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Are Beagles Lap Dogs? 8 Solid Reasons They Are And Aren’t!

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Beagles are scent hounds. They were bred to hunt and fetch smaller animals. 

The affection they have for their families, mainly their owners, derives from there. 

They will cuddle, keep by your side all their lives, and develop separation-related behaviors once you choose to leave them for long without first training them. 

Still, they could be or could be lap dogs. The reasons for them to be lap dogs are adapting to apartment life, loneliness, friendliness toward people, and small size. The reasons they do not like cuddling are high prey drive, low trainability, outgoing nature, and high exercise needs.

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Are Beagles Lap Dogs - Infographic

Are Beagles Lap Dogs? What Are Beagles Like?

Lapdogs are small and have an unnerving ability to hyper-attach to their owners. Think pug, chihuahua, and King Charles spaniels. 

Different smells around their house don’t have that much power to lure them away from your lap.

But the Beagles? Oh boy. 

At the same time, their limitless affection for everything moving may make them stay on your lap for a while. 

4 Reasons Why Beagles Would Stay On Your Lap 

That’s only for a brief time…

1. Adapts to Apartment Life

Score: ⅘

Beagles reach about 15 inches at the shoulders with an average weight of up to 30 lbs. 

As you can guess, they are not as large dogs as you’d think. 

I’d like to add that they are not as small as lap dogs. 

Both of these make beagles a perfect companion for first-time owners and apartment dwellers. 

In the throes of being left alone for a while, they may come and sit on your lap to get their dose of attention before skitting off to something else. 

2. Loneliness Is A Problem 

Score: ⅕ 

I’ve been around many Beagles whose primary reason for destroying the house was separation anxiety. 

This breed gets super attached – to the point where you must take behavioral training measures to desensitize them. 

As I said before, coming back from work to their battered selves may put them in a frenzy to get a piece of your affection. 

That’s where the lap cuddles may come in. 

3. Everyone’s Best Buddy 

Score: 5/5

The affection a dog has for everything living may not make them strictly lap dogs. 

They could be hounds respecting their alphas, wanting to sit beside and paw them as a territorial mark. 

Beagles are one such breed. 

They are best buddies with other pets, strangers, and their human families. 

Are Beagles Lap Dogs

4. Small Size

Score: ⅖ 

I’ve already discussed size as being a factor in a dog’s behavior as a lap dog. 

Beagles are not huge but they are certainly not too small. 

They could easily fit on your lap for a good snuggle.

But it is the small size that makes them a great nuisance around lingering smells, skitting small animals such as rodents, and anything novel to explore. 

Among these, here are the reasons why they aren’t good lap dogs. 

4 Reasons Why They Aren’t Good Lap Dogs 

Beagles are a mix of good and bad when it comes to being lap dogs. 

1. High Prey Drive 

Score: 5/5 

Good luck holding your Beagle from a strange scent around the house. It will chase it down the line until it finds out what it is. 

You may have subsided their scent-related behaviors. That’s good.

With training, they learn how to hold for longer and not give in to temptation. 

At the same time, I’ve seen some of the members abandon the trainers and the owner to chase something moving along the bushes. 

With such a destructive nature, how could one think they’ll stay on your lap for a long time?

2. Not Easy to Train 

Score: ⅕ 

Even if you choose to train them to be your lap dog, it’ll be harder than you realize. However, you can use multiple training techniques like collar training and treat training to make them as good as you want.

Their intelligence precedes other breeds in many ways. 

They could be single-minded, jumping off the rails, digging to get away from any fence, and so long. 

Again, here too, their hound genes kick in and we can’t do anything about it. 

3. Outgoing Dogs

Score: 5/5

Remember that I said some members of the breed leave their owners in search of wonders out there? 

Obviously, that’s for a short. They do return. I’m not in a position to question their loyalty. The Dog Spirit may get mad at me. 

Still, though, you can’t take the traveler, the explorer, and the wanderlust jerky out of their nature. 

Are Beagles Lap Dogs

4. High Physical Stimulation Needs

Score: 5/5 

Beagles are dogs of energy. Their small size betrays the kind of exercises and the lengths of training sessions that they need. 

You simply cannot expect them to stay on your lap 24/7 and be okay. 

Not receiving enough exercise could put them in harm’s way. 

Conditions pertaining to the heart, bones, and respiratory systems could prove debilitating for them in the long run.  

Here’s a video to learn more about Beagle Cuddling in your lap!

Are Beagles Cuddly/Affectionate?

Beagles are scent hounds, as you read. They form a close association with their owners to receive and understand instructions perfectly. 
Also, it is in the nature of hounds to remain in packs, so the owner is always the alpha. 
These should explain why they are super cuddly – even sometimes clingy!

Do Beagles Attach To One Person?

They have the tendency to attach to one person. Sometimes hyper-attachment barges in, which makes it hard for the dog to stay put. 
But in all their entirety, Beagles are loving towards kids, stray dogs, other pets, and even strangers. The only condition or that they shouldn’t pose any danger to you. 
Being scent hounds, Beagles can detect dangers quite easily and well. 

Is Beagle A Lazy Dog? 

I’m afraid not. These dogs have high energies and are always on the go. Some people keep them to be active companions for their kids or themselves. 
Their noses are active at the same time. You’ll find them moving around, trying to find what interests them. 

Is Beagle A Lap Dog? Conclusion 

Beagles could stay in your lap for a while and then run away when their hound genes kick in. So to say, they are not strictly lap dogs. 

If you want to own a breed that will stay put in your lap for extended hours, then go for a Pug or a Chihuahua.

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