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5 (Escape-Proof) Best Harnesses for Corgis in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 10, 2024 by Linda Michaels

Corgis are known for their exquisitely cute squatted posture and long-snouted nose, giving them an appearance of a “Fox-like Face”. Since they have a double coat of fur, Corgis can thrive well in considerably cooler regions.

However, when it comes to humid and warm regions, their coarse outer coat might present a challenge and in that case, using a harness that might be thick can get tricky and might be a potential skin hazard to these sensitive breeds of canine.

Luckily for any Pet parent looking to make a wishful commitment to the best harness for Corgi, they are in for a treat as I have curated a list of harnesses that I tried and tested with the breed.

Why Should You Prefer Harnesses Over Collars for Corgis?

Corgis can be single-minded sometimes, but that’s a dog thing to do for a dog. They will pull, resist any urge to go for a walk, and even show an apparent hate for anything that slips over their heads. In that case, using a collar may seem like a solution, only when it’s not in many of these situations.

I’m talking about the times that these dogs pull like maniacs. Collars pose a danger to hard pullers. Harnesses, on the other hand, provide a secure method of taking control over the dog without hurting their necks. But before ordering one for your dog by choosing it from the list below, make sure that you know the antics of your dog.

Just to be sure that every dog is being taken care of, I’ve included a variety of harnesses. Feel free to choose!

The List of (Corgi-Approved) Best Dog Harnesses for Corgis

Let me share the list with you.

Selecting Escape-Proof Corgi Harness

Harness NameChest GirthNeck SizeDog SizeAdjustment PointsD-Rings
ShawnCo Essential32″ to 44″16″ to 34″80 lbs to 85+ lbs23
Bolux16″ to 18.5″12.5″ to 14″11 lbs to 20 lbs21
TobeDRI25.5″ to 31″18″ to 25.5″60 lbs to 100 lbs41
PoyPet No Pull16″ to 28″14″ to 20″50 lbs to 80 lbs42
BARKBAY22″ to 27″12″ to 24″20 lbs to 50 lbs42

1. ShawnCo Essential Corgi Harness [Recommended]


  • Nylon Mesh
  • Triple Steel Ring
  • Light Reflective Chest Strap
  • Heavy Duty Stitching

The ShawnCO accessories have been my personal favorite, their harness has exceptional fabric quality and is considerably gentle, providing comfort and coziness to my little Corgi.

Triple Leash Points

My Shorty, otherwise known as a Corgi, had been acting up lately and was quite grumpy especially during the temperature rise in summer as Corgi are known to thrive in colder areas.

Nonetheless, I had to find a solution to make it behave especially in the crowd, as safety for me, her, and everyone around me was paramount. The ShawnCO essential has been a lifesaver in this case due to its Triple attachment feature which allows me to better manage than I could possibly imagine.

Shorty was never this calmer and it helped me train her well which wasn’t an easy task considering the fact I was doing it all alone without the help of a professional trainer on top of that I had my first experience with this gorgeous breed.

I am in love with this harness, in fact, I would suggest it to my peers and friends who are struggling to find a good substitute as this not only improves handling of their dog but it gives a better sense of control over the pet parent.

Easy to Adjust

Their diminutive and petite build also means they are fragile and require plenty of maintenance and it certainly requires you to keep an eye out and be on the lookout to provide ample care to its health.

Taking that into account, I decided to go with an extra small specification in order to prevent it from wiggling out and running away. I found the perfect solution for your corgi’s comfort – the smallest harness for Corgi on my list.

However, as my corgi weighed only 25 pounds, even the extra small dimensions felt too tight for her taste but the adjustable straps saved the day and allowed me to carefully tighten up the spots, making it virtually escape-proof.

In my months of experience, this feature has been a true Godsend, otherwise, I still had to look for another harness and refund this one but the adjustable strapping made everything quite seamless.

Why Do I Recommend ShawnCo Essential Dog Harness?

My reason for recommendation is pretty straightforward this harness offers triple leash attachment, allowing better control for my Corgi, rather than pulling and tugging, with this harness I now walk with pride and peace of mind.

What Makes it Different from Others?

The gripping on this harness is consistent and to make things even more seamless, the straps are highly adjustable, making it considerably easier to put it on my Corgi.


  • Durable & Well Padded
  • Has Reflective Strips
  • Triple Leash Attachment Points


  • The middle attachment gets tangled in the fur of one of my Corgi

The harness comes with three attachment points as you read. Here’s how to use the side D-rings:

2. Bolux Corgi Dog Harness


  • Machine Washable
  • Breathable Mesh
  • Reflective Material
  • Nylon Fabric

I am not a fan of the sleazy harness which pretty much acts as a noose around the neck of a dog rather than being a comfortable collar, this one barely applies pressure on my Corgi’s neck while it’s pulling or walking too fast than my usual routine. Here is what I think about it.

Fit For A King

My Corgi is no less than a king because it means the world to me and finding the best and the most comfortable harness across the world is always my top priority. 

Subsequently, after ordering this harness I was excited like a baby and couldn’t wait for it to arrive at my home, so I could rock this bad boy on my doggy.

After a couple of days, the magic happened and after holding it in my hands, it felt like I was holding a bunch of features, in fact, it felt even lighter than I could possibly presume.

Exaggeration aside, the overall vest of this thing is considerably padded but made from a very lightweight sponge so it doesn’t weigh up my little cute Canine especially while it’s playing outdoors.

It also keeps him protected and well-secured and even gives him a professional vibe once the harness is locked in, the straps are barely chafing my poor pet skin which can get sensitive in humid regions and that’s why I believe it’s the best investment I could possibly commit to.

Perfect for Every Scenario

I wouldn’t be listing this harness if it did not live up to its claim, after weeks of testing it out, I came to the conclusion that this harness is pretty much a rounder and you could use it for pretty much any occasion such as playtime, training or simply outdoor casual jogging routine.

Even though my corgi weighs considerably less than usual, picking it up from my car or to my home can get tricky, nevertheless, the top handle on this harness was an absolute lifesaver and prevented my Canine from getting choked up as it evenly distributed the pressure all across its body.

Why Do I Recommend Bolux Dog Harness?

It’s never made my dog uncomfortable regardless of the fact how many hours it is placed on it, the padded vest makes my corgi feel like it’s cushioned in a bunch of feathers.

What Makes it Different from Others?

The pattern scheme used in this harness is unique and totally out of the box. I am a big fan of its “Camo” variation since it holds a sober aesthetic.


  • Stylish & Durable
  • Fits Pretty Well
  • Has Reflective Material


  • Requires plenty of adjustment to fit smaller sized Dogs

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3. TobeDRI – Best Dog Harness for Corgi


  • Quick Release Buckle
  • Padded Leash
  • Rust Proof Ring
  • Nylon Fabric

My personal favorite, for all the right reasons, it provides perfect control and has a reflective surface, here is a brief review of it.

Apex Control

The price tag might be a bit over the top when compared to other harnesses but it certainly gives me plenty of peace of mind as I can easily hook the leash from one clip to the other.

Aside from having a traditional back metal ring, it even offers a front ring that is sewn to the vest with double stitches so even if you have a misbehaving dog at hand, it won’t get torn off, in fact once you get the dimensions right, there is no chance of it being coming off from your Canine.

Anti Chafing Fabric

I even adore the fact that the fabric is integrated with super thick padding and the top handle on this thing is no exception, I could comfortably carry my Corgi from one place to another and it won’t stress my palm.

The leash that comes with the harness can withstand tons of torque, minimizing the need for buying an aftermarket leash, which in itself deserves a round of applause.

360 Reflective Sheet

Lastly, my favorite bit about this protective vest is its ability to shine traffic lights whenever ambient lighting is reflected on it.

Unlike other cheaper harnesses, this one doesn’t absorb external lighting and in fact, acts as an indicator and gives head up to the incoming drivers and pedestrians.

The thought process invested in this harness is truly remarkable and I have to say even though the price tag might not sound justified, once you get used to this harness, it’s truly worth every penny.

Why Do I Recommend TobeDRI No Pull Dog Harness?

The price-to-value ratio of this harness is undoubtedly mind-blowing and don’t get me started on the leash, it’s arguably one of the sturdiest pieces of accessory I have ever seen.

Plus, it even has a complete 360-degree reflective strip, making my dog pop bright as day.

What Makes it Different from Others?

The anti-chafing aspect sets it out of the crowd, the borders are decently padded and it barely causes a nuisance for me or my dog.


  • Highly Minimizes Tugging & Pulling
  • Vibrant Color Scheme
  • Decent Vest Quality


  • The buckle is considerably Large

4. PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness


  • Cushioned Vest
  • Soft Borders
  • Reflective Surface
  • Resizable Plastic Strap Buckles

A harness that fully covers the body of your dog, the Poypet No pull harness comes in a wide array of vibrant colors with exquisite breathable fabric.

Skin tight Yet Breathable

Corgis are an amazing breed and provide a charming experience especially when they are in their playful mood.

However, ambiance temperature control should be taken into account, subsequently, it is highly necessary that you invest in a harness that is lightweight and thin with plenty of air circulation.

My corgi has a double coat with coarse belly fur and usually gets sweaty even in a cooler atmosphere, fortunately, this harness keeps him happy while he pounces in the pool like a good boy he is.

Quad Buckles

It’s also worth mentioning that there are more than four buckle points of attachment on this harness, which makes slipping on and slipping off the harness from the Dog extremely easy, so you may need to tighten it up pretty accurately and get the dimensions right.

Nevertheless, getting the dimensions right won’t be an issue if you already had a fair share of experience with multiple breeds of dog but just to be on the safe side, consult your vet before you order this harness.

Anti Choking Collar

Once you get the dimensions right, the collar barely puts pressure on the throat, if you are corgi is suffering from respiratory issues or has a disorder in its trachea, this harness can get in handy as it prevents it from getting choked when you are pulling the leash from both the front and back metal clips.

Keep in mind that you may need to shave off excess fur to make it snug fit rather than being too tight across its belly to ensure your Corgi remains comfortable and cozy at all possible times.

Why Do I Recommend PoyPet No Pull Dog Harness?

It’s extremely lightweight and soft, and to top it off, the mesh material works wonders even for thick-furred dog breeds.

What Makes it Different from Others?

First of all, the customer care service of PoyPet Harness is outstanding which isn’t something you would see in the other competing brands. The harness is also pretty durable and well-made, so you won’t be running into any problems any time soon.


  • Comes in Gorgeous Colors
  • Has 4 Buckles
  • Breathable Mesh


  • Adjustable Straps can get tricky

5. BARKBAY Adjustable Corgi Harness


  • Anti Abrasive Sides
  • Padded Vest
  • Air Regulated Harness
  • Pockets To Carry IDs

Last but certainly not least would be the most exotic Harness I could find on the internet which beholds features that will make you wonder why you haven’t found it earlier.

Cute Mesh Fabric

It’s a unisex harness and will no doubt make your corgi look flashy and sleek, the mesh-like pattern certainly does justice to the overall vibes of it.

Personally, I love the fact they used padding not only on the inside of the vest but also across its borders, so it does produce skid marks or scratch off the fur.

In other words, it’s like lingerie but for dogs, the fabric is made from pure nylon and is so lightweight you would feel like you’re not carrying anything at all. 

Most importantly, don’t worry about your dog’s long hair! This harness is super soft, so it won’t cause any issues.

That’s not it yet, the harness also comes in a Camo design, to convert your standard old corgi to a “Super Corgi” since it has such a professional outlook to it.

It’s basically designed for people that often take their dogs to the woods while they’re hunting, so it blends well with the scenario.

Durable Metal Sliders

On the other hand, the straps on this thing actually mean business and they aren’t fraying away regardless of the fact of how agile your dog is.

It also easily compensates for quick reflexes and lunges and prevents the harness vest from getting completely stretched out.

My previous harness had this issue which made me tighten up the harness every now and then and trust me it was quite a headache to deal with especially whenever I was busy.

However, my only complaint about this otherwise perfect harness is its smaller top handle which I wish was a tad bit wider, so I could put my hand comfortably while carrying my Canine from one place to another.

Nevertheless, if you are an individual with a smaller palm, you wouldn’t feel like this should be a make-or-break situation for you.

Why Do I Recommend  BARKBAY No Pull Dog Harness?

Highly reflective and perfect for controlling quick lunges, if you are a dog trainer, you should most certainly invest in it.

What Makes it Different from Others?

The accuracy of size charts is no doubt on point which would probably give you an idea that the brand lives up to its claim in every aspect since they have spent quite a lot of attention to the details.


  • Durable Metal Clips
  • Straps Can be easily adjusted
  • Breathable Mesh Pattern


  • Smaller Top Handle

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Bottom Line

Being a Canine owner, it should be your sole responsibility to choose the best possible and safest accessories for your dogs, whether it’s a collar, name tags, or a leash.

And that is why, it is highly advised that you take all the time in the world to get the correct measurement before committing to a purchase.

While corgi in itself are charming and fascinating in nature, they are also highly sensitive and considerably fragile and require high maintenance. Subsequently, finding the best harnesses for Corgi should be your utmost priority.

That being said, feel free to read my review as these are mostly based on personal experiences I have attained throughout my journey while breeding such charismatic species.

If you have any sort of queries, make sure you let me know in the comment section below, I would be very happy to sort you out.

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