Do Huskies Like To Sleep With Their Owners
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Do Huskies Like To Sleep With Their Owners? [3 Traits]

Last Updated/Info Checked on October 20, 2023 by Linda Michaels

Huskies were bred to stay in packs and follow an alpha. Now that you’re the alpha, they’d want to stay close to you by any means. Yes, that includes sleeping together. 

So, speaking as per their traits, huskies would want to sleep with you, the owner–to get your attention, love, affinity, and a nice place to lay off.

That may strengthen the bond and make you feel loved and cared for, but given that they get attached too much, that also may lead to separation-related issues such as anxieties, resource guarding, and poor sleep.

Do Huskies Like To Sleep With Their Owners? - Infographic

3 Traits That Make Huskies Sleep With Their Owners

Now that I mentioned traits, here they are.

1. Cannot Tolerate Loneliness

Score: ⅕ 

Huskies are known, or should we say, notorious for cultivating hyper-attachment to their owners. That goes to the limits of developing separation anxiety when you leave them alone for an extended time. 

They have to be trained to get over your absence, as a result, which may increase your time and money investment, not to mention the debilitating condition the dog experiences.

Wanting to sleep with you, therefore, may be one of the ways of trying to get closer to you further.

2. Highly Affectionate

Score: 5/5

Huskies will shower their love over anyone they consider family, be it your kids, you, or anyone (even other breeds). This affection leads them nowhere but in your bed at night sometimes or frequently, given at what stage of clinginess your husky is currently.

3. Sensitive

Score: ⅘ 

Huskies are sensitive to the point that they may take your reprimand to the heart. You may already have dealt with their shenanigans and how they howl when something is a little off, maybe a toy is missing, or whatever. 

What does that have to do with sleeping in your bed? Well, their crate may not be the same as they left it the previous night. They may feel like it’s time to lie on a more comfortable surface. What could be better than the owner’s comfy bed?

These are some of the traits that let huskies sleep with their owners in one bed. But that doesn’t mean it’s their favorite place. 

Where do Huskies prefer to sleep?

Huskies normally prefer sleeping in a crate. It has to be comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate them and their pride. Not to mention, it should be near your room or sleeping place. 

Anything a little off with them may usher them to dive under your bed and steal some Zs. Or, better yet, hop on it and snuggle right beside you (if the temps allow). 

What does it mean when a husky sleeps with you?

What does it mean when a husky sleeps with you?

Huskies may sleep with you for a number of reasons besides their traits. They are driven by instinct but as dynamic as they are, some things may set them off and forget what they are made of. Those things may be cues into their behavior or god forbid an illness. 

1. The Need for Attention

Have you been ignoring your dog? Is your schedule so busy that you barely get enough time to take the dog out for walks or play with it? If the answer to these questions is yes, then you have created reasons for your husky to sleep with you.

They will get their daily dose of attention, mind you. 

2. They Don’t Feel Well

According to AKCpetinsurance, dogs reduce their activities when they’re sick. The lethargy may turn into withdrawal from most things but not necessarily you. 

Huskies, as you know, are quite active dogs. Sensing a reduction in their happy outgoing nature should ring bells.

3. Territorial Aggression

Huskies are territorial and quite possessive of their belonging. While you may not consider yourself as your husky’s belonging but it sure does. 

Your house is its territory and everything therein, especially, you. So, naturally, it may show aggression towards other dogs or humans who try to take you away. 

One of the signs of that is showing extreme attachment to you, following you to places, and sleeping with you.

4. Their Sleeping Place Needs A Revamp

Considering the possibility that your husky isn’t suffering from separation anxiety and the rest of the things are okay too but it’s still sleeping in your bed, the reasons could entirely be in its sleeping place. 

It may want to tell you about it but since you’re not getting it, why not sleep on the hooman’s place to make him understand?

Do Huskies get attached to their owners?

Yes, they get attached to their owners because they understand that they are taking their care, feeding them, and training them. The more someone spends time with a husky, the more it starts developing a deeper bond. 

This is one of the reasons why huskies would want to sleep with you. At the same time, though, it may cause several other problems. 

Also, your husky may have a turbulent past if you’ve adopted it from a shelter. This inadvertently makes them less attached to you. Subsequently, it alludes to the fact that you have to give it more attention.

Are huskies loyal to only one person?

Huskies may be loyal to one person because they know that person is the pack leader. They are providing shelter, food, and comfort, so why not be good to them? 

Of course, huskies don’t have that conscience. Basically, they are pack dogs and have developed their traits such that they get attached to alpha.

Sleeping with you could be just one of the many ways in which they show their loyalty or attachment. 

Wrapping Up

Huskies like to sleep with their owners for a number of reasons, including, their traits, need for security and comfort, and showing signs of discomfort or illness.

Pay heed to any incongruent behaviors or the ones they suddenly start showing because in them lie the wisdom of your dog’s mental and physical health.

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