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Do Boxers Like To Cuddle? 6 Thrilling Reasons They do

Last Updated/Info Checked on October 17, 2023 by Scott

Yes, Boxers love to cuddle and while it looks the cutest, these cuddles also help strengthen the bond between the owner and the boxer.

The friendly, loyal, and confident temperament of boxers enables them to develop a strong and affectionate bond with their family members – whether they are humans or other Boxers.

Why I Chose Boxers To Be My Cuddle Buddies?

Other than being a pro dog trainer who answers questions like do boxers like to cuddle, I am an avid dog lover who loves having these furry beings around for the sake of fun and cuteness too.

This might tell you why I spent months finding the perfect cuddling partner for myself in the shape of a dog. Yes! Finding a dog that cuddles you and doesn’t mind being curled up all the time isn’t easy and I speak about it from experience.

But, let us come to the good part, I got myself a Boxer after months of searching and I’ve lived with it enough to answer everything regarding whether or not Boxers are great cuddlers.

Other dog breeds that love cuddling include Poodles, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees, Huskies, Pomeranians, Malteses, beagles, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are typically cuddle-loving dogs.

So, read on!

Are Boxers Affectionate?

You’d be surprised to know that this breed of dog is also regarded as the most affectionate and cuddly breed.

The cuddles not only make the owner feel loved but also give a sensation of protection to the owner. After coming home from a long working day, I find cuddles from my boxer the best and the most amazing part of my day.

There is something just so soothing about these dogs!

Are Boxers Cuddly? Reasons Your Boxer Loves To Curl Up With You

There are many reasons why a boxer loves to cuddle up with you, and all of these reasons are adorable enough for you to let them cuddle 24 hours a day.

  • It is in the nature of boxers to form a friendly bond with humans. To form the bond and cherish it, boxers curl up with humans several times a day. This friendly and loyal temperament of boxers makes them the cuddliest dog breed.
  • Boxers are people-oriented dogs and love to interact with people. They hate to be left alone. If boxers are in a separate room or away from the owner for a long time then they may fall prey to anxiety and behavioral issues.
  • Dogs also cuddle when they need warmth. In addition, your Boxer may be curling up with you because he needs to be protected. If your dog looks scared and is not ready to leave you then he surely is scared, make sure to look into the matter properly.  
  • While cuddling, a chemical called Oxytocin is released from the human and dog’s bodies. This chemical gives both the Boxer and the human a feeling of comfort and care. We can say that this is the main reason why a boxer loves to curl up with you.
  • Sometimes your boxer cuddles with you just because he misses you. Isn’t it too adorable?
  • Boredom is another reason behind the cuddling behavior of your boxer. When the dog does not find another thing to do, he starts curling up with the owner.

Are ALL Boxers Cuddle Lovers?

The answer to this question is No. Not all boxers are cuddle lovers, and even the cuddling behavior of humans may irritate some boxers.

Puppy boxers start running as soon as they see someone trying to carry them, hence they don’t love being cuddled.

However, as they grow up, they eventually develop affectionate and cuddly behavior. Similarly, some old-aged boxers also mind being hugged.

Boxers have different ways of showing their affection toward their owners. Some boxers prefer to show affection using some way other than cuddles.

Energetic boxers too are not big fans of curling up, instead, they prefer playing with their owner.

Some other ways Boxers use to Show Affection

Apart from cuddles, a boxer can shower his love on the owner in some other ways. This should answer your question, “Why do Boxers sit on you?”

Have a look at them:

  • Direct eye contact with the owner
  • Getting excited when the owner is around
  • Bringing his favorite toys or stuff
  • Sniffing your shirts or the things that smell like the owner
  • Leaning toward the owner
  • Licking or showering the owner with kisses
  • Sitting on the owner’s lap
  • Following the owner everywhere
  • Using their paws to get attention
  • Following the owner’s instructions

Owners have also developed many ways of showing them love. Watch this adorable video:

Are Boxers Clingy? Should one limit the cuddles of Boxers? Wrapping Up

It is not really advised to limit the cuddling behavior of boxers. It is in the nature of this breed to be affectionate and dependent.

If you are limiting the cuddling behavior of boxers, then you surely are making them uncomfortable.

Jumping is the alternative to cuddling, if your boxer jumps on you then you should limit him as it can be dangerous, but simple cuddles should not be discouraged at all.

If you do not like being cuddled or cannot afford a dependent and cuddly dog, then boxers are not for you, just go for some other breed.

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