do that multiple times before the dog associates the negative feeling under its jaw with barking.

Step 5: The training is going to take time, so be patient. Do not punish the dog when things aren’t working.

Give it some time. Pay heed to its signs. Also, incorporate positive reinforcement by using plenty of treats to reward it when it’s quiet.

Conclusion – The Winner

I know how hard it can be to find the right bark collar for your K9 friend. You need to ensure that they are properly disciplined but they are also not hurt or become scared. I have curated the above list factoring in these considerations.

As a dog lover myself, I don’t feel good about shocking my dogs either. Nevertheless, I also want to ensure that they don’t become a nuisance for the neighborhood.

So, if you’d asked me to choose a collar from my list had I owned a chihuahua, I would’ve definitely gotten the Educator E-Collar – Extra Small Bark Collar which is perfect for your new friend.

It looks great. It comes with a wide number of preprogrammed training modes. It doesn’t malfunction in wet conditions. The bark sensor on it is responsive and smart.

And it has an affordable price tag. Now, I am not being an advocate of the Educator E-Collar, but the features it offers are just what I would go for.

However, if I had to choose a shock collar instead, I would go with the Flittor training collar for one simple reason: it has a simple and friendly user interface. I mean, it will only take you a few minutes to maneuver your way around even if you are not tech-savvy. And that is a big win in my books.

That is it from me on the subject. If you have any thoughts or comments on my choice of the best bark collars for chihuahuas,  feel free to share them here. Until next time.

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