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5 (Lightweight) Best Harnesses for Great Danes in 2024

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Last Updated/Info Checked on January 10, 2024 by Linda Michaels

Known for their towering height and ferocious aurora, Great Danes are a muscular breed of canine that will have you head over heels once you train them properly.

Although they may look aggressive and brutal in nature, their temperament displays an exact polar opposite behavior, in fact, they could be easily characterized as a family dog.

Nevertheless, being a pet parent whether it’s your first time owning such a beautiful breed or having racked up quite an experience when dealing with dogs, nothing changes the fact that the hunt for the Best Harnesses for Great Danes is imminent. 

Taking that into account, being an expert in this field, to meet the never-ending demand, I have made this compendium which you can find by scrolling down below.

Harnesses Featured in this Article for Great Danes

Harness NameChest GirthNeck SizeDog SizeAdjustment PointsD-Rings
ICEFANG28″ to 35″18″ to 24″60 lbs to 70+ lbs52
OneTigris27″ to 36″18″ to 25″45 lbs to 80 lbs42
BARKBAY31″ to 38″20″ to 29″60 lbs to 100+ lbs42
BUMBIN20″ to 35″18.3″ to 25.2″45 lbs to 80 lbs42
WINGOIN31″ to 40″20″ to 29″60 lbs to 100 lbs42

My List of Great Danes Harnesses

Let’s begin with the list.

1. ICEFANG – Great Dane Harness [Recommended]


  • 5 adjustable points
  • 1.43 lbs
  • Heat therapy strap solidification

A no-nonsense harness that highly caters to muscular breeds like a Great Dane. It boasts a whole host of features that will undoubtedly leave you dazzled.

Top Tier Integrity

In my opinion, there are plenty of reasons that warrant this harness to be mentioned at the top of the list, however, one such pivotal attribute that caught my attention is its clamps and vest durability.

I cannot seem to emphasize enough how well it’s made, it’s like it was designed to accommodate such a muscular dog.

And don’t get me started on its top handle, it’s dense, well-padded, and never showed signs of fraying.

Considering the fact of how bulky Great Danes can get, the harness integrity remains intact whenever I was carrying him around while on a hike.

Ultimate Tugging Prevention

The Great Dane I own is an ultimate beast. Without a proper harness, it feels like I am rowing a boat Through shallow water, it’s inconsistent and requires plenty of energy just to perform simple maneuvering and the soft fur of Great Dane exacerbates the mobility aspect whenever they are tethered.

And even though my Dane is considerably well trained and behaves well as per my expectations, sometimes I have a hard time dealing with it in public, often resulting in embarrassment.

However, as per suggestions of my peers, I invested in this harness, only to be mesmerized by the level of support and Mobility provided by the front clip which prevented tugging and pulling whenever I was out on the jog.

Why Do I Recommend ICEFANG Harness?

Integrity and durability play a huge role in keeping a harness intact. To compensate for the energy produced by quick lunges, it is absolutely wise to own a vest of such high caliber and that’s exactly the reason for my recommendation.

What makes it different from others?

It supports the Molle system, allowing you to stick your own patches. You can also use it service or support dog, in case you own any.


  • Aluminum alloy buckles
  • Perfect for grooming dogs
  • Supports DIY patches


  • Buckles squeaks after a couple of months

2. OneTigris Tactical Dog Harness 


  • Duraflex Buckles
  • 1000D Nylon Fabric
  • Dual Molle Straps

This military-grade harness has seen a multitude of improvements from its predecessors which is why it feels so immaculate with minimal flaws.

Dual Stitched

My Great Dane is a glossy hunk and glancing at it while it plays in the park is a sight for sore eyes.

I chose this particular harness for him since his body was slippery enough to escape pretty much anything I could place it on. 

This harness on the other hand eliminated my issue as it is made from 1000D nylon with enhanced gripping on the inside, allowing a comfortable yet snazzy fit for his body without chafing its skin or causing irritation to its silky-smooth hair.

The Duraflex UTM buckles on the other hand, also allowed me to adjust and even strap up the vest all across my canine body in a matter of seconds.

And regardless of the fact of how much it wiggled, there was no sign of my puppy escaping anything soon.

Ideal For Outdoors

I hate using a harness that weighs like a ton of bricks and doesn’t offer air regulation. And if you think likewise, investing in this harness might be the right way to go.

In fact, whenever I buckle up 4 clips all across my dog’s chest, my canine is filled with joy and ready to dive into action at the moment’s notice. I have tried this harness on an adult English Bulldog who loves the outdoors and feels incredibly comfortable wearing it.

To be honest, I even advise my peers, friends, and family to always invest in a harness that becomes an eternal companion and assists its body rather than being a nuisance and possibly halting its mobility.

Why Do I recommend the Tactical harness?

It’s pretty much escape proof, so in other words, if you have a “naughty boy” at hand, there is no chance of it lunging away from this mighty harness.

What Makes it different from its competitors?

It supports both Molle patches and Molle pouches and the fact that it weighs like a bunch of feathers truly speaks volumes as the mobility of my dog is never hindered.


  • Very comfortable & lightweight
  • Easy to wash
  • Dual stitched Borders


  • Lightly padded

Here’s a video showing the harness in action:

3. 3BARKBAY No Pull Harness for Great Danes


  • 450 lbs Weight Capacity
  • Dual D-Ring leash attachment Points
  • 3M reflective Lining
  • 10.4 ounces

Not everything has to be hardcore, in fact, this harness is quite suitable to blend in casual ambiances such as family parties or swimming pool diving phases.

Rust Proof Metallic Clips

I used to own a husky that loved to spend its time outdoors, out in the field while wearing its harness.

The problem with his regular routine eventually developed when he used to get soggy wet, causing the metallic bits to become rusty and even lose their integrity.

Fast forward to owning a Great Dane which I have named “Shelby” had to go through a similar phase as these dogs are usually pretty energetic and tend to love a rigorous routine.

Getting wet in my yard’s puddle was no exception, however, even after months of use, the BARKBAY harness never lost its integrity, let alone got rusty.

After my thorough experience with it, this gave me a sigh of relief as my investment is safe and secure for years to come.

True to size

There are plenty of adjustments that can be done to achieve the perfect size even if you feel like the dimension you have ordered may be too tight or too loose.

As for me, the one I ordered was around supported chest girth ranging from 22-27 inches, which gave my Great Dane enough room to stretch its wings and be comfortable in its domain so it could sprint and walk properly without feeling discomfort.

Why Do I recommend the BARKBAY No-Pull Harness?

The vest acts as a well-distributed network of support across the body of a canine, helping each limb without restricting mobility. Since Great Danes are amazing sprinters, this harness certainly comes in handy.

What makes it different from other harnesses?

It has an exceptional weight compensation tendency which ranges up to a whopping 450 lbs, so even if your Canine gets stubborn, this harness can hold up on its own without breaking a sweat.


  • Rust proof Metallic parts
  • Has reflective Lining
  • Sturdy and reliable


  • May wiggle on smaller Size of Great Dane’s

4. BUMBIN Great Dane Tactical Harness


  • Supports 2000N pulling force
  • 1.06 lbs
  • Supports Velcro ID tags

The Bumbim Great Dane harness is no doubt a one-in-a-million pick for those who desire peak customization.

Quad Adjustment straps

For starters, there are not just one but four different sliders and adjustable straps, two of those located at its belly while the latter located at its neck.

In other words, my Great Dane felt like an absolute gentleman after wearing this harness as it fits so well there was barely any chance of wiggling out or making my dog uncomfortable over a longer duration of time.

As an icing on the cake, the straps never really conflicted with its sleek coat but then again I love to keep my dogs well groomed so tightening up the harness doesn’t really seem to be an issue.

Tip: This harness is not recommended for senior dogs. I have written a separate article for that.

Reflective Lining

And don’t get me started on its reflective lining strip, an intelligent yet efficient workaround to keep your dog visible throughout the evening, even if there isn’t ample ambient lighting around.

Although the lining is rather thin, it is still done efficiently across the borders of the harness, so that light is reflected, making the harness pop out as bright as the day.

To top it off, the velcro patches also support DIY tags, so in case you are using your Great Dane as a support dog, tagging an ID can come in handy.

Triple Mesh 

In my opinion, for the price it is listed for, it certainly provides amazing value for money because, at such a budget-friendly price tag, you won’t find a triple-padded design incorporated into the harness.

In fact, it can easily beat almost any flagship-grade harness since the breathable aspect of the harness makes it well worth the money.

Considering the fact my Great Dane has incredibly glossy fur, allowing him to become quite prone to sweat even if the ambient temperature isn’t that high and by using such a harness with robust air regulation capabilities through its micropores, you can be very well assured your Canine will never feel discomfort.

Why Do I Recommend the Bumbin Tactical Harness?

The top-tier air regulation fabric along with a decent price tag warrants this harness for a premier recommendation.

What Makes it different from other products on this list?

It has a rugged design, making it quite ideal for outdoor activities. On the other hand, the clips on this thing are perfectly positioned to enhance the mobility of the dog.


  • Has Patches For service dogs
  • Vibrant and flashy
  • Easy to fit


  • Not for bulkier dogs

5. WINGOIN Pink Tactical Dog Harness


  • 1000D nylon fabric
  • 1.29 lbs
  • Quad Quick Release buckles
  • Dual D-Ring system

The level of customization on this thing is insane, it supports all sorts of Molle systems and there are plenty of sliders to achieve a perfect snug fit.

Fabric Quality

Before I dissect and dive into its other properties, I would like to point out that the fabric of this thing is made from 1000D nylon which is the first indicator of a flagship attribute being used in it.

And even though it may look stiff on his fur since it has a tighter grasp, after using it for a couple of months, it barely made my dog uncomfortable even after months of use.

And if you are concerned about fraying or threads being worn out after washing it, I wouldn’t be worrying about it much because regardless of the fact how frequently you wash it, the quality of the harness is beyond immaculate to such an extent that it still feels brand new.

Easy to Use

I have currently ordered the medium variant of this collar as it fits my dog pretty well since the girth of my Dane’s neck lies between 16-23 inches while its chest girth is 24-32 inches.

To get an appropriate dimension, I barely had to figure out my dog’s physical dimensions and it still accommodated my dog quite perfectly without feeling too tight or too shallow.

Not to forget, the adjustable straps did a commendable job, as I just had to slip in the harness right across my dog’s head and everything fell into its place without going through the typical “wrestle phase”.

Why Do I recommend WINGOIN Harness?

Once you get the dimensions right, there are no regrets from that point on, it’s lightweight and considerably easy to use as compared to other harnesses I have used in the past.

What Makes it different from its competitors?

The color scheme makes it stand out of the crowd and will no doubt make your Canine look snazzy. The best part is the overall fabric is pretty vibrant enough to stay flashy even in dim-lit situations so you won’t be needing external flash patches to yield similar results.


  • Extremely lightweight
  • Fashionable
  • Supports Molle System


  • Getting the Dimensions right might be tricky for some individuals

Why Are Tactical Harnesses Right For Your Great Dane?

Here’s why:

1. Enhanced Control and Power

Given the imposing size and strength of the Great Danes, a tactical harness seems like the right choice. Its solid build and multiple attachment points can grant you the control you need during walks or training sessions.

2. Built Tough

Tactical harnesses are engineered to endure the most demanding usage. This makes them a reliable choice for a robust breed like the Great Dane. Crafted from top-notch materials, they can withstand your large dog’s energy.

3. Training Advantages

If you’re actively engaged in training your Great Dane, a tactical harness is a strategic asset. Its multiple attachment points accommodate leashes and accessories, facilitating diverse training techniques.

4. Perfect Fit Matters

Sizing matters a lot in rendering a harness useful. A tactical harness is made by keeping this in mind. You’ll find it more apt in measurements to match your dog’s size.

6. Tailoring to Training Levels

Not only in tough situations but a tactical harness can also come to the rescue for everyday use. You’ll just have to be sure enough that the product does not chafe the dog’s skin. For that, I highly recommend checking the skin underneath after every 4 hours.

Harnesses For Great Danes – Bottom Line

Your attitude towards your Canine directly impacts the grooming phase, you will undoubtedly yield better results if the product or accessories you are investing in are the right size and have minimal compatibility issues.

On the other hand, to ensure your judgment remains intact, I highly advise you to give a glance at my reviews of each product to get a better insight accordingly.

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