Best Harnesses for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels
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5 Best Harnesses for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

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Last Updated/Info Checked on October 25, 2023 by Linda Michaels

Majestic beyond belief, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a sight for sore eyes as it boasts silky fur complimented with their dark bountiful eyes.

However, since these unique breeds of canines aren’t known to be plumpy or bulky, they require utmost care due to their gentle and sensitive nature.

Henceforth, simply throwing a collar around their neck is totally out of the equation since such dog accessories can be a choking hazard which is the last thing you would want when going through the grooming phase.

On the flip side, picking the right harness can make a world of difference in this scenario.

Although considering the rarity of these breeds, finding the perfect pick could be no doubt daunting but it’s never impossible.

In fact, I even made a succinct compendium for the best harnesses for the Cavalier King Charles spaniel feel free to scroll down below to acknowledge some esoteric knowledge about it.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniels Harnesses Featured in this Article

Harness NameChest GirthNeck SizeDog SizeAdjustment PointsD-Rings
Joyride Harness12″ to 17″8″ to 11″5 lbs to 9 lbs23
Gooby Escape14.25″ to 21.5″Sizing based on chest girth20 lbs to 35 lbs41
OneTigris Tactical27″ to 36″18″ to 25″45 lbs to 80 lbs42
ThinkPet19″ to 30″15″ to 23″50 lbs to 80 lbs42
WINGOIN24″ to 37″18″ to 29″45 lbs to 80+ lbs42

7 Best Harnesses for Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Let’s begin with the list.

1. Joyride Harness for Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


  • 3 Side Rings
  • Mesh Nylon Material
  • 15.52 Ounces

This is the sort of harness that will make you regret buying it, not because of its quality but due to the fact that you haven’t purchased it earlier since it’s so awesome. Here are my thoughts about it.

Customizable Dog Tag

First of all, I adore the fact that this harness also comes with its own Dog tag system, it sort of makes my Spaniel feel like “Wolverine from X-men movies”.

The fact that I can now write my pet name, “Corvo”, on it makes me delighted and even saves me a bit of hassle because I no longer have to mistake my dog for my neighbor’s pet, which also seems to have an identical breed of dog with the same color scheme.

Easy On & Off

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg because when it comes to placement of this harness, you would be surprised how easy it is to place it on my dog.

The term “joyride” stays true to its word because even in the initial phases when I introduced this harness, my dog barely got startled or wrestled with me.

In fact, after choosing the Small variant of the harness, I never had any problems relating to my dog wiggling out or getting uncomfortable even after a long day of walking sessions.

In fact, it stayed perfectly on its gorgeous silky fur which complimented the nylon fabric as if it was made exactly to suit its body.

Why Do I recommend the Joyride Harness?

It’s an all-in-one solution to keep your dog perfectly secured and comfortable. The straps go over the head and never choke the neck even if the dog decides to behave awkwardly.

If you want to groom or train your Canine without having ample experience beforehand, investing in this harness might be the perfect way to start.

What makes it different from others?

The price tag and comfort ratio might be the noteworthy aspect of this harness, making it stand out from the crowd. In fact, once your dog gets used to it, you won’t be needing anything else.


  • Breathable and comfortable fabric
  • Very easy to place
  • Exceptionally lightweight 


  • Clips aren’t as durable

2. Gooby Escape Free Easy Fit Harness


  • Quad Adjustment Points
  • Neoprene Fabric
  • 3.1 Ounces

My Cavalier King Charles Spaniel sometimes sheds a lot of his silky fur, which is why I had to invest in this harness as his hair never gets tangled in it. Here are my two cents about this harness.

Comfortable and Dense Upholstery

Being a dog accessory connoisseur, it’s safe for me to conclude after months of testing out this harness, that it surpasses almost every competition when compared to similar-tier harnesses. It has very comfortable straps, so using this harness on a long-haired dog like Charles Spaniel would not be an issue.

In fact, the quote “Don’t judge a book by its cover” seems quite underrated here because being such a budget-friendly harness it still has a top-notch comfort ratio that easily puts flagship-tier harnesses to mud.

All of the borders are double-stitched with dense padding to prevent the hair of my single-coat spaniel from getting stuck or chaffed across it while it sprints.

The best part is, that the padding has nonabrasive gripping on its inner side so that it remains escape-proof. Although my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel seems pretty calm most of the time, having such an escape preventive attribute is always welcomed.

Easy to Wash

As far as maintenance is concerned, it barely takes minutes to clean off any dust or debris to make it feel like brand new.

In fact, the fabric is made from neoprene material which is way better than ordinary polyester as the hair from my Cavalier bounces right off whenever it sheds rather than being stuck on it.

Why Do I Recommend the Gooby Escape Free Easy Fit Harness?

If you are prone to allergies or simply have respiratory issues, then I would highly recommend this harness as unlike other harnesses, this one never accumulates hair, fur, or any other particles inherited from the overcoat of the Spaniel, making it extremely safe for daily use.

What Makes it Different From Others?

It’s cost-effective and incredibly well-padded and rather than choking the neck region, the vest is designed to fit the anatomy of a dog right across the chest, keeping it safe and secure while causing any form of discomfort.


  • Extremely Lightweight
  • Easy to use
  • Allows plenty of customization


  • Borders tend to fray after months of use

3. OneTigris Tactical Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Harness


  • Ergonomic Handle
  • 5 Metallic Buckles
  • Triple leash Attachment Point 

Desperate times call for desperate measures, the Onetigris is an all-rounder and a one-stop shop for apex-level reliability and control, allowing your dog to excel in extreme outdoor routines seamlessly. 

Built Like A Tank

I have to be honest here when I first carried this harness in my palm, it did feel a little bulky but then again this aspect wouldn’t be shocking to me as unlike other harnesses, it does utilize petty plastic materials because there seems to be no corner cutting when it comes to quality.

Speaking of which, the buckles are made from tough metallic alloy which is made to withstand 220KG of force, so even if your Cavalier King Charles Spaniel acts naughty or tough in public, this harness would take care of it without breaking a sweat.

As for me, I love to hunt in the woods alongside my Charles Spaniel to keep his metabolism in a healthy state while enforcing moderate physical exercise to prevent health issues like obesity as these cuties are prone to such diseases.


Grooming plays a huge role in keeping the dog disciplined regardless of its nature or breed type, however, sometimes even the most disciplined canine can get excited. While collars tend to provide ample control over your dog, they may pose themselves as a choking itself especially if you have such a short-haired dog.

Although my Cavalier King Charles Spaniel weighs 17 lbs and is 13 inches tall, it pulls against the leash whenever I am out on the jog, especially in the evenings. To make things worse, the car headlights seemed to attract him, so I had to stay vigilant at all times.

Luckily for me, the OneTigris Harness has not just one but a triple D-Ring for Leash attachment, so even if my dog decides to get scrawny and pulls against the leash, the force would be uniformly distributed across its body enhancing control and maneuverability all while preventing tugging and pulling.

Why Do I Recommend the OneTigris Harness?

It comes in a variety of dimensions, allowing you to get as accurate dimensions as possible so you can invest in a harness that is tailored to your dog’s anatomical figure, this makes the harness pretty much escape-proof.

What Makes it Different From Others?

In terms of build quality, this harness might be one of the best picks in this list and that’s an undisputable claim. The military grade Kevlar gives an undoubtful edge over its competition any day of the week.


  • Durable & versatile
  • Ideal for outdoor scenarios
  • Has metallic Buckles


  • Lightly padded

Here’s a sneak peek into the harness during the action:

4. ThinkPet No Pull Harness


  • 13.1 ounces
  • Nylon Mesh Lining
  • Leash included

Perfect for everyday use, a harness is designed for a casual routine, especially in hot or humid regions.

Lightweight Mesh 

One of the biggest selling points about this harness is its ability to regulate air as much as possible and prevent sweat build-up.

My Cavalier King Charles spaniel has silky and majestic hair, giving a thick outlook to his overall personality but it also makes him susceptible to humidity which irritates him a lot especially while wearing a vest.

Keeping that in mind, choosing this harness which only weighs 13 ounces and barely irritates the skin has multiple pores in its mesh-like fabric allowing fresh air to regulate while keeping the body of my dog cool.

The padding on this thing feels “Just right”, The region shoulder as well as the back area of the harness provides security through dense padding preventing my dog from possible injuries.

Flamboyant Design

To top it off, the vest also has a nice lining and flashes even in dimly lit situations like the “Fourth of July” especially when you are walking downtown where traffic lights get reflected on the fabric of the harness.

And if you take things to the next level, you can even hook up LED lights to make your dog feel spectacular with flashy colors.

Why Do I recommend the Thinkpet no-pull harness?

Although it may have a minimalistic design, the harness grasps onto the body of a dog with peak perfection, making you wonder if it was tailored for its body altogether. It’s so comfortable and snug that even the most stubborn dog would cease its naughtiness.

What makes it different from others?

Its vibrant design makes it pop out like a Christmas tree in December. If you are a pet parent who resides in crowded areas with plenty of traffic, investing in this harness might be in your best interest.


  • Has vibrant fabric
  • Mesh like design 
  • Lightweight and budget-friendly


  • Limited Strap Adjustments

5. WINGOIN Tactical Dog Harness for Large Dogs


  • 1000D Nylon
  • Reflective Strips
  • 0.42 Kg

A neatly designed harness that offers tons of handy features and a triple snap buckle design, allows you to remove the harness at the moment’s notice.

Fabric Quality

Whenever I am reviewing a harness, whether it’s a mid-tier or belongs to a flagship category, my initial inspection usually revolves around its fabric quality because it plays a pivotal role correlating to its life span as well as its capacity to withstand pulling and tugging.

In simpler words, it is made from modified synthetic fiber which has reinforced tensile strength and shows properties that repel water and moisture particles.

This makes it ideal for outdoor use especially if your dog is a frequent swimmer or likes to take a dip in shallow water or swimming pool occasionally.

That’s not it yet, the top handle is also made from a similar material and to make it more reliable and sturdy it double double-stitched to the vest and has densely packed padding integrated into it.

I have to be honest here, the top handle is extremely convenient for me because not only is it safer for my dog whenever I am picking him but it also makes traversal easier for both of us.

Dual D-Ring & DIY Port

The attachment points are pretty much rust-proof and are positioned across the chest region as well as the back.

The front Ring reinforces control and maneuverability and keeps the dog in line while the back ring also allows your dog to carry accessories.

Speaking of accessories, I love the fact it even has a pouch and DIY Port, which means I can tether treats, dog chews, and other toys in its harness right off the bat.

Just make sure you don’t overdo the accessories aspect as it may weigh down your canine inevitably.

Why Do I recommend the Wingoin Tactical Harness?

It has uniform padding even in its neck region all while Incorporating a thin yet vibrant reflective strip all across the harness to ensure visibility in low-light situations.

What Makes it different from others?

The ability to tether your dog as well as attach numerous accessories might be one of the biggest pivotal aspects of this harness because it saves you the trouble of carrying all the essentials for your dog in your pocket.


  • Breathable fabric
  • Budget-friendly
  • Has dual pockets
  • Includes DIY port


  • Buckles Might irritate the dog when it’s lying on its side

How To Leash Train A Cavalier King Charles Spaniel With A Harness?

Here’s how to.

Step 1: The Perfect Harness Fit

The first mission? Finding a harness that fits your petite dog like a glove. The harnesses I shared with you above have charts to help you out!

Step 2: Tempting Treats

You know the saying, “You can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”? Well, in your dog’s world, treats are the honey! Have some tasty treats in hand to make this whole experience a delightful adventure.

Step 3: Slip and Slide

Gently slip the harness over its head, all while tempting it with those yummy treats. This breed is clever; they’re quick to realize that cooperating means they get to indulge in tasty rewards. 

Step 4: Adjust and Secure

Now, it’s time to adjust the harness. It’s essential to find that sweet spot—snug enough to stay in place but not so tight that your dog can’t breathe. Remember, the magic rule is being able to slide two fingers underneath.

Step 5: The Unveiling

With the harness in place, your dog is ready for action. It’s time for its first-ever leash adventure. 

Step 6: Walk Like a Pro

Walking with the breed isn’t just a stroll; it’s an art form. You’ll work on ‘loose leash walking’ – that means no tugging, no pulling, just smooth strides. The dog will get the hang of it, one step at a time.

Step 7: Stay Calm and Reward

Throughout your training, calm behavior will be rewarded generously. No jumping, no fussing—just your dog and its human companion, enjoying the journey together. 

Step 8: Be Patient

Training a pup takes time, and this one is no exception. Short, sweet, and positive training sessions are the name of the game.

Bottom Line

When suggesting reviewing and curating such dog accessories, my main goal revolves around providing maximum convenience and a price-to-value ratio to the consumer base.

That’s exactly why my reviews are kept free from bias to provide transparent insight regarding a product so my beloved readers can obtain pitch-perfect guidance with minimal confusion or any other form of hindrance that may cloud their judgment.

That being said, you are free to assess, evaluate, and judge my list of best harnesses for cavalier King Charles spaniel accordingly and even comment below, as any form of constructive criticism is highly welcomed.

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