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Do Poodles Like To Cuddle? 5 Key Traits That Make Them Cuddlers

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I often tell my clients that whether or not their adopted Poodle will shower them with cuddles and hugs depends on the kind of Poodle they get. 

Also, it is the kind of Poodle’s environment as well as its brought up alongside a hundred other factors that can decide whether or not their Poodle would love them.

However, today I decided to pen down my knowledge of Poodles and cuddles in a clearer manner.

So, yes, poodles do like to cuddle because they are family-oriented, playful, kid-friendly, prone to cold weather, and cannot tolerate loneliness.

Do Poodles Like To Cuddle - Infographic

Are Poodles Cuddly or Affectionate? Do They Like To Cuddle?

Generally, poodles are affectionate towards their owners and don’t mind receiving or giving cuddles. But some poodles are extra-affectionate and would cuddle you so much that you’d never feel the need to be hugged by anyone else, ever again.

In simpler terms, the amount of cuddling you require or expect from a poodle dog depends on their breed variant.

Other dog breeds that love cuddling include Beagles, Golden Retrievers, German Shepherds, Boxers, Newfoundland, Great Pyrenees, Pomeranians, Malteses, and Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are typically cuddle-loving dogs.

Below, I am briefly describing the most common poodle variants and how much they love cuddling:

1. Standard Poodles

Their name might have indicated it for you already. These aren’t the cuddliest Poodles. Rather, their job is more oriented on the helping side.

However, this in no way means that a Standard poodle is not affectionate at all. They still love to shower their owners with affection at times and cuddle normally too.

2. Miniature Poodles

I simply love them. In terms of showing affection and cuddling, Miniature poodles are like a perfect combo of decency and cuteness.

They are the most balanced of all other poodles and stand somewhere in the middle of being too cuddly or not really affectionate as such.

3. Do Toy Poodles Like To Be Held or Cuddle?

Now, this is the breed you need if you love being cuddled and would not mind curling up all the time.

Toy poodles are mostly bred only to serve as a friend to humans. Hence, it is no surprise that they will cuddle your soul to all extremes possible.

Again, I’d like to clarify that a Poodle’s ability or inclination towards cuddling, or affection is dependent on a range of factors.

do toy poodles like to be held

Let’s see what those factors are:

1. Highly Family Oriented

Score: 5/5

A dog derives its love and affection from the way we’ve conditioned it over the years. 

Loyalty is a huge factor to consider. 

And that’s not the single genetic predisposition to cuddling that shows itself as the Poodles develop their relationship with their owners. 

Once that’s been done, there’s nothing that could undo the bond. 

They become wholly dependent on their human parents and seldom tolerate being left alone. 

And oh, cuddles are one way they show their affection. 

Here’s a video of a Poodle that likes to hug everyone!

2. Cannot Tolerate Loneliness 

Score: ⅕ 

Some dogs are aloof to their owners and stay put when they are gone. Others such as the Poodles may not do well in that department. 

Their hyperattachment could even result in separation-related anxieties if you leave them alone for longer than 4 hours. 

Even then, you have to train them to stay put for that long. 

I have had many sessions with clients whose dogs needed desensitization to the idea of being left alone. 

We had to provide them ample time to accommodate their newer realities. 

Finding playmates, toys, and whatnot were just a few of the many ways. 

Eventually, though, they do get desensitized but again, not more like 8 hours or so. 

3. Playful 

Score: 5/5

Generally, I’ve seen that dogs that are hyper-attached to their people often tend to be more playful. 

The same is the case with Poodles. They can’t live without their parents and seem to want them in the playfield at all costs.

When not trained well, their playfulness can even turn against your household norms. 

Constant barking and howling to get your attention, running around the house like a mad cow, and tripping over everything are some of the repercussions of not tending to their play desires. 

But when you do play and see the dogs want to cuddle in between, don’t worry about that. 

These dogs are just like that. 

4. Kid-Friendly 

Score: 5/5

Being friendly with the owner, strangers, and other dogs are three completely different things. 

Your dog could be one of them but not all three. 

Or, since you own a Poodle I presume, then your dog could be all three of them. 

When it comes to kids, the affection for Poodles is as heavy as it is with anything else. 

Sometimes I think they want to be caring mothers to their small human family members. 

Other times, I think that their behavior is rooted in the way they were bred. 

But whatever the case, a Poodle will never trip over you or knock over your kid. 

Instead, you may see them bound together in a snuggly hug deep in slumber. 

5. Have A Hard Time Tolerating Cold Weather 

Score: ⅗

Poodles have such a thick coat because of a reason – they need to save from the cold weather. 

A nip in the air could send them towards you, wanting to cuddle and receive all the warmth you have. 

However, cuddling frequently may not mean that they are cold always. 

You just keep a good eye on the ambient temperature and then decide what they want. 

Remember, cuddling is one of the many ways dogs ask for your attention. 

People Also Ask

To further understand poodles’ behavior, let me answer some frequently asked questions.

How are poodles affectionate? 

Poodles are affectionate to the point of developing separation anxiety if you tend to leave them alone for more than 4 hours. Owners have to make them familiar with even that much loneliness. 

So, when you see your dog shaking nervously, urinating and defecating, and destroying things when you’re gone, know that it’s going through anxiety. 

Are Poodles naturally clingy? Are They Lap Dogs?

They sure are. They were bred to be a luxury and therefore, the predisposition for being clingy is there in their nature. At the same time, however, the individual personalities of these dogs also vary to a greater extent. 

If you’ve trained them well in their puppyhood to not be too clingy, they won’t be. And vice versa. 

What do Poodles love the most?

Poodles love water bodies – pools, puddles, and seashores. But more than that, they love your company and attention. No wonder we trainers call them one of the most clingy breeds in the world. 

To make sure that they don’t get hyper-attached to you, give them a job. That could be tending to your kid’s crib, guarding your backyard against squirrels, or helping in fetching things. 

Do Poodles like to cuddle? Conclusion 

These are highly affectionate dogs. Everyone’s best friend, including strangers, and stray dogs. 

Keeping them with other pets under the same roof is a breeze and so is training them. 

Get one for yourself if you want a cuddle buddy! 

Source: DogTime

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