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Husky Separation Anxiety – A Science-Backed Fix That Worked For Me

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Do Huskies have separation anxieties?

All dogs show at least some degree of separation anxiety, but Huskies tend to be more inclined toward it. A calm Husky is a rare sight. The prime reason for them to show that behavior is their attachment to their owners. Since they prefer living in packs, leaving them alone is not a good idea.

Separation anxiety is one of the many major pressing problems of pet owners. I’ve seen it with my own eyes as well when I moved my husky, Camila, from shelter to home. 

It’s interesting to know that I had already socialized Joe, my first husky, well beyond his limits in his puppyhood. As VCA Animal Hospital notes, socializing puppies beforehand helps them cope with the absence of their guardians. 

It was Camila, however, that needed the utmost attention. She had the dreaded husky separation anxiety. 

Reasons for Separation Anxieties in Huskies - Infographic

Reasons for Separation Anxieties in Huskies – A Little Background

I had brought up Camila, the anxious husky as I’d call her, who was the same age as Joe to be his companion when we were gone. 

Not that Joe had any sort of isolation anxiety, which is different yet similar to separation anxiety in many ways, but I still wanted him to have someone to look up to other than me. 

After all, I believe having a partner means a lot in an animal’s life.

But after a day that I transferred Camila from the shelter to my home, she started exhibiting separation anxiety. 

I realized what was going on with the dog. She hadn’t a broken past; she hadn’t lost a family member per se. 

But she had gotten used to the shelter beyond understanding. Her routine was disturbed. She was introduced to a completely new environment. 

As PetsWebmd says, moving a dog from its shelter to a home may trigger separation anxiety. 

It was still beyond me to think why the dog was scratching the door for a few minutes when I was gone right after the day I brought her home. 

I didn’t waste time finding answers to that. Instead, I got down on treating her condition. 

Your Reason For Husky Separation Anxiety Could Be Different

Before I mention what I did, it’s wise for me to say that every dog is different. 

The PetWebMD notes that the anxiety in Huskies may also be a product of the following. 

1. A first-time home-alone experience

Many owners socialize their dogs but they don’t train them enough to enjoy their solitude or conditions where they are absent. 

The socialization attached the dogs to the people and then comes a lonely day.

The first 30 minutes are some of the most stressful ones in their lives. Even, this elevated stress could last for the whole time when they are alone, as IFLScience notes. 

They may even think that we’ve abandoned them forever. 

That particularly triggers separation anxiety. 

2. Passing on owners

The next reason PetWebMD states is a “change of ownership”.

Pet ownership improves our mental health because we see more movement around the house; we have someone to walk with and love. 

But we strip these obedience machines of all sorts of connections that take days, even years, to make with a single owner when we pass it on to someone else. 

While I agree that sometimes doing that becomes inevitable, I still cannot rule out its effect on the pet’s mental health, where separation anxiety manifests itself. 

3. A drastic change in routine

Dogs get familiar with a predetermined routine. Break that routine and you have a panicked pet. 

Now that routine could be anything from you walking it at certain times and then suddenly leaving it alone at those times. 

As the dog expects that you’ll walk it down the road but you’re not present, it starts thinking that something grave could be wrong with you. 

Thus, anxiety in Huskies begins. 

4. Hyperattachment – Are Huskies Clingy?

As per research published in the Journal of the American Veterinary Medical Association, hyper-attachment of the dog to the owner acts as a bridge between Huskies and separation anxiety.

Anxious Huskies develop quite an attachment to us. When I had Joe and Camila, I’d sometimes worry about the co-dependent relationship they were developing with me. 

That was, of course, after Camila was treated for her husky separation anxiety.

I worried that her and Joe’s continued attachment could lead to another episode. 

It is this hyper-attachment that may lead to a broken dog when its guardian or one of its family members dies. 

So, you’ve got to do something about it for the sake of the dog. 

huskies and separation anxiety

How Do I Stop Husky from Having Separation Anxiety?

How to stop a Husky howling when left alone? Do they ever calm down?

You can stop your husky from having separation anxiety by applying behavioral methods, as quoted by research published in PubMed Central.

Systematic desensitization is one of the proven ones. 

Or, small fixes such as introducing another dog, using a crate, greeting it less, or breaking the pre-departure routine.

In the worst cases, you may go to your vet for the prescription of medications containing fluoxetine or clomipramine. 

However, in the case of my Camila, most of these methods didn’t work except the systematic desensitization.

What Is Systematic Desensitization?

It’s the same as treating people with phobias, notes PubMed Central. 

You give small doses of loneliness to your dog until it’s comfortable enough to be alone for hours. 

Over the period of doing that, the dog learns that it’s not so bad to be left at home.

With Camila, I had to add many things to make her comfortable in her new home with Joe. 

I also used Facebook Live to monitor if he wasn’t bullying her when they were alone. 

He was such a darling in my stead. I adore that dog beyond limits for keeping her company. 

So, leaving Camila alone for two minutes, then 5, 10, and so on with her toys and Joe, I was able to train the dog to enjoy herself when I was not around. 

I was able to teach her that her new home is the new safe place she has to return to; that she will not be punished or put in a crate; that we all love her to our extremes. 

Does CBD Help Huskies With Separation Anxiety?

It seems that CBD does help to soothe dogs experiencing separation anxiety or isolation anxiety. 

One prime example of it is the successful treatment of a Husky owned by Scott Borden. 

He mentions different techniques used to treat his dog. They range from crating her, letting her spend time in daycare, introducing Odin, the new dog, changing their routines to not leave the dog alone, and feeding her CBD just when they would leave for work. 

Here’s a video that shares further remedies for separation anxieties in Huskies!

Husky Separation Anxiety – Conclusion

Huskies are prone to separation anxiety like most dogs. They get super attached to their owners, which backfires for them. 

Whenever they leave, the dog starts vocalizing, destroying furniture, pooping, and then eating that poop. These are classic Husky separation anxiety symptoms in canines. 

However, there are cures. Do know that what I and Scott tried with our husky may not work for your dog. 

Also, it’s really a combination of different techniques than just one. 

So, play around and test many of the science-backed solutions that I mentioned to have a happy Husky.

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