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5 (Versatile) Best Clippers for Great Pyrenees

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Clipping a dog’s hair is not as easy as it may seem and it becomes more arduous if the dog has a double-coated fur like the Great Pyr. When trying to trim such fur, it often happens that the outer layer gets tangled and it can jam the clipper completely.

After my experience with hundreds of double-coated dog breeds, especially the great pyr, I have tried and tested dozens of clippers. Finally, I have come up with a list of my top 5 Best Clippers For Great Pyrenees.

Read this article to pick a clipper that suits your needs the best without going through a trial and error process.

5 Best Clippers For Great Pyrenees

Here is the list that I created for you.

1. Andis 22685 Professional UltraEdge for Great Pyrenees

I have been using Andis products for some time now and I can vouch for these now because these are very simple and effective products.

Time Test

Trimming a stubborn Pyr with a clipper was a big issue for me because the device would often get stuck in the thick fur. This would happen right in the middle of a trimming session that would annoy me the most.

But all of this changed after I tried this Andis clipper model. It works like a hot knife through butter. The blades are sharp and let me trim any stubborn dog literally in minutes(not a few minutes of course!).


The product itself is well-built. I can trust it to last a very long time as the material seems to be quite durable. 

Also, this is very cost-effective in the long run as many cheaper clippers tend to break down soon and I had to buy new ones every couple of months.

Heat Test

One thing I didn’t like about this clipper was that its #10 blade design is very effective but gets heated up after some time. To solve this issue. What I had to do was to buy additional blades to be used in this clipper.

Also, you need to understand that the blades should not be used for longer sessions as this makes them heat up. Whether you chose their signature blade or a third-party blade, this problem is bound to occur.

Thus, I would suggest letting the blade cool down for a while before you use it again.


  • Versatile
  • Easy to hold and operate
  • Dual-speed motor to tackle tough areas
  • Long cord


  • You’ll have to buy blades other than #10 separately.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

Get Andis 22685 Professional UltraEdge clipper for its powerful trimming and speed.

What Makes It Different From Its Competitors?

Use this trimmer to access and clip all of the body parts, this is what makes it different from other products.

2. Oster A5 Hair Clippers for Dog

This is a perfect clipper in terms of usability, design, and efficacy.

Power Test

The most exciting feature is its remarkable power. This clipper excels in terms of power due to its dual-speed motor. During my use of this clipper on multiple Pyrs I found it to be very powerful that it even clipped thick matted hair pretty easily. 

Before you start clipping the hair, make sure your dog’s hair is perfectly combed so that they don’t get pulled on by the blades as they are quite capable of doing that.

Wider Blade

When compared to other products in this range, it had a considerably wider blade size. What it does is it reduces the time I needed to clip my dog’s fur when it was thick. 

You will not face the problems of cluttering because of the efficient blade size.

Bigger Blades

If you have owned a double-furred dog for a while now you would understand how difficult it is to trim their hair. You need a clipper with bigger and bolder blades so that it doesn’t stop working halfway through the cut.

That’s why I have included this clipper in my list because its blades have quite the size that allows the clipper to be used on double-coated fur very smoothly.

And I’m not talking about it based on merely the specs but on my personal experience with this product. I have used this to shave quite a bunch of Pyrs that needed grooming. Not just the blades are wide but they are sharp enough to glaze through the fur without friction.

Talking about the grip, this clipper has a design that makes it easy to hold in your hands. The graduations on the sides prevent the clipper from being dropped accidentally. Its larger size also offers convenience when maneuvering through the dog’s coat during grooming sessions.


  • Heavy duty
  • Wider blades
  • Easy to use


  • You will need to buy separate blades.

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

Buy OSter A5 for its power, larger size, and heavy-duty performance, especially for grooming double-coated dogs.

What Makes It Different Than Other Products?

With a wider blade size, it reduces the time for trimming a double-coated dog.

3. WAHL Professional Animal Deluxe – Great Pyrenees

Just like Andis, WAHL is a brand that I have been using for quite some time now and I have grown to like it. They make durable products that are very effective in doing what they’re supposed to do.

Overall Working Test

After only a couple of cut sessions, I felt very confident in the working of this device. It moves quite swiftly through the fur especially when they are combed nicely. Even for thin curly hair, it works pretty fine.

However, if a Pyr has too thick a fur, you will need to be careful as it may get stuck at times. Although the blades are wide and nicely built, a little extra care hurts no one.

Still, it’s good on the hair without nipping the skin so rest assured that your dog wouldn’t budge under this clipper.

Adjusting the blade in its signature positions is also very simple. I didn’t have to buy separate blades each time I wanted a different length as the same blade can be adjusted to various lengths.

I gave very smooth final touches to my dog using its blade, thus I would give it 5 stars in terms of finishing.

Also, it comes with a cord with a decent length so don’t worry about your movements being limited. However, I would have loved it even more if it didn’t come with a cord at all.

Heavy duty

This clipper is made for heavy work no doubt. I used it on thick-furred Pyrs and many similar dog breeds and it didn’t give me any complaints. 

The only thing worth noticing is that it will heat up after prolonged use but hey, that would be the case with any other clipper when used on a thick-furred breed.

With this comes a downside that it’s a bit loud, especially during the quiet hours its sound becomes very noticeable.

Durability Test

So for durability, I can say affirmatively that it is made to last a long time. I have been using it on Pyrs for the last six months and it didn’t show any signs of wear or tear. So extrapolating from that, it’s gonna last some good years.


  • Durable
  • Doesn’t nip the skin
  • Good cord length
  • Great finishing 


  • Is louder

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

I recommend this product because it’s efficient and durable.

What Makes It Different From Its Competitors?

Its ability to provide excellent finishing touches without trapping the skin and hurting the dog makes it unique.

4. ENJOY PET Dog Clippers Cat Shaver

Works best

To be very honest, I was skeptical about this clipper at the start because I wasn’t used to this brand’s products. But my experience with it changed my views. ENJOY PET made this clipper a good competitor of the more famous brands.

Its blades are quick and sharp, they cut through the dog’s hair pretty easily. I used it on a couple of Pyrs that had long hair and this clipper didn’t disappoint me at all. 

Also, the blades didn’t get caught in the double coat but instead swam through the sea of hair.

One thing I must mention is that it lacks a lot of power for its blades. I had to push a little extra when I was cutting the hair.

Loudness Test

This is my favorite feature of this clipper, its ability to work quietly. It doesn’t make a lot of noise as many other clippers do. Thus, it allows me to do my work peacefully and be hundred percent focused without any disturbing noise.


The durability of this product is as good as any other clipper on this list. The material is lightweight but the quality is excellent. Thus it is going to last quite some time before you need to buy a new one.


  • Durable
  • quiet


  • Not very powerful

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

I recommend this product because of its ease of use.

What Makes It Different From Its Competitors?

What makes this product different from others on the list is its refined design that doesn’t make much noise.

5. Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Animal Clippers


This is the second Wahl clipper that I have included in this list. This is because Wahl makes such good clippers that not only are effective in giving my dog a good cut but are also very cost-effective in the long run.

Also, the device is quite ergonomically built, it fits the hand perfectly so I didn’t have to change my grip now and then.

This also comes with a cordless design which is pretty much the need these days as everything is becoming cordless and having to move around with a cord becomes a nuisance.

Good Clipping 

Coming to the actual clipping, I would say it is one of the finest clippers out there in the market. This is because it didn’t only slice through the thick fur of my Pyrs smoothly but also the finishing touch it provides is remarkable.

I trimmed the body, feet, and almost any area where my pooch had hair that needed to be cut and it just amazed me with the finish. 

Power Test

As many clippers that have sharp blades often lack a powerful motor but this isn’t the case here.

Its Lithium powered battery provides good power so I didn’t have to push my way through the thick fur. This removes the hindrance for any decent cut that I want my dogs to have.

But with great power comes great noise, so make sure you can compromise on the sound because it may get a little distracting in a quiet atmosphere. 

Fast Charging

Its battery is quick to charge and once it gets fully powered, it lasts around 2 hours. That is enough for one session of clipping a dog. This is another strong point for this clipper that made it into my list.


  • Good blades
  • Easy to hold


  • A bit loud

Why Do I Recommend The Product?

Buy the Wahl Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless clipper for its strength and good finish.

What Makes It Different From Its Competitors?

The feature that makes this product stand apart from others is its ergonomic design which is very user-centric.


Most people ask this.

What blade is best for matted fur?

If you want to trim your dog but the hair is matted, it is not recommended to use an attachment comb at all. The most suitable option is to use a #5 blade if you can use it properly.

However, if the mats are too tight to accommodate a #5 blade, you will need to use a #10 blade.

Best Clippers For Great Pyrenees – Conclusion

For me, the Andis 22685 Professional UltraEdge clipper is the perfect pick, due to its efficient clipping and good quality.

Choose a clipper that suits your needs the most.

Have a nice day.

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