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5 (Easy-To-Use) Best Dog Clippers For Pomeranians

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Last Updated/Info Checked on October 25, 2023 by Linda Michaels

Pomeranians are fun little barkers, blobs of meat enclosed in fluff undercoats and considerably thick overcoats. Their only known purpose is to be cute and pounce around, at least the one I own does that.

My Pomeranian, which I call Daisy, is a fast sprinter and is super intelligent by nature and can get its body overwhelmed with thick coats of fur quite routinely.

And that was the day, I decided to scour the internet to find the best dog clippers for Pomeranians and after my thorough journey down the down of dog accessories and experiencing scores of clippers, I have come to the conclusion that only five of these tend to be well worth the price and investment.

These five majestic picks are mentioned below along with my first-hand experience, which also happens to be my two cents regarding each product. Feel free to evaluate your judgment based on the listed Pros & Cons while choosing your pick.

List of Best Pomeranians Clippers for Your Cute Friend

It’s time to dig into the in-depth list.

1. Oneisall Dog Clipper for Pomeranians

My experience with Oneisall Dog Shavers has been nothing short of magnificence which I find hard to describe in words, however, I will try my best to give you a glimpse of its grooming magic.

Sharp & Robust

I have to be honest here, I am not fond of using brands that often advertise themselves in words that may sound too flashy or gimmicky.

At first, I was a little bit doubtful, but the handsome price tag overwhelmed me, after all, it’s just so budget-friendly, that I barely saw myself losing anything over it.

Fast forward to my financial commitment, after a couple of weeks of using it, it felt like I was a sheep farmer. I could cut through my Pomeranian rough overcoat as if I was holding a hot knife going through butter. Also tried this clipper on one of my client’s Great Pyrenees with thick coat and the overall process was satisfactory.

The best part is, even though some fur tends to get tangled with dust, debris, or even mud, it exuberates the cutting process of hair as the fur usually gets coarse and thick when it’s dirty but I barely had to deal with such issues.

The Accessories

The goodies that usually come with the clipper may sound trivial to you but trust me these goodies compliment the clippers way beyond your expectation.

In fact, I use the sharp scissor for trimming the nails and hair around the face of my pomeranian, since the clippers are not effective in this instance.

Speaking of which, the clippers also happen to come with their own guiding combs, allowing consumers to get their dog’s fur in shape, just the way they would want.

Why Do I Recommend Oneisall Clipper for Pomeranians?

I highly recommend these clippers to my friends and family since it provides outstanding value for the price tag it is listed on. There are tons of goodies you are getting in this package.

What makes it different from others?

The noise aspect here is barely little to none, something you should always keep an eye out for while grooming a Pomeranian. 


  • Budget Friendly
  • Decent Blade Quality
  • Easy to Use


  • Not for larger dogs 

2. HOLDOG Heavy Duty Pomeranians Grooming Clipper

A flagship clipper designed to cater to both dog breeders and casual pet parents. Here is my brief review of it.

Power Drive Motor

The potential of a clipper is defined by the type of motor being used in it, the Holdog trimmers use an efficient and innovating, top of line 3 speed Power drive, which emphasizes the maneuverability of the trimmers as well as enforces torque to cut through thick fibers of fur without compromising on its efficiency.

Pomeranians might be fun to play with but their tendency to grow hair exponentially can be daunting to trim especially if you aren’t really experienced with it. But fret not, with these trimmers you would literally feel like holding a lightsaber cutting through cotton since it’s so efficient.

Titanium Teeth

The blades are made from titanium alloy which never catches rust and is quite resilient to prevent entanglement whenever used through coarse overcoat. This clipper is incredibly simple to use and is designed to handle dogs with double-coated fur effortlessly.

The 33 teeth of the trimmers float back and forth with uniform speed, which can be controlled at three speeds, to provide accuracy and control.

As for me, I love to use the second speed, since it hits the sweet spot between being silent and producing ample power to perform its operation exceptionally well.

Why Do I Recommend HOLDOG Heavy Duty Pomeranians Grooming Clipper?

The Holdog is a work of wonder and has immense durability all while being armed with a top-of-the-line power drive. 

What Makes it Different from Others?

The battery life might be its biggest pivotal point, making it quite a portable choice for anyone that doesn’t want to deal with bigger and bulkier trimmers that break the bank.


  • Ergonomic gripping
  • Decent battery life
  • Glides very smoothly


  • Awkward button placement 

3. Oneisall Dog Clippers

My daisy changes her hair texture quite on a regular basis, so much so that I have to change clippers to get the job done. This is the second product on my listing from the same company.

However, the Onesisall clipper do a commendable job at getting things clean and well-shaven, since they can surf through both straight and wavy hair pretty well.

Lightweight & Cordless

Both the innards and the outer body are made from a metal alloy, the overall gripping is also pretty well done by the manufacturer and it feels comfortable to hold it in my palm even if I am using it for a couple of hours.

I have used quite a lot of trimmers, especially the ones that come with cords, which tend to weigh like a ton of bricks after using them for at least an hour. 

Furthermore, I love the fact the outer region of the trimmer isn’t too slippery and has some traction to provide a perfect grasp and prevent accidental slippage while I am doing the deed.

Robust Motor

On the flip side, the motor integrated into this thing literally has me head over heels, it’s so robust that the mileage of it goes up to a whopping 6800 RPM, enough to cut through coarse hair like a hot knife going through butter.

And the best part is that it is so well designed, the power motor barely makes any sound, in fact, the total noise ratio is just over 55 DB, isn’t that marvelous!

Why Do I Recommend the Oneisall Clipper?

If you prefer quality and reliability over anything else, then the Oneisall Dog Clippers are highly recommended for you as their ratio of disappointment is little to none.

What Makes it So Different From its Competitors?

You do not need other special cables to charge it because even the USB cable that you use to recharge your smartphone can also recharge its lithium batteries, providing up to two hours of power. Hats off to its flawless compatibility ratio.

Pro Tip: I have personally put this clipper to the test on a double-coated Husky, and I was truly amazed by the results it delivered. The way it handled the thick fur and left the coat looking well-groomed was impressive.


  • Top-notch battery life
  • Sharp blades
  • Amazing price-to-value ratio


  • Smaller LCD screen

4. FERRISA Pomeranian Clippers

Armed to the teeth (No Pun intended), the Ferrisa Clippers is an all-rounder and will have you head over heels once you get to know its multitude of features.

One For All, All for One

This had to be one of the most versatile clippers I ever had to use for a dog since its head can be interchangeable in not just one but four ways.

To further elaborate, whether you want to get down and dirty and cover smaller paw areas or simply want to cover a large region such as the back of your Pomeranian, this trimmer will get through thick and thin without causing much of a ruckus.

It even has a grinder to trimmer and polish out nails to make it seem prettier and bland, so your dog has a much better grip over the terrain all while preventing harm to it while you are doing the deed.

Personally, I love using these clippers because I pretty much no longer have to take my dog to the saloon, as these clippers have changed my life for the betterment.

IPX7 Rated

Consider investing in these versatile trimmers if routine maintenance isn’t your cup of tea because this band is hydro sealed with an IPX7 rating, allowing it to be submerged in shallow water so you can clean the blades in no time.

Keep in mind that you shouldn’t soak the trimmers for a brief moment and must turn it off before cleaning the blades or other parts.

Why Do I recommend the Ferrisa Clippers?

I keenly recommend this work of wonder to those individuals that aren’t experienced with grooming their dogs, as the clippers require low maintenance and don’t have much of a learning curve.

What Makes It Different from Its Competitors?

The accessories with these clippers alone make it well worth the money, let alone its immaculate performance. The interchangeable heads are truly a game changer.


  • Comes with 4 interchangeable heads
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to use


  • Average guided heads

5. AIBORS Dog Clippers for Grooming

A professional-grade dog clipper with outstanding battery runtime, the AIBORS Dog provides peak precision and control during grooming.

Battery Life and LCD screen

Armed with a 2000mah lithium-ion battery, these no-nonsense clippers will never give up on you whenever you need them the most.

While the approximate runtime of these batteries is racked up to 3 hours, whenever I am Grooming my dog, even if I go for an eternity, I would still have some charge left.

The best part is that the Live LCD, which is a small yet nifty indicator provides valuable insight about the battery, so I can manage my grooming session even if I haven’t charged it beforehand quite accurately.

R Shaped Blade

On the flip side, I barely have to worry about hair or debris getting clogged up even after multiple uses, the R-shaped carbon blades prevent clogging by automatically removing fur whenever it moves into and fro motion.

It basically spits away unnecessary hair in reverse motion, keeping it as clean as brand new, isn’t that just genius?

And to top it off, the vibration is kept as low as possible which not only brings down the noise attribute, preventing the dog from getting annoyed but it also eliminates the wear and tear effect to a great degree.

Motor Type & Guided Heads

If you are still not impressed with how capable these clippers are, wait till you hear about the fact that it even has a 6500 RPM motor.

It baffles me how did the manufacturer manage to cramp up something so robust and powerful all while keeping the noise ratio to a bare minimum.

Why do I recommend the AIBORS Brand?

It’s a perfect solution to trim thick and coarse hair as it has been armed with a cutting-edge motor to ensure immaculate results during the grooming of your cuties. It helped me trim a couple of curly coated dogs including the Cockapoo, Bichon Frise, and a Pumi and I was quite satisfied with the results.

What makes it different from its competitors?

 The build quality is beyond impressive and the battery life on this thing makes you feel like it could go on for hours all while powering a robust motor.


  • Built Quality is exceptional
  • Very sharp blades
  • Battery life is amazing 


  • Can get hot sometimes

Wrapping Up – The Winner

This short-sighted breed of canine is destined to provide playfulness and peace of mind due to its low-maintenance nature.

Since they are considered family dogs due to their calm temperament, you wouldn’t have much of a problem during grooming while keeping them in shape.

Nevertheless, it is still wise to have the best dog clippers for Pomeranians because, at the end of the day, dogs are the man’s best friend, and your best friend certainly deserves only the top-notch treatment.

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