Are Golden Retrievers Good With Other Dogs
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Are Golden Retrievers Good With Other Dogs?

Last Updated/Info Checked on October 19, 2023 by Scott

For someone like me, who has several dogs from unrelated breeds living together, the biggest issue when getting a new dog is whether or not he’d easily get along with my other dogs.

Take the example of my german shepherd and golden retriever, they both live like friends and are quite happy.

Now I prefer to get only those dogs that can easily get along with both humans and other dogs and strongly advise you to do the same… unless you are willing to put in the effort and train your dogs, of course.

So, do Golden Retrievers do well with another dog? They are generally easygoing and highly trainable. That means spending a few hours on their training will make them accept new dogs with open arms. Still, make sure you introduce it to other dogs carefully. Remember, haste makes waste.

Tip: According to DogTime, there are some breeds that are good with other dogs. They include Australian Shepherds, Barbet, Beagle, Bichon Frise, Bloodhounds, Boston Terriers, Bull Terrier, French Bulldogs, Collies, Great Danes, Great Pyrenees, Dutch shepherd, Poodles, Pointer, Pug, English Setters, Newfoundland, that are good with other dogs.

Does My Golden Retriever Need A Companion? Are They Good In Pairs?

Every dog at some point in their lives should have a dog buddy. Godlies do not exclusively need another breed or dog but having a few friends around won’t hurt. In fact, they will grow happier as they’ll get plenty of chances to do things that two dogs do — that is hang out in their natural way possible.

Here’s what I mean by that:

Which Is the Friendliest Dog Breed? Dogs That Get Along With Golden Retrievers

Yes, you guessed it right! The answer is Golden Retrievers.

This furry and graceful breed of dog is surely one of my favorites when it comes to getting a new dog and ensuring it is friendly with others.

Retrievers have to be one of the coolest and most affectionate dog breeds out there. I recently got two retrievers, arriving at my place a few months apart and I am more than satisfied with their behavior.

Not only these dogs have been excellent in getting along with my older dogs but are also among the first ones to interact with a new dog that I get.

The best part about this breed is that its members are also one of the greatest options for first-time owners. A retriever is easy to train, and it is often safe to have it around kids and babies.

As per my experience, most retrievers are not even as aggressive towards new people as other dogs their size is.

However, do not let any of this doubt the loyalty of these dogs, they love their owners, and I am sure mine will be ready to do anything to save me if need be.

Are Golden Retrievers Good With Smaller Dogs?

dogs that get along with golden retrievers

Many people have asked me this question even after I have gone to lengths explaining how golden retrievers are the most social, companion-friendly dogs.

I understand why people are so worried about little dogs and, having some at my place, I feel it is important to separately consider how a golden retriever will act around very small and fragile dog breeds. Hence, this section will clarify it all for you:

Generally, golden retrievers are very friendly with smaller dog breeds too. With a golden retriever or two at home, you can easily bring in a new family member from breeds like Beagle, Chihuahua, Pomeranian, Pug, and others.

However, at times, younger Golden Retrievers are too excited and full of energy that a small companion might be overwhelmed by their presence.

A naughty retriever, when young, might jump and pull the young dogs (even kids) too enthusiastically in a manner that is not meant to be hurtful but turns out so at times.

Hence, I would suggest you socialize your Golden retriever a bit before getting it a new small companion dog, just to be on the safe side.

Read on to know the ways you can socialize a Golden retriever:

Are Golden Retrievers Good with Other Dogs? - Infographic

Socializing a Golden Retriever:

Here’s how to incorporate a Golden Retriever companion dog into the pool!

1. Timed Play Dates With Smaller Dogs

Before you get a 24-7 small-sized friend for your Golden retriever, it is best to socialize the retriever with some small dogs in controlled settings. You can ask your friends to bring their small pups and make your Golden retriever meet them.

Try to have full control of your retriever during the meeting while letting it interact with a small dog. These brief sessions can help your Golden retriever learn the art of behaving with small dogs and it won’t then get over-excited when you bring one such dog home.

2. Walks In Dog Parks

Once your Golden retriever is big enough, you can take it along for a daily walk in a dog park or an area where other people also bring along their pet dogs. Your retriever won’t necessarily be playing with the other dogs.

However, you can keep a check on its behavior and see if it gets too excited or remains natural with other dogs around.

3. Start Training Your Dog As A Puppy

Nothing is better than training your dog right from his early years. Hence, I suggest you train your golden retrievers to be on their best behavior around small pups and kids right from the beginning.

This way, you can easily get them a new playing companion that is way too small in size when compared to them, without having to worry about the retriever being an overly excited adult to his new friend. Isn’t that cool?

In the end, here is a little advice from me: A dog is a dog and cannot be expected to behave at its best all the time. I’ve understood golden retrievers as somewhat sensitive creatures.

Do not scold them or shout only because the dog has misbehaved a bit. Rather, try being polite and you’ll see how these already-friendly boys will grow up with the best dog behavior toward everyone!

Here’s a video that shows how you could socialize with your Goldie.


So, that was all about Goldies and their behavior towards other dogs. As you read, even though they are better with most of the breeds, you still have to see whether that breed is going to be okay with your Golden Retriever or not. Good luck!

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