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5 (Professional) Best Clippers for Bernedoodles

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Last Updated/Info Checked on October 25, 2023 by Linda Michaels

It’s no surprise to me that not many people are familiar with Bernedoodles as they are quite rare to find and as their name suggests, they are also pretty cute and easy to groom.

Their reason for their rarity is simple, they are bred from a cross between a Bernese mountain dog and a poodle, which is why they tend to have eccentric features that set them apart from the rest of the group of canines.

On the flip side, their temperament and coat type highly depend on the category of their parents that have been crossed during breed, which is why finding the best clippers for Bernedoodles can be undoubtedly tricky.

And even though they are mostly considered family pet dogs, they are quite susceptible to health-based issues due to having a hybrid DNA all while requiring a higher ratio of maintenance, especially during grooming.

Since most of their health issues correlate with respiratory organs and other general skin irritations, that’s why finding the right clippers could exponentially decrease such fiasco.

So in that case, I would highly advise you to keep on scrolling down below and take a look at some fine clippers that could make your Bernedoodles life better.

My 5 Favourite List of Bernedoodle Clippers

Let’s dig into the in-depth list.

1. Oneisall Dog Grooming Clipper for Bernedoodles

A top-tier Clipper to get the perfect hair treatment for your cute Bernedoodles, whether they are big or tiny, soft or have coarse fur, this clipper will provide the best value for your money.

Cordless & Portable

My Bernedoodle loves to be groomed every now and then and since it has wavy hair, its fur usually gets plumpy whenever I haven’t trimmed them in a month. This makes him look quite rough and shabby and taking him out to the veterinarian can get expensive.

Although I did own a decent trimmer, it wasn’t cordless and nowhere near as portable as this one. Since the cord limited me to use it everywhere especially while I was out on vacation and couldn’t get near to a proper electrical outlet.

Nevertheless, once I ordered the Oneisall Dog clippers, my worries pretty much ended since it was so efficient and easy to use that not only was I able to remove all of the unnecessary fur but also trim his inner ear hair which could sometimes create a problem as dust and debris would often get stuck into it.

Fast forward to the results, me and my baby, are very happy with the results. I am his personal trainer and some of my peers even call me his “Mini Fashion Designer” since I love to trim his hair suitable to my mood.

Battery Runtime

I noticed most of these Flashy Clippers tend to advertise themselves as “Premium Grade Clipper” but almost all of them fail miserably and usually gets hot whenever you use them a little bit over an hour.

However, I barely noticed any overheating, not even on the blades, so my Bernedoolde was comfortable throughout the use. 

On the flip side, the battery runtime no doubt puts the competition in the mud because whenever I am done with grooming and trimming the fur, I am still left with around 70% of battery which still reaps me around 3 hours of action.

Why Do I Recommend Oneisall?

It’s cordless and comes with its own grooming kit allowing you to customize your dog’s fur to your heart’s content. Since Bernedoodles have thick fur, the motor used in this clipper never heats up and certainly maintains its speed throughout the experience.

What Makes it Different from its Competitors?

It’s a saloon-grade clipper and barely makes noise because Bernedoodle can easily get irritated due to coil whining. On the other hand, the battery life of this thing speaks volumes in terms of quality, so much so that you can charge it once and forget about it for days.

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  • Decent Battery Life
  • Virtually Silent
  • Powerful Motor
  • Has LCD Screen


  • bulky

2. Oneisall Bernedoodle Dog Clipper

This one is my personal favorite since it has an even more robust motor, allowing me to shave through wiry fur regardless of the type or texture of my Bernedoodle. Also, trimming my little Cockapoo was not an issue with Oneisall clipper.

Virtually Silent

When I first got my hands on this trimmer, I was quite impatient to use it since my Bernedoodle had grown so much “wool” that I felt like I could start my own textile industry out of it.

But after pressing the power button, it felt like the clipper was even toggled “ON” to begin with, the noise ratio was kept fairly low and it could decibel as shallow as 50DB, which is an attribute that may sound trivial but once you trim the fur of your dog on a regular basis, noisy clippers can get annoying quite eventually.

Quad Guards Kit

I also adore the fact that to keep your puppy in shape, the clipper also comes in not just one but 4 different variations of guards, so you can easily achieve the shape that you deem fit for your dog.

It also eliminates the room for error in case there is an accidental mishap while shaping the fur of the coat especially if your Bernedoodle has a wavy or smooth coat.

In other words, even if you are inexperienced or haven’t had the honor of grooming your dog all by yourself, you will be able to do the deed with these guards effortlessly.

Why Do I Recommend the Oneisall Dog Clippers?

The trimmer is extremely user-friendly and can be cleaned right off the bat, simply take off the upper blade by flicking the switch and use a dry cloth to remove fur and other debris, it’s just that easy, so even if you aren’t really tech-savvy, you would absolutely love it for your dog.

What makes it different from the others?

The motor used in this clipper is quite potent and doesn’t get tangled into thick hair, so you can shave your dog’s sensitive areas with ease.


  • Amazing Value For Money
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 4 Heads


  • Doesn’t come with its own Plug

3. HOLDOG Professional Clipper for BerneDoodles

The right tool for the right job, the HOLDOG is a professional clipper that could easily put the competition in the mud. It even made me rethink my career to become a barber after all, since it’s so easy to use.

33 titanium Magic

The day my clipper decided to get stuck in my dog’s double coated fur was the exact same day I knew it was time to get rid of it and invest in a new one with a much more robust blade and motor.

After glancing through the internet back and forth, this clipper caught my attention. It didn’t take me long to order it and once I got to experience its magical 33 titanium blade teeth, it felt like a hot knife was going through a slab of fresh butter.

There were minimal efforts involved even if I had to use it for a millionth time, that’s how swift and robust the ceramic and titanium teeth combination was.

Battery Life

At initial use, the battery life on this thing didn’t feel substantial and it left me a little bit disappointed, however, it might be due to my curiosity taking the best of me and I forgot to top its battery reserve on the first try.

However, after hooking it up to an electrical outlet for at least 3 hours, this bad boy was ready for some action for at least 4 hours, which basically felt like an eternity as I could cover multiple sessions of my variety of canine grooming and would still have some charge left with me.

Why Do I Recommend HoldOG Clippers?

The Battery lasts quite a while and the motor is pretty much silent and doesn’t disturb the ambiance as much as other brands I have used in the past. The blades are considerably sharp and can cut through thick fur quite effortlessly.

What Makes it Different from Other Clippers?

Even though it’s a flagship-grade trimmer, the price tag it boasts certainly baffles me and the best part is it’s extremely consumer-friendly especially if you consider the user interface it has on its LCD screen.


  • Budget Friendly
  • Does it get Clogged in the Fur
  • Decent Battery life


  • Weird Power Button Placement

4. Oneisall Bernedoodles Clipper

Lightweight and budget-friendly, the Onesiall Bernedoodle clipper is a perfect all-rounder when it comes to grooming your best friend. Here is my first-hand experience with it.

Gentle & Convenient 

Grooming and trimming the thick fur of my pet was never been this easy and convenient. In fact, it’s a perfect styling solution for all your tiny Canine breeds so you can get between their pad and toes and trim the excess hair as efficiently as possible.

Previously, it would literally take me hours just to clean up a single paw of my Bernedoodle, and keep in mind, I used to have 3 Bernedoodles at home which would take up my whole day just to get the job done.

But now, I am able to clean its toes, and pads and shave off its fur at a moment’s notice, it’s just that easy and convenient.

Moreover, I also tried this clipper on some double-coated breeds like huskies, and German Shepherds, and this clipper knows how to handle. Taming the lush fur of a double-coated husky is a breeze with this clipper’s precision and power, making grooming sessions a stress-free experience for both you and your furry companion.

Quite & Efficient

And don’t get me started on its super quiet motor which barely makes any noise. Since most Canine breeds are quite sensitive to coil whining noise and usually get irritated and startled, these clippers never really irked them and laid on the ground while I was doing the deed.

Why Do I Recommend the Oneisall?

It’s a perfect treat for your Tiny to moderate Bernadoodles since it can shave off any nook and cranny quite efficiently. On the flip side, it even comes with two different heads, so you can not only trim but also shape the overall look of your dog even if you are inexperienced.

What makes it Different from the other Clippers?

Even though it has a mid-tier motor, it surprisingly works quite great especially if you consider the price tag it is listed for, which happens to be extremely budget-friendly so even a casual pet owner can own it.

To top it off, it is also considerably lightweight so you can carry it in your bag during traversal and it won’t be a burden on you.


  • Lightweight
  • Decent Battery life
  • Easy to use


  • Average Motor

5. Ceenwes Pet Clipper (Upgrade Version)

Highly portable and ergonomic, the Ceenwes is my go-to pick whenever it’s time to shave off thick fur from rough coat Canine Breeds.

A Complete Package

When it comes to price tags, there is no better substitute for these clippers since they come in a complete package, offering 4 heads ranging from 3mm,6mm,9mm, and 12mm respectively. 

That’s not it yet, it even comes with its own cleaning brush and rubbing oil so you can easily remove dirt and debris from your clippers to prolong its life span.

Portable & Lightweight

I am in love with these cordless clippers since I no longer have to worry about them getting tangled in the fur or any part of the dog that I am shaving. While electrical cords provide an unlimited duration of usage, their wires or cords tend to cause quite a ruckus, especially whenever I am dealing with stubborn breeds.

In fact, my Bernedoodles with coarse and wavy hair tend to get matted and plump, which can irritate it, and to exacerbate the nuisance, the cords of the clippers are much more prone to get stuck in its hair.

However, the cordless design has been no less than a lifesaver and to top it off, in terms of performance when compared to a wired clipper, there is minimal difference as the battery life on this thing feels like it could last an eternity.

Why Do I recommend Ceenwes?

It’s so quiet it barely bothers my dog and the best part is the downtime feels like little to none, so I can trim and groom my different breeds of Bernedoodles back to back without worrying about running out of battery life.

What Makes It Different from Other Tools?

It’s one of the finest clippers I have ever used, The build quality is unparalleled and as a cherry on top, there are not just four different guided heads to give users precision and accuracy even if you aren’t really experienced while cleaning up your dog’s Fur.


  • Very Quiet Motor
  • Robust Motor
  • Amazing battery life


  • Confusing Instruction Manual

The Winner

Keeping your Bernedoodle’s paw hairs trimmed and fur well-groomed can not only make them look sleek but also enhance their physical well-being, as they are less likely to be prone to respiratory and other multitude of health-related issues.

Speaking of which, it goes without saying that the list of best clippers for Bernedoodles I have compiled above has been thoroughly tested by me and reviewed in order to provide wider insight about each clipper, so you don’t end up making regrets later.

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