Are Dachshunds Good With Other Dogs
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Are Dachshunds Good With Other Dogs? [5 Characteristics]

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Ever thought of getting a friend for your little old Daxie? Or just introducing a Dachshund to your collection of pet dogs? I know you have, and so do many other dog lovers.

In terms of Dachshunds, they are not good with other dogs but they are quite sensitive, extremely loyal, highly trainable, and playful. You can use these traits to train them to be good with your other pets. 

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Do Dachshunds Need Another Dog?

Dachshunds are hounds, which means they are happier in packs. But owning another dog with them is not an absolute necessity. Also, make sure you bring in a compatible well-trained, and well-behaved dog if you’re considering a second adoption to correct your dog’s certain behaviors.

Do Dachshunds Get Along With Other Dogs?

Originally bred to find and kill badgers in narrow crevices, the Dachshunds of the modern century have proved to be great human companions owing to their intelligence and loyalty.

They aren’t naturally good with other dogs because of their free-spirited nature, but by knowing their characteristics, you can design training sessions that will help you train your dog to be good with other breeds. Otherwise, you might have a tough time and may fail completely.

1. Quite Sensitive

Score: 4/5

Putting up with an intelligent breed is never easy. They start to understand a lot of your behaviors, even nasty ones. Plus, They require your attention and appreciation a lot.

It is always thin ice with such dogs as they do not handle admonition well, especially in the presence of other dogs.

Any reprimand of this kind can greatly lower their confidence and affect their energy, making them sad and depressed.

You need to be very cautious with such dogs. Make sure you are not taking away their due time and attention. Similarly, Do not mock or reprimand them individually when in a group, always try giving lessons collectively.

Make them believe that you have a special place for them in your family.

2. Dog Friendly – Are Dachshunds Territorial?


A Dachshund’s friendliness towards other dogs depends a lot on the age they were exposed to other pooches. Generally, they tend to be more neutral and are not very territorial.

Daxies that were raised with other dogs right from the start adjust well to their mates. While those who are introduced to them later in life have a difficult time adjusting to the notion of living together.

3. Extremely Loyal

Score 5/5

Dachshunds are reportedly an overly loyal breed. They love their masters to death.

Consequently, they do not handle abandonment well and are hit by separation anxiety the most.

You need to make sure that the presence of other dogs does not affect your love and affection for your Daxie. Cater to their needs vigilantly and give them proper time and attention, otherwise, they feel anxious and gloomy.

4. Easy to train

Score: 2/5

Owing to their independent nature, Dachshunds are pretty hard to be trained. They tend to follow their own whims and wishes and ignore your commands.

Their Higher prey drive adds addition to their stubbornness.

However, When trained as pups, they let go of their resilience and can be quite docile. Such pooches mingle happily with their littermates.

You can also take professional advice for training from certified dog trainers.

Here’s a video that shows how you could train an aggressive Dachshund:

5. Playful and energetic

Score: 4/5

When engaged in active sports and games with other dogs, they start seeing them as playmates rather than rivals. In this way, you can use their highly playful nature in a positive way.

Moreover, those Daxies that drain their energy in sports and chores don’t engage in fights and brawls with other dogs and are calmer and more relaxed at home.

Things To Keep In Mind When Choosing Dogs That Get Along With Dachshunds

Keep the following things in mind when choosing a dog breed to live with a Dachshund:

1. Size

Daxies are naturally compatible with dogs who are similar to them in size.  A dog too large or too small is never a fit for them.

As a result, Boxers, Terriers, miniature Shepherds, and Dobermans make excellent partners for them.

2. Temperament and Attitude

Often clever and cocky, they adjust well with breeds that are equal in brains. A smarter dog will be more independent and will stay aloof while a dog not that bright may face detachment from a Daxie. 

Keep in mind the natural attitude tendencies of dogs when trying to put them together.

3. Playfulness

Those breeds that can be good playmates serve as better companions for Dachshunds. Their highly playful nature does not go well with shy and reserved dogs.

4. Same Breed

Daxies go along well with other Daxies. They can be engaged to do the same chores with better efficiency such as guarding or fighting off smaller, unwanted animals.

However, sometimes they tend to partner together so well that they may ignore your commands altogether. You need to make sure they know who is the boss in such situations.

5. Intra-breed Variation

With all the things I said before, one thing needs to be realized. Not all the dogs within a breed are identical in characteristics. Some might be overly shy, overly dull or it may be that they are more fierce in relationships than the majority.

Just like humans, dogs also have qualities that are unique to them. Such qualities define their individuality and separate them from the rest.

You need to understand these unique qualities of the dog you already have and also of the dog you want to adopt. Try finding out yourself if they will be a good match and when needed, take expert opinion.

The Lis of Dog Breeds That Get Along Well With Other Dogs

Recent Session FAQs

Adding faqs from my recent dog behavior session.

Are Dachshunds good family dogs?

When it comes to loyalty, Dachshunds are second to none. Being cast to fight and kill badgers, they are also brave.
These qualities make them excellent for companionship and guarding as well. However, with loyalty comes attachment issues that you need to consider before adopting them.

Are Dachshunds friendly with strangers?

Dachshunds are not a stranger-friendly breed, this is evident by their high fighting spirit and their use as watchdogs.
They tend to perceive strangers as a threat though they can be taught not to through desensitization training.

Is the Dachshund an intelligent species?

Although an intelligent species, a Dachshund’s intelligence is often masked by its stubbornness and independent nature.
This makes them hard to be trained and is often perceived as a less smart breed.

Are Dachshunds Good With Other Dogs? Conclusion

Albeit a breed that is known for its odd shape and size, Dachshunds make great companions and watchdogs.

Their free-spirited nature and loyalty to a single owner often make it difficult for them to live with other dogs.

But with that said, if you are well versed in the different characteristics of this breed and can maneuver through them with training, you will be able to make them see other dogs as comrades and playmates.

You also need to choose a dog that matches their temperament and energy or the other way around.

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