Do Bark Collars Work For Whining
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Do Bark Collars Work For Whining? How To Stop Whining?

Last Updated/Info Checked on July 27, 2023 by Linda Michaels

As a professional dog trainer, I am a huge fan of E-collars because they have been very fruitful for me in training dogs. They are easy to use, effective, and bring good results.

They are used for several different purposes, especially stopping dogs from unusual barking, controlling their prey drives, etc.

But can such Dog collars be used to stop dogs from whining? The short answer is a big YES, but to know exactly how they do it and why you should opt for one too, we need to dive into a bit more detail. So stay tuned.

First Things First, Why Do Dogs Whine? 

Dogs whine for a lot of reasons, these include:

  1. Expressing Remorse

It might be that your dog has done something that it knows has hurt you or caused you trouble and now to express remorse, the dog is whining. This could be after it barked at a friend or damaged any of your property etc

  1. Fear

One of the major reasons for a dog’s whining is fear. A dog could be apprehended by a man, another animal, or even inanimate objects and is now showing signs of fear through whining and being uneasy.

  1. Seeking Attention

Sometimes when a dog wants the owner’s attention, it would make different sounds and would often whine. This is not an uncommon thing to observe. 

In this way, whining for some dogs is a learned behavior through which an owner’s attention is gathered by a dog to fulfill its needs.

  1. During Pain

This is a common and very important reason for a dog’s whining. Dogs whine when they’re in pain and you must be aware of this fact.

That’s why a dog’s whining shouldn’t be ignored and checked to see if there is any emergency.

  1. Showing Excitement 

Some dogs may start whining to show excitement for anything, it could be a game, a toy, etc. although it is not as common but still one of the reasons for a dog’s whining.

In conclusion; Whining is a behavior that your dog may use to communicate its needs and emotions. Also, it can be a way to express anxiety, or apprehension or to simply seek the owner’s attention.

When You Should Not Use a Bark Collar to Stop Whining

Before going into the details of a barking collar used to stop whining, you must know when you shouldn’t use it.

As already mentioned, whining can be a sign of a dog in distress. In such cases, you wouldn’t want to suppress it because it can help your dog get urgent attention and the care that it needs.

If your dog is having the following signs then you should be alert:

  • Tends to avoid sitting or experiences difficulty while attempting to sit
  • Rests in unconventional or unusual positions
  • Engages in circular walking patterns on the bed before settling down.

This signifies that your dog is in great distress and needs urgent attention.

However, it’s important for dog owners to distinguish between genuine needs and attention-seeking behavior and respond accordingly to promote appropriate communication and behavior in their dogs.

Which Dog Collar To Use For A Whiny Dog?

Now coming to our original concern about using a dog collar to stop a dog from whining. 3 types of dog collars can be used for a whiny dog:

Shock Collar

These collars have an intrinsic mechanism that sends a mild shock to the dog when it is triggered. This can be based on a sensor that works automatically upon sensing the trigger or can be remotely controlled by a human using a controller.

The trigger that sets the collar off can be a noise just like that of a dog’s barking or it can be a vibration that it senses from a dog’s vocal cords when a dog starts to whine.

A sensation of shock is very uncomfortable for the dog and it makes it stop barking or whining. This is called negative feedback. 

Vibration Collar

The overall working of a vibration collar is similar to a shock collar. It detects a dog’s whining but instead of giving a mild shock, it transmits vibrations that catch the dog by surprise and force it to stop whining.

Many shock E-collars have a built-in dual response system in which they can send both shock and vibration signals. A user can manually choose between them using a remote. 

You can also find these as separate vibration collars too. 

Spray Collar

A spray collar has a small container attached to it that is filled with a non-scented fluid that is pretty much neutral. 

So whenever a dog whines, the sensor in the collar detects this sound and sprays the liquid on the dog. The liquid is not potent but it pesters the dog to the point that it stops whining. This is the same principle of negative feedback.

What Is Negative Feedback?

This refers to the mechanism by which certain behavior is gradually suppressed because of its association with a negative outcome. Just as in this case, when a dog whines, the sensation of vibration or shock would stop him from repeating the same behavior again and again.

How To Use A Dog Collar

Dog collars are pretty simple to use and do not require great expertise. Just get a shock collar that roughly fits your dog’s size whether small, medium, or large, etc.

Then adjust the collar on the dog’s neck such that the prongs can easily penetrate the fur and the contact points are touching the skin.

As far as the collar’s tightness is concerned, it should be tight enough that it will not rotate on its own. Ideally, 2 fingers should be able to pass below it.

The same is true for a spray collar. Don’t tighten the collar so much that it suffocates your dog.

Make sure the remote and the collar are sufficiently charged before using them.

One important thing to note is that before you apply a certain stimulation level on your dog, you should check it on your arm or leg. 

This will ensure that you are not using a stimulation level that is too strong for your pooch that it may harm them. If you can tolerate a certain level of stimulation it is most likely that your dog can too.


Will a bark collar stop whining?

There are two alternative collar options to stop dogs from whining. One is a sound-activated bark collar and the other is a bark collar with adjustable vibration detection levels that can detect vibrations of the vocal cords.

Do spray collars work with whining?

Spray collars work by spraying an unscented, neutral fluid onto the dog’s face whenever it starts whining, it annoys the dog. Eventually, the dog will stop whining due to a negative feedback cycle.

Do Bark Collars Work For Whining/How To Stop Whining?-Conclusion

Dog collars can be used to train dogs in a variety of ways, one of them being to stop the dog from whining. For this, you can use either a shock, vibration, or spray collar.

Make sure your dog’s whining isn’t because of any painful stimuli that warrant your immediate attention.

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