Do Huskies Get Along With Other Dogs
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Do Huskies Get Along With Other Dogs? Top 11 Compatible Dogs

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Huskies were bred by the Chukchi tribe to work in groups as sled dogs. Now one would argue that they should be generically good with other dogs. 

Generally, yes, they do get along with other dogs such as Australian Shepherds, German Shepherds, and Alaskan Malamutes. Those dogs are friendlier, as huge as a husky, with low prey drive, and have an overall good temperament. 

I will also discuss other breeds that go with huskies such as Border Collies, English Pointers, Boxers, Labradors, Golden Retrievers, Standard Poodles, Dalmatians, and huskies themselves.

Do Huskies Need Another Dog?

Huskies have lived in packs throughout history, so they are naturally inclined to have a buddy by their side. It’s not that having another dog with them is super important, but it is always a preference. Despite this, you cannot hope for them to be okay around every breed.

But before reading about the breeds and searching for the best companion dog for your Husky, it’s best to first understand its personality to grasp why it can’t get along with some breeds, while it can with others. 

Husky Personality – Are Huskies Good With Other Dogs?

Husky Dog Personality 

Going back to the days when huskies first dwelled, you’ll understand why they are so independent. They worked in the open, tugged sleds, and relied heavily on the cues of their owners. 

The work made them independent and assertive, pulling sleds made their energy reserve grow with time, and relying on their owners for cues made them highly intelligent. 

But in the mixture of all that, other traits evolved, too, such as their destructive behavior, which is a result of being overly attached to their owners. In addition to that, huskies are a prime target of separation anxiety

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High Intelligence

Score: ⅗ 

According to Dogtime, dogs that have been subjected to decision-making such as huskies when they need to decide what their owners meant, their brains are constantly on the go. They need mental stimulation from you. 

Deny them that, and you’ll have a fussy dog. 

Now, what does that have to do with being good to other dogs? Well, an intelligent dog knows what it wants. It will get what it wants if the other dog tries to intervene. 

High Energy Levels

Score: 5/5 

As I said earlier, owing to the earlier jobs of huskies, they have developed quite a liking for high-intensity things. Their energy levels do not dwindle easily. 

You have to keep them physically stimulated throughout the day. Taking it for walks frequently is one of them. High-energy dogs could be a headache for couch potatoes – the breeds that want to lie languidly and do nothing. 

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Independent And Challenging

Score: 5/5 

Raised in the Siberian frozen plains, huskies evolved to be independent and thus, challenging when the owners would try to confine them. That’s understandable. 

They are, therefore, escape artists. They will try to hop over the backyard fence.

Independent and challenging dogs like huskies always have their way with other dogs, especially the ones smaller than them. 

This is why they are also not suitable for novice owners, according to AKC and Dogtime.


Score: ⅘ 

Huskies nibble, bite, or use their mouth in any way to assert themselves. Now they may not do that to hurt you or your pets, things could easily get out of control. So, you better watch out for which breed you’re going to adopt.

Considerable Prey Drive

Score: ⅗ 

One thing I may not have mentioned is that huskies have a high prey drive because they were left to prey for themselves during off-duty hours. 

They chase small animals and may chase a timid dog and possibly kill them too. It’s a good thing that you’re searching for the right breed for your husky. 

The Good Traits That Make Husky Get Along With Dogs

Do Huskies Get Along With Other Dogs? - Infographic

I mentioned some alarming traits but they shouldn’t stop you from adopting another dog. The following traits are the reasons why I’m saying that.

1. Dog friendly

Score: 5/5 

Being friendly with humans and being friendly with dogs are two separate things. Huskies may challenge you but they will stay happy with other breeds or their own. 

2. Family Oriented

Score: 5/5 

Huskies are also quite family-oriented. That makes sense if we again look at their origin. Everything, every breed, or everyone that they start to consider as family, they love wholeheartedly. 

3. Cannot Tolerate Loneliness

Score: ⅕ 

You already read huskies are prone to separation anxiety. They worked in packs, so you get an idea why they cannot live alone. Once they bond with you and the rest of the pack, there’s no turning back. 

To deal with their separation anxiety, one of the methods suggested is to adopt more pets, preferably the dogs mentioned in the list.  

What type of dogs get along with huskies? 11 Breeds

Training a pack dog is easier, although huskies prove to be a nuisance sometimes because they keep on testing your methods. 

Still, you have to try obedience classes, training collars, leash training, and crate training as a must for these dogs right from puppyhood. That’s especially paramount if you’re adopting another dog and thinking of keeping it under the same rough.

And since you’re going to do that, assuming from your query, here are the breeds you should be looking for.

Do Huskies Get Along With Other Huskies?

It’s said that fire puts out fire. Huskies definitely get along with other huskies because of the same temperament. 

They have the same energy levels, intensity to do tasks, obedience to follow you, and not to mention the same size! 

In fact, they will take care of each other well when left alone as compared to a husky and a small animal. 

Do Huskies Get Along With Alaskan Malamutes?

Yes, they do get along with Alaskan Malamutes because they seem to be made with the same temperament fabric. 

However, this breed ticks all the boxes for being highly independent, even a step further away from huskies. 

According to Dogtime, they assert themselves to take the top position in your house. So, when adopted in adulthood, they may inadvertently become competitors with your huskies. 

Fear not, however, as early socialization leads to better results. These two breeds form a very strong bond as a result. 

Do Huskies Get Along With Australian Shepherds?

Yes, the Australian Shepherds also get along with huskies quite well, if they are subjected to early socialization or training in adulthood. 

The reason for their unbreakable bond after that is the Australian Shepherd’s love for other dogs. 

They stay loyal not only to you but also to other dogs you adopt and raise with them. 

Talking about huskies, they have similar energy levels, playing tendencies, loyalties, and a need to be with someone.

Do Huskies Get Along With Border Collies?

Border Collies get along with huskies because of having nearly the same energy and stamina. They both are not couch potatoes. They both want to explore the world and they both perform their duties with utmost seriousness. 

Their work nature makes them be around other animals and humans. Therefore, they tend to stay in packs and groups. Although one could say that Border Collies aren’t too friendly towards other dogs, I’ll say it depends on their training. 

When you train them well, they will stay affectionate to huskies. It’s only then that the magic of having nearly the same traits will take over.

Do Huskies Get Along With Boxers?

Absolutely, yes. Huskies and boxers could be best friends for life, given they live with each other for a long time. Boxer is the right-sized dog. It’s heavy and muscular, so your husky won’t be able to tramp it here and there.

Also, both dogs need special attention. They hate being left alone. If your husky is having a hard time living alone, a boxer will keep a good company. You won’t see chewed sofas or destroyed vases when you come home to a whining husky.

Also, boxers are exceptionally well-behaved toward humans and kids. Having them around the house is a pleasure because they are less of a nuisance. 

Yes, they are as intelligent as huskies, but their trainability coincides with them. I mean you can train both breeds equally with equal techniques and get good results.

Lastly, both breeds have the same level of energy and the intensity with which they work and play is unparalleled. For an imposing and overly active husky, a boxer will become a suitable companion. They’ll manage each other out and you’ll have less to worry about.

Do Huskies Get Along With Dalmatians?

Definitely, huskies get along with Dalmatians. This breed is so easy to train that you can even bring in an adult and with proper intervention get the two along well. 

The prey drive here is less than huskies. They were mainly bred to be runners. That explains why their bodies are more streamlined than many breeds. 

Come to think of that, dalmatians have high physical needs and they love the outdoors. Raise one with your husky and you’ll think as if you’re raising two huskies in terms of energy. 

In all fairness, however, they will be good friends and companions. They will tire out each other quite well.

Dalmatians aren’t bossy, so your husky won’t feel left out or in competition with a new dog. 

Also, if you’re looking for a dog that’s less of a grooming nuisance, dalmatians are the answer. They shed less unlike huskies and therefore, ask for little attention.

Do Huskies Get Along With English Pointers?

Yup! Huskies and pointers get along because of their acute friendliness. Pointers are so friendly, that no one expects them to snap at other dogs or small animals. So, your husky won’t feel threatened in situations where competition is inevitable. 

They are highly intelligent and therefore, easy to train. With their track record, they should be named as one of the most human- and dog-friendly breeds there is. 

Like Dalmatians, they are easy to groom as well. Like huskies, they have an insatiable wanderlust potential. That’s bad and good. Bad because you’ll have to erect a high fence or probably invest in a wireless one and good because that proves these two breeds as better companions. 

Both will search the nooks around your backyard for curious things, so they’ll engage each other well. You may not have to intervene to satisfy their mental stimulation needs because they will take care of each other well. 

Do Huskies Get Along With Golden Retrievers?

Golden retrievers are highly sociable dogs. Therefore, with proper training in puppyhood, they will prove to be the best companions for your husky. 

They both are boisterous, which means they won’t need anyone else to complete their gang. Their natures also complement each other. Huskies are single-minded but golden retrievers are charming and calm. There will be less conflict and more peaceful coexistence. 

But that doesn’t mean GDs are predominantly timid dogs. They will assert themselves when pushed too much but that’s only rare.

Do Huskies Get Along With Labrador?

Yes, they do. Labradors have more or less similar temperaments in terms of staying loyal to the pack; loving everything they call family; not tolerating loneliness; playfulness, energy level, and intelligence. 

They complement each other well in those traits. You can even train this breed with huskies for hunting. 

Speaking of which, many owners say that this breed is so calm that it may not need any training at all. However, that’s not true. As a canine, it may misbehave. So, training it with your husky is a must. 

Do Huskies Get Along With Standard Poodles?

Standard Poodles are intelligent and trainable. In fact, you can train them to do anything you want – even if that means living with an equally proud dog, the husky. 

It may not have the wanderlust likability to match with your husky but it does have the energy. You’ll need to take it out for walks for at least 60 minutes or less. That coincides with the exercise requirement of huskies, therefore, giving you peace of mind. You’ll be able to take them out together, not worrying about which one will tire out first.

Standard poodles are mouthy. So, train yours to not do that to the husky, otherwise, things could go wrong. But given the affection it develops with fellow dogs, that may be easily avoidable if there’s no bone of contention. 

Do Huskies And German Shepherds Get Along?

Yes, German Shepherds get along with huskies given their similar temperaments. Huskies stay aloof most of the time but GSDs have that capacity up to a bearable mark. They can get suspicious about things and warn you in time. 

That would make a pair that’s both out of your way and at the same time, very much invested in your security. 

Originally, just like huskies, German Shepherds were bred as working dogs. They used to herd flocks. Because they are highly intelligent and trainable, they are now used for far greater purposes than herding. GSDs now serve in the military, as police, narcotics, and as emotional support dogs. 

Their traits make them versatile. Keep them in apartments with kids or other dogs. No problem – only when it’s been trained well to cope with all those. 

The energy levels and intensity match that of huskies, which may give you a headache if you don’t take them out for walks more frequently.  But once tired, both will lie around, lounging for what seems like an eternity.

Can Huskies be around small dogs?

What dogs could Huskies not get along with? Huskies should not be allowed with small dogs because of their high prey drive. They were left by Chukchi tribes to feed themselves by hunting when the odds weren’t in their favor. That has been ingrained in their personality. Huskies still love to chase down small animals once that drive kicks in. 

Now, keeping your dog full all the time doesn’t matter in the face of its nature. If your husky isn’t trained to be around small animals, including small dogs, make sure you first give him the right training sessions. 

Food Aggression

They must be taught obedience training so they may allow you to intervene in case things go out of control. Huskies showing acute food aggression can easily snap at small dogs that try to take a bite of whatever’s in their cups. 

Bigger Size

On a given day, your husky may tend to knock over the smaller breed out of nowhere. That’s something they enjoy given how playful these beasts are. Not to mention how they do everything with sheer intensity, according to DogTime. In the meanwhile, the small dog may get hurt because well, it’s small. 

Nipping and Biting

You already read how mouthy huskies are. It goes without saying that this mouthiness could easily turn into a brawl where the small dog may receive more blows than it’s designed for. 

How to introduce a husky to a small dog?

Owing to the bossy, boisterous, and intrusive traits of huskies, you should avoid adopting a small dog as a companion for them. 

That’s especially important if both are adults and haven’t received any former training.

With proper training, though, it may be possible for the two to remain together in peace. 

Obedience Training

This should start right from puppyhood. Both dogs should have adequate lessons on how to behave when another dog approaches. Predominantly, however, this training mostly involves teaching the dog to behave and listen to you at all costs. 

Now you could incorporate positive reinforcement to do that by using treats or you could take benefit from using shock collars’ negative reinforcement. 

Both ways work like a charm. You’ll have a dog listening to you without second thoughts. 

Don’t Leave Them Unsupervised

Introducing the husky to a small dog requires great prudence. Even certain small breeds are also too territorial to leave any other pooch near such as Chihuahuas. They may be the ones starting the war and not your husky. 

The best way to avoid any unnecessary confrontation is to have both dogs on leashes. You can even use harnesses, which are better than leashes as control devices if you ask me.

Introduce Them As Strangers

Before formally introducing them, try to give them a preliminary introduction. That could include walking the two side by side on a leash. I’ve also seen owners let the two dogs sniff each other’s belongings to get familiar with their scents. 

When they stop showing interest in the new smell of the dog or old, for that matter, then it’s time to formally introduce them. 

Let Them Meet In Their Space

Considering your adoption options, the dogs are going to live together in your home. When they have been familiarized with each other’s scent and also walked side by side for some time, you could try arranging a meeting in your home – their future shared space. 

But again, staying aloof from the dogs’ interaction even after the training has been completed is a major red flag. They are animals and huskies, especially, are known to challenge you. 

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Do Huskies Get Along With Other Dogs – Conclusion

Are Siberian Huskies friendly with other dogs? Yes, huskies do get along with other dogs, as you read. However, it’s better to choose one from the bigger breeds. Smaller ones are not able to tolerate their overly playful nature, prey drive, and assertions. Nonetheless, they can still coexist peacefully when they’re socialized in their puppyhood.

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