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Do Dogs Need To Wear Collars? [4 Genuine Reasons]

Last Updated/Info Checked on October 23, 2023 by Linda Michaels

I understand that dog basics are often so underrated that dog owners spend years with multiple dogs, without having any clarity about these ideas.

Hence, I have decided to answer one such basic question: do dogs need to wear collars? Don’t worry, I will try to keep it all as clear, simple to understand, and brief as I can. So, let us begin.

Do Dogs Need To Wear Collars? - Infographic

Should I Make My Dog Wear A Collar?

Let us answer the question straight up first. Yes, dogs definitely need to wear a collar regardless of their age, breed, and how unproblematic they are.

In fact, the laws in most regions of the world require dogs to only appear in public places with a training or shock collar on no matter what.

Hence, there is no conflict of opinion in stating that you should get each of your pet dogs a separate collar. Whenever I would get a new dog initially, I would get it a training collar even when I was not aware of the necessity.

I just thought that these were useful in controlling the dogs and avoiding any biting incidents.

Tip: Make sure the collar isn’t too tight so that it causes your dog’s skin to be damaged. Then gently place the collar around your dog’s neck, leaving about two fingers’ space between it and his neck. This will help your dog get used to the collar.

Making your dog wear a collar is also important since it ensures your dog’s safety to a great extent. Many dogs that get lost annually never return home because the one who finds them has no clue of where to send the dogs to.

You can easily write your name, address, and any other contact details on the dog’s collar to make sure that it can be returned to you in case you lose it.

Below are some reasons your dog needs a collar all the time.

1. It Eases Control With An Attached Leash: 

Most modern-day collars come with a hook and or a specific hanger with which you can attach a leash and control the dog while walking or running.

Some collars also come with the electric shocking ability and let you modify the shock level in a way that you deem fit for your dog’s training.

Don’t worry, I have been using shock collars for a while now and I think they are perfectly safe if used the right way.

2. It Is a Legal Requirement

As I told you already, taking out your dog without a collar is considered a criminal offense in many parts of the world.

I was also taken aback when I got to know that I can be fined up to $2000 if my dog goes out without a collar. None of us wants to be paying such a hefty sum, right? So, make sure you put on that collar around your dog’s neck.

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3. Eases Getting Back Your Dog In Case It is Lost

No matter how much we try, we cannot avoid the incidents and other natural disasters that can lead us and our pets to drift apart with no hope of meeting again.

The only way we can get our pets back in such a case is that someone might find them and contact us at the address that we have written on their collars.

Many people feel like it is only a matter of chance to reunite with your lost pets back and no amount of information on a collar can help in case they lose their beloved pet.

I can refute claims like these, based on my personal experience. I have, myself, lost a pet dog who managed to pass through the unlocked main door of my home. Thankfully, someone found my address on my dog’s collar and brought it back to me.

4. Shows That The Dog Has A Home

Unfortunately, people do not behave with stray dogs as nicely as they tend to greet a dog that is owned by someone. Moreover, a dog that gives no hint of having a home is usually stolen and taken away for other purposes within seconds of being outdoors.

However, thieves and other people are way more careful of their actions toward a dog that has a collar around its neck. This is because the collar reveals the dog to have a caring owner and a loving family at its back that will do anything to protect its pet.

Hence, by putting a collar on your dog’s neck, you are ensuring its safety in more ways than you can imagine.

What Should I Write On My Dog’s Collar?

What Should I Write On My Dog’s Collar?

By now, I might have mistakenly given the impression that your dog’s collar always needs to have your contact information written on it.

Well, many people do not really write anything on the dog’s collar and that is totally fine as per the law.

However, I advise that you give your correct contact details in case the dog gets lost and is found by someone who intends to return it to you.

Here are some things you can add to your dog collar’s informational leaflet:

  • The name dog responds to.
  • Any severe food allergy or reaction that your dog might have (In case the one who finds your dog tried to feed it).
  • Your full name.
  • Your contact numbers (at least 2-3 active ones).
  • Your address (preferably without the exact house number for safety reasons).

Do Dogs Need to Wear Collars? Conclusion

If you are a new dog owner, I strongly urge you to get around 2-3 collars for your dog and make it a habit to put them around the dog’s neck for as many hours as you can. Ensure that your puppy’s collar is removed at night so that it does not cause injuries or wounds.

Always make sure that the information inside the collar is correct and updated and that the collar is comfortable for the dog too.

All the best!

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