Do Beagles Like To Cuddle
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Do Beagles Like To Cuddle? 5 Solid Reasons

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Beagles are hounds, which means two things. They are as lovey-dovey as you could imagine and they get distracted quite quickly. Let me rephrase the first sentence. They are scent hounds.

But does such a dog breed like to show some love? Do Beagles like to cuddle? In short yes, they do because they are family-oriented, friendlier toward children, open to strangers, intolerant toward cold weather, and playful. 

Although they are a bit difficult to housetrain (not when you use mild shock collars), when it comes to showing affection, they don’t hold back.

Cuddles, kisses, hugs, and pawing are some of the indications that your Beagle is saying, I love you, too.

Other dog breeds that love cuddling include German Shepherds, Golden Retrievers, Great Pyrenees, Pomeranians, Malteses, Boxers, Newfoundland, Poodles, etc.

Do Beagles Like To Cuddle?

5 Characteristics That Make Beagles Cuddling Machines 

Read on to know why do Beagles like to cuddle. The characters that may help you understand your Beagles more.

1. Family Oriented 

Family Love: 5/5 

The moment I’d get inside the territory of the client, their Beagle would start barking at me. Normally these dogs are quite welcoming of strangers but those who have a troubled past or poor upbringing could show unruly behaviors.

I dealt with such Beagles. They would remind me that their breed has two sides, after all. An angel baby and a ruthless hunter. 

The barking was an indication that I wasn’t welcomed and that I was a threat. Poor me. 

This is to just tell you how family-oriented the dogs could be. Beagles are also a great option for first-time owners. Their protective nature surrounding their loved ones is a surefire reason for the cuddles you’re getting. 

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2. Children Love Unlimited 

Affection toward children: 5/5 

Beagles love children, too. That’s not uncalled for. It’s very much engraved in their personality. I sometimes think these dogs like to play alpha with the children.

They know that these little humans are harmless. They are open to attacks, which is why they should be protected at all costs.

Of course, they won’t mind a few cuddles. In all fairness, however, do not let them go untrained and unsupervised with children.  

3. Open To Strangers 

Stranger Love: 5/5 

I’m giving this breed a 5/5 for their openness to strangers. However, a poorly socialized dog could bring that bar to ⅖.

I’ve had my share of experience with such dogs. They were least welcoming, unlike Beagles. But then that was exactly why I was there – to correct their behavior toward strangers.

When they find them as their punching bags, you’d see them bark at any passerby from the windows. 

Although it’s not unheard of that they cuddle strangers, they could show their excitement by barking at them, chasing their tails in front of them, and trying to tell them to hold them. 

4. Cannot Tolerate Cold Weather

Tolerance to cold weather: ⅖ 

Beagles have a short coat with a little secondary coat. The absence of a multi-layer tough and thick coat makes them vulnerable to cold weather.

I advise owners to keep them inside in chilly weather and buy pretty dog clothes if they were to take them outside for a walk.

And it is during such weather that they increase their nearness to humans for warmth. 

So, if you have a Beagle and a cat as your pets and the weather is chilly, you’ll see them both snuggled beside you for that human coziness.

It is in winter that you can quench your thirst for dog cuddles. Of course, that thirst never wears off. It always remains. 

5. Beagles Are Playful 

Playfulness: ⅘ 

The overall personality of the Beagle is cheerful and playful. They are outgoing, adventurous, and at the same time calm and collected.

You just don’t know when they will show which character but the playfulness stays 24/7.

You could see your dog jumping on you to get your attention, running in circles to tell you that it wanted to play tug of war, or cuddling you with those signature howls to just make you take it outside. 

While they seldom show elaborate love when they are playful, you could find them resting on your chest after a tiring playtime.

Also, cheerful and playful dogs tend to have no problem getting near their humans, unlike dogs that behave like cats. Ahem, Huskies.

Do Beagles Get Attached To One Person?

Do Beagles Get Attached To One Person

While they may have many people to love, they could get attached to one person. Hound dogs mostly work in packs and their leader, you, is always their favorite person.

So, if you’re getting more cuddles than the rest of the family, consider yourself lucky. 

Are Beagles Affectionate?

Beagles are affectionate in every sense. They love their owners and don’t mind cuddles and kisses, and their children as well.

Their affection comes from their hound nature. They were bred to be scent hounds, so they got to establish a close relationship with their pack. 

Watch this cupcake not have enough of cuddling:

Do Beagles Like To Sleep With You?

During winters, they’d most oblige to sleep with you. However, even after that, sleeping with their favorite person could be their favorite thing to do.

They like to stay close to the leader of the pack, as I said, and that’s where they derive this behavior from.

Do Beagles Like Being Held?

With the kind of affection towards family and children and strangers, you could guess how they like to be held. However, do not try to hold them when they’re not in the mood.

Why destroy your relationship with them when you can wait for the right moment?

Do Beagles Like To Cuddle – Final Thoughts

Beagles love to cuddle their owners. They are scent hounds, so they have the sense of developing a close relationship with them.

You could see them lying around in your bed, pawing you when you have no idea, pushing you with their paws to return the love, and cuddling you for an extended period.

I suggest that you should train them to cuddle right from puppyhood. They could wander off quickly, so I suggest that you also train them not to do that. 

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