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Use these Training collars on your German Shepherds to enhance obedience and behavior

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 26, 2024 by Linda Michaels

Training German Shepherds during their puppyhood is like laying the foundation of a sturdy house; it sets the stage for fewer challenges later on.

However, it’s crucial to keep teaching them new tricks even when they’re all grown up because, as the saying goes, old dogs can learn new tricks too. You see, regardless of their friendly nature, they may pick up some unwanted habits.

I was hired to tackle a whole bunch of these undesirable behaviors. Some dogs had a knack for digging tunnels in the backyard, while others were prone to going on adventures in the neighboring areas.

My mission was to draw the line and set boundaries for these adult dogs, just like a shepherd guides their flock, but with a few special techniques tailored to their needs.

This is where shock collars entered the scene.

Now, why are shock collars so controversial?

Well, many dog owners believe that using these collars can be a real double-edged sword, and they’re not barking up the wrong tree. These collars can cause harm, but only if you’re barking up the wrong tree by using them incorrectly. As a wise Reddit user pointed out, they can work like a charm as long as they are used properly.

Using them correctly involves fine-tuning the stimulation level and type based on your dog’s reaction.

For instance, some dogs dance to the tune of vibrations, while others need a little melodious encouragement. Turning to the shock feature is a last resort, like using a sledgehammer to crack a nut, and it’s only done when the dog just turns a deaf ear to all the positive reinforcement and other stimulations.

The following list showcases the cream of the crop when it comes to shock and training collars for German Shepherds. These are the tools that I’ve personally put through their paces and found them to be as loyal as a dog. Some of them are user-friendly, so even newcomers to the dog training game can get the hang of them.

Each collar has a unique purpose, or as I like to put it, a personality, just like every dog does. So, keep reading to uncover the collar that best suits your dog’s behavioral quirks.

Quick Overview:

Collar NameReceiver SizeNeck SizeDog SizeChargingStimulation Levels
Pet Resolve2.9″ x 1.6″ x 1.6″10″ to 27.5″15 to 27 lbs9610
Educator Collar2.7″ x 1.7″ x 1.2″12″ to 23″15 to 20 lbs721 to 100
SportDOG Brand 425X2.6″ x 1.3″ x 1.23″5″ to 22″8 lbs or larger50 to 707
DOG CARE3″ x 1.5″ x 1″12″ to 27″15 lbs to 100 lbs40 to 721 to 99
SportDOG Sport Trainer2.6″ x 1.2″ x 1.3″5″ to 22″8 lbs to 120 lbs45 to 701 to 10
Dogtra 1900S 2.8″ x 1.8″ x 1.226″35lbs72127
Bousnic2″ x 1.3″ x 1″6″ to 30″5 lbs to 120 lbs50 to 100+1 to 99
Garmin Delta Sport XC2.4″ x 2 x 2.18″ to 25″10 lbs to 120+ lbs20 to 601 to 36

Here are the ones I found worthy enough for consideration while training my GSDs. Make your pick!

1. Pet Resolve Dog Training Collar

The Pet Resolve dog training collar is suitable for newbies in the dog training world – it’s a versatile tool that makes your life easier, just like a GPS guiding you through unfamiliar territory.

I got to give it a whirl while working with a mischievous German Shepherd who had a knack for toppling trash cans and redecorating the house with trash.

Here’s the lowdown:

Remote Bulkiness Test and Blind Usage: Bulky

The remote control might feel a bit chunky in your hand, like holding a solid brick. Despite the occasional tug-of-war with the dog during training, I never dropped it thanks to its handy side grips.

I even took a few shots at using it blindly, and it surprisingly worked, but there’s a small hiccup – a slight one-second delay before it responds, so you’ve got to tread carefully to avoid accidental corrections.

To keep it sharp and responsive, just make sure the remote stays awake during training – not exactly rocket science.

Collar Strength Test: Strong Enough For Mild Chewing

When it comes to the collar, it’s one tough cookie. The dog tried to chew it off a few times, but it held its ground.

Sure, there were a few toothy battle scars, but I’d recommend not tempting fate and keeping the collar out of the dog’s reach when it’s off duty.

LED Check: Functional in Low Light

Testing the LED lights on the collar was as easy as pie. They won’t light up the whole block, but they’re good enough for spotting your dog from a distance in the dead of night.

Impressive Charging Capacity and Convenience

One thing that really knocked my socks off was its charging capacity. Charging both the remote and the collar was a breeze, taking just about 2 hours for a full charge. After that, they stayed powered up for about a week of solid use (around 5 hours a day).

No more fretting about the collar and remote conking out mid-training, but I’ll still be mindful not to leave them high and dry without a charge for too long.

Why I Recommend This Product

Pet Resolve gives you a bang for your buck, especially if you’re a greenhorn in the dog training game. You might need to know a little something-something, but once you get the hang of it, you’ve got all the tools you need to train like a pro.

What Makes It Stand Out from Competitors?

Pet Resolve is the overachiever in the crowd when it comes to features. While it might not be vying for the top spot like SportDog, Garmin, or Educator, it sure leaves the middle-of-the-road options in the dust.


  • Easy as pie to use
  • Battery life for days
  • Charging is a walk in the park
  • The remote’s built like a tank and easy to hold
  • Fits dogs of all sizes
  • It even comes with an anti-bark mode


  • The anti-bark mode could use a little sprucing up, like a recipe that needs a pinch of salt to make it just right.

2. Educator E-Collar for German Shepherd

The Educator E-Collar Boss Edition stands out a bit from the other models in the same family, like a sibling with a unique talent at a family reunion.

It shares the same cool features and button layout with its kin, but it’s got a higher price tag, and there’s a good reason for that, as I found out in my testing.


I put this product through its paces, checking out its range, responsiveness, and how well it dishes out its stimulations. Let me tell you, it aced all three. It responds instantly, like flipping a light switch, with no lag.

A simple button press and the receiver springs to life, and you can see it from the lights that pop up. Unlike the Pet Resolve model, it doesn’t make you wait for a second, so you can trust it all the way.

Vibration Sensation

Educator says their vibration is like a “tapping sensation.” To see if that holds water, I strapped the collar to my hand and gave the vibration feature a whirl.

It’s not exactly a tap dance, but it does provide a gentle and precise vibrating feel. Instead of a crazy, intense shake, it’s more like calm, rhythmic vibrations.

Unlike some products that vibrate like a noisy phone buzzing, this one is much smoother. I did miss having a dedicated tone feature.

Shock Levels

With a whopping 100 static stimulation levels, you might think it’s overkill, and I rarely had to go past level 25 with my German Shepherd, as anything higher was too much.

I doubt many folks would want to crank it up to level 100. However, having all those levels ensures a smooth transition between them. I noticed the levels on the Boss model shift smoothly, giving you plenty of room to find the right intensity.


Now, the display isn’t its strong suit. It’s on the small side, a tad clunky, and not super informative.

I had a hard time figuring out how much juice was left in both the remote and collar. But hey, the battery life and capacity more than makeup for it.

M/C Configuration

The remote has two settings: M (momentary) and C (continuous) shocks. Figuring out how to use both at the same time required a little online detective work because the instructions were about as clear as mud.

Still, in most cases, you won’t need both modes. I found the momentary setting to be just as effective as the continuous one.


The receiver comes with different-sized contact prongs to suit dogs with various fur thicknesses. If your pup’s rocking a thicker fur coat, you can easily get larger prongs.

Among other things…

This product comes in a bunch of colors to fit your style. Plus, it’s got a two-year manufacturer’s warranty and access to live support via phone.

Why I Recommend This Product

Just like its cousins, the Boss model wowed me with its humane shock levels. It might not be your go-to if you’re new to dog training, but once you get the hang of it, it’s a breeze to use.

What Sets It Apart from Competing Products?

The remote control’s design is the cherry on top. It’s not your run-of-the-mill brick-shaped remote – it’s more like a stopwatch, easy to hold and operate, even if you’re flying blind.


  • Tackles even the most stubborn dogs
  • Offers call support for setup guidance
  • Lets you tailor the range to your liking
  • Sturdy and top-quality build
  • A whole bunch of intensity levels for precision


  • Call support isn’t 24/7 and is limited to the U.S.
  • The collar’s made of stiff plastic, which might not be the comfiest for your dog.

3. SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers

SportDOG Brand 425X Remote Trainers have always piqued my interest with their rock-solid reputation for toughness and remarkable success stories, especially when handling furballs like German Shepherds.

It’s not just the 425X that’s won me over; it’s their whole lineup, including the YardTrainer and other versions, which have consistently worked wonders with the dogs I’ve trained. This particular collar truly shines when it comes to dealing with those headstrong canines.

Collar and Remote Build Quality

The quality of both the remote and collar from SportDog Training Collar for German Shepherds has left an indelible mark on me.

The moment you get your hands on them, you can feel the company’s dedication to making tough, long-lasting gear. These are definitely not your run-of-the-mill flimsy plastic gizmos.


When it comes to design, this collar fits like a glove around a German Shepherd’s neck. Although you won’t need to break out the razor, you might have to make a few tiny adjustments to ensure those prongs make good contact with the skin. Once those lengthy prongs are in the right spot, you’re good to go.

Remote Functionality and Programming

In the remote control department, you’ve got buttons for high, medium, and low static discharges. A quick tap gives a little shock while holding the buttons dishes out continuous stimulation. The button layout is pretty user-friendly, but it might take a bit to get the hang of what each one does.

Figuring out the nitty-gritty of programming might take a tad more effort. The 21 stimulation levels on the dial might seem like a puzzle at first because there are only 7 slots. But the three separate buttons for different shock intensities come in handy to help you find that sweet spot.

Shock Levels Assessment

Speaking of the shock levels, they’re like a gentle tap on the shoulder – enough to get your dog’s attention without leaving any marks. Still, it’s wise to be careful and keep an eye on your dog’s skin.

The collar worked like a charm on a long-haired German Shepherd I trained. She used to bolt off like a rocket, but thanks to SportDog, even level 5 was enough to make her stop in her tracks.

Then, the vibration feature was like her recall button. There was also Diana, a 75-pound dog with a thing for leaping on people, whether they were friends or strangers.

While the vibration and tone features didn’t do much in the beginning, gradually bumping up the stimulation level transformed her into a more polite pup, much to her owners’ delight.

What’s the reason behind my recommendation for this product?

The SportDog 425X is top-shelf gear built for seasoned trainers. I wholeheartedly give it a thumbs-up for its reliability.

What distinguishes it from the competition?

The compact design of the 425X remote sets it apart from the pack. It makes using the device a breeze, and with a little practice, the buttons and knob become second nature.


  • Tough as nails
  • Three levels of static stimulation
  • Collar has a secure buckle clasp
  • A whopping 21 stimulation levels to choose from


  • Learning to master the remote might take a bit of time and effort, like learning to ride a bike.

4. DOG CARE Shock Collar for GSD

The DOG CARE Shock Collar for GSD may look lightweight, but it packs a punch when it comes to getting even a big dog like a German Shepherd back in line. It’s got these extended prongs and offers a whopping 99 different shock levels to choose from. 

Evaluation of Shock Levels

Now, you might think 99 levels are a tad over the top, and I’d have to agree. But when you’re dealing with the occasional stubborn streak in a German Shepherd, you’re in for some challenging days.

That’s when collars like DOG CARE with their wide range of shock levels really come in handy. I’m not saying you should start at level 99; a slow and steady approach is the way to go. The trick is to find that sweet spot for your dog, and once you do, you’ll have smoother training sessions.


Speaking of design, this version of DOG CARE is as light and slim as it gets. The remote sits perfectly in your hand, and you can easily operate it with just one hand.

Even after some use, you’ll find yourself handling it like a pro, even with your eyes closed, thanks to the clever button shapes. The shock button is a bright orange circle, while the vibration and tone buttons have distinct shapes that aren’t round.

The level adjustment key takes the shape of a triangle. Plus, the remote has a handy key lock feature for extra safety.


The remote’s signal can reach up to about 1000 feet or 333 yards. This range works just fine for smaller yards and outdoor spaces where you hang out with your dog. But if you’ve got a sprawling estate like a farm or mansion, it might not be the best fit.

The Collar

Compared to the remote, the receiver is a bit on the larger side, but it’s designed to handle those long prongs that touch a GSD’s fur. You’ve got to make sure to place it on the side of the neck to keep it from moving around as your dog nods and shakes.

Effective Vibration

While the shock does its job, it’s the vibration that really steals the show. The intensity of the vibration is stronger than what most other dog collars can muster.

I’ve seen quite a few German Shepherds, including a two-year-old lady in Denver, go from wild and unruly to obedient and well-behaved thanks to the vibes from this collar.

And it’s not just for grown-up dogs – even puppies as young as seven months felt the positive effects of this collar. No matter the age, it’s always a good idea to start with a gentle touch.

What makes me endorse this product?

I’m giving DOG CARE the thumbs up mainly for its toughness. Even after a whole year of use, it’s shown very few signs of wear and tear.

How does it stand out in comparison to its rivals?

One cool feature is that you can connect the remote to up to 9 collars. This makes it a breeze to train multiple dogs in the same household without breaking a sweat.


  • A remote that’s compact and user-friendly
  • A collar that’s well-built
  • A vibration that gets the job done
  • A whopping 99 shock levels give you precise control
  • A key lock feature for that extra layer of safety


  • Not the best choice for larger properties with lots of land

5. SportDOG

SportDOG brings you another ace up its sleeve for managing your assertive German Shepherd. Just like their previous product, this one’s a game-changer that’s bound to put your mind at ease.


Now, the design of this collar is a whole new ballgame compared to what you’ve seen in their previous models. While the YardTrainer and 425X models are cut from the same cloth with just a few differences here and there, this one steps out with a unique look.

A standout feature is the OLED screen that lets you check out all the important stuff, like which dog channel you’ve selected, the shock level, how much juice is left in the battery, and what each button does.

Programming The Remote

This remote throws 8 modes your way, and each one lines up with a specific function on the remote’s buttons. There’s even a vibration feature, though it doesn’t have its own button.

You might have to dig into one of the modes that assign it to a button. It might seem a tad tricky at first, but once you get the hang of it, it’s as smooth as butter. The OLED screen keeps you on the right path with crystal-clear info.

Holding The Remote

I’ve got to give a tip of the hat to the remote’s hourglass shape, which makes it easy to grab in the middle. It’s like having a better grip on things, giving you that extra hold.


When it comes to stimulating your pup, this collar dishes out 10 different levels. It’s usually plenty to get your German Shepherd’s attention. But hey, you don’t need to go full throttle with level 10 every time.

Pay close attention to how your dog responds to the different levels before you pick one.


The collar itself is the one part where I’d say they could loosen up a bit. The plastic is a bit too stiff and not so flexible. It might not be the coziest fit around your dog’s neck.

But you can swap it out for a bungee collar, which is what I prefer. Or you can use the provided collar if you’re going for shorter sessions.

Why do I vouch for this product?

I’m giving a nod to the Sport Dog Sport Trainer mainly for its array of modes. This thing is like a Swiss army knife for dog training, perfect for handling all sorts of dogs.

What makes it unique among its competitors?

Apart from its wide range of programming options, this remote’s OLED screen is clear as day even in the blazing sun. That’s one of the reasons it leaves the expensive premium hunting collars in the dust.


  • It can reach half a mile, so you’ve got some distance to work with.
  • The signal stays solid, no hiccups.
  • The OLED screen is big and easy to read.
  • A bunch of versatile modes to choose from.
  • It’s a bright color, so you’ll never lose sight of it.


  • The programming options might have you scratching your head a bit at first, like a tricky puzzle.

6. Dogtra 1900S

When it comes to top-notch dog training collars for German Shepherds, you can’t skip over a product from Dogtra. This brand is a household name in the dog world, loved by dog lovers and trainers alike. Their latest and greatest, the 1900S E-collar, is a real winner.

Ergonomic Design

Design-wise, the 1900S is all about sleek and simple looks. It’s built to be comfy, putting zero strain on your dog’s neck. The remote is slim and looks like something out of an action movie.

And here’s the kicker – this collar is one of the rare ones that comes with an IPX9 waterproof certification. In plain English, that means it can handle high temps and water pressure without breaking a sweat.

Impressive Range

The 1900S also flexes some serious range muscle, covering three-quarters of a football field. This extended reach caters to both trainers and hunters.

With a whopping 127 intensity levels in your toolkit, you’ve got a massive range to play with. While it might seem like overkill, it’s a lifesaver when you’re dealing with those extra stubborn dogs.

The remote has this dial thingy called a rheostat that lets you dial in the shock level with precision.

Customizable Correction

With this system, you can talk to your dog with vibes or a quick half-second shock. If your fluffy buddy isn’t following the script, there’s a choice for a continuous 12-second shock.

Now, using a 12-second shock is pretty rare; shorter zaps usually do the trick. Plus, there’s a manual mode that puts you in the driver’s seat, letting you call the shots.

What’s behind my support for this product?

I’m giving the Dogtra 1900S two thumbs up, mainly because it’s as reliable as an old pickup truck. I’ve been using it for about five years, and it’s been a rock-solid performer.

What gives it the edge over other similar products?

I noticed that the 1900S outshines most other collars when it comes to signal strength and consistency. It’s like a heavyweight battle between this collar and SportDog, but the 1900S holds its ground.


  • It’s built tough and looks pretty snazzy.
  • Those high-intensity shocks are just the ticket for the toughest dogs.
  • You’ve got loads of range for inside and outside action.
  • The battery can go for up to a week with regular use.
  • To top it off, it comes in three different colors.


  • You can’t use it with two dogs; it’s a one-pup show.
  • The collar doesn’t have an adjustable hook, just an old-school buckle.

7. Bousnic

I’ve included a Bousnic dog collar in the mix because it’s a real bargain. It’s perfect for folks watching their wallets and juggling two dogs at once. Yep, you heard me right. The package throws in two collars and two receivers, so it’s a smart pick for households with multiple furry pals.

Low-Intensity Stimulations

Now, this collar is like the Goldilocks of shock collars – it offers three modes: tone, vibration, and shock. But here’s the twist – the intensity levels in these modes are a bit gentler compared to some of the other brands. The remote is like a Swiss army knife, with dual channels that let you train or correct two dogs at the same time.


These Bousnic dog collars can reach out and touch someone, with a range of up to a thousand feet. They’re a perfect fit whether you’re doing your training indoors or going wild in the great outdoors.

Nylon Collars

The adjustable nylon collars are like a one-size-fits-all deal, going from 8 to 26 inches in circumference. That covers most dogs, big and small.

The receivers can keep the juice flowing for over 12 days on a single charge, and the remote’s battery can go nearly 50 days without needing a boost. Just keep in mind, these batteries are Lithium-Polymer, so they’ve got some power.

IP67 Waterproofing

This collar is like a superhero suit – it’s got that IP67 waterproof rating. So when your dog decides to take a spontaneous dip in the pool, no worries, this collar can handle it like a champ.

Why am I backing this product?

The remote’s ability to remember settings for each channel is like having a trusty GPS on your journey, and it’s the main reason why I’m giving it a thumbs up.

How does it differentiate itself from the competition?

Built with sturdy plastic materials, this product is like the Chuck Norris of dog collars – it’s tough and built to last.


  • Perfect for wrangling two dogs at the same time.
  • You’ll master all the functions in the blink of an eye, like riding a bike.
  • It’s a great fit for big dogs.
  • The vibration mode is all you need for most training and correction jobs.
  • Those adjustable plastic hooks on the collars make life easy.


  • The package only has one charger for the collars, so you’ll have to take turns.
  • The remote’s buttons can get a little sticky from time to time, like a stubborn jar lid.

8.  Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle

The Garmin Delta Sport XC Bundle’s got replaceable contact points, tone and vibration modes, and it can reach your dog from a whopping 3/4-mile away.

This collar is so versatile, it’s like having five different outfits for different occasions, and you can adjust it all from the remote control.


Now, one of the nifty things about this Garmin Delta shock collar or bark collar is its BarkLimiter.

When your dog starts barking up a storm, it steps in and says, “Hey, calm down!” But here’s the twist – it’s a bit like rolling dice. Sometimes it works like a charm, and other times it’s a no-show, even when your dog is barking up a hurricane.

Durable Construction

But here’s the rock-solid part – this collar is built like a tank. After three years of use, it still looks brand new. It’s like that trusty old pair of jeans that never goes out of style.

Ergonomic Remote

The remote control is designed to fit snugly in your hand. It’s got buttons to crank up the intensity on one side and bark controls on the other. On the front, you’ve got three buttons over an LCD display that tells you all you need to know – the shock levels, battery status, and what mode you’re in.

Shock Levels

When it comes to shock levels, you’re spoiled for choice with a whopping 36 of them. No matter what mode you pick, you’ve got plenty of correction power for your German Shepherd. The vibration mode is no pushover either, it gets the job done.

But here’s the hiccup – there’s no key lock, so you’ve got to be careful not to push the wrong button. And those buttons, except for the middle one, look like twins, so it can be a bit like playing a game of spot the difference.

Collar Design

The collar is built solid, but it’s not very stretchy. It’s like that favorite pair of jeans you’ve had for years – comfy but not as flexible as you’d like. Perfect for big dogs like German Shepherds, though.

The tone feature is like a polite “excuse me” in a crowded room – it might work for small dogs, but for the big fellas like German Shepherds, it’s not always a showstopper.

Modes and Configuration

Now, navigating the modes and settings is like trying to figure out a new gadget. You might need to read the manual a few times before you get the hang of it.


With a 3/4-mile range, this collar can reach your dog from here to eternity. Whether you’re in your backyard or out hunting, it’s got you covered.

Why do I stand by this product?

I don’t rely on its BarkLimiter feature too much, but the manual correction options on this collar are top-notch, and that’s why I give it a thumbs up.

What makes it superior to its rivals?

This Garmin Delta Sport XC is like a two-for-one deal. It’s one of the rare collars that combines manual and automatic features, and that sets it apart from the rest.


  • It’s built like a tank, built to last for ages.
  • The BarkLimiter feature, when it decides to work, is pretty handy.
  • It’s got a punch for stubborn dogs.
  • There’s a tone feature, and it keeps a steady signal.
  • Plus, it’s super durable.


  • The BarkLimiter’s performance can be a bit hit or miss.

Things to Keep in Mind Before Choosing a Shock Collar for Your German Shepherd

German Shepherds are like a blank canvas – with the right approach, they can be molded into well-behaved and friendly companions.

So, when you’re on the hunt for a training collar, consider their unique traits to make sure your training goes off without a hitch.

Here are the main factors to think about:

1. Double-Coat

German Shepherds come with a built-in fur coat, so you’ll want a collar that has some long prongs to make sure the corrections reach them effectively. Most options come with longer prongs, but it’s smart to double-check.

2. Sweet Temperament

These dogs are like gentle giants, and they don’t need an iron fist to get them on the right track. They’re forgiving and can be easily spoiled, so you’ll want a collar that offers gentle correction levels that match their temperament.

3. Neck Size

German Shepherds have some beefy necks, so make sure the collar you pick has adjustable straps. You want it snug but not too tight – a loose collar won’t do the job, and a too-tight one can spell trouble. Always measure your dog’s neck before making a choice.

These pointers should help you find the perfect collar for your furry friend. It’s not just about getting the best collar; it’s about getting the right one for your German Shepherd.

Conclusion – The Winner

In a nutshell, our list lays out 7 best shock collars for German Shepherds and other breeds too. Some even let you multitask with multiple dogs. Safety is the name of the game when it comes to shock collars, and we’ve picked out the ones that make the grade.

If you want a top pick, the PetResolve collar is a standout. It’s budget-friendly, a solid choice for a solo pup, and it checks all the boxes when it comes to quality, functionality, and durability for your dog’s behavior. But if you’re ready to invest and it’s your first rodeo with an e-collar, the 1900S is a solid bet.

If you’ve got questions, ideas, or anything else you’d like to share, don’t be shy – drop us a line in the comments!

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