Are Australian Shepherds Good With Other Dogs
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Are Australian Shepherds Good With Other Dogs?

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Australian Shepherd dogs or Aussies are known to be one of the amicable breeds out there. But does that make them suitable to be with other dogs or pets under the same roof?

Are Australian Shepherds good with other dogs? They aren’t great for first-time owners, but they do great with other dogs because of their friendly and sociable nature. Despite this, individual temperaments vary. You cannot put all Aussies in one pot of temperament. Besides, their behaviors are also a result of their upbringing and training.

Are Australian Shepherds Good With Other Dogs? - Infographic

Are Australian Shepherds Good House Dogs?

My friend had heard from someone that getting an Australian Shepherd would be a good idea since the new dog would easily get along with the smaller breeds that my friend’s parents had.

Me telling him that he shouldn’t get this breed confused him. It was then that I had to clarify it to him (also, I realized how this could be a confusion many prospective dog owners might have.)

do australian shepherds like other dogs

So, let us clarify it right here.

The only reason experts (including me, Duh!) stop you from buying an Australian Shepherd for the first time is that these dogs are too energetic for a first-timer’s controlling abilities.

They are always running fast and acting crazily around and hence, someone having no practice wouldn’t be able to train or control them easily at all.

Despite this, I can vouch for Australian Shepherds in terms of their socialization abilities. These are, indeed, the best dogs when it comes to being companions and making friends with dogs from other breeds.

They surely display great behavior when with the other dogs and, only if you can control them easily, there is no harm in letting them go near your other, smaller dogs and babies.

Caution: The above statement, though applies to most members of the Australian Shepherd breed, should not be generalized. Most Australian Shepherds get better along some specific dog breeds than others.

Sometimes, your Australian Shepherd’s over-friendliness might look strange to another dog and the latter can develop aggression towards the Shepherd in that case.

So, it is best that you know the nature of the relationship existing between your Shepherds and other dogs.

Australian Shepherds Vs. Other Common Dog Breeds – Best Dog For Aussies

Do they get along with other dogs?

Before you get yourself an Australian Shepherd as a companion dog, make sure to know the extent to which they can get well along your already existing pet dogs’ breeds.

According to DodTime, there are some breeds that are good with other dogs. They include Australian Shepherds, Bloodhounds, Boston Terriers, Barbet, Beagle, Bull Terriers, French Bulldogs, Bichon Frise, Collies, Great Danes, Great Pyrenees, Dutch shepherds, Poodles, Staffies, Pointer, Pug, Rottweiler, English Setters, Blue Heelers, Newfoundland, Corgis, that are good with other dogs.

On the other hand, the list of dog breeds that are not compatible with other dogs includes:
Akita, American Bulldog, Border Terrier, Bulldog, Chihuahua, Chow Chow, Doberman Pinscher, German Shepherd, Mastiff, Pomeranian, etc.

Below, I am covering some famous pet dog breeds in terms of what kind of relationship your Australian Shepherd can have with them. So, let us get into this.

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1. Labrador Retriever

Aren’t Labradors the cutest? It’s almost impossible for a human not to find these cuties loveable. But guess what, Australian Shepherds probably look at Labradors the same way as we, humans, do.

Hence, your Australian Shepherd is most likely to get really excited and happy in the company of a Labrador. Mostly, Labrador Retrievers are the best option whenever it comes to getting a playmate for your Australian Shepherd.

If you have no option but to keep another dog with your Labrador, I suggest you keep the Australian Shepherd as your top priority, provided you have the experience and skills to calm these two hyperactive cuties together.

2. Golden Retriever

Here is another retriever that is very well known for the ease with which it merges into a group of dogs with different breeds.

Golden Retrievers are absolutely perfect and at the best of their behavior when accompanied by adults, kids, cats, and Australian Huskies.

The best part about having these at your place is that you do not have to spend months training the members of this breed for them to have a good relationship with your Australian Huskies.

Just let the two interact and play for some hours in a controlled environment and notice their behavior.

You can easily tell when it is safe to let your Retrievers and Australian Huskies play together without you present right next to them.

Mostly, Golden Retrievers and Australian Huskies approach each other lovingly and you do not have to take part in socialization at all.

3. Huskies

Now, this case is a bit different from the ones above.

Huskies are great for a lot of reasons, but their over-energetic behavior sometimes can cause you trouble, especially when you have to keep your huskies with other dog breeds, including Australian Shepherds.

If you have no other option but to let Huskies interact with your Australian breed pet, I suggest you first ensure that the two dogs are fully socialized to be around each other.

Let us say you already have a Husky and want to bring home an Australian Shepherd. In this case, you can first take your husky to parks, friends’ places, and any such place where he can interact with Australian Shepherds for some time.

Once you are sure that your husky does not lose itself when around Shepherds, you can bring home your own Australian Shepherd. Please make sure to give enough time to these two for them to be able to adapt to each other.

You might need to train these two a bit hard initially. Only with patient training, you can teach your dogs to be on their best behavior in the presence of each other.

4. Beagle

Who does not want to have a cute Beagle at their place? But the question arises are they the best companion dogs for Australian Shepherds?

If you ask me, I’ll say you give this idea a go!

Beagles are generally a very happy and cheerful dog breed. Hence, there is no doubt about these behaving at their best when around your Australian Shepherd.

The plus point is that even Australian Shepherds feel good about being around these happy chirps.

Just give the two some hours to get used to each other and then let them go together freely without even worrying about how these two dogs will be getting along.

How To Train An Aggressive Australian Shepherd?

Aussies can get aggressive at any stage of their lives. You may ask, “Are they dangerous?” and I’d say it is a possibility only when you don’t focus on training the dog for the better. They are after all highly trainable.

Take the example of Paris, a dog who muscles up to the likes of German Shepherds. Watch how the trainer calms it down:


Other than the ones mentioned, you can easily bring home a Bernese Mountain Dog, an Irish Setter, Boxer, and any other unproblematic breed when you already have Australian Shepherds around.

Just make sure you are present during their initial face-off to make sure the two actually accept each other. Even if they don’t, a little training can easily get the two together.

All the best to your doggo family!

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