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5 Best Clippers for Cockapoo Hair (Tight Curly Coat)

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Known for their playfulness, cockapoos are bred after crossing a cocker spaniel and a poodle which is why they tend to boast such peculiar features and traits.

Among these distinctive traits includes their unique ability to grow incredibly long fur which eventually becomes too wavy-haired cockapoos as they tend to be low-shedding dogs.

That being said, if you own a low-shedding dog like a cockapoo or a Maltipoo, there is a higher probability that you already went through the headache of grooming them as their fur is prone to get mats and tangles.

But there is a workaround for that too, it’s called “Clippers”, I mean it’s not like you are going to rock a saloon-grade haircut and beard and neglect your canine from getting a proper trim, making him/her feel like a primitive caveman.

To make your cockapoo snazzy and sleek, I have listed the Best Dog Clippers for Cockapoo Hair, saving you the headache of finding them yourself, so go ahead and give them a glance, some of them pack a punch and offer great value for money.

These clippers are designed to be effective on various double-coated breeds such as Huskies and German Shepherds. It’s specifically crafted to manage the thick fur of these types of dogs, making grooming a more straightforward and enjoyable experience for both you and your furry friend.

List of 5 (Easy-to-use) Best Cockapoo Hair Clippers

Let’s begin with the list I have created for your Cockapoo.

1. Oneisall Grooming Clipper For Cockapoo Hair

An all-in-one grooming kit that transformed my Cockapoo from what seemingly looked like a bush to a novelty. It’s a perfect “Steal Deal” you clearly don’t want to miss out on.

2 in 1 Solution

When I first laid my eyes on this pair of trimmers, I was a bit appalled beyond belief and a tiny voice murmured in my head “Why would these cost 50 bucks?”. Well, after getting personal and up close and fiddling through the package, this kit felt more like a blessing in disguise.

I Kid you not, it saved me quite a headache to ensure I attain every piece of the tool while grooming, the Oneisall clipper provided me with all the essentials in one place.

It comes with golden trimmers that allowed me to shave off any unnecessary fur that developed eventually on my Cockapoo, while the Pad trimmer took care of the toes and its nails, and my cutie ears.

It’s also pretty gentle and barely warmed up whenever I was going to her ears which came in handy because cockapoos are known to be prone to ear infections.

I also used this clipper on my client Great Pyrenees, and he seemed really at ease with it. It made the grooming process much smoother.

LCD Indicator

Both of these clippers had indicators allowing me to monitor their battery health, however, the golden trimmer had a wider LCD which even gave me monitoring status.

While the trimmer in itself doesn’t really have much tweaking to offer except for its two-speed capabilities, the performance it provides is outstanding.

Why Do I Recommend the Oneisall Cockapoo Grooming Clipper?

The Oneisall Clipper makes itself a noteworthy contender in this list because due to being extremely silent, to the point you literally have to listen closely that it’s even turned on, especially if you use its paw trimmer which barely makes vibrations in fact quite gentle for almost all sort of sensitive Canine.

What Makes It Different from Others?

This package offers all the essential tools you would need during your endeavors for grooming your pet and that’s exactly why it offers extreme value for the investment.


  • Comes with plenty of accessories
  • Very Quiet Operation
  • Decent Build Quality


  • Not for Budget users

2. HANSPROU Cockapoo Shaver Clippers

The problem with low-shedding dogs is their fur gets so thick, it feels like you are cutting through timber, which is why I would opt out of the HANSPROU Cockapoo clippers. Here is my brief first-hand experience with it.

Motor Type 

Armed with a 12V Motor, this clipper is a work of wonder, as the performance and maneuverability it offers even though the thickest fur is quite immaculate and barely has any parallel.

Although some would complain about its 4-foot-long cord that may tangle in the feet of the pet while you are trimming away excess hair, the silver lining here is that the unlimited electrical resource allows it to perform explicitly well over its cordless counterpart.

Titanium Teeth

The strength of the innovative 12-volt motor is complemented with the help of 35 teeth Titanium alloy blade which provides the essential brawn to cut through rough and coarse fur like a hot knife going through butter.

It excels where other clippers fail to do so, I even adore the fact that such remarkable performance wouldn’t be possible with a cordless blueprint. While you may be losing onto the portability attribute, the raw power through the 4-foot cord truly makes it worth the deal.

Guided Combs

That’s not it yet, the cherry on top is that this bad boy is also shipped off with 4 guide combs, which made my life incredibly easier when I first started to shave off my Cockapoo, which I named Jenny.

She loved getting her hair trimmed, however, when it was time to trim some fur around her neck and belly region, it would irritate her a lot, so much that she would jump and wiggle around and scurry.

But with these guided combs, the vibrations aspect is drastically minimized and there is barely any direct contact with the fur I can easily trim off excess hair while keeping a uniform ratio of hair all across like a pro.

Why Do I Recommend the HANSPROU Cockapoo Shaver Clippers?

It’s powerful and gets the job and doesn’t get tangled in the fur no matter how rough or coarse the hair of a dog gets, giving you plenty of peace of mind to achieve perfection and greatness.

What makes it Different from others?

It’s easy to wash and is incredibly user-friendly and the titanium alloy blade ensures there is no rust or signs of erosion whenever you wash, giving it quite a low maintenance status.


  • Superb Motor Performance
  • Incredibly Low Noise
  • Has 4 Guided Combs


  • Isn’t Cordless

3. Oneisall Clippers for Cockapoo Curly Hair

Portable & lightweight, the Onesial Dog Clippers is a one-stop shop for all your grooming problems since it comes with tons of goodies and will no doubt rock your world.

Hexa Guard Kit

I always had a dream of making my canine look like a gentleman, or in my instance a “gentlewoman”, since Jenny had grown quite a fur after I came back from my vacation from Hawaii and didn’t have time to trim her hair during those days.

And that’s why, even though I was quite a professional stylist in grooming my dog’s hair, the long fur made it quite a challenge to shape it even for me.

But the 6 guard comb kit made my dream of attaining a “Gentlewoman ” look no longer a dream as I easily maneuvered through its feet, belly, butt, paws, and neck like a champ.

The attachment guard can range from 3mm/6mm/9mm/12mm/15mm/18mm respectively, allowing users to achieve perfection to their will. 

Although, in some scenarios, such as shaving the paws, you may need to remove the attachment to get the full potential out of the clippers.

Minimal Noise Production

There are many things I personally love about the Oneisall clippers, however, the low noise aspect makes it stand out from the crowd exceptionally well since it barely disturbs the mood of my Cockapoo.

These breeds are highly sensitive to noise, especially the vibrational one produced by the clipper, making it not only extremely annoying but also exacerbate health-related concerns such as ear infections.

Speaking of which, the 50DB aspect barely annoys my dog and even accustomed to getting its hair trimmed since they are a playful breed and are also incredibly intelligent allowing them to evolve with their pet parent.

Why Do I recommend the Oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers?

The unique aspect about this trimmer is that it’s exceptionally lightweight and barely makes any noise and to top it off, it highly caters to those that are on a budget.

What Makes Them Different From Others?

There are plenty of combing guides and the detachable blades make a significant difference when it comes to routine maintenance of the machine, even a child can clean it so easily.


  • Decent Price Tag
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 6 Guards


  • Charger quality is pretty cheap

4. HOLDOG Professional Clipper for Cockapoo

A clipper with a potent blade and motor, it’s a wonder how did the manufacturer even come up with such a magnificent wonder.

LCD Indicator

If I have to be honest about this one, one of my favorite bits and the strongest selling point about these clippers is its super wide LCD screen which displays not just the setting of the trimmer but also its battery life as well as the RPM the motor runs on.

I love the fact that it pops up in vibrant colors, enough to give you a decent heads-up in case you are going too fast and want to trim the fur much more accurately.

Battery life

On the other hand, when it comes to runtime and backup, these cordless trimmers offer quite a perplexing runtime of up to 4 hours. This gave me enough time to cover two of the cockapoo without running into any form of battery-low status while I was at it.

It boggles my mind how they even manage to place a 2200mAh lithium battery in such a smaller form factor.

Why Do I Recommend the Holdog Cockapoo Clippers?

The blade works exceptionally well and can cut through dense fur extremely easily without putting much effort. The Titanium ceramic combination also ensures it doesn’t get tangled within the hair.

On the other hand, the battery runtime is outstanding, giving you plenty of time to shape your dog’s hair without getting restricted by power.

What Makes It Different From Others?

Most of the clippers I use often have cheaper accessories and don’t really live up to the claim, however, the ones that came with these such as heads and scissors provide commendable results, making it stand out of the crowd.


  • Decent battery life
  • Amazing Quality
  • Decent price tag


  • Can get hot after a while

5. Oneisall Clippers for Cockapoo Lamb Cut

Obviously, this list wouldn’t be complete if I fail to mention a budget-friendly option, henceforth, the Oneisall dog clippers make it to the list.

Vibration Free

It blows my mind whenever I push the power button, there is barely any vibration at all, as previously whenever it was time to shave off the paws of my dog especially the sensitive ones like a cockapoo, they used to get a tingling sensation, making them wiggle around.

This phenomenon would literally cause me to spend hours, however, I barely had to deal with such issues when using these magnificent pieces of engineering.

It’s silent and pretty much vibration free, which sometimes makes me wonder if it’s even turned on at all.

Battery life 

The built-in lithium batteries aren’t that bad either, in fact, on a single charge, I could easily trim the coarse fur of my cockapoo for up to 2 hours.

Although, in comparison to other trimmers and clippers, this might not sound much if you consider the price tag it is listed for, for an individual on a budget, it’s quite worth the money.

Why Do I recommend the Oneisall?

I would highly recommend it to those that don’t really want to deal with bulky clippers and simply want to get the job done without spending too much on these sorts of accessories.

What Makes It Different From Others?

It’s perfect for trimming hair in small places such as paws, allowing you to accurately shape them with peak maneuvering, achieving a uniform look.


  • Easy to use
  • Low Maintenance Design
  • Satisfactory Noise ratio


  • Average Battery life

Wrapping Up

Of all the things you can possibly get for your dog, the biggest blessing is usually looking after it and grooming it to provide the best possible treatment, while some of these clippers listed above might feel out of your league in terms of your budget, nevertheless the value they provide will certainly meet your expectation.

After all, at the end of the day, the investment you commit towards your pet makes quite a difference in its grooming and is directly proportional to how you raise it.

I hope this guide about the best dog clippers for cockapoo hair was helpful to you.

Have a nice day.

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