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Can You Shave A Husky? 4 Solid Reasons Not To Do It

Last Updated/Info Checked on October 20, 2023 by Scott

All double-coat dogs rely on their fur to regulate their body temperature not just in the winter but in summer too.

This means shaving their fur in the hopes of better temperature regulation might not be a good idea. 

You may even harm your dog by depriving him of natural heat control mechanisms.

So to answer, can you shave a Husky? No, you shouldn’t shave your husky because it interferes with the natural shedding cycle; and removes sun protection, heat insulation, and protection against parasites.

Most dogs do not require a full-body shave. Generally, it is not recommended to shave double-coated dogs, such as Huskies, Samoyed, German Shepherds Dog, or Golden Retrievers. In addition to removing insulation from the body, shaving exposes the skin to the sun, sticks, and branches.

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Can You Shave A Husky - Infographic

What Happens If You Shave A Husky? 4 Things

The reasons why shaving a Siberian Husky could prove problematic.

1. Interference With The Natural Shedding Cycle

Huskies blow their coats two times per year, before seasonal changes. This allows them to adapt to changing temperatures.

By the end of winter, usually by spring, a Husky will shed its winter coat so that it has lighter fur to trap more air. This will act as insulation in summer, keeping the body resistant to the outside heat.

You will disrupt this cycle completely if you get your Husky without fur.

Shaving Siberian Husky slows hair growth as shaved hair grows back much slower than the naturally shed ones, adding to the misery of your dog.

As a result, Your pooch will not be able to tolerate the heat as it should and can get sick.

2. Lack of Protection From The Sun

Can I shave my Husky in summer?

Huskies do not have significant pigmentation beneath their coats for protection against ultraviolet sunlight.

The only thing protecting them from these rays is their pigmented coat which absorbs the harmful sun rays, not allowing them to penetrate deeper tissues.

When you remove this coat, this exposes their skin to sun rays, resulting in a myriad of skin changes leading to diseases such as solar dermatitis.

Over the long run, these skin changes may even end up in skin cancer.

This is a serious consequence of shaving your Husky in the summers and should not be neglected at any cost.

3. No Heat Insulation

Double-coat dogs perspire only through their paws and through the act of panting, not through their fur. 

The outer layer of their coat traps heat in winter keeping them warm. In summer, when the outer coat is shed naturally, the air trapped in the inner coat acts as insulation keeping them cool.

By shaving a Husky, you will deprive them of this natural insulation. Such a husky will feel the cold in winter and be overly warm in summer.

Consequently, the dog will suffer and its health will deteriorate.

shaving a Husky

4. Protection Against Parasites

Temperature regulation may be the most important thing when it comes to the double-coated fur of a dog but it is not the end.

Protection against insects and parasites is another important function of a dog’s thick coat. It keeps these insects away from the underlying body.

A shaved husky dog is more prone to be bitten or infected by a bug.

Consequently, a vast array of diseases are spread by these insects to which your dog might not be otherwise immune and its coat is the only barrier against them.

Here’s a video that explains why you shouldn’t shave a double-coated dog like a Husky:


Answering some frequently asked questions from my dog grooming guide.

When should you shave a Husky?

Generally, all double-coat dogs should not be shaved for seasonal changes, this will do more harm than good. Having said that, some skin conditions require a Husky to be shaved for the medication to be effective.

In such cases, always refer to a certified Veterinarian and have an in-depth understanding of the disease, its possible course, and treatment options.

Never shave your Husky for any illness because somebody says so without consulting a professional.

Do Huskies shed a lot?

All double-coat dogs shed a lot and so do Huskies. But it is a part of their natural cycle and not something you should be worried about.

You may need to be vigilant in cleaning after them.

Also, a Husky will blow its coat twice a year, in spring and autumn which should be kept in mind.

Why do Huskies shed in clumps?

Normally, Huskies will have their fur shed diffusely. 
When they start shedding in clumps that means they are blowing their coat, as mentioned above, this would happen twice a year and is normal.

Can You Shave A Husky? Conclusion

The double-coat is a natural component of a Husky’s body and is developed to keep it insulated in winter and also in summer.

Shaving it will remove the protective benefits of temperature regulation.

Not just that, a hairless Husky will not be able to fend itself against insects which are a source of constant irritation and diseases.

Unless your dog is suffering from a serious medical condition and it is advised by a certified vet to shave it, you should not shave it otherwise. A shaved Husky dog is not a good sight either.

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