Dogs That Get Along With Chihuahuas
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Dogs That Get Along With Chihuahuas – 12 Compatible Picks

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A Chihuahua is described as “a tiny dog with a huge personality” by the AKC. They are small, cute, and family-friendly yet are strong and resilient enough to be used as watchdogs and participate actively in dog sports. Among dogs that are good with other dogs, I’ll talk about this breed’s compatibility with others.

As a general idea, Chihuahuas are not a dog-friendly breed but go well with smaller and moderately energetic dogs like Yorkies, Terriers, Bulldogs, and other Chihuahuas. They may feel intimidated in the presence of bigger ones when they have not been raised together. These would be breeds like Huskies, German Shepherds, Great Pyrenees, etc.

Before going into the details of the dogs that get along with Chihuahuas, it is worthwhile to have an idea about the various characteristics that dictate your Chihuahua’s relationship with other dogs.

Chihuahua Personality

The exact origin of this breed is lost in history. But ever since they became ubiquitous, Chihuahuas have been used as watchdogs, companions, and sporting dogs.

Chihuahua Personality

Their qualities of courage, agility, and competitiveness along with their sheer love and obedience to their masters make them an excellent choice for these tasks. Nevertheless, they’re still considered as one of the bossy dog breeds.

1. Sensitive Breed

Score: 5/5

A dog’s sensitivity and self-consciousness significantly affect its bonding with its owner and other dogs. Chihuahuas love to sleep with their owners and cuddle most of the time.

Sensitive dogs take reprimands very profoundly and that shatters their confidence—especially when done in the presence of other dogs. 

Plus, they are very conscious of the attention and time you give them, any negligence here and they might feel that they are not as important as the other pets in the house.

Consequently, you would have to give your Chihuahua its due time and attention when being raised with other dogs.

Similarly, breeds that are overly assertive and offensive at times can be tough to bond with, you want a breed that is not perceived as too negative by your Chihuahua.

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2. Intelligent

Score: 4/5

Intelligence can make dogs greedy and selfish; they start perceiving relationships on a pros and cons basis.

Such dogs know what they want and make ways to take it. This is not a good quality to have when trying to make friends.

Hence, a  highly intelligent dog like a Chihuahua may not be a great match for a dog of a similar caliber. However, training them together can inculcate a sense of comradeship and make them stay comfortable together.

3. Moderate Mouthiness

Score: 3/5 

One of the most fundamental traits of any dog breed is its constant urge to nip and bite at things, especially when they are young. Chihuahuas have a moderate tendency to bite things and people.

This can be perceived as a sign of aggression and negativity by other pets in the house, leading to similar behavior in return.

Thus, you would have to train your chihuahua pup out of this habit through positive reinforcement and the use of alternatives such as chew toys so that it is perceived as a friendlier creature.

4. Moderately Energetic

Score: 3/5

Breeds that have excessive energy reserves go well with breeds of the same energy such as Huskies and Shepherds as they can have a partner to play with whenever they want.

As opposed to that, lazy breeds are not compatible with such enthusiastic breeds and would rather lay on their couch and eat snacks than opt for sports.

With a dog of moderate energy as your Chihuahua, you would want to have a breed with passable spirit and energy, not a sports dog and neither a deadbeat.

5. Decent Prey Drive

Score: 3/5 

Being candidates as watchdogs, Chihuahuas have a natural tendency to be triggered by things that arouse their attention. This could be a cat, a car, or even other dogs. 

They would assert themselves over other dogs that are small and faint-hearted and may harm them physically, however, their smaller size means the list of such dogs will not be a long one.

6. Not Dog Friendly

Score: 2/5

A dog that is affectionate with its family may not be as good with dogs. They are bound to perceive other dogs as threats due to the survival-of-the-fittest evolutionary mentality.

Although some breeds go well naturally with other dogs, Chihuahuas are not one of them. You would have to train them to go along with other pets, it is better to train them young.

This is why I said that: The video shows a mean Chihuahua being aggressive to such a sweet Pitbull.

7. Family Oriented – Are Chihuahuas Friendly Dogs?

Score: 5/5

Chihuahuas are very protective of their families and would watch against any intruder or stranger, be it a human or another dog. This makes them less likely to live with other adopted pets.

However, this characteristic can be utilized as well, Chihuahuas that are raised with other dogs from their early days also perceive them as family. They bond with them and see them as littermates and friends rather than enemies.

8. Cannot Tolerate Loneliness

Score: 1/5

Chihuahuas do not tolerate loneliness well. When left alone, they become anxious and fearful.

This means that having the company of other pets when they are alone will boost their mood and give them a support system. This is only possible when they have bonded with the other pets already, otherwise, disasters can happen.

9. Low Grooming Needs

Score: 5/5

Dogtime puts them as one of the easy-to-groom dog breeds. This is a good thing when you have multiple dogs to pet and care for.

12 dog breeds that go along with Chihuahuas

You may wanna pick your next pet from these breeds to go with Chihuahuas.

Do Chihuahuas get along with Border Terriers?

Although a breed with a temperament and prey drive, Terriers are great companions for Chihuahuas owing to their similar sizes and family-oriented nature.

Their high intelligence and easy-to-train personality make it easy for them to be trained to live with Chihuahuas. The younger you start, the better the results.

Do Chihuahuas get along with Border Collies?

Bred as herding dogs, Collies have emerged as a great companion breed for humans.

They are friendly to their family, kids, other dogs, strangers, and that tree in your backyard. Collies are an easy-to-manage breed that goes along well with other pets and requires a minimum amount of training.

Their exercise needs, playfulness, and energy match those of a Chihuahua making these two breeds an excellent match for one another.

Do Chihuahuas get along with Chinese Crested?

These little creatures are a lot like Chihuahuas in their temperament, sociability, prey drive, and energy levels.

They are kind, and gentle, and have affection for their family and friends. They settle pretty easily with other dogs, more so when they have similar interests.

Do Chihuahuas get along with French Bulldogs?

French Bulldogs were bred to be ratters in the past but now have dominated themselves as show dogs and human companions.

They run low on prey drive and aggression, hence, they are less likely to dominate themselves in a group.

Frenchies have a moderate energy reserve just like a Chihuahua. They are fairly social, intelligent, and trainable and have a great attachment to their family. Hence, they would go well with your Chihuahua.

Do Chihuahuas get along with Yorkie? Chihuahua vs. Yorkie

Apart from the similar sizes, Yorkies share many traits with Chihuahuas. They are loving and caring, and have moderate energy demands with a low prey drive. They also share an identical sensitivity level with Chihuahuas.

They are a dog-friendly breed that can be made to live with other dogs and see them as a family with minimal behavioral interventions.

Do Chihuahuas get along with Golden Retrievers?

A Golden Retriever’s compatibility with a Chihuahua has little to do with their shared characteristics and more to do with GR’s overall friendly, tolerant, and easy-going personality.

GRs are highly sociable. They know when to stay calm and when to assert themselves. Being sensitive and intelligent, they will understand the ins and outs of living together with another breed and adjust themselves well.

Do Chihuahuas get along with Greyhounds?

Originally bred for sports, GreyHounds have recently been settling themselves as good human companions.

They are highly intelligent and easy to train with modest grooming needs. GreyHounds can revamp themselves to the presence of other dog breeds in the house.

However, you need to curb their prey drive and mouthiness through behavior training before making them settle with a Chihuahua.

Do Chihuahuas get along with Labradors?

Not the best choice for a Chihuahua per se, Labradors are hard-working and loyal dogs that would fit in well when they perceive other pets as a part of their home.

With a little training and time, they can become a decent companion for your Chihuahua.

Do Chihuahuas get along with Pug?

Pugs are the entertainers of the dog world and have an excellent way of making others laugh. 

They are a docile breed with minimum grooming requirements, low prey drive, mouthiness, and excellent compatibility with most dog breeds.

They show great love to their families and other pets in the house and are a great choice to go along with a Chihuahua.

Do Chihuahuas get along with Miniature Pinschers?

Also known as the Minpin, Pinscher is a breed having its origin in Germany. It was originally used as a guarding breed.

Their smaller size and the potential to guard make them compatible with a Chihuahua. Both breeds will adapt to each other quickly and can be engaged in similar tasks to strengthen their bond.

Do Chihuahuas get along with Whippet?

Whippets have the birthright to be a family dog. They are gentle and caring to their family, kids, and other dogs. You would not need much training with them.

Do Chihuahuas get along with Rottweilers? Chihuahua vs. Big Dog

Generally having a moderate prey drive, Rottweilers offer a tough time to other dogs in the household.

However, they are intelligent and obedient and can be made to live with other dogs through proper training. You can engage them in sports as teammates and make them solve puzzles, thus creating comradeship between them. 

As mentioned before, Rottweilers get along well with chihuahuas when they are raised as pups in the same household.

Do Chihuahuas get along with other Chihuahuas?

Due to the sharing of natural traits, most Chihuahuas will befriend their kin in no time. 

They would see each other as playmates, provided you give them some time to adjust to each other’s presence. 

Moreover, a sense of littermate-ship develops among dogs when they are raised together right from the start. This allows for a better understanding and bonding.

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Sharing some frequently asked questions from my physical training session.

Do Chihuahuas get along with bigger dogs?

No, as a general rule, Chihuahuas will not go along well with bigger dogs, especially those of an aggressive nature.
Chihuahuas are small dogs that try to assert themselves, however, in the presence of bigger breeds, you may find them timid and fearful.

Are chihuahuas one-person dogs?

Chihuahuas are possessive of their owners and tend to be hooked to a single person.
However, when raised young in a family, they show affection and care to all the members.

Can Chihuahuas and Pitbulls be Friends?

They can be friends when they are brought up together. You must know that petite dogs sometimes forget that they are small. They stand up to large dogs when the need be.

Wrapping Up

A breed whose origin is shredded in mystery, Chihuahuas have become a great choice for people looking for dogs that are protective of their families and have little grooming needs.

Being possessive of their owners, they are not regarded as a dog-friendly breed. However, their family-oriented nature with a modest energy and prey drive mean you can easily make them adjust to the presence of other dogs in the house.

Dogs that share these qualities and are also small in size are more compatible with Chihuahuas. These include Terriers, Yorkies, Pugs, Bulldogs, Whippets, etc.

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